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“Happy birthday professor! -Luna L.”

Snape, fighting to keep an intimidating poker face right after Luna hands him his gift in the corridor and then immediately slips away.

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1: Ever been told “it’s not you, it’s me”?

2: Did you go out or stay in last night?

3: How late did you stay up last night?

4: What were you doing at 12:30 this afternoon?

5: Have you ever told somebody you loved them and not actually meant it?

6: Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?

7: Have you pretended to like someone?

8: Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette?

9: Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?

10: Think back five months ago, were you single?

11: Have you ever cried from being so mad?

12: Hold hands with anyone this week?

13: Did your last kiss take place in/on a bed?

14: Who did you last see in person?

15: Have you kissed three or more people in one night?

16: Have you ever been to Paris?

17: Are you good at hiding your feelings?

18: Have you ever been to New York?

19: Are you listening to music right now?

20: Do you wear the hood on your hoodie?

21: What do people call you?

22: Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but didn’t?

23: Are there any stressful situations in your life?

24: What are you listening to right now?

25: What is wrong with you right now?

26: Do you make wishes at 11:11?

27: Have you hugged someone within the last week?

28: Have you kissed anyone in the last five days?

29: What were you doing at midnight last night?

30: Do you miss the way things were six months ago?

Rockabye (pt.3)

genre: smut, fluff, and just a little angst / stripper!au

pairing: you x jimin

word count: 2.6k

Originally posted by chimchams

You were stupid. Why would you agree to go out with one of the customers? This club was a strictly “business only” one and if you get caught, you lose it all. Jae-Eun meant everything to you and if you lost him over one mistake, all of your hard work would go to waste. The endless nights of stripping and dancing for men but making enough money to support you and your child would all be thrown down the drain. You’ve worked so hard to be where you are now and this one guy that made your heart flutter, would not ruin it for you. Or at least, that’s what you thought.

You were supposed to call Jimin when you felt like meeting up but that private dance happened weeks ago and since then, you were really putting this whole thing to the side. It wasn’t because you didn’t like Jimin, in fact, that was the opposite reason. Jimin made you feel ways that were unexplainable. He made you feel good about yourself, almost as if his confidence was contagious. It rubbed off on you, but hey, you weren’t complaining. Most of the time, especially during private dances, guys made you feel like a toy. They always called you names and spit profanities in your face, continuously.

Jimin, though, never once looked at you like you were something he could use to just have fun with. He didn’t dare to call you anything besides beautiful. Guys don’t understand how much that means to a girl. Being called beautiful opposed to sexy or hot is so much more flattering and respectful. Jimin seemed to know how to treat a woman and the thought of that put you in awe. 

As much as Jimin was all of these things, you had to be careful. One mistake or you get caught with a customer, it is over and that scared you, a lot. 

Today was the warmest day out of the weekend, so you decided to spend one-on-one time with Jae-Eun. You loved taking him on strolls in his stroller around the park and he did too. He giggled and giggled whenever you made funny faces or noises. Peek-a-boo was his all time favorite game, he really seemed to get a kick out of you hiding your face behind your hands and then suddenly appearing out of nowhere. His laugh was the sweetest thing on earth and it kept you motivated, to keep pushing through all of these hard times.

He was already 3 months old. Time has flown by so quickly. You remember holding him that night after you delivered him, looking down at his soft, newborn, face. He had his dads, well, everything. His eyes; one mono eyelid and one double, small but oh-so, kissable lips. He somehow only got your nose while he got the rest of Jungkook’s features. You knew he would be a lady killer when he got older, just like his dad. 

He was a spitting image of Jungkook and it hurt your heart. Whenever you looked at Jae-Eun, it brought back painful, yet so beautiful memories that you will forever cherish. Of course, he didn’t look exactly like Jungkook, since he was still a newborn but you were afraid for when he got older. He would eventually grow into his same body type, broad shoulders, muscular thighs, and tall. It would hurt to even look at your own kid, just because Jungkook did so much damage to your heart. He left you when you needed him the most. He never came back and that only hurt you more. It made you feel not special, not wanted, and alone. 

Jae-Eun couldn’t talk yet but sometimes you used him to talk to, even if he couldn’t understand. He could barely say anything, so he just stuck to his famous giggles, whines, and cries. As crazy as it sounds, sometimes you feel like you are talking to someone and they are actually listening to you when you talk to Jae-Eun. He looks at you, with his deep brown eyes of Jungkook, eyebrows raised high from their original spot, and his face softens as if he truly understands what you are saying. You were excited for him to grow up because Jungkook was always such a good advice giver and knew how to listen to you. You felt that when Jae-Eun gets older, he will pick up those same characteristics and you’d have each other to talk to and get advice from, just like it was with his dad. 

“Okay, my baby Jae, we are here.” You say as your bring the car to a stop and turn off the ignition. You look behind you and there Jae-Eun was, in his blue pants and white shirt, with a big smile on his face. Your heart softened at the sight, he was really going to be a lady killer, you thought to yourself.  

It was a decently nice day but still fairly cold, with clouds covering the sky. It was something about the sky that brought you so much serenity. Every time you look up, you see your dad smiling from heaven, giving you a thumbs up. It brings tears to your eyes to know that such an amazing man was gone, so young and so unexpectedly. He was all you really had as growing up. Not that your mom was bad, she just tended to work a lot, favor your brother, and forget about you. 

