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So I want to start writing a book but i'm not confident enough in my writing skills to actually do it and start one. Should I go ahead and start writing it anyways or should I wait till I can improve my writing skills? Your writing is incredible and so much better than mine I wanted your opinion on this.

(I got this ask a few days ago, but I’ve been waiting until I’ve had proper time to asnwer. Sorry for the delay.)

I’m just gonna start and say writing is hard. And more importantly, writing a book is really freaking hard.

And that is especially true if you’re trapped in the self-doubt phase. (I sure as hell have been there.) You spend like 30 minutes banging out a paragraph of writing, because you need everything to sound right/you can’t make this one sentence work/you don’t have the character’s voice right. Then you realize it would be utterly exhausting to aim for an 80,000+ word novel and you give up.

If this sounds familiar, and you’re new/just dabbling/haven’t completed any major writing projects, my advice is this: start small, start simple, start familiar.

  • Familiar. FANFICTION IS A GOD-SEND. That’s not to say you should stop writing fanfiction when you’re a Big Mature Experienced Writer. Fanfiction just gives you a lot for free if you’re getting overwhelmed by all the pieces that go into writing. Characters? Check. Setting? Check. Available plot devices? Check. It’s great for nailing character voice and consistency, since those are already established. It’s great for practicing description (pull up a screenshot and take a swing at describing the house or living room or whatever). It’s great for learning how to put a plot together when you already have elements to work with. You can teach yourself VOICE and PACING and DIALOGUE and PLOT PROGRESSION and SPEED ALMIGHTY SPEED, all within the realm of something you already understand. Throwing yourself headlong at a novel is hefty. There are a million things you need to keep juggling. Let fanfiction take some of the strain off if you’re still getting used to a lot of it.
  • Small. Writing gets exponentially harder as the length of a piece increases. It gets exponentially harder as you pile on scenes. Suddenly you have to plan way in advance, have to stay extremely conscious of the decisions you make in early chapters because they have huge butterfly effects down the line. If you’ve already got an idea for the novel you want to write, practice with a bunch of “one-shot” scenes with your characters. Find some meaningful focus, and write a 2,000-3,000ish word piece. Get to know your plot and characters in tiny, localized pieces before trying to make something huge. Or try with a bunch of small fanfiction pieces. This is especially motivational if you feel you’ve hit writer’s block. Tell yourself “this is gonna be a 500 word drabble”. Even at your blockiest, hopefully you believe you could pump out 500 words of something (and hopefully longer if you find your streak along the way)
  • Simple. If you’re still trying to do something long and original, an easily-mapped plot line will help you heaps. The first thing I wrote was an 80,000 word Danny Phantom fanfic (which was not easy to do) but I was helped by the fact that the plot was simple. It was a Danny-is-captured-and-experimented-on-by-his-parents fic. So I wrote a story with 80,000 words of post trauma angsting. There were some tricky things to figure out, but for the most part the very nature of the storyline told me what to do: put Danny through his typical life after that, and explore how this experience has messed him up as a result. Plenty of 80,000 word stories have dozens of characters, dozens of settings, intense world building, elaborate backstories, etc. etc. I was careful to do something easily contained and easily explored.

There’s no reason to not try to write that book if you want to. But if you start and find yourself totally overwhelmed, there’s absolutely no shame in putting that on the backburner and focusing on your writing. Because there is so much to writing. It’s not about putting words together in a way that sounds pretty. It’s about understanding voices and people and consequences and reactions and keeping track of the tiniest details. It’s about exploring 100 different ways a scene could go down and knowing how to get the best impact out of it. There’s no firm line in writing of “can write a book” and “cannot write a book.” It’s 14 different spectrums of talent that all IMPROVE THE MORE YOU WRITE. SERIOUSLY.

So practice. Practice practice practice. Ask for advice if you need it. If you follow a writer and you really love how they do “Thing A”, ask them how they do “Thing A.” I love yammering on about my thought process in stuff, because I feel a lot of it gets lost in the final product. Or if not, study how they do “Thing A” really closely. Try writing a piece in “their style” and dissect what you like about it. Write casually. Write disjointed random scenes. Write tragedy for no reason. So much of writing is learning how to get yourself in that headspace that lets you crank out 3,000 words in one sitting like it’s nothing.

You can get so far with all of that.

Fitzsimmons in 3x07 analysis [3/3]

(part 1) (part 2)

6. The Sunrise scene

Ahhh the sunrise scene where we all saw the light slowly getting stronger :)

First, Jemma smiles brightly when she hears him. Jemma smiles brightly whenever Fitz is near in this episode. 

