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Out Dancing

Requests: “Hey! I was listening to the song When A Man Loves A Woman by Percy Sledge and thought it would give a great story of Newt X Reader. As I love your writing, I thought you could write, but if you can not I’ll understand.❤” AND “Hi, M! I have a request, if its not too much trouble, i was wondering if i could get a newt x reader where newt’s jealous? The story could be anything you want, i just want me some jealous newt, he’d be so adorable! Slight angst and lots of fluff? Hope you have a wonderful day♥️”

Word Count: 3,399

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous and @dont-give-a-bother also tagging @caseoffics

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Newt’s eyes nearly fall out of his head when you walk out of the bedroom with Queenie. You don’t notice the red blush winding up his cheeks and filling his entire face, and he’s grateful for Queenie’s conversation with you. He can barely tear his eyes from the crimson number you slipped into, from the way the intricate beading wraps around you to the frills that swish with every swaying step you take. Crimson gloves run from your hands to your elbows, hiding more skin than that dress does. He gulps when he looks at the hem drifting only to the middle of your thighs.

Blinking, he pinches his arm. Queenie giggles at his face when he feels her root around his mind. Forcing his gaze from you, he looks at her, more subtle in her flowing olive dress. It hangs off her shoulders with thin straps, dipping in the most perfect places, gems shining on the left side of the chest and cascading down to her hip bone.

She cocks an eyebrow. “Like what you see, honey?”

It takes Newt a moment to form a sentence when you turn your beautiful eyes on him. “You’re radiant.”

“Just me?” Queenie purses her lips to hide her mischievous smile.

Newt’s heart hammers when he looks at you. Not only does the dress expose your collarbones, but it shows off your shoulders, too, letting the heavy crimson earrings Queenie lent you graze the skin usually hidden by your normal outfits. His eyes drift from there to your lips, plump, turned a vivid red by Queenie’s makeup, completely kissable.

“You are breathtaking, as always.” Newt says, swallowing and forcing as natural a smile he can create to his face.

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“did zayn forget he’s actually a singer?”

did you forget he’s given us twenty six songs in the past year? and six music videos?? did you forget that outside of the 1d machine, musicians aren’t expected to be constantly churning out new music?? did you forget that he’s told us, on multiple occasions, that he’s working on z2?? did you forget that he’s always expressed interest in pursuing non-musical projects?? did you forget that he’s allowed to be a complex human being with diversified interests and not just a pawn in your ship’s endgame?????

my yoonmin fanfic on ao3

alpha and his omega

pairing: yoongi x jimin

summary: the days seem to drag into each other as Jimin trudged through his daily routine, get up, go to class, go to work, sleep and repeat. jimin looked to his left and gagged internally at the sight of jungkook basically drooling over his alpha. he had always made fun of them, stuck out his tongue and told them to stop being too mushy, but they all knew deep down jimin wanted an alpha of his own.


jimin has been waiting for his alpha for 21 years and maybe the guy who just spilled coffee all over his shirt can fix that.

link to fic: alpha and his omega

[ The Carm sketch I was talking about!!! No jacket because I wanted to show off The Guns and also my favourite thing to add onto her design…..black-tipped arms. Seriously they were missing out on how cute that’d look. Added in only the tiniest bit of eye colour cuz my tablet is not hooked up rn and I’m lazy eeehhhh ;))))) 

Hope you like ;0c ]


Sketching non chibi Promptis~

College AU thingy…

Where Prompto never greet Noctis on High school and ended up having the Prince of Lucis as his roommate during his second year on college :D

Idk what Major will Noctis pick.. so I put it as “???” for now

You aren’t here anymore.
I wish you were.
—  6-12-17//1:52am
A rough continuum of affection

@pennyinheaven’s post teasing apart the different strands of how Ryuuzaki actually feels about Yashiro has inspired me to set out a rough, highly disputable, but at least organized continuum of how “Saezuru” characters feel towards Yashiro, from love all the way to hate. (What’s rough and highly disputable is not just the characterizations of people’s feelings, but also their ordering as closer to or further from paradigmatic love and hatred.)