Your father was such a humble, hard-working man, and when he died, you felt like the world crashed onto you. You’ll never forget the lifeless, pale, sunken, face of your dead dad, laying in the casket. You lost someone so important to you and your life would never be the same. That was the worst night of your life, even more than Jungkook leaving. 

You had a dad while growing up and a not so supportive mom, the opposite of what Jae-Eun had now. You were dreading the day you would have to tell him, that his dad walked out on the announcement of your pregnancy. A boy needs a male role model in his life, especially when growing up to learn from and grow with but you couldn’t provide that for him. The thought of that shred your heart into pieces but you can’t do anything about it, which only made it that much harder.

When you get out of the car, you carefully unbuckle his seat belt and get the stroller out of the trunk. You set it up and pick up Jae-Eun extremely carefully before placing him down into the stroller and buckling the two straps that held him in place. You were so gentle with him, not because you were scared you would drop him or anything, more so of it just being that, you didn’t want to risk something like that happening if you were too rough or too careless. 

You kneeled down to Jae-Eun's level so he could see you and look at him. You tilted your head to the side and reach out to cup his small, warm, and soft cheek. He really did look like Jungkook so much already and as much as you tried to not see it in him and push it away, you couldn’t.

You still loved Jungkook. He gave you so much to love. Never in a million years did you expect for him to walk out on you so easily or quickly. He didn’t even talk to you about the whole situation, which is his fault because you guys could’ve made it work out, he just didn’t want to.

That night was bad but nowhere near as bad as your fathers funeral. Cancer was indeed, a killer. You remember waking up to Jungkook nowhere in sight, his clothes magically gone and out from the closet, and all of his personal belongings taken by him, except a picture of you two, framed and hung up on the wall. He left nothing, besides a note that broke your heart into fractured pieces, as tears flooded and left your eyes.

      I’m sorry it had to be this way. I can’t be with you anymore. I can’t take care of a baby. I don’t have the recources or stability to help you take care of another human, let alone a newborn . It is too much and I can’t have that kind of stress put on me. I love you, y/n, so much, but we can’t be ‘us’ anymore, there can’t be an ‘us’. I’m sorry.

Stress? Stability? Recourses? Us? Love? What kind of note was that? You’ve never seen Jungkook so selfish in your lifetime. He LEFT you with all of the stresses of being a parent. He LEFT you with a baby when you were obviously not strong enough to do this on your own. He LOVED you, but couldn’t find the pity in his heart to stick with you throughout the hard times, through all of the upcoming years. He SAID that there couldn’t be an us anymore when that was what you’ve always been. He was SORRY but couldn’t stay and talk to you about the problem? He ran out on you. He ran away from responsibilities. He ran out on Jae-Eun, who needs and will need a father, at some point in his life.

Each word on that letter felt like another stab to the heart. You’ve never seen someone be so selfish, let alone the father of your baby. Jungkook was always so nice, so compassionate, so caring, warm, and so admirable but your opinion on him soon changed after he walked out on you. He was an asshole, immature, selfish, and an awful person, for doing what he did to you. But no matter what he did, you still loved him, and that’s what you hated most about the whole thing.

Normally a girl would eventually get over the guy that left and move on but you haven’t. You just needed to find someone to heal the wounds Jungkook left on your heart, someone who would make you forget all the bad that has happened to you, someone who would treat you the way you were supposed to be treated, someone who-

“Earth to y/n???“A familiar voice says while the person waves their hands in front of your face rapidly, trying to get you out of your trance. Your eyes widened as soon as you realized who it was that was standing right in front of you. 


“Sorry, I- how- why- wait, did you follow me?” You suddenly ask. Jimin pulled his lips into a smile, as his eyes formed into crescent moons.

“No, silly, I saw you kneeling down as I was leaving the parking lot,” He paused and then continued after he wiped off his forehead. “I just got done with a business meeting and decided to take a walk, which I am now happy I decided to take one instead of not because I get to see you.“ 

Yep. He never failed to make your heart jump out of your chest. He was just so good with words. 

He had on a blue shirt with a blue blazer and the sight of that, made you shiver. He was not only good with words but he looked good while saying them too.  

You slowly stand up and see that he was glowing. His skin was glowing, his eyes were glowing, his teeth you could now see since he was smiling, were glowing. Jimin was just so beautiful, he literally stuck out in a good way. His eyes glistened with the sunshine and his scent once again had you in a trance. There was something about the way Jimin smelled, it brought some sort of positivity and hospitality into your thoughts. He made you forget what you were thinking just minutes before and that was exactly what you needed.

“Uhm, y/n? Gawking much?” He chuckled and as soon as you realized your mouth was hanging wide open and you were staring at him, a sudden wave of embarrassment flooded you. 

“Ah, sorry, it’s just that-” Really, stuttering, cmon?  "You know what, nevermind.“ You shook your head and gave yourself a mental slap to the face. 

Jimin walked closer to you and stopped as he reached Jae-Eun’s stroller. He turned back to you and his lips formed a smile - no, don’t- there it is, you thought to yourself. His smile killed you. It was so perfect, the way his teeth aligned with his lips and the way his eyes smiled too, almost more than his actual one.

