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Out Dancing

Requests: “Hey! I was listening to the song When A Man Loves A Woman by Percy Sledge and thought it would give a great story of Newt X Reader. As I love your writing, I thought you could write, but if you can not I’ll understand.❤” AND “Hi, M! I have a request, if its not too much trouble, i was wondering if i could get a newt x reader where newt’s jealous? The story could be anything you want, i just want me some jealous newt, he’d be so adorable! Slight angst and lots of fluff? Hope you have a wonderful day♥️”

Word Count: 3,399

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous and @dont-give-a-bother also tagging @caseoffics

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Newt’s eyes nearly fall out of his head when you walk out of the bedroom with Queenie. You don’t notice the red blush winding up his cheeks and filling his entire face, and he’s grateful for Queenie’s conversation with you. He can barely tear his eyes from the crimson number you slipped into, from the way the intricate beading wraps around you to the frills that swish with every swaying step you take. Crimson gloves run from your hands to your elbows, hiding more skin than that dress does. He gulps when he looks at the hem drifting only to the middle of your thighs.

Blinking, he pinches his arm. Queenie giggles at his face when he feels her root around his mind. Forcing his gaze from you, he looks at her, more subtle in her flowing olive dress. It hangs off her shoulders with thin straps, dipping in the most perfect places, gems shining on the left side of the chest and cascading down to her hip bone.

She cocks an eyebrow. “Like what you see, honey?”

It takes Newt a moment to form a sentence when you turn your beautiful eyes on him. “You’re radiant.”

“Just me?” Queenie purses her lips to hide her mischievous smile.

Newt’s heart hammers when he looks at you. Not only does the dress expose your collarbones, but it shows off your shoulders, too, letting the heavy crimson earrings Queenie lent you graze the skin usually hidden by your normal outfits. His eyes drift from there to your lips, plump, turned a vivid red by Queenie’s makeup, completely kissable.

“You are breathtaking, as always.” Newt says, swallowing and forcing as natural a smile he can create to his face.

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“did zayn forget he’s actually a singer?”

did you forget he’s given us twenty six songs in the past year? and six music videos?? did you forget that outside of the 1d machine, musicians aren’t expected to be constantly churning out new music?? did you forget that he’s told us, on multiple occasions, that he’s working on z2?? did you forget that he’s always expressed interest in pursuing non-musical projects?? did you forget that he’s allowed to be a complex human being with diversified interests and not just a pawn in your ship’s endgame?????

A rough continuum of affection

@pennyinheaven’s post teasing apart the different strands of how Ryuuzaki actually feels about Yashiro has inspired me to set out a rough, highly disputable, but at least organized continuum of how “Saezuru” characters feel towards Yashiro, from love all the way to hate. (What’s rough and highly disputable is not just the characterizations of people’s feelings, but also their ordering as closer to or further from paradigmatic love and hatred.)

Doumeki is in love with Yashiro, of course. With (unusually) extra helpings of both possessiveness and “I will not just do anything for you (protect you with my body, apologize to someone I think badly of and resent because he’s the closest you have to family and then ask him to visit you in the hospital because I think it might help you wake up), but also do anything you suggest, saunas in Ueno, porno called ‘The Impotent Cop Sets His Sights on Gaydom,’ whatever.”

Unnamed Hirata subordinate who wears dog-tags and at least one past subordinate of Yashiro’s at least thought that they were in love with Yashiro, though from what we can see it was a relatively shallow love in the former case at least.

Misumi loves Yashiro but has never been in love with him. He loves him in a way that has elements of paternal (“something like Yashiro’s foster parent”) and fraternal care and responsibility, residual sexual attraction and possessiveness (in a straight line from “I’m the one who owns you” to “I know everything about you” and “become mine once more, Yashiro”), a friendship of many years’ standing, and the peculiar pride a boss takes in his most capable subordinate in an extremely hierarchical, honor/face-based culture in which subordinates’ and bosses’ reputations reflect on each other (Japan but more particularly yakuza). He found Yashiro intriguing from the beginning, more so when he observed the sole exception to Yashiro’s deep “hatred of humanity”, and in the present considers himself useless when it comes to that troublesome guy, relating to him differently than to others because he is so charmed by Yashiro. Even when insulting him, he remembers and uses Yashiro’s favored term “pervert” rather than “okama” or “homo,” epithets which Yashiro had rejected. From the beginning he tries to help Yashiro get along with other people because he simply likes him as a person, even though he also despairs of him frequently – or more like constantly (“a cute guy with no ambition,” “don’t disappoint me,” “oh, you – that’s …” when Yashiro jokes about having been raped, “you should want people to understand you,” etc., etc.). And we now know that he thinks of him as something short, but not too far short, of his “other half.”

