Oliver Queen sits quietly in the booth staring out the window. He doesn’t expect to eat and feels it’s enough just to be invited along. He’s so often overlooked by his parents and when he does earn their attention he tends to regret it. He is chronically reminded of past bad behavior he’s outgrown or sought to make amends for. Oliver has been punished — some would say unduly so when compared to his crimes. […] He just ambles along, constantly trying to do better, stumbling sometimes. At times even throwing himself on the ground to catch someone else’s fall, for which he’ll blame himself. No Oliver doesn’t make a scene about the things in life that aren’t fair to him — of which he has seen more than his fair share. He just sits in the booth nibbling on the dried scrambled eggs and burnt toast his parents give him to “feast” on. He takes slow, unsure bites because even though he’s allowed to live, err, eat, he never knows how long the goodwill will last. Soon he’ll be given another empty plate. Oliver is flawed but he is redeemable. He is already redeemed in many ways. [x]

scratchdoc  asked:

I have a question to followup your latest post. Would the situation change at all if there were original characters, in an original setting, writing a fanfic about a copyrighted work?

With the important reminder that, I’m not a copyright attorney, or any kind of lawyer, for that matter. I’m not saying this as some kind of waver, it’s important to remember, when it comes to the law, my opinions are basically one step above amateur. I took some pre-law classes in college, but opted out of “high school with alcohol poisoning.”

As with all copyright law, this kind of a thing is incredibly contextual, and I’m going to err on the side of caution with this.

If it’s just that you have a character who’s writing a fan fiction of something, then it should be fine.

If you’re intending to also write large excerpts of the fan fiction, include them in the story, and you’re writing professionally, then it’s a little dicier.

The status quo for fan fiction has been, it’s okay to write it, but you can’t sell it. This is entirely based on the whims of the rights holders, and a few are really touchy about fan fiction.

If you’re writing professionally, and this is a story you want to sell, my advice would be to create your own material for them to write a fanfic of. This means you need to do three things. Write the frame story, write the subject matter for the fanfic, and write the fanfic itself. Ironically, this isn’t legal advice, it’s strictly from a writing perspective.

When you’re writing a framed narrative, your themes and concepts need to move fluidly between the frame and the story inside. When you’re writing a fanfic based on a real property, you’re already partially confined by the themes intrinsic to that material. When you’re writing all three, you have full control over the thematic content.

While it might seem easier to write a fanfic for a show you love, it will actually be easier on you to create all three stories from scratch on the spot.


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Why do you believe in God?

I’ve sat here trying to come up with the answer of elegance, but elegance can’t best simplicity. So simply put, I believe in God because He makes sense to me. Not just that He makes sense, even, but more often than not He is the ONLY thing that makes sense to me. Amidst this precarious and unstable life, God is the only thing that will never change.

This isn’t a blind faith, God makes himself known in the most extraordinary ways. Whether it be how His Word was written (by over 40 authors of all different standings, in multiple languages, from multiple countries, from multiple continents, over a span of over 1500 years and yet is without err or contradiction) or how I’ve seen Him work in my own life, I know God is real. There is no other feasible explanation. All of creation proclaims His glory.

Every other religion has contradictions or flaws. No other religious text has the validity of the Bible - they were neither written under such humanly impossible circumstances, nor authenticated as much as the Bible (it’s the most historically accurate ancient text). No other religion, no false god, can withstand the questions I put to it. But Jesus Christ can.

I believe in God, because I have found no other to be worthy of my praise. The truth is I am a sinner in need of a Savior and Christ alone can save me. No other religion gives that kind of hope. In every other religion, I have to earn my salvation through works. If that’s the case, why should I praise a god when I’m earning my own salvation? But God says my good works are like filthy rags compared to His perfection, that I could never earn my own salvation. Yet, He paid the price in my stead, dying on a cross, and asks only that I repent and put my trust in Him. My God is a just God, but He is also a God of mercy and love that I don’t deserve. My God is mighty and strong, and He is the only God that is worthy to be praised.

If this wasn’t (sadly) highly plausible anyway and also pretty detailed I’d be vaguely tempted to take  Известий with a pinch of salt but err, probably not on this. Apparently it’s pretty much confirmed Dany is dropped after the end of 2016. :(

Neither surprising nor good, obvs.