Doumeki is in love with Yashiro, of course. With (unusually) extra helpings of both possessiveness and “I will not just do anything for you (protect you with my body, apologize to someone I think badly of and resent because he’s the closest you have to family and then ask him to visit you in the hospital because I think it might help you wake up), but also do anything you suggest, saunas in Ueno, porno called ‘The Impotent Cop Sets His Sights on Gaydom,’ whatever.”

Unnamed Hirata subordinate who wears dog-tags and at least one past subordinate of Yashiro’s at least thought that they were in love with Yashiro, though from what we can see it was a relatively shallow love in the former case at least.

Misumi loves Yashiro but has never been in love with him. He loves him in a way that has elements of paternal (“something like Yashiro’s foster parent”) and fraternal care and responsibility, residual sexual attraction and possessiveness (in a straight line from “I’m the one who owns you” to “I know everything about you” and “become mine once more, Yashiro”), a friendship of many years’ standing, and the peculiar pride a boss takes in his most capable subordinate in an extremely hierarchical, honor/face-based culture in which subordinates’ and bosses’ reputations reflect on each other (Japan but more particularly yakuza). He found Yashiro intriguing from the beginning, more so when he observed the sole exception to Yashiro’s deep “hatred of humanity”, and in the present considers himself useless when it comes to that troublesome guy, relating to him differently than to others because he is so charmed by Yashiro. Even when insulting him, he remembers and uses Yashiro’s favored term “pervert” rather than “okama” or “homo,” epithets which Yashiro had rejected. From the beginning he tries to help Yashiro get along with other people because he simply likes him as a person, even though he also despairs of him frequently – or more like constantly (“a cute guy with no ambition,” “don’t disappoint me,” “oh, you – that’s …” when Yashiro jokes about having been raped, “you should want people to understand you,” etc., etc.). And we now know that he thinks of him as something short, but not too far short, of his “other half.”

Kageyama thinks of Yashiro as a close but not equal friend – someone he has to take care of because Yashiro has no one else. Like Misumi calling himself “useless” when it comes to Yashiro, he describes himself as “soft on” Yashiro (“and I end up forgiving him everything”) or “helpless” to reject even though Yashiro irritates him (often with such transparent deliberateness that even Kage can see that he’s trying to get a rise out of him). Yashiro goes to Kageyama rather than a more suitable doctor and then haggles over money he can afford to pay in full, pushes him into the arms of his love (“don’t I just owe him even more now?” says Kage) but then bugs their bedroom, and generally doesn’t act much like a friend, but Kage still sees him as one.

Ryuuzaki has some features of being in love with Yashiro – he is fond of him, attracted to him, protective of him – but which don’t add up to loving or being in love with him. He also publicly treats him with contempt. A few things to add to @pennyinheaven’s account: If he isn’t interacting with Yashiro directly, Ryuuzaki treats him as a colleague who’s capable in business but provokes people unnecessarily, foolishly. When they were young, Ryuuzaki looked for Yashiro after Misumi had kicked him out into the snow naked and bruised, and missed him enough to ask after him when Yashiro stopped coming over to the Matsubara mahjong parlor. Ryuuzaki is obvious enough that at least sharp-eyed Misumi responds to Hirata’s attempt to camouflage his own responsibility and blame Ryuuzaki for the attack on Yashiro with utter incredulity, and with the memorable principle that “you don’t put out a hit on someone who usually teases you into a hard-on.”

Nanahara’s peeking fines are piling up.

Sugimoto seems to view Yashiro solely as a boss.

Sex friend cop doesn’t hate having to rely on Yashiro, but doesn’t particularly think of him as a human being, either.

Kuga is bloody sick of being kicked out of his apartment, manipulated, and spied on by someone who resentfully views him as a rival in a game that person gave up playing when Kuga was in lower school. He finds Yashiro’s care and shyness around Doumeki endearing, but that won’t stop him from harassing Yashiro via Doumeki. He flat-out disliked Yashiro before Yashiro did anything bad to him and he’s seen no reason to revise that view.

Shark and apparently many other people associated with Doushinkai just think Yashiro’s weird and no good. This is true even to some degree of Misumi’s stepson-cum-right-hand Amou, and probably much truer of members of other groups.

Inami (the brutal senpai of Yashiro’s sex friend) loathes yakuza in general and heaps additional manly scorn on Yashiro.