Kageyama thinks of Yashiro as a close but not equal friend – someone he has to take care of because Yashiro has no one else. Like Misumi calling himself “useless” when it comes to Yashiro, he describes himself as “soft on” Yashiro (“and I end up forgiving him everything”) or “helpless” to reject even though Yashiro irritates him (often with such transparent deliberateness that even Kage can see that he’s trying to get a rise out of him). Yashiro goes to Kageyama rather than a more suitable doctor and then haggles over money he can afford to pay in full, pushes him into the arms of his love (“don’t I just owe him even more now?” says Kage) but then bugs their bedroom, and generally doesn’t act much like a friend, but Kage still sees him as one.

Ryuuzaki has some features of being in love with Yashiro – he is fond of him, attracted to him, protective of him – but which don’t add up to loving or being in love with him. He also publicly treats him with contempt. A few things to add to @pennyinheaven’s account: If he isn’t interacting with Yashiro directly, Ryuuzaki treats him as a colleague who’s capable in business but provokes people unnecessarily, foolishly. When they were young, Ryuuzaki looked for Yashiro after Misumi had kicked him out into the snow naked and bruised, and missed him enough to ask after him when Yashiro stopped coming over to the Matsubara mahjong parlor. Ryuuzaki is obvious enough that at least sharp-eyed Misumi responds to Hirata’s attempt to camouflage his own responsibility and blame Ryuuzaki for the attack on Yashiro with utter incredulity, and with the memorable principle that “you don’t put out a hit on someone who usually teases you into a hard-on.”

Nanahara’s peeking fines are piling up.

Sugimoto seems to view Yashiro solely as a boss.

Sex friend cop doesn’t hate having to rely on Yashiro, but doesn’t particularly think of him as a human being, either.

Kuga is bloody sick of being kicked out of his apartment, manipulated, and spied on by someone who resentfully views him as a rival in a game that person gave up playing when Kuga was in lower school. He finds Yashiro’s care and shyness around Doumeki endearing, but that won’t stop him from harassing Yashiro via Doumeki. He flat-out disliked Yashiro before Yashiro did anything bad to him and he’s seen no reason to revise that view.

Shark and apparently many other people associated with Doushinkai just think Yashiro’s weird and no good. This is true even to some degree of Misumi’s stepson-cum-right-hand Amou, and probably much truer of members of other groups.

Inami (the brutal senpai of Yashiro’s sex friend) loathes yakuza in general and heaps additional manly scorn on Yashiro.

Hirata hates Yashiro, of course, but more than that he hates that he has to take Yashiro seriously enough to hate rather than simply scorning, looking down on him. Will the fire of a thousand suns that Hirata wants to direct towards Yashiro ever be quenched? PROBABLY NEVER. Why not? Well … that part’s gotten too long, so I’ll do a separate post about why Hirata hates Yashiro so much. Hint: it’s not just that there’s nothing more unmanageable than the envy and jealousy of men.


Sketching non chibi Promptis~

College AU thingy…

Where Prompto never greet Noctis on High school and ended up having the Prince of Lucis as his roommate during his second year on college :D

Idk what Major will Noctis pick.. so I put it as “???” for now

[ The Carm sketch I was talking about!!! No jacket because I wanted to show off The Guns and also my favourite thing to add onto her design…..black-tipped arms. Seriously they were missing out on how cute that’d look. Added in only the tiniest bit of eye colour cuz my tablet is not hooked up rn and I’m lazy eeehhhh ;))))) 

Hope you like ;0c ]

You aren’t here anymore.
I wish you were.
—  6-12-17//1:52am

I live to let you shine.  
⤿ for @kalluraweek​. happy valentine’s day, everyone!