"Who do we have here?” Jimin says as he bends over and tickles Jae-Eun’s stomach, as Jimin received giggles from him in return. Jimin couldn’t stop smiling and that made your heart beat even faster.

He looked so good with kids. He was making Jae-Eun laugh and smile and he just got here. How could a guy be so perfect?

“That’s Jae-Eun.” You reply and look at Jimin while he was now playing peek-a-boo with him.

“Peek-a-boo!” He said in a high-pitched voice and repeated the movements needed to actually play and entertain the kid.

You heart sung, as you saw how good Jimin was with kids.  Mostly guys were good, anyways, but he was just, better. Jimin was always better, now that you think of it.

He eventually stopped and reached his hands back down into the stroller, unbuckling Jae-Eun. “May I hold him?” He asked. 

You nodded and that gave him the green light. He slowly picked up Jae-Eun underneath his armpits and placed a hand under his butt before resting him on his shoulder. Normally Jae-Eun cried when you picked him up but for some reason, he wasn’t with Jimin.  He seemed to really be comfortable with him because soon enough, there he was resting the side of his cheek on Jimin’s shoulder, with his hands wrapped around Jimin’s neck, as he slowly swayed side to side, sending Jae-Eun off to sleep. 

“Wow, he really likes you, a lot, Jimin.” You tilt your head to the side and can’t help but smile. Jimin was being so sweet to him and that made you very happy on the inside to know that he was like this. He wasn’t some guy who hated kids or got annoyed quickly.

“I mean, I AM Park Jimin, nobody can resist me.” You flick the side of his head and his mouth drops open, mouthing the word, “ouch." 

"What……. You deserved it.” You reply sarcastically and flick him again in the same spot but before you move your hand away, he reaches out and grasps onto your wrist tightly.

“You know what else I deserve?” You look at him and tilt your head to the side, raising an eyebrow. “A date with you." 

"I already agreed to one." 

"Then, how about I take you out tomorrow night?” He asks while letting go of your wrist. 

“Jimin, I would love to but I would need a babysitter and I can’t afford that right no-” He cuts you off and immediately starts talking. 

“I can pay for the babysitter.” Was he rich or something? He always gave you more money than you needed and now was offering to pay for a babysitter just to take you out? Damn.

“No, Jimin it’s okay, really, you don’t have to, " 

"I know I don’t have to but I want to” And there it was, the smile has returned.


tonsils are a vestigial organ meant for preventing disease from entering the body, and we never noticed how sick we made each other in the winter; our pillows covered in germs that meant really well, and for a week my throat is covered in scabs i have to learn how to swallow. For a week, I throw up all of the painkillers; I send pictures to my friends of all the progress. Sometimes, the body wants you to feel everything and then show it off.

but maybe i’ve been thinking of the wrong organ. maybe love is a vestigial organ, something we should have grown out of a long time ago, something we all have anyway. something that makes us gasp for air in the middle of the night, something that always hurts us on the way out.

cannot stop watching this.

Damaragrub has been around for a few weeks now, and it seems like she’s fitting right in! She finds all of her friends have gathered on the bed, so she wiggles up to join them.

Damaragrub squeaks excitedly to greet everyone! They reply in kind.

Soon enough a grubpile forms, as is wont to happen when many wigglers are around. Curling up with your friends is always good!

Damara is happy to offer her blankie to the pile, to help everyone be a bit warmer and more comfortable. Yes, it seems like by now she’s been fully accepted into the group!

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When you miss someone so much that it hurts,
That’s how you know you’re in love.

You’re in love, and you’re in pain
And you’re afraid he doesn’t love you like he did before
Because he never says he misses you back
And he doesn’t pick up the phone when you call anymore
(You’re terrified and you have no idea if you have any reason to be.)

Love will make you paranoid
And you’ll never stop worrying
About whether he wants you now
And if he’ll still want you in a month
(Or if he’s been fucking that girl he met two weeks ago.)

You’ll wonder endlessly if he still cares about you
If he still remembers all the beautiful things he said to you
And if he still means what he said
Or if he ever meant it at all
(Or maybe he was just saying those things to get you into his bed.)

And love will hurt, and it’ll never stop hurting
Because you’ll always feel an ache
That sense of ending
That someday it won’t be like this anymore
Because he won’t be happy with you
Or someone will leave and won’t come back
And then what would happen?
How would you go about your day without his unopened messages on your phone
And his smell still in your hair
And the feeling of his lips on yours in the front of your mind?
(Or, how would you go about your day with exactly all of those things bouncing off the walls of your brain
And not break down when you remember that it’s all over?)

And all of this will make you realize that
You’ll always miss him too much
And you’ll always love him too long
And there’s nothing you can do about it.

—  Love is fear and paranoia and helplessness
Don’t Touch What’s Not Yours | E.D + G.D.

Requested By: Anon

Author’s Note: This is based off of a preference that someone requested a couple weeks ago, and I thought that it would make a good imagine. Someone requested it, so here it is! I just made them all best friends again, so both twins are in it, and have equal relationships with Y/N.


It was Friday in L.A., which meant party night. Honestly, you were kinda lethargic tonight, and wouldn’t mind staying home in bed, but the twins had convinced you to go. You guys were all going to this big party, at some Youtuber’s house. You couldn’t really care less. As previously stated, you’d much rather just stay at home. But if anybody could persuade you to do something, it was the twins. You guy had known each other since forever, and they knew you better than anyone. Just then the doorbell rang, and you walked to get it, while doing your make-up. It was the twins, and you guys greeted each other with the regular hugs, before they proceeded to complain for the next 10 minutes about how it took you so long to get ready.