Second,  Fitz knows how important sunrise is for Jemma. He heard her recording, the one where she complained that there was no sun. How comes he’s up so early? (unless he was up all night working on her phone).

Jemma also smiles and steals a glance at him after Fitz finishes her sentence. Because finishing sentences is Fitzsimmonsing 101 and it makes her happy that they are more and more in sync.

The first thing Fitz says is “I can’t make any promises”. Which ties with the last episode, which how he doesn’t want to disappoint her or give her false hope. But it’s still “business first” for him. He is more cautious with her, not sure were he stands in her post planet world, even though he knows now where he was standing in her pre-planet world.

Look at Simmons reaction when Fitz tells her that he saw the video. She takes a deep breath, looks at him anxiously, waiting for his reaction. Because she gave him her phone not only for him to see two moons. She know what video was there. She knows what she said. And now he knows.

I’ve already written a meta about the significance of the cottage (here) so I won’t repeat ;) But how they both smile when talking about this dream!

The deep breath Fitz got after this was saying much about his confusion. Part of him is delighted but the other one is doubtful. At the same time, Jemma takes a tiny little step closer to him (literally). Fitz is always is giving Jemma a way out and that’s exactly what he does next. Always doubting the deeper meaning that may be in her words. Always letting her know that it’s her choice and it’s okay to say “no”and he understands and she doesn’t owe him anything. But while Fitz is giving her a way out, Jemma is clearly anxious, waiting for his reaction, because it’s his turn to make a move.

And for the first time ever Jemma doesn’t let him back down, she rush to deny it and shoot all the exits. She knows exactly what she said and she mean it.

Both this scene and the recording were not long, but we got some pretty strong facts there. Each of them reinforced immediately. Jemma was talking about the date and then about her dream house, but so as nobody would think that it’s just a dream about the house, she adds “a place where you and me could…”. Then again we have the whole Scotland thing (x) and then, so as nobody would think that Jemma was only thinking about a cottage as a place for two day weekend/short holiday, we get Fitz saying “I didn’t know you wanted to settle down”. She doesn’t deny it, doesn’t deny that it was a lifelong future plan, not just a weekend. Look at Jemma’s little smile when he’s saying this sentence. Then Fitz tries to downplay her confession, give her a way out, say “you were tired, didn’t know what you were saying” (she did say she has troubles focusing) and she denies it immediately. Really it feels almost like the writers wrote this with “let’s crush every theory the nonshippers could come up with to make it anything less than it is”.

Here’s where it gets tricky. Fitz doesn’t look happy, not really. Jemma waits for his reactions but he doesn’t do anything. He’s just looking at her with this not so pleased look, the one full of emotion but not he doesn’t make a move. He looks almost like he’s about to cry.

“What do you think we should do about it?”

Again, Jemma is the one to push forward, to fight for their relationship, to not give up Which is a huge progress. But Fitz’s face is full of pain, he sighs, and shakes his head. This is not a time for rushing forward.

I think Jemma was not expecting Fitz’s answer, him telling her to wait, no rush. I think part of her was scared of his answer (rejection) and another part was impatient to hear him said what they could do, push things forward. There’s this one second of disappointment on her face, but then she smiles, agreeing to take things slow and careful to make it right and not destroy anything. 

Now Jemma is sure about her feelings and Fitz knows them too, but both have no idea what to do about them. For the first time they are honest.

Fitz is still upset. Her confession is a huge step, but there were also things halting them, Will is still out there and his relationship with Jemma is unsolved. While the shipper in me would want them to just finally go for it and start kissing, the more rational part of me must admit that this is a wise choice. The situation Fitzsimmons are in is not solved. There are problems, there are questions. There’s Will to be saved. This is not a moment to start a relationship because that would be a very very rocky start. It would be hard even without all this mess, to switch after all this years to make it work, to figure it all out, but with this unresolved complications? That’s not a solid foundation. Sure, it would be great for a few minutes but the whole situation, Jemma’s PTSD (or lack of it…), working on the portal, solving planet’s mystery, saving Will and figuring out what to do with him, that would put a lot of pressure on their relationship, mix into everything. And this one confession is not enough, not yet.

It’s still not time to just jump into conclusions. There’s still Will. Things are still complicated. But at least they both know their feelings now. They communicate better and they both fight for their relationship. Now they are not afraid to talk, Fitz asks and says what he thinks, Jemma doesn’t try to deflect and stay silent, she tries her hardest to show him at every step.

So I’m glad they decided to wait and take it slow. First prepare and clean the ground before starting building. Because that’s the best way if they want things to last. And they certainly want to, there’s a cottage in Scotland waiting for them after all.