I was at Ben Platt’s last show !!?

So uh, I’ve been super privileged with DEH stuff. I have one of the casts, I have a signed egg costume, some other signed stuff, and y’know just?? But recently I got to go to Ben Platt’s last show and here’s some things I noticed!!

- During sincerely me, when Ben does the little taps at “I’m just glad to be your friend,” this time he full on put his hand on Mike’s shoulder and briefly stroked his hair. It was super quick but super cute??

- Also in sincerly me, when Jared was kinda mocking Evan and stuff,, without looking Ben reached back and slowly shoved Will’s face away. Like full palm to the face-

- When Evan said the “why would you write that thing,” he said it like a classic valley girl and?? I don’t know if it was intentional but there was a pose and everything-

- I’m skipping back a bit, but in the very beginning of the show, no one would stop cheering. There was a solid 1-2 minutes of clapping when the lights came up, and it actually made Ben start to laugh. You could see the boys nose crinkle !!

- all of his poses were super exaggerated this time,, so like whilst talking about how he likes jazz but not all jazz mostly jazz band jazz, he did a few snazzy velociraptor motions,

- all the way to ‘To break in a glove,’ and Michael park is having trouble getting his words out. Sniffling and trying his best not to cry :0

- I’m skipping around so much because my memory is already fogging up but during if I could tell her Laura looked so wistful and she kept having to wipe her cheeks

- in so big so small during the hug, Rachel was kinda struggling with her words it seemed, and during this little pause, her and Ben had this cute little chuckle and everyone in the audience was driven to gentle laughs through their tears

- I realized that Heidi might be talking to her husband in gooD for you!?

- at the bows, you could literally see bens lip quivering. The poor boy was trying super hard not to cry too much! No one would stop clapping, and they brought him back to stage for two other bows!!

I have a low quality audio boot of the first act, and two videos of bens bows if anyone wants em. Notify me!

!!edit: I’m recalling more things, so if you want a part two,, I’d be happy to make it soon,,!!


Frank + food

Living as Pete Castiglione, we see Frank eating sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly) day in and day out at work, proper actual food. When he slips back into being the Punisher, Frank eats ready made food or rations, on the go. He never considers looking into David’s fridge to see all the ingredients perfect for a sandwich. Because he’s a soldier again, eating rations, enough to sustain him. Food is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Then we see David giving Frank a choice of microwave dinners. He starts becoming more than a soldier, making personal choices of the food that he prefers. He eventually eats fresh pasta that David made, and then even makes David a dish of his own. David helps Frank slowly break out of the Punisher persona, becoming more than a soldier, but rather a person with likes, dislikes, with skills that aren’t just about killing people.

Can I just say something.. In this one year DAY6 has grown so much as a group. They were given monthly projects, monthly concerts, promos and had their first North American tour this year. They wrote, recorded, preformed new songs every month. While dealing with their own personal responsibilities. It takes time to record each song, film the MV, take the concept photos, plus practice constantly to put on a good show for the fans. They were able to have sold out shows in the N.A. tour and met tons of fans and have a ton of fun. This year was really a great year for them. They got to grow as musicians and just as people over all. Sad to see EveryDAY6 coming to an end but this was a fucking great era for them and My Days, and I hope next year will be just as great for DAY6.

I feel disgusted when people talk about other people who commited suicide and say that those people hurt other people. Yes, that they hurt others is true but you don’t know how that person felt the whole time and they didn’t know what to do anymore.. they fighted their own battle this whole time so shut the fuck up.