The party was okay. The music was loud, the beer was strong, and there were a ton of people. The twins had been with you all night, for some reason even more overprotective than usual. Neither of them had really had much to drink; they’d brought their own powerade. In their own words, they just “didn’t mess with that alcohol shit.” You’d drank something earlier, handed to you by a random person, but it had only gotten you a little buzzed, and they hadn’t let you drink since then. You decided, however, that you need to loosen up, so you motioned to the twins who stood across the kitchen, and headed to the dance floor.


Something was wrong. The room was spinning. Somebody was touching you. It wasn’t Ethan. It wasn’t Grayson. You honestly had no clue what was going on. There was loud music and your head hurt and you didn’t know who was touching you and everything was too much and they wouldn’t stop FUCKING TOUCHING YOU and you were crying and screaming something was most definitely wrong.


You woke seconds later to Grayson only inches in front of you. You were on the ground, and he was crouched down next to you, his whole face contorted with worry. Ethan was above him, yelling at somebody. The music was quieter. Your face was wet. Grayson was staring at you, at everything, at your body, he wouldn’t stop staring, and then you realized what he was doing. He was checking for damage. You laughed aloud at that, before slapping a hand over your mouth. “Gray,” You asked, with quivering lips. “What happened?”

He looked at you. “Shh, look at me. It’s ok. You’re gonna be ok.” Above him, Ethan was still yelling at the guy. Ethan was bigger, and scarier, but every time he looked back at you, you saw nothing but love in his eyes. “What the fuck man? She told you to stop! Don’t fucking touch what’s not yours to touch!” He was screaming. Grayson stood up then, and swung you into his arms before carrying you outside. You were at the car and he was crying and you were crying and you were hopelessly confused, and then he looked back at you and you were ok. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m so fucking sorry. I promise, I’ll never let you out of my sight again. You’re safe, okay? You’re safe.” He pulled you back into his arms until Ethan came out, face still contorted with rage. Grayson told Ethan that he wasn’t allowed to drive, so Gray drove, and Ethan held you the entire way home. The drive was filled with ‘I’m sorry’s’ and ‘Are you okay’s’ and ‘That’ll never happen again’s.’ You were exhausted, and the last things you remembered were curling into Ethan as he carried you into the apartment, and a hazy pair of lips on your forehead many hours later, with a whispered ‘We love you.’


I came across these two weeks ago and I think it’s the best day to post them haha 

Happy Birthday TaeTae  ♥

Being gay and Mexican was not easy.  Thankfully, I am now only one of those things.  Don’t get me wrong—I was so proud of my culture, but it’s kind of fun to settle into my new role. 

You see, just a few weeks ago I was taking my chance to cross the border to America to seize the American dream.  Unfortunately, this punk was doing his idea of vigilante justice.  He was in his pick up truck tailing me and trying to drive me back the way I came, but I tripped and he ran me over–unintentionally ending me and making things go black…

Until I woke up, gasping as I madly grabbed at a steering wheel, desperately steadying the vehicle until I slowed to a stop on the side of the ride. 

I meant to ask “Que?” but instead my lips produced a Southern “What?”

“How in the hell is this possible?” I asked, marveling at how perfect Southern accented English flowed out of my mouth.  I looked down at my white hands before looking in the rear view mirror and seeing what used to be me. 

“Mother fucker…” I said, silently enraged as I squeezed the wheel and looked right into the furious eyes I now owned. 

My spirit must have been absorbed into this racist fuck, almost like some sort of cosmic joke on this sack of shit. 

It wasn’t all roses though because he was definitely still somewhere in here with me.  Even though I am in control, for every personality trait I brought to this body, he imbued me with one. 

Example, I used to feel this body’s urges to slide into a tight pussy, but now all I feel is a carryover from my old self–a desire to get pounded like the gay power bottom I always will be.  But…at first I wanted to use this chance to help so many members of my community have the chance I almost had in my previous life…but I started feeling corrupted by bizarre new thoughts…

“Why should I help them into my country?  They didn’t do it the right way?  Fuck that, this is America!  USA!  USA!”

I know it’s so wrong.  Especially since I still remember where I came from, but this second chance I thought was a miracle may have actually been a curse.  The only thing that makes me feel better is using this tight white hole to take all the closeted guys’ loads in town.  Even though I’m so weirdly patriotic for my host’s country, it makes me feel great turning this stud into such a whore for cock.  I guess it could be worse–Conservative Republican by day, raunchy cock slut by night. 

If being in this body means being an asshole, I might as well do my part to make America sexy again. 

Soriel AU Week!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while, huh? I meant to make this post a week ago, but better late than never!

I want to announce an idea I’ve been kicking around since Soriel Week took place: Soriel AU Week! Undertale fandom has the highest number of AUs I have ever seen in my long time of being a fan, and I’d like to celebrate all the different forms of Soriel that people have created in their AUs as well!

Right now, I’m thinking of holding it towards the end of December/beginning of January because I want to give people plenty of time to prepare, but I’m aware that a lot of people may be super busy with the holidays coming up, so I’m open for feedback on the time!