Hirata hates Yashiro, of course, but more than that he hates that he has to take Yashiro seriously enough to hate rather than simply scorning, looking down on him. Will the fire of a thousand suns that Hirata wants to direct towards Yashiro ever be quenched? PROBABLY NEVER. Why not? Well … that part’s gotten too long, so I’ll do a separate post about why Hirata hates Yashiro so much. Hint: it’s not just that there’s nothing more unmanageable than the envy and jealousy of men.

I live to let you shine.  
⤿ for @kalluraweek​. happy valentine’s day, everyone!


Love Buzz - Part 2

You sleep with the infamous fuckboy Hoseok, knowing he has a girlfriend. Everything is fine until you start to feel guilty and try to walk away from him.

Previous Part  || Next Part


a/n: Made a part 2 since it’s been requested. Kinda want to make more if you guys like it! 

I honestly don’t know what I just drew. XD
I don’t even know why I made Pewds Nugget, likewise for Mark xD (I think it’s because the dude had glasses)

Anyways, I have 8 days left till round 2 of my publics, so have this random piece of thing I did based on Kindergarten, cause that’s the only video I managed to watch lately.

Oh yeah, since many of you guys have been wanting me to do more ‘behind the screen’ drawings, the nex post will definetelt be that!

anonymous asked:

Wait! Flug hasn't met White Hat!?! Omg! Well, now he has to! C'mon! What’s the worse that can happen? (Plus, I really just want to see your interpretation of WH of you are considering putting him in.)



“B-But now I’m just curious! Seriously, who is this guy!?”

“Flug, trust me on this one thing, you do NOT want to know.”


Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Jin X Reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary/Request:  the reader has had a crush on Jin for ages and just never told him - but she goes out of her way to help him out with stuff. In this instances, helping him prepare a buttload of food for a party even though she’s not the greatest cook and accident prone

Originally posted by 1oyalty

——Group Text: Bangtan Babies——-

3:12 P.M. 

Jiminie: Y/N~ 

TaeTae: She stopped responding to us…

Nams: She’s probably getting ready since she’s coming over to see Jin for the party. 

Jiminie: Hmm. probably. Do you think she’s gonna do it?

Hobi: I’m rooting for you ,Y/N!

Yoongs: You guys are so noisy, she’s probably ignoring the group chat

Taehyung: Like Jungkook?

Jimin: Why does that brat never come in here..

The cute ringtone began to lose it’s charm after the millionth time it had gone off in the short time you were trying to get dressed. You stopped to stare at yourself in the mirror, looking at the outfit you had specially picked for tonight. Taking a deep breath you couldn’t help but wonder if this was the right thing to do, but if the boys were encouraging it then you assumed it was a good sign. Today, 4 years ago, was the day you and Jin had first met. You hadn’t planned to tell him how you felt at a party but the timing felt right. It wasn’t like you would be completely devastated either, since you were happy enough to have him and the rest of them smiling around you. Something had just changed in you and you figured you had owed it to yourself to at least be honest with him.The whole group was stoked about the new comeback, along with the newly broken records, and although they were tired, they agreed to the staff members they would invite them over as a thank you. 

As you grabbed your things to leave your place, you were able to read up on the group chat you had missed before. You couldn’t help but laugh at their undeniably chaotic messages.

——Group Text: Bangtan Babies——-


You: Well i’m on my way to help cook for the party so i’ll see all of you dorks soon.

Nams: …Y/n…Cooking..?

Hobi: This is the power of love

TaeTae: Ah this party is going to be a mess-

You: wtf i’m not even that bad!

Jiminie: Maybe we were a bad influence…

Nams: I thought we agreed for the better of the world we would both stay as far away from the kitchen as possible.

TaeTae: The world is ending!!

Hobi: ???

Jiminie: lmao

You: Alright, Alright you can stop. I’m here already so one of you answer the door.

Yoongs: on it

Hobi: You were still reading the messages? Ah, you really do just ignore us

Yoongi looked you up and down as he stood in the familiar dorm doorway. You got a glimpse of the smile he was trying to hide. Your eyes narrowed in on him, following behind him as he lead you to the kitchen.


“Hmm? Nothing, nothing.” Yoongi assured, gesturing his arm towards the door before heading off back to his room.