I honestly don’t know what I just drew. XD
I don’t even know why I made Pewds Nugget, likewise for Mark xD (I think it’s because the dude had glasses)

Anyways, I have 8 days left till round 2 of my publics, so have this random piece of thing I did based on Kindergarten, cause that’s the only video I managed to watch lately.

Oh yeah, since many of you guys have been wanting me to do more ‘behind the screen’ drawings, the nex post will definetelt be that!

So uhhhh how would you guys feel about me posting the recording I made of myself singing the song I wrote for Michael in chapter two of 24-Hour Life Tickets?


Then, I give you life eternal. Everlasting love. The power of the storm, and the beasts of the earth. Walk with me to be my loving wife, forever.

Jynnic as Dracula AU


My sweet potatoes!!! What vixx mv would you like me to recreate as a makeup look? I’m feeling confident and inspired after all the cute messages you guys say after ever look I try ^^


So one last gift for your guys before Christmas comes to a close.  I dont know how else to show you guys how much I appreciate you all but to make a gif set with all your faves!  I know I say it all the time but I love all you guys tons!! Tags under the cut.

Originally posted by makeyourchristmaswish

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all!

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                                             chanhun ; monster [ dance practice ] 

London Loves A Speeding Heart

A Chris x Ella Oneshot.

Summary: Premieres were never honestly easy for either of them but at the end of one premiere, Chris and Ella get to know one another better and realize that maybe such events aren’t that bad after all.

Warnings: Fluff. Lots of gifs (I apologize in advance).

Note: Hiiiiii!!!! Sorry this has been coming forever but i had midterms and i was super busy. Hopefully this is good and as always comments are well appreciated :)

I apologize in advance for the vast amount of dialogues in this one. I wanted to reveal more about Ella since you guys know very little about her.

Also, if you have any requests or ideas, please please send them in.

 Requests are Open!!!!

I’d love you for it :)

I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. And it’s these things I’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything.”  (F. Scott Fitzgerald)

Ella’s P.O.V

God bless Catherine de’ Medici for making high heeled shoes mainstream. If she hadn’t worn high heels back in 1533 for her wedding, then these beautiful little shits wouldn’t be so prevalent - and Ella wouldn’t have sore, bruised feet. She hates heels. Vehemently hates heels. And the sad thing is she usually has to wear them: at premieres and red carpets and press conferences and interviews and galas and parties and and and. She wants to just remove her shoes and feel the earth beneath her feet. She wanted to hold his hand and hear his voice and just be. But sadly, her life had different plans. And so here she was: at the London premiere after-party for Civil War, surrounded by hordes of celebrities and journalists and just everyone. And this was exactly why she couldn’t go see Chris because no one here knew about them. No one knew their secret and, in reality, she reveled in the thought that she had something that was completely, purely hers. Theirs. No trashy comments or judgements or anything tainted their relationship and she loved that. But the press tour had been long and lengthy and all Ella wanted now was Chris and to go back to her normal life here in London.

“… is so fucking cool!” Sebastian’s voice says next to her, “Like, have you seen that shot? Man it’s…” and his voice tunes out once again. Ella sighs inwardly. He’s been talking about this movie he saw yesterday for an hour now. Renner, standing opposite her, starts talking to Elizabeth about some politics shit that she frankly couldn’t care less about.

“Whatcha think ‘bout that Francis? You two cool?” Mackie questions.

“Who’s cool?”

“You an’ Chris.”

“Mackie, we’re always cool. Why?”

“The boy is starin’ at you like a hawk that’s why…”

Turning around Ella caught Chris’ eye and looked away. “I’m sure he was admiring Romanian Adonis here.” She nodded towards Sebastian. The group laughed and Ella thought this was the best moment to excuse herself, seeing as they were all so distracted.

“Uh, excuse me, I need to go find… go… somewhere for a moment”

She’d barely taken a step when she heard Renner say “You going for some fondue?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know Renner.”

Damn Renner.

The party seems to be full swing, so Ella decided to get some fresh air. She walks towards the door at the back when suddenly a hand grabs hold of her left wrist and pulls her into a concealed corner of the club.

“Hey! what -”

“Shhh!! Not that anyone can hear you very well El, but still: shh.” His right hand is on her mouth and the left one clutches her waist. “Going somewhere?”



“Mmm! mm mmm mmMMMM!!!”

