ONE ANON ASKED ME: does koshiro learn japanese/korean AND ANOTHER ANON ASKED ME: can we have more sheith family au AND I DELIVERED. T TAKE!!! IT !!!!!! [LAYS DOWN] 

(⁎˃ᆺ˂) youtubers!Animal - Anarcute - In the city


Still playin’ to Anarcute. Since it’s released on steam,i’m addicted to the soundtrack and the kyoteness. (i’ve now a team full of chickens and sheeps! kqmshjflskfjd so kyote and dangerous hon hon ) (´∇ノ`*)ノ

But imah a big ball of nerves and frustration bc i can’t finish the game,it’s too difficult. HeLp  //ragequit// ( ゚Д゚)<!!


Reactions to: Cole and A Younger Inquisitor Being In A Romance

Alright, one of the requests got deleted, but I remember what it said: “reactions to a younger inquisitor being in a romance with Cole” and I’m so sorry, but I really wanna do this one… with GIFs. Also, by young adult, I’m going to assume like, around the age Cole appears to be.


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Iron Bull:

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Okay so you know how Nathanaël pretty much designed his own akuma form? Imagine what might happen if the public caught wind of that. So many people would make ocs or costumes and then focus really hard on being upset so that they could go cosplay

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Hey dude. Sorry if you start getting harassment over the Chara meme you posted the other day. I encouraged flavor-text-chara and a couple others to do the thing, and they came up with a Frisk one, but apparently the fact that the chart gives the option of gendering Chara or Frisk was enough to set off The Discourse again. Hopefully you stay out of the line of fire, but general harassment has cropped up to anybody who has filled out the meme. Sorry. >.<

haha omg i felt like this would happen but i didnt want to change the original??? and i know some people see their chara as not nb, WHICH IS WRONG, but it’s also their chara, thats how they see them, they can hc them however they want, EVEN THOUGH THEY’RE WRONG,

and also having it like that allows people to go in between? say “hey my chara is nb but also kinda masc” so that’s neat???

anyways im good for now, no harassment yet, and don’t worry about it!!! 

i think it’s all time we acknowledge that shiro and allura aren’t truly the space parents we’re making them out to be like yeah it’s funny in small doses, as a punchline one of the voltron squad makes in a fic or something, but it’s starting to be the ONLY thing we see and it’s not letting out viewpoints of them grow

it is also time we give coran the title he would love and deserve as the true awkward, fiercely caring, bad-joke Space Dad

“I don’t expect you to excel, my hawk, but I expect you to do better…”

Inspired by an AU Kai and I talked about where Clint gets ‘borrowed’ along up to Asgard. It’s a problematic time for everyone involved :)
And wow, I haven’t drawn horses in like ten years…?
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✨Jungkook gotta keep his identity a secret 🕵🏻  I’m really bad at being funny so if you’re there unamused, I’m sorry… I tried. And just to know in the future, I still try✨