You pushed open the door to find Jin with his back towards you while he was trying to read the recipe out of the book, apron wrapped neatly around his figure. It instantly brought a smile to your face. 

“Your assistant is here!” You called, forgetting how childishly scared he got.

Jin’s shoulders flinched, turning around so fast it almost scared you. When he realized who it was, he tried to calm down, placing his hand over his chest. 

“God, you scared me..”

“Sorry…I’m a little late too.”

He shrugged, going over to the closet, pulling out an apron for you. 

“It’s okay, this stuff can be prepared pretty easily so we don’t need as much time as I figure.” He assured. 

You reached your hands out for it but he ignored them, going behind you. Feeling his figure hovering behind you felt safe in a strange way but you knew it was connected to the romantic feelings for him that you had been hiding. You wished he’d just wrap his arms around you instead, putting his face right in the crook of your neck comfortably-

“Can you lift your hair up for me?” Jin asked.

“Huh?- oh! Yeah, sure.”

As you did as told, his arms draped the cloth over you, putting your head through the loop. He smiled, tying the strings further down on your back.

“What did you think of the MV? I’m pretty cool, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess.” 

The sound of  Jin’s fake annoyed scoff from behind you was followed with him laughing at your odd answer. It was so easy to mess with him.

“You guess? What does that mean? I was the most handsome one in that mv!”

You snorted at his immaturity. 

“I know. I know. You’re the most handsome guy in the whole world. You’re the coolest! Oh my god, I can’t even believe i’m standing next to someone like you. Please, go easy on those less fortunate than you!” You joked.

Jin cracked a real smile again, turning you around. 

“Should I?”

Suddenly you felt yourself staring at his eyes for too long, taking in the moments you had missed for so long. They were so busy you didn’t see them much lately and you weren’t sure if this was really the time to tell him. Although, the thought of him going off and finding someone else sometimes soon was a painful one. If you didn’t do it today, who knows who could steal him away from you. He stood directly in front of you but he still felt so far away. 

It seems as though he noticed you no longer playing around, looking at you more seriously. His eyes shifted down to linger at your lips for a split second but the moment slipped through your fingers as new words escaped his lips.

“You ready to help me?”

“Okay, what do you need me to do?”

Walking over to the counter he had everything already laying out for the two of you, sorted by each thing he had planned out for the two of you. If the members knew you couldn’t cook you had no idea how it had slipped past Jin so easily.

“Well, for now I already preheated the oven but I need you to get me some eggs from the fridge while I start on this. After that you can help pick which flavor you want to make from these choices.”

With a nod you were already racing towards the fridge,grabbing the handle with no caution whatsoever, and pulling it open to find what you had been asked of. When you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket you tried to hold the carton of eggs in one hand, the other pulling your phone out to check your messages. As if gravity had a personal grudge against you, you felt the carton slip from your arms and practically splattering all over the floor and your socks. 

Jin’s shoulder flinched again as he heard the loud noise, looking over at you. 

“Ah….Y/N. Now what are we going to do? You and Namjoon seriously are way too alike.”

“Shit. Sorry, i’ll clean it up.” Grabbing paper towels you started to clean up your mess but as you reached up for a second one the whole roll moved the bowl in front of it off the table completely, letting more ingredients fall to the tile flooring. Jin just sighed, coming over to you.

“Now everything is on the floor! It’s okay, I’ll clean this up. Do you think you could run to the store for me to buy new stuff? You don’t have to pay for it, here. Just come back quickly, okay?”

You felt so dumb for knocking everything over and you now knew how Namjoon must have felt when he continuously broke things around everyone. Especially today of all days you had to act like this in front of him.

“Yeah, sure. I’m sorry-…I’ll just go. I’ll be back!” You called after yourself, running out of the house to instantly open your phone.

——Group Text: Bangtan Babies——-

4:58 P.M

You: Wow okay, I fucked everything up.

Hobi: What happened?

You: Well, I spilled half of everything on the floor, annoyed him twice, and I think I made him uncomfortable earlier. This is a mess…

Jiminie: He gets annoyed about everything

TaeTae: Yeah, he’s old

Nams: I’m sure it wasn’t that bad, Y/N

Yoongs: What did you do to make him uncomfortable??