Also, I’d like to hear which AUs you guys would like to see included! Right now, the only ones that I can include for sure are Underfell and Underswap, since those are AUs that the creators have given permission for the community at large to use. Otherwise, I need to ask permission from the AU creators! There are a few I have in mind, but I want to hear from you guys too! This also includes general concept AUs too, so feel free to submit your ideas!

(And this should go without saying, but just in case: please do not suggest/ask/harass creators of AUs that are specifically for different ships or do not ship Soriel. This blog and week is meant to spread positivity, not to bother people who have different preferences in their fandom material.)

I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions, and keep an eye out for a post with more details soon! :D

Can we make a baby already ?  Phil Lester

A/N : Some weeks ago I was asked to write a Phil version of LMAB. I said yes but totally forgot about it. I’m really sorry about that. Thank you for the request. Here it finally is. GF/N stands for girlfriend’s name btw. masterlist

“Look, that baby is adorable !” I shouted with bliss and pointed towards a little baby girl in her stroller. My hand was intertwined with Phil’s, my boyfriend of ten years. Pardon, I meant to say husband. We got married this spring. I’m still not used to being able to say that. The sun was out, life was great. We were just strolling around the park next to our house. About a week ago I decided that I’m ready for kids. Since then I’ve been dropping hints but Phil was still totally oblivious. We have talked about wanting kids quite often already. Every time we would say ‘We’ll get married and after that we will get children.’ Well, we have been married for 4 months now.

“You are right, she is super duper cute” he agreed and we proceeded walking. At 3 pm we headed back to our house because Dan and his girlfriend were going to visit us in half an hour. I was in the kitchen,decorating the cake that I backed this morning as the doorbell rang, announcing that our guests had arrived. Phil, who knew that I was busy with putting whipped cream and strawberries onto the cake, went to open the door.

“Hi, Y/N” Dan and GF/N shouted as they opened the kitchen door to greet me. They were both smiling. We all got on really well. Phil and Dan were obviously very glad about that, because it meant that they could see each other quite often.

As Phil lead Dan straight to his Nerd Room to show him the cool new things he bought, GF/N stayed with me in the kitchen.

“The cake looks lovely” she complimented.

“You look lovely.” I stated with a huge grin on my face referring to her huge baby bump. She started to smile from ear to ear.

“Month five” she explained.

Although I was extremely happy for her and Dan I couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous and frustrated.

“How did you tell Dan that you want to try for a baby ?!” I asked, a deep groan leaving my lips.

“Well, that was actually quite nerve racking” she laughed before she continued. “First I questioned our whole existence as a couple and then I said something about him playing with Darcy and our future. And BAM he shouted ‘Let’s make a baby.”

We both started laughing and I poured some water into a kettle to make tea.

“I’ve been dropping hints for weeks ! He still hasn’t got the message.” I whined nearly angrily.

“Make them even more obvious, men can be really oblivious sometimes. If that doesn’t work just tell him.” she advised me and helped me carry some plates to the coffee table in the living room.            

Super obvious hints that was my mission for the day now. After we had some tea, Phil had coffee of course, and ate too many slices of my strawberry cake Dan and his girlfriend went back to their flat. We said our goodbyes and I collected all the dirty plates. Phil got up from the sofa to help me do the dishes. He pressed a light kiss onto my cheek as he stood next to me in front of the sink.

“I guess a had too much cake. I literally look like I’m pregnant” I joked, pointing to my stomach.

“There is no such thing as too much cake.” Phil laughed, shaking his head.

Fail number one.

We sat down on the couch next to each other after we were done and turned on the TV. The evening news were on so we both got our laptops out and started scrolling through the internet. “Remember the little girl in the stroller today ?” I asked him, while he read an article about gay penguins online. He nodded his beautiful head.

“Well, that was an multifunctional stroller. I want one of these high technology ones when we have kids.” I said and looked at him with big eyes.

“You can have everything you want, honey.” Phil said and kissed me softly. He was cute, no doubt, but that was not the freaking answer I wanted. 'How oblivious can somebody be ?’ I asked myself losing patience since that was fail number 2.

“Harry Potter is on, darling.” he informed me since my eyes were still glued to my computer screen. He knew me too well to not dare and change the channel. I smiled happily and cuddled into Phil’s side. He wrapped one arm around me and rested his head on top of mine. 

“I saw a Pikachu onesie for toddlers on Tumblr today.” I whispered tiredly half way through the movie, resting my hand on Phil’s tummy. “Wouldn’t it be cute if you and our child matched ?” I asked him running, my fingers trough his dark hair.

“There is so much amazing stuff out there to buy.” he mumbled, his eyes not leaving the screen. I let go of my husband, my cheeks flushing red with anger. I sat up straight and glared at him.

Fail number 3. Strike  

“Phil are you doing this on purpose ?” I shouted, making him jump. He literally looked like a lost puppy,confusion plastered onto his face.

“I don’t get it, honey. What did I do. I’m so sorry.” he waffled concerned.

“Baby, I have been dropping hints about wanting to make a baby all day. They were so obvious.” I whined, and threw my hands down onto a sofa cushion.

“Do you not want to have kids?” I asked him hurt. My heart was racing, scared of the possible answer.  

