dovahheim  asked:

thoughts on red mage and samurai as both dps?

I think it’s perfectly fine and cool over adding additional Tank+Healer with RDM. Primarily because there are still balancing issues among the healers that adding a 4th would only aggravate it (they need to solve the issue between NoctAST and SCH pronto and make WHM wanted again). On top of that, healing methods are becoming stale very quickly without the introduction of proper hybrid classes. The only other unique methods of healing I can think of is a melee-focused Hybrid healer with TP based recovery skills or classic FFT Chemist (which can’t be done because we already have Machinist and Alchemist as separate classes in this game).

And on the Tank side, people are saying it’ll help with tank queues, but that’s not the case. If they start these new jobs at 50 as hinted, you’re gonna get the career tanks who know what they’re doing just swapping off their mains to level something new (aka the same crowd) and you’ll also get the people who swap off from healer/dps to try tank for the first time. At 50. Which is a bad idea no matter how eager you are to learn. It’ll inflate the DPS queue skip population with “tanks who leveled tank but don’t want to actually tank”. And, like healer, unique tanking methods have come to a stale area with ‘evason/anticipation/parry’tank being the last option available for us to use. And unfortunately Monk, Ninja and now SAM are already DPS.

Now we can argue SAM could be a tank, but then that’d be two whole EXP packs in a row where the only DPS class added was ranged. As is stands currently, with the addition of SAM and RDM, we will now have 2 Heavy Melee DPS (SAM and DRG), 2 Light Melee DPS (MNK and NIN), 2 Physical Ranged DPS (BRD and MCH) and 2 Magical Ranged DPS (BLM and SMN), each with their own unique way of dealing damage.

I’m sure they’ll give us more options of classes in the future, but I can see why they settled with this option. It evens out the playing field. At least in my opinion.

– Mod Mhi

I don’t actually know why I decided to draw priest Aqul tbh but it’s nice practice before I tackled @shxmanisms‘ Euanthe.

They’ve been super kind to me since I made Aqul’s rp blog (and before) and I appreciate that a lot. Especially since they’re the reason I even knew there was some community for Warcraft on tumblr to begin with haha. So thanks! Hope this is alright aaay