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hi! why do you love shuu uranus? (your gifs are great btw!!)

BECAUSE. okay ehm.

her uranus has that perfect balance of cool, fierceness, as well as endearing softness that I always love in haruka. like she looks like she could kill you on the spot in unv (and she really could), but in ae she is a cinnamon roll too pure for this world who just wants to carry her gf’s violin okay michiru probably made her do this but i digress. one second she is space sword blaster-ing tiger’s eye and the next one, channeling her inner papa and protecting saturn in the battle field.

she looks like haruka tenoh in the flesh.   

the director said that shuu’s character study showed in her voice projection. she has a deep, soothing singing voice, and she’s an even better dancer.

her chemistry with sayaka michiru is through the roof. their harumichi compliment each other and they’re operating as an equal.

i’m sorry i got carried away a bit i just love those two so much smh

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This may be the dumbest message you ever got but... I just realized that you call yourself australet789 because you're from Australia. 😮

ehm no, im not from there, I’m from Peru xD

really my nickname was just a random word i invented for a neopet account cause i was out of ideas and it stucked with me.

“I don’t know any spells to keep you warm, but I do have this scarf.”

hes lying.



THANK YOU SKAM (2015-2017)


I think you get a lot more freedom to do as you wish with things, you know. There were always so many different heads to please in One Direction; between us as a band, the management, the label. Not to mention all the fans that we wanted to please as well. You know, it wouldn’t have always been within your taste or your design, it would have been through a design of many. So, you know, having your own chance to make it all yourself and choose as you wanna do and collaborate with the different people you wouldn’t have gotten to. It’s just.. And that’s why I said the whole “1d/free” line which everyone kind of got a bit nervous about - which is, whatever, it was.. so fun - ehm, that’s what I meant. It was just a case of the fact that, you know, like the same way that Harry’s getting to wear bell-bottom trousers now, he didn’t do that in One Direction because there wasn’t a sense of freedom to do so. So, that’s what I meant. Now I’m gonna go out and wear bell-buttom trousers. […] You get to put more of you on things, which is nice. I think it’s beautiful for everyone to see each person’s person coming out if that makes any sense […]

                                            Come on, come on, my sweetling,
                                                    the music’s still playing.
                                            Might I have this dance, my lady?