“Oh i can’t understand you dahlin’” the corners of his mouth turn upwards. “it’s been a long day and I have missed you so…” His lips, strikingly soft compared to the scratchy feel of his beard, peppered soft kisses along her neck and jaw.

“Do you have any idea how what seeing you in this dress is doing to me?”his hand moves away from her mouth and runs softly down her shoulder, arm, and laces their fingers together.

“Chris, babe I… i missed you too but someone might see us..” Ella breathed out. More like moaned. Damnit. She could feel him smirk against her skin.

“Ok then, where do you want to go?”

She considers her options. They can go back to his hotel; her own house was a few minutes away from here; perhaps the balcony might be a bit private. So she makes up her mind and tells him.


“You want to go to central London? Now?” he’s looking at her incredulously but she can still see the spark in his eyes.

“Yeah! why not? I’m know a few good places, so you’re welcome to join me…”

“O-kay?” He sounds unsure and she knows his mind’s going into overdrive. He’s worried they’ll be seen and all their efforts to keep this out of public eye will go down the drain. But she needs a break from this life; he too needs a break from this life. So Ella does the one thing she knows will distract him enough to comply with her: she kisses him. It’s deep and passionate and she bites his lower lip, runs her hands through his hair, down his abs, drawing a moan from him. That’s when she stops and looks Chris in the eye. Nothing is said between the two as she grabs his hand and whispers in his ear to meet her in her car in 10 minutes. As she walks away, Ella turns around as tells him:

“Trust me.”

They sit in comfortable silence all the way to Westminster. The air is heavy with emotions: curiosity, excitement, lust, happiness. Ella fastened her coat around her securely once they got out of the car, thanking her stylist for selecting a knee-length dress for todays event as it made her incognito appearance easier. She laces her fingers with Chris’ as they began walking towards her favorite coffee shop.

“Are you sure we won’t be seen El ?”

“Yes Chris, it’s a really busy place and no one really cares at this hour. Now please c’mon.”

They clutch their steaming cups of coffee as they made their way around the area: Chris drinking his vanilla nut coffee and Ella sipping her cinnamon sugar latte. She’s about to say something but Chris beats her to it.

“I love London you know. It’s so… It’s so artistic.”

“I know, I love this place. It’s incredible.”

“Hmm. The people are good too here. Specially the ladies you know”

“Oh? I didn’t know you had hots for Judi Dench”

Chris clutches his left pectoral as he laughs and quips “Well she is fucking talented so I don’t see anything wrong with it”

“Of course, I’ll admit i love her, she’s great. Maybe I should get you her number?”

“I wish, but you see I’ve got this other girl that I’m so in love with that I wouldn’t date anyone else.”

Ella looks straight ahead but can’t hide her smile. Neither can he.

“Wait, really? You don’t like Scooby Doo? Chris! That’s my favorite cartoon!” Ella exclaimed. She’s taken Chris to this park near Westminster that had stunning views of London and very few people. Win-win. The two’d been there for two hours now and their conversations went in all directions and no direction at the same time.

“Scooby Doo’s just dumb ok?” Chris argues.

“No! The Gang’s so cool and they’re smart. They solve mysteries and shit like, how on Earth is that dumb?” She will fight him to the end of the world if he calls her favorite cartoon dumb. How could he?

“You know El, every Scooby-Doo episode would literally be two minutes long if the Gang just went to the mask store first and asked a few questions.”

“Its a cartoon! for kids! oh my god! What do you expect? And you - how can you say that? You: Mr Christopher ‘I’m 34 and I love Disney and lust after Prince Eric’ Evans. You are so dou-” she’s cut off as he leans in to kiss her.

“Stop talking so fast. You’ll kill a guy.” He laughs, then adds as an afterthought, “you’re too fast. If we were in a car, your speeding would kill us”

He expects a witty comment or a punch in the side but what Chris receives is silence. Ella suddenly gets quiet - lost in her thoughts, her eyes glistening in the moonlight.

“I, hey, what did I say? I didn’t mean anyt-”

“She died in a car crash. My mum. She was driving home one night and this truck crashed into my mum’s car and she - she died. On the spot. Sorry, I know you didn’t mean anything, you were just saying it. I just - I hear the term car crash and all i can think of is my mum. I’m sorry”

“It’s okay. I didn’t know. I’ll be careful next time. Shit. sorry El! I’m so fucking sorry.” they sit silent for a while before he asks her again, “how old were you?”