He threw his hands up in defence and readjusted his glasses.

“Of course I want kids. I guess I’m just really stupid and slow. I really love you.” he mumbled and felt sorry although he didn’t have to. I smile spread across my face and I felt a huge weight fall off my shoulders. I told him off for putting himself down.      

“Can we just fuck and make a baby already ?” It wasn’t really a question but a demand.

In one swift motion I climbed onto Phil’s lap. I forcefully grabbed his t-shirt and pulled him into a passionate and hungry kiss.

“Wait, you mean now ?!” he stuttered out of breath as our lips parted. He swallowed hard and I saw how his cheeks grew red. I eagerly nodded my head and attacked his neck with kisses.

A throaty moan left his lips and he buried his fingers in my hair.

“Here?” he gulped as I ran my hands under his shirt.

“Yes, let’s do it.” I seductively whispered, feeling a bulge grow in pants underneath me.

The Other Side of the Door

The Other Side of the Door, a phanfic by galaxyofphan on tumblr / meyouandthemoon on ao3

Rating: T

Warnings; Kissing? Overall this is very innocent.

Summary: Dan is expecting his girlfriend to be on the other side of the door when the bell rings. What happens when it’s someone else he kisses upon opening it? Will he and a certain stranger hit it off?

Read on AO3

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1:What would you name your future daughter?

2:Do you miss anyone?

3:What if I told you that you were pretty?

4:Ever been told “it’s not you, it’s me”?

5:What are you looking forward to in the next week?

6:Did you go out or stay in last night?

7:How late did you stay up last night?

8:Honestly, has anyone seen you in your underwear in the past 3 months?

9:What were you doing at 12:30 this afternoon?

10:Have you ever told somebody you loved them and not actually meant it?

11:Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?

12:Have you pretended to like someone?

13:Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette?

14:Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?

15:Is it hard for you to get over someone?

16:Think back five months ago, were you single?

17:Have you ever cried from being so mad?

18:Hold hands with anyone this week?

19:Did your last kiss take place in/on a bed?

20:Who did you last see in person?

21:What is the last thing you said out lot?

22:Have you kissed three or more people in one night?

23:Have you ever been to Paris?

24:Are you good at hiding your feelings?

25:Do you use chap stick?

26:Who did you last share a bed with?

27:Are you listening to music right now?

28:What is something you currently want right now?

29:Were your last three kisses from the same person?

30:How is your heart lately?

31:Do you wear the hood on your hoodie?

32:When was the last time a member of the opposite sex hugged you?

33:What do people call you?

34:Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but didn’t?

35:Are there any stressful situations in your life?

36:What are you listening to right now?

37:What is wrong with you right now?

38:Love really is a beautiful thing huh?

39:Do you make wishes at 11:11?

40:What is on your wrists right now?

41:Are you single/taken/heartbroken/confused/waiting for the unexpected?

42:Where did you get the shirt/sweatshirt you’re wearing?

43:Have you ever regretted kissing someone?

44:Have you hugged someone within the last week?

45:Have you kissed anyone in the last five days?

46:What were you doing at midnight last night?

47:Do you miss the way things were six months ago?

48:Would you rather sleep with someone else or alone?

49:Have you ever been to New York?

50:Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it?


Pairing: Fred x Reader

Request: Hey! I love your work and read literally everything on here! // could you write an imagine where the reader is having a bad day and is crying and Fred comforts her and they cuddle together or something like that? Please💕thank yooou💕

A/N: lol I wrote this about two weeks ago and forgot all about it, sorry! I wrote a bonus canon at the end to make up for it though I know you requested about the reader having a bad day, but I’m currently dying from a horrendous cold, so this seems like a fitting Imagine to write, enjoy friends

Squicks: none


You were lying in bed, the sunlight shining into your dormitory through the curtains.

It was Thursday morning, meaning that you were meant to start the day off with Transfiguration, which was in approximately 10 minutes.

An you were still in bed.

The whole front of your skull was pounding, your throat was ripped and sore and every time you breathed the pain intensified. Your chest was heavy, your nose was blocked and you just felt like all round shit.

The girl’s dormitory was a round room with each bed up against the wall creating a circle. Your bed was positioned right next to the door, so Fred and George saw you through the opened door on their way down to Transfiguration,

“It’s not the weekend yet, Y/n,” Fred said leaning on the door frame,

“Yeah, get up lazy bones!” George joked.

“Uuuugghhh” was all you could manage, and even that sounded funny with your blocked nose.

“Yeesh, that doesn’t sound good,” they both say together.

Fred walks into the dormitory and pulls the doona down away from your face. He sees you lying in the fatal position, with red puffy eyes and a matching red nose, surrounded by at least 30 scrunched up tissues lying all around you. You tighten yourself to keep warm, and Fred pulls the doona back over you.

“You’re not well,” he says with a concerned voice,

“No shit, Fred” you reply, muffled from the doona around your face and from your blocked nose, causing both the twins to chuckle,

“Y/n, you need to go to the hospital wing,” Fred says to you, crouching down so he’s at eye level with you. You shake your head, causing your headache to intensify. You wince at the pain and make a small little noise, Fred and George both noticing,

“You go look after her and I’ll tell McGonagall where you are, ‘kay?” George said as he began to leave,

“Yeah alright, I’ll see you in a bit,” Fred replies to his brother as the door shuts behind him.

