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ceux qui se finissent par 9 ! <3

Merci toi!

9:Do you always smile for pictures?

Nooon des fois j’fais une tête trop sérieuse c’est horrible ou alors je tord ma bouche d’une manière bizarre !

19:Is it okay for guys to wear pink?

Les gens portent ce qu’ils veulent. C’est ok pour les filles de porter des costard-cravate ? