..hahah what a loser ;)

agenderneutralname  asked:

Mama! How would everyone in the 104 react if a cat walker up to them? Would they cuddle it? Is anyone scared of cats?

Mama! I forgot the vets! What would the vets do if a cat walked up to them?

Mikasa: let it come close and hold out her hand so it can see if it likes her
Reiner: Stop and look at it and talk to it
Bertholdt: try to pet it, but it would run away
Annie: Hold out her hand to let it smell her. The cat would start to call it’s friends
Eren: Yell “Oh a cat”, cat runs away
Jean: Kneels down to let the cat come closer, gets scratched ):
Marco: Can easily pet the cat, it marks him
Sasha: Get super excited about the cat and sit down so it can come closer
Connie: looks at it and walks on
Historia: Looks at the cat and purrs, suddenly surrounded by cats
Armin: Watches the cat and sees what it does, happy bean
Ymir: Hahah loser cat, sits down and plays with it
Levi: Walks on 
Hanji: Starts talking to the cat in a high pitched baby voice “oh who are youuu!”
Erwin: Stare at the cat, it’s so cute
Nanaba: low-key panic, stay cool Nanaba
Mike: Sniff the cat

professorofcaninelinguistics  asked:

I'm pretty sure you'll get Bagginshield, so how about Barduil.


  • Gives nose/forehead kisses - I’m thinking Bard, but sporadically, and if he wants to shut Thranduil up, a quick kiss on the nose will do the trick tbh
  • Gets jealous the most - HAHAH Thranduil, what a loser. He gets all puffy and prissy and hmphs a lot and Bard thinks it’s adorable
  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive - Bard, is there even a question. Thranduil crawls all over him in the car and thanks him and tells him he’s beautiful and Bard briefly considers letting him sleep by the side of the road, at least once
  • Takes care of on sick days - awww Bard, because Thranduil turns into such a pathetic lump when he’s sick, proclaiming he’s certainly about to die soon while Bard feeds him soup and reminds him it’s just a cold
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day - Bard. Thranduil is like a vampire, direct sunlight might hurt him in weird and unimaginable ways, and he hisses and sputters but Bard looks too good topless and he won’t let him go into the water alone for other people to ogle at him
  • Gives unprompted massages - I’d like to think Thranduil, coming up behind Bard and massaging his back after a hard day, or massaging his feet when they’re slouching in front of the tv in the evening
  • Drives/rides shotgun - it varies I think, but Bard is a much safer, calmer driver, and Thranduil always gets very indignant when he’s put in the passenger seat
  • Brings the other lunch at work - I think Thranduil insists they eat out as much as they can, but he still secretly loves it when Bard packs him a meal
  • Has the better parental relationship - HAH Bard, let’s face it. Thranduil tries, he really does. But yeah. Bard
  • Tries to start role-playing in bed - oh my god probably Thranduil. Bard is like ‘you want me to wear WHAT?’
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer - AWWW Bard. Thranduil can get epically drunk and still maintain his majesty, while Bard likes to shake what his mama gave him, and doesn’t care about embarrassing himself OR his boyfriend hiding an amused smirk
  • Still cries watching Titanic - LMAO probably Thranduil, and it’s about the most endearing thing Bard has ever accidentally discovered about him
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes - Thranduil, but they have to be classy and meaningful. Goldilocks and her prince don’t count.
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas - definitely Thranduil, and Bard is piiiiissed. There’s some insecurities, and arguments, and eventual making up, but yeah
  • Makes the other eat breakfast - certainly Bard. Thranduil doesn’t see the appeal of it until it’s served to him alongside a kiss on the cheek and a gentle reminder to treat himself better tbh
  • Remembers anniversaries - both of them, though Bard would never expect Thranduil to, and is pleasantly surprised every time
  • Brings up having kids - more like brings up taking a vacation away from kids. both of them, at different points in time.

I get the whole “haha people don’t shower hahah what losers” idea but like do people really think that people who don’t shower just do it cause they’re lazy or they want people to dislike them or something cause that literally doesn’t make any sense? a lot of the time it’s like depression that stops people from being able to manage a routine that includes that so jokes like that just rub me the wrong way but sure haha they smell bad I guess