While Fred waits for you to finish your fits of sneezing (you were up to 6 in a row now), he rested his head in his hand, looking at you in pitty.

“Fred, I don’d wand do go do ‘da hodpidal wing,” you say, blowing your nose,

“Y/n, you have to, look at you,” he says seriously, looking you in the eye,

“I can’d even geddup led alone go all ‘da way over ‘dere,” you say sadly.

“Well in that case…” Fred says, as he puts one arm under your knees and one under your back and lifts you out of bed bridal style.

“No, Fred, you’ll ged sick, doo!” you protest, wriggling around in his arms,

“Too bad, you’re going to the hospital wing, now” he says, walking out of the dormitory and down the staircase, your doona still wrapped around you to keep you safe and warm.


“Ah, Mr. Weasley,” Madam Pomfrey says as Fred walks in the door with you in his arms, having another sneezing fit, “for once it looks like it isn’t you needing a bed, what’s the matter with her?”

“Y/n’s got a ruddy bad cold,” Fred informs her.

“Ah, that seems apparent,” she says as you continue to sneeze, sniffle and groan. “Pop her on the bed closest to the heater,”

Fred nods as he carries you over to the bed, placing you down gently.

As Madam Pomfrey leaves to get you something for your throat, Fred lies on to of the bed next to you, sliding an arm behind your head to snuggle closer,

“Fred, you’ve godda ged ‘do class!” you try to protest, but Fred just laughs and shakes his head,

“Nah, I reckon looking after my sick girlfriend takes a bit more priority than one class,” he says looking down at you with a smile, kissing the tip of your red nose, causing you to smile too, before you went into another fit of sneezes. Fred sighs, sad that he has to see you so sick, but also smiling at how cute you were, wrapped up in now three blankets, your face scrunching up with each sneeze,

“I love you, Y/n,” he says with a smile, looking at you dreamily.

You look back up at him, your eyes wide and a small look of confusion. Fred had never told you he loved you before, and you found it strange that he was saying it now, when you looked all gross and snotty. But nonetheless you gave him a big smile and held his hand, “I love you ‘doo, Freddie!” you both giggle, and he cuddles you tighter.


Bonus cannon that didn’t deserve its own post 

Sneeze Fit

The scale of my sneezes is either two sneezes, or 4097410 of them, there is no in-between, and I feel like Fred/George in between sneezes would just be like:

  • Bless you
  • Bless you
  • Jesus, bless you
  • Ble-
  • B-
  • Okay that’s eno-
  • Y/n
  • Stop
  • Bless y-
  • How the hell can one person sneeze so mu-
  • STOP
  • Y/N


  • Bless you.

Rucas Week - Day 5:  Rucas in Paris or Rucas stay up all night talking

“Years ago, he’d made her a promise and now here they were. Paris, France. Together.  Not that Riley knew back then what Lucas meant or how certain he really was of their future and not that it mattered at all now, several years later, when after spending half of their lives knowing each other, making memories and learning to love together they were married at last. Lucas and Riley both knew it was a no brainer: Paris was the perfect place for the honeymoon. For days on end they explored the city hand in hand, from the biggest monuments to the smallest cafés, having picnics on the beautiful gardens or going to the fanciest restaurants, utterly stunned by the wonders of the City of Love. 

On their last night on France, Riley asked Lucas if they could go visit the Louvre Pyramid one last time before going back to the hotel. There was something magical about that place, especially at night, though Riley didn’t know how to put it into words exactly. She just had this great feeling, welcoming and somewhat humbling, when she went there, it was like the place had a soul and she’d found a long lost connection with it. Also, this was her last chance to visit, for they were flying back home the next morning. Lucas agreed to it, of course, and so after finishing their meal, they left the restaurant they were at, talking about everything and nothing on the way to their last stop. Once having arrived, they sat down, staring at the massive work of art in silence as the minutes flew by. Riley rested her back against Lucas’s chest, her head perfectly fit on his shoulder, his arms wrapping around her on a warm embrace. She quickly found her eyes locked on the tangle of lights, glass and metal, even the athmosphere around it was special. It was truly breathtaking.  

“You know… From all the beauitful things we’ve seen on this trip, I think this is my favorite view.” She said smiling, her voice ever so peaceful.

I couldn’t agree more”. Lucas whispered against her ear, completely oblivious to whatever marvel of architecture stood before him. His eyes never left the girl he held in his arms.”

Imagine your first time at the clubhouse and you have a love at first sight moment with Chibs.

No warnings just a cute story. I plan on doing two parts on this one. 

Written by: Terry.

Chapter one: When I needed you the most.

“Liv do I have to go? I’m not like you, I won’t feel comfortable” you looked at your best friend Liv, she was gorgeous, skinny with a good set of tits, nice bump, long wavy locks which looked as if they were gold when she would be in the sun, the most gorgeous green eyes, pouted lips and confidence for hundreds of people. The only thing that you could say about her was the amount of make-up she though she needed, which she obviously didn’t. “Oh I know you’re not, that’s why the rest of the guys will freaking love you” she had a smirk on your face but you had no idea what she meant by that.

A couple weeks ago Liv had gone to a bar and met this guy named Tig over there. He is supposed to be a blue eyed, curly black haired god if you had to believe your friend. He sat next to her at the bar, after a bit of flirting around they started talking and he told her he was in a MC, The Sons Of Anarchy. He had told her just a bit to much as they had a bit to much to drink. Tig and Liv had ended up sleeping with each other that night and even since they practically are together every single night. You had heard all the stories about his kinks and tricks and you jumped to the conclusion that he must be out of his god damn mind. All of the guys for that matter, if you should believe the stories she had told you about the gun deals and gang stuff that went down. All the more reason to be a bit more nervous for today.

“We’re here babe, c'mon I’ll introduce you to everybody It’ll be alright” you nodded and opened the car door crawling out of the stupid low sports car your friend had bought.

You walked at her side towards the clubhouse, the minute you walked in it smelled like perfume, liquor and smoke. Surprisingly you didn’t mind it. You walked behind Liv through the hallway as she suddenly get’s picked up and swirled around a loud giggle leaving her mouth. You assumed this had to be Tig. He put her down and kissed her passionately, because you were still standing in the hallway you didn’t had anywhere to go or look as they almost chocked on each other. Tig released her “Hey Baby” he smirked, she giggled again and you were starting to lose your patients so you cleared your throat, Liv looked up at you. “Oh shit, yeah, Tig this is y/n! The girl I’ve told you so much about” Tig now looked at you. Scanning you from your tip to toe. “Nice to meet you darling” he held out his hand, you shook it and gave him a quick smile. He actually was very handsome. “Come I’ll introduce you to everybody y/n”

“Here we have Jax, that is Ope, over there on the couch is Bobby, Juice is the one with the weird hair.. Oh Juice don’t give me that look you know I’m joking. That is Happy, next to him is Clay” Liv had walked around the club house with you pointing everybody out “Guys this y/n, my best friend” you smiled at them all, they greeted you back. Some smiling some just saying hey only one got up to you, Jax you think “You’re very pretty darling” you rolled your eyes a bit and he had laughed as he introduced himself a bit more proper than Liv had done. They all seemed friendly except for maybe that Happy guy. You giggled to yourself a bit at how ironic his name was. Liv quickly snapped you out of your thoughts “y/n do you want something to drink?” “uh.. Yes I’ll just have a beer” “great why don’t you go sit with Hap and Tig as I grab one for ya” you nodded and sat down at the table with the two guys. Happy didn’t say much but Tig was asking you all kinds of questions. You just kindly replied to them praying your friend would be back soon.

A hour had already passed and Tig had his focus back on your friend, Happy had left the table a while ago and left you alone with mister and misses. It was like you were invisible, they were touching each other, talking somewhat dirty to each other and your were getting really bored. You looked around the clubhouse to find something to do but the pool table was already occupied and some girl dressed in nearly nothing was all over Juice at the bar. You needed some fresh air you thought. “Hey Liv, i’m gonna go outside for a bit, have a smoke, alright?” She only nodded as she was to busy with her man.

On your way outside you lit a cigarette, thinking what the hell you were doing here being bored as fuck. You sat down at a pick nick table, looking straight towards the Teller-Morrow automotive repair garage. There were a couple of guys working on cars you’ve always like garages, and your old man had though you how to fix cars and bikes. You decided to make your way up there and start a convo maybe with one of the guys. You were so bored you didn’t really care anymore. As you got closed you could see the guys a little better and your eyes locked with one of the guys standing next to a bike and your breath got taken away. You stood there staring at him. He was gorgeous, a bit older that you sure but hot damn was this man perfect. His hair was combed back, it was greying a bit only making him more sexy, his beard matched his hair color and he had scars running up his cheek, you wondered how he had got them.


Chibs was working on Bobby’s bike trying to figure out what was wrong with it now. He had searched over the entire bike twice and couldn’t find a single thing. He was getting frustrated and decided to take a break. Standing up straight wiping the sweat of his forehead, grabbing a beer from the mini fridge which never really cooled the beer “Pff, Can’t anything work in this shiethole of a place” he kicked the fridge as it suddenly turned back on. “Marvelous” Suddenly the sound of heels came toward the garage, if it was Gemma he could complain about the mini fridge. He turned around and his eyes met yours. He’d never seen anybody so beautiful he was dumbstruck, dropping his beer his mouth opened a bit at the sight of you. The way you held your cigarette to the way you stood there. He tried to smile at you but didn’t dare to move, afraid of breaking this weird moment the two of you had. You suddenly smiled at him, and he felt his tummy fill with butterflies. “Jesus Christ Chibs, focus on the bike will yer?” He said to him self as he turned towards the bike again, hoping you would make you way towards the garage.


Oh shit, maybe the smile was to much you thought. Holy fuck it probably was, your thoughts where all over the place as the mystery man had turned towards the bike again. You started walking back to the clubhouse, but suddenly you felt a hand on your lower back. “I see you had a little moment with our Chibs over there” you recognized the voice, it was Jax. You just blushed at him not daring to say something. “Well.. Come on, I’ll introduce you darlin’”
“CHIBBY! Come over here I want you to meet someone!” He looked down to you with a smirk as you turned completely red at the sight of the guy walking towards you.

“Chibs this is y/n, Liv’s friend, y/n this is Chibs” he stood in front of you, up close he was even more beautiful. You stared at each other for a bit. “Please call me Filip, y/n”