You: I think I was staring a little…but he just changed the subject completely 

Hobi: Want me to go to the kitchen to talk to him?

You: no! It’s fine. i’ll just fix it and buy everything

Hobi: Whatever you say

As you were walking back to the dorms you felt your phone go off once more and you wondered what more did they have to say, wondering if it concerned you. You slid the bags of groceries down your arms so you were able to read your phone properly.

——Group Text: The seven dorks——-

Nochu: whoa, Y/N is going to tell Jin finally?? He needed a girlfriend anyway, he needs to get married soon lmao

Jiminie: …….Wrong group chat….

Nochu: Oh shit… 

Nams: You can’t hear it but I sighed just now

Taetae: The one time you show up in these things and this is what you contribute? At least it wasn’t me lol

Your eyes scanned over Jimin’s reply, stopping you in your place. You clicked the group chat that included Jin and the one without, trying to come to terms with this reality. If you could hurry back in time maybe Jin wouldn’t be able to read it and as you started to run towards the dorm, you tried to come up with some sort of plan to explain if he did already read it. It took minutes for you to come racing back and ringing the doorbell.

Right when Jimin opened the door for you, you ran past him and back into the kitchen. Breathless,you set the groceries onto the table to find Jin still reading through his cook book. You weren’t able to tell if he had read the messages yet, having him look up at you from the counter.

“You’re back. That was fast.”

“Yeah, well I didn’t want you to have to wait on me for too long, haha..-”

Casually he just nodded in response, coming over to check the foods you had brought back for him. You followed behind him, not realizing how close you were standing to him until he turned around to face you.

“Oh, did you get change?”

“Huh? Oh, right. Here.” You fished the change back out of your pockets and into his hand. 

“And. uh. I am really sorry about ruining everything before. To be honest, I’m not the best at cooking and I’m a little clumsy.”

Jin titled his head, smiling at you in an amused sort of way. 

“Then why would you offer to help?”

“W-well, It’s been a while since i’ve seen you guys and I wanted to hang out more.”

He put his thumb under your chin, holding your face gently in front of him.

“All of us or just me? I don’t see you visiting the others while you’re here. It’s okay,I know you missed me the most.” Jin laughed, sounding proud of himself as if he considered what he just said as cool. 

Even you rolled your eyes, knowing he’s just messing with you. 

“Yup, i’m going to go play something with Taehyung-”

“Oh come on, I was kidding! I missed you too.”

The words had you locked in, but Jin was just focused on continuing his plan for the party as he kept cooking and preparing everything. You walked over to sit on the countertop to watch him, noticing his phone next to your hand. You tried your best not to gain his attention. 

“Yeah, I’m sure you did, i’m pretty cool to hang out with you know.” You added, reaching your hand over to press the home button on his phone.

It felt as though your heart dropped, seeing he had no notifications for the messages, telling you that he had already read through them. Your face was instantly blushing and you nervously couldn’t even look in his direction anymore. So focused on what he might have been thinking when he read it, you didn’t even hear him ask you a question. 

“Y/N? Did you hear me?”

He noticed your different expression and the deer in the headlights look you had going on. 

“What’s wrong?”

He must have not mentioned it when you walked in because he was hoping you wouldn’t bring it up either. Maybe he was hoping you wouldn’t say it because he didn’t feel the same and didn’t want to let you down. The negative possibilities easily started to out weight their opponents as you felt your own tears hitting your legs underneath you. 

“I-I’m sorry, I think I forgot something at the store-”

Before you could slid off of the countertop, Jin stopped you, putting his hands on both sides of you.

“Wait, talk to me. What’s wrong? Did I hurt your feelings earlier? I wasn’t mad or anything.”

“It’s nothing, I’m sorry.I don’t even know why I started crying. I’m fine, really.” You said as you tried to quickly wipe the tears from your cheeks, feeling even more like an idiot. 

“Is it because Jungkook ruined it?” He asked, moving his head in front of your gaze so he was able to fully look at you.

Hearing him acknowledge it struck you in surprise as you could only look back at him. You shook your head.

“You would have known either way and maybe this was better. I don’t have to hear you tell me that you don’t like me back but at least I got my answer. As long as we’re still friends, it’s okay, right?”

