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Ehm ehm holi ;-; pervertido / tierno (?

¡Hola! Muchas gracias por participar en nuestra dinámica

ARIES: pervertido

TAURO:   pervertido

GÉMINIS: pervertido

CÁNCER: tierno

LEO: pervertido

VIRGO: tierno

LIBRA: tierno

ESCORPIO: pervertido


CAPRICORNIO: pervertido

ACUARIO: tierno

PISCIS: tierno


katteens replied to your post “So you’re saying people can’t leave negative comments / criticism or…”

this annoys me because i think most creators do what they do simply just because they enjoy doing it and want to share with the fandom. if you want to be a fucking art critic then you’re in the wrong place when you go and take a shit on people who literally didn’t ask for it and just want to give something nice to the fandom just for the sheer joy of it

Ehm yes, this. I got several reactions to this, but what Kat says here is pretty much what it comes down to and why I made that comment. 

Like if you have to pay good money for a book, or for any work of art, then yeah, you can criticize it if you’re not satisfied. But in fandom, where people generously share things with you for free just because they enjoy creating it, it’s about picking and promoting the things that you DO love, not about bashing the things you don’t like. It is literally that simple. 

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how do you put that "ligth" on your drawings? like, that kind of dark ligth (?)) but very very cute, ehm i can't explain ahahaha, i don't know if you will understand :')

uhh im not sure if you mean the gradient but ill try to cover my bases here and say that i make a new gradient layer and just set it to ‘soft light’ and move the opacity around as i want

the other thing i think you might mean is how i wash out all my art lol but i usually put a layer of dark, solid color and set it to ‘exclusion’ and again i move the colors around until im happy with the way it looks

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Estudiando algo que no te gusta para trabajar el resto de tus días con mal humor. Que lindoooo.

ehm… Mi trabajo requiere visitas semanales y hasta mensuales.. esforzandome y teniendo buenos contactos podría trabajar 4 días al mes y ganar lo suficiente para estudiar los restantes días haha♥


make me choose: thischarmingdevil asked: hannibal’s house or hannibal’s office?

{quote by w.h. auden}


                                            Come on, come on, my sweetling,
                                                    the music’s still playing.
                                            Might I have this dance, my lady?