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As a general rule, if a KKK Grand Wizard is happy about an elected politician shouldn’t everyone normal be, um, well, unhappy?

And screw you, David, for having the nerve to call yourself a “wizard” in the first place.

Never once saw your ass at Hogwarts.   

Random Questions! (May be weird)

1. Bite or lick ice cream?
2.Last lie you told?
3.Pet peeve?
4.Bad habit?
5. Favorite fruit?
6. One word that describes you?
7. Spirit animal?
8. Role model?
7. Anti role model?
8. If you could teleport anywhere where would you go?
9. What languages can you speak?
10. Do you Enjoy talking or listening?
11. Hi
12. Did you think 11 was random?

K love you baiiiii

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Rant about having a foreign name xD

So the other day I had to give my name to the school porter

“What’s your first name?”
“No, Lucía, without the ú”
*looks at me like i’m crazy*

This literally happens every time because my family is from Argentina, and spanish and portuguese are quite similar but yet still very different at the same time. In Portugal my name is said as Lúcia while in spanish it’s Lucía (like loo-see-a) however i say my name the spanish way as that is how my parents named me.

Not even gonna get started about my last names because people look at me like wtf and always mess them up even though they’re quite simple (however when it comes to famous argentinian football players they have no problems pronouncing it even though it’s the same last name (which i will not say for privacy reasons yeah okay))

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Can u recommend some blogs??

@ me jk lol

im just gonna rec my friends and cool mutuals

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Really!? Wanna be room mates? Lol jk. I think I'm better at cleaning other people's houses than I am my own... My messes contain of art media anyway. I draw and for some reasons I have my art things everywhere it's funny to see.I do clean up tho XD

A person is always more comfortable and productive in a clean environment.


If I Were in a Wizard Duel…

Drarry pick up lines
  • Harry: Hey, Draco.. Is that a cellphone on your backpocket? Cus that ass is calling me
  • Draco: Harry wtf is even a cellphone
  • -
  • Draco: You know why I am like a squirrel?
  • Harry: Because you are kinda annoying and you steal people's food?
  • Draco: No.. Dammit Harry! Because i want to bury my nuts in you! Fuck you, you always have to ruin my pickup lines!
  • -
  • *in Astronomy class*
  • Harry: Hey Draco, there are 8 planets, but only 7 after I destroy Uranus