“You wouldn’t have heard it anyway. Am I that bad at flirting?”

“By flirting did you mean, hand kisses and winks that you give you everyone?”

Jin nodded, knowing you were right, trying to come up with something that would prove how much he likes you more than everyone else.

“But wait did you mean-”

“How about a real kiss?” He suggested, making you a blushing mess once more.

He hands were already propped up on the sides of you and his face was only inches away from yours. The thought of it already had your heart pounding in your chest, feeling your hands clench. 

“-…that you like me?”

Jin’s handsome smile appeared again as he watched you stiffen in front of him at the words. Even for him it was too cheesy of an atmosphere and he turned his head away from you to snicker. You took notice to how red his ears were, knowing he’s practically all talk. He faced you again, trying to shake off his own nervousness.

You felt his fingers slip past your hair, grazing your neck until he held it gently to pull you closer to him. You closed your eyes as he leaned in closer to you, feeling his warm lips against yours. Casually you let your arms fall around his neck, feeling him deepen the kiss first.  Before you could enjoy any more of it he pulled away only enough to speak. 

“I didn’t say anything, not because I was going to reject you, but because I wanted to hear you tell me you liked me. I wanted to see your face when you said it to me and so I could tell you how much I liked you.” 

You gave him another quick kiss. 

“How much do you like me?” You teased.

At least now you had gotten your answer, and even if it wasn’t how you expected to tell him, you made sure to thank Jungkook for his mistake.

“I like the things you do more than I like my own face or cooking, or the rush I got from performing. I liked you when we hung out the first time at the coffee shop across the street and I liked you the last time we hung out when you cried into my chest about missing all of us before he went for the months long tour. I liked that you would always listen to me play the guitar for you when I was still learning, and I liked that you would try whatever I made for you when you came over and complimented me all the time. But you, I was in love with you.”


Then, I give you life eternal. Everlasting love. The power of the storm, and the beasts of the earth. Walk with me to be my loving wife, forever.

Jynnic as Dracula AU

2017 should end on a better note, so I’ve been enjoying some games and keeping it comfy. I apologize if I’ve been a bit too quiet on here.

I might upload another Sunny AU teaser soon, if the linework for this page doesn’t piss me off tomorrow LOL

Fun question time!

Are there any books from any genre that you’d love to be in? Any particular scene? Would you be the main character, supporting, or just an extra?

Personally, I’d love to be Poppet from the Night Circus! Magic powers and I get to run the most magical circus ever? SIGN ME UP!

Reblog with your answer or put them in the tags, I’m curious!

Until Then (Sherlock x Reader drabble)

“So you guys write some awesome Sherlock one shots and since you guys posted about wanting to write for more than just Gaston I have a request. Maybe like John finally drags Sherlock to the grocery store and John sends him to find some things with a list but he gets lost and bumps into the reader. Sherlock insists he’s fine but ends up reluctantly accepting help from them? Thanks and sorry if it’s too specific you can always just do the general idea! 😂

I wasn’t sure how my response would work in the format you sent this in, so I didn’t want to take any chances! This is an adorable ask and I am beyond excited to get this up! Enjoy! (After finishing this, I realized how long it’s been since I wrote Sherlock and he’s sooooo ooc and I just want to delete it all, but it’s 12:32am so i’m gonna queue it anyways)

Word Count:1312

“You’re forgetting something,” Sherlock muttered with a dull tone as he glanced out the window as dramatically as his upturned collar and dramatic cheekbones would offer.

John, having read over his grocery list at least twice before dragging this brooding butthead out of the flat, scoffed. “I am not.”

Sherlock rolled his eyes, blinking slowly as he turned to look at his friend. “John.”

“Yes,” John sighed, lowering his head with closed eyes as habit dictated when Sherlock was being a pedantic ass. “Sherlock?”

“You’re forgetting something.”

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Heres a compilation of my Zora oc’s that I hurriedly sketched and threw color onto. @prisiidon inspired me to post them with their wonderful blog and amazing zora-crafting masterpost. In order from top to bottom, Phion the blue marlin, Rayto the pacific angel shark, Kragg the tiger shark, and Varis the leafy sea dragon. Basically Varis is a prince from a neighboring Zora kingdom and the rest are his royal guard.