oK I don’t cosplay since 1865 aC but with my wrist out of order I had to spend my time so I re-styled my Eijun’s wig and fooled around all evening 

I am sorry I am expressive like idk a potato 


Many of the experiences we have lived, the people we have met or the adventures we have had, sometimes derives from our affection to something. Maybe a story, maybe a character… And all of this is thanks to their respective creators. Those who with their imagination, gave us something to identify with it, something to love, something to learn, something to get excited…

I am very sad that the creator of all of this, has gone… But we have the luck to enjoy what she gave to the world. And I’m very grateful to have lived all of this, thanks to something she created.

Now the heaven has an artist. Thank you Cocoa Fujiwara.

(*Ririchiyo cosplays I‘ve made)

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