..it;s an anaconda reference

For all of those confused about the Anaconda song, here's what I found

“Okay no, calm yourselves down, watch the music video then come back to me. First off, yes this song is about sex appeal, and yea its a very sexually explicit song, we can deduce early on anaconda is referring to a man’s penis. Second on is the overall repeating concept of her buns, her butt, her ass being her only memorable feature. But stop, wait a minute and actually listen to the lyrics.

She’s taking the sex appeal that she has, the way the world objectifies her, and using it as a superpower. All those images with her shaking her ass, its bait, its a distraction, and then listen to what’s she’s saying. She’s using it to overpower men, traditionally men who would be considered terrifying, drug dealers and mobsters and she’s using them. Watch that bit in the kitchen, she’s in a kitchen because a woman is supposed to be in a kitchen right, but look how staged it is, look at how she’s spraying cream all over herself, yes its a sexual display, its a common powerplay used in porn to degrade the woman. And she’s using it to tantalize, to tease, and then it cuts back to her eating a banana also a tease, and what does she do? She breaks the banana, she chops it up, throws it away. Makes a face like she knows its all an act, an act YOU fell for. 

Go then to that scene with drake, drake a powerful man and he’s helpless, he’s stuck in that chair unable to touch her while she teases him, uses him, and he’s not allowed to put a finger on her because SHE says so. 

This is some crazy shit dark feminist powerplay here. And the best part? ITS SO SUBTLE. Everyone’s mad about it and they don’t know why. Think carefully to how its constructed, how its meant to feed the media. Its supposed to be shallow. until you read into what is being said, not just the lyrics, bu the entire video. its a fucking power trip and hey you men who’s feeling angry, and confused, and want her to be put down. Think about why that is. Is it because you feel small? Is it because you feel like an object? Like something to be used? Congratulations. That’s EXACTLY what this video is supposed to do. And its glorious.”