Edit: it does say he’s on Williams shortlist but that he’d be expected to take a paycut and he’d have to produce extraordinary results for the rest of the season. I think. My Russian is a bit crap these days and it keeps changing tense in a way I can’t parse. 

semperreadem  asked:

honestly i kill for anything that has to do with witch!clarke and dragon!bellamy. so maybe a modern au where clarke does magic stuff in the city (u know those cute aesthetic posts about city witches using tupperwear for potions and sigils in ur phone) and she runs into dragon!bellamy (he totally hoards books omg)at a coffee shop or the library. idk this is my first time doing a prompt but its up to you ! thank you!!

+ Anonymous said: Oh! For the magic prompt how about dragon!Bellamy and witch!Clarke?

a/n: err, probably not exactly what you expected, but we have oblivious!clarke crushing on exasperated!bellamy with a make out session and some petting thrown at the end just because I could, ops? big thanks to @hooksandheroics for helping me with the Baybayin translation, as well as the quick crash-course on some aspects of the Philippine mythology (that did not make it into this story)

send me magic and/or soulmate prompts!

let your magic pull me in | ao3 

Clarke loved being a modern witch – from the all-fresh deliveries Amazon did timed with the moon phases to the witch how-to twitter threads to the enormous knowledge dumped into the digital void that was the internet.

Everything she could ever want was just few clicks away and she still couldn’t get – didn’t think she would ever get – used to having so much freedom with how she chose to manipulate her magic.

Technology was the best thing that had happened to all witches across the world.

But also the worst because some witches had always been greedy and overzealous of their knowledge, and with digitalization of numerous texts, glyphs, sigils and grimoires, many witches put curses on their books to prevent them from being scanned or photographed, and tried to profit from that.

In a way, Clarke understood the subconscious impulses to protect one’s abilities – especially the kind of knowledge that could be harmful if in the wrong hands –, but the bigger part of her wanted to tell them to fuck off because they were supposed to be a community, a worldwide network that helped each other.

And yet, here she was, following her crappy GPS, trying to find a forgotten from the Goddess little run-down bookstore to hunt for knowledge that somebody decided it wasn’t worthy for the public eyes.

The bookstore didn’t even have a sign, just a dark red wooden door with small dragon carved in the center – it was eating its own tail, an ouroboros. Immortality, infinity, unity.

A bit strange for a bookstore.

She put her phone away, and tucked her danburite crystal back under her shirt, the touch of the stone on her naked skin calming her immediately.

The door didn’t have a bell to announce her entrance but it squeaked quite loudly so Clarke guessed that was more than enough. The store was big but cluttered, dimly-lit and stuffed full with overflowing bookcases that were holding on heroically under all the weight they had to support, book stacks littering the little free space between them. Goddess, it was a mess, but somehow a well-managed mess and it had a homey feel to it.

She looked around but nobody came to the front, and Clarke ventured deeper into the store, hastily clutching her bag to her chest when she nearly sent one book stack flying. It wobbled precariously and she steadied it with her free hand.

“Can I help you?”

The unexpected voice startled her and Clarke yelped, her hand smacking against the books and pushing them down.

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Geciszánalmas, hogy csak akkor válaszolsz egy askra, ha azt hiszed, hogy valami nagyon vicceset és eredetit sikerül kipréselned magadból. Mindig is gyáva voltál.

te biztosan egy boldog, kiegyensúlyozott, sikeres ember lehetsz sok baráttal körülvéve, ha az tesz boldoggá, hogy kétnaponta askokkal bombázol, sőt még hétvégén is erre szeretnéd verni a faszod. majd legközelebb jobban odafigyelek és válaszolok

Nem kap szakszerű ellátást a rákbetegek négyötöde

Speciális életvégi ellátásra minden érintett jogosult lenne, méghozzá térítésmentesen

Minden negyedik magyar daganatok miatt halt meg tavaly, és közülük csak 22 százalék részesült speciális életvégi ellátásban, pedig elvileg minden érintett jogosult lenne erre térítésmentesen – közölte a Magyar Hospice Alapítvány. 2015 novembere óta törvényileg lehetőség van gyermek hospice-ház működtetésére, ám az állam azóta sem fizet azért, hogy a gyermekeket intézményi hospice-ban lássák el.

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could you do a colour palette, role and dance style for purple ammolite??