“Seven. Thomas was four.”

“I’m sorry”

“Quit apologizing.”

“You still miss her a lot don’t you?”

“She was my mum, of course i do.” Ella snapped. Her eyes were glazed and Chris knew that it took everything in her to not start crying. That was another of her perks he’s come to terms with: never cry, no matter what. She always avoids crying like its the plague, seeing it as a sign of weakness, vulnerability. They have this awkward, tense silence between them for a few moments before Ella speaks up again,

“I think maybe because I was 7 when she died, I never really let her go. When she died, I just went into a sort of denial mode. I think I’m still there. I just never got to say goodbye to her. She just went to work one day and never came back. I don’t - I don’t know how to move on. Naomi, she’s nice. I’m glad dad married her. She’s been there for me for years now. But she’s not mum.

You know, I started acting when i was 9 because of mum. She loved theatre and arts and I thought maybe I’d be closer to her if I associated myself with cinema. I thought it would prove as a distraction, as an escape. Acting became my shelter; I could hide behind faces and characters and no one would disturb me. Then one day, I wanted to come out from behind this mask and I realized that no one wanted to see the real me. They only saw me as the actress - as Ella Francis and I just continued to try and live up to this ‘prim-proper and strong’ image I had. I think Giselle got lost the day mum died and left behind Ella. I don’t even know who I am now.

You mentioned car crash and i thought of mum and i wanted to cry. But then I realized that I’m not allowed to show these emotions. I’m supposed to be strong and stubborn - that is what got me where I am today. But, I don’t know Chris. I don’t know myself and I don’t know who you’re in love with.”

There’s this stunned silence and Chris thinks that any sound will shatter their world. He wants to tell her something and make her world better. He doesn’t know what she wants to hear, but he gives it a shot.

“I fell in love with the girl who came to the first table read for The Avengers in flip flops. I fell for the girl who forgets the world when she reads a book; the girl who wears glasses and drinks a cup of tea followed by a cup of coffee each morning. I love a girl who values intelligence and hard work above everything else. I love the girl who will fight any fucking douche who insults or threatens the people or things she loves. I love Giselle. She loves to travel and see new places and her favorite subject is always biology. She reads random facts and mentions them in the weirdest of times. She hates cleaning and loves eating. My Giselle loves staying awake late at night and thinks the smell of vanilla is the best in the world. I love the Giselle that isn’t afraid to voice her opinions. She’s brave enough to survive - and thrive - in this industry. I love you. For what you are, not your awards or reputation or any other fucking reason in the world. I love you because - because I just do. Because you are incredible and smart and sassy and the woman I see a future with. I love you El.”

Now it’s her turn to sit in stunned silence. She wants to say something but can’t find the right words anymore. All she knows is that she’s incredibly lucky to have him. All her life, she’s dreaded the future, wondering what is going to happen. But for the first time, with him, she’s curious about the future because they know that whatever is in store for them is good. They’re good.

Chris leans forward to capture her lips once more, running his tongue on her bottom lip. Her hands find their way across his back and into his hair, where she grips and pulls them slightly, earning her a groan from him. His hands roam her back and thighs as he pulls her onto his lap. They sit there like that, taking away each others breath and enjoying the peaceful silence, just reveling in the feeling of each. When neither of them could pretend that they don’t need oxygen to survive, they broke apart, breathing heavily, panting - a smile on both their faces as Chris pushed his forehead to Ella’s. Her eyes were closed and her cheeks were flushed; she’d never looked so beautiful.

And so he told her something he had wanted to say sometime earlier, “I don’t ‘lust’ after Prince Eric by the way. I mean, sure I love him, little mermaid and all, but still.”

“So, who do you lust for?” Ella responded with a glint in her eyes.

“Someone else. Someone gorgeous. Someone so damn incredible” His hands roam her thighs and reach around to grab her hips and pull her flush against himself.

“Oh really? Who is it?”

“Someone. Someone fucking worship-worthy.” His voice is barely a whisper now, it’s almost inaudible.

“Say it.”

“Sure?” Chris licks a path up from her collarbone to her sweet spot behind her right ear.


“Tom Brady”


“…Fuck! That Hurt El!!”

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