Err there’s no singular purple ammolite I could find, but I did find one that’s blue purple so here that:

I’m also going to refer to ammolites specifically for this.

Role: Ammolite is an iridescent fossil of an extinct species called ammonite. As the name suggests, the organic material of the fossil is replaced with aragonite. This is a process called permineralization. Because of its organic origins, I feel like these gems would not be well views in gem society. This is especially the case because they did not form as natural as other gems do (who are actual minerals) and Ammolites needed an existing mineral to replace a fossil in order for them to exist. You could give them roles that would be assigned for aragonites. For Purple Ammolite specifically, I think they’d be a servant. This is mainly do to the fact purple colors in ammolites have the thinnest layers of aragonite, making them the least durable of all colors (red colors are the most durable). Ammolites could have been experimental or outdated modeled gems. The experiments could have been done on Earth or a planet with space ammonites (or something to that extent) and done in an attempt to help with the resource process. The theory could be that permineralization absorbed less organic energy needed to make a gem and thus leaving more energy for other resources. Ammolites, metaphysically, are said to represent stamina, good health, and high energy so they could be put to work under intense labor as well. Lastly, because it is a fossil, Ammolites could be kind of scholars, record keepers, or reporters. 

Dance Style: As it represents high energy and stamina, ammolite also promotes good luck, prosperity, and granting miracles. It helps through the tough and hardships of change and transform it into a smooth process. I would recommend a fast paced dance. They’d be someone who’d definitely dance their cares away. Swing (especially lindy hop) could be considered, but I think tap might work too. I could see quickstep working as well (specifically for a character that is formal). 

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Hello, just wanted to let you know that in your useful links section the "Another Lolita Brand Database" link goes to Hello Lace which has recently been bought by a new owner and is now contains viruses and spam. For safety it would best to remove the link, as some Lolita groups and pages on Facebook were removed due to old links going to HL. Not sure if any tumblr blogs have had this happen yet, but better to err on the side of caution.

Oh snap I forgot I had it linked anywhere, thanks for pointing it out. I knew about the issues I just didn’t remember I had that. If anyone else notices it linked elsewhere let me know.


szerintem ez elfogadható állásfoglalás, csak hát azért azt is hozzá kell tenni, hogy már jó ideje lehet tudni, hogy orbán mire használja tusványost, szóval esetleg ezt előre nem ártott volna tisztázni. nyilván nem indulhat előre egy zenekar úgy, hogy leszól egy fesztivált, de azt megjegyezheti, hogy a politikai tartalomtól függetlenül (vagy esetleg annak ellenére) vesz részt. másrészt meg ha a zenekar 25 év alatt rengetegszer tanúbizonyságot tett amellett, hogy a tolerancia, igazságosság, nemi- vallási és faji előítéletektől mentes nyitott volág, az ami számára elfogadható, akkor a tét ennek nyílt hirdetése mellett nem a “véleményazonos fesztiválokon” van, hanem ott, ahol nem feltétlenül ez az egyetlen álláspont, és ahol egy homofób kirohanás vagy migránsozás után kell fellépni a nagyszínpadra - nyilván nem láttam a koncertet és nem tudom hogy hogy zajlott a fellépés, de esetleg erre akkor lehet reflektálni ott pár mondatban. 

anonymous asked:

can I get some sources on the "bi community used to accept anyone who wasn't straight or gay"? genuinely curious

yeah, ofc! 

here’s a post about it (and there are a couple more related links at the bottom of that)

I hate to link to AVEN but seeing as I can’t read German I did need to read (err…skim) a translation of this book I found. So here it is. If you search for “asexual” you’ll find an NSFW description of what would now be called autosexuality. If you search for bisexual you’ll get a nuanced description of bi a spec people! (I know, not exactly what you were asking for, but it’s kind of relevant and I thought it was interesting lol.)

TW for the next link: excessive use of the h slur, mentions of sexual partners, in the last two paragraphs of the summary there’s discussion of suicide and conversion therapy

This book classifies asexuality (with a similar definition to the one commonly used today) as a subset of LGB sexuality, mainly bisexuality

I found most of the above sources from this (that’s part 2 on the 19th and 20th centuries, this is part 1 on the 21st century) if you want to learn more about ace history. 

I hope this was helpful!


people scared of jyp when got7 get back lol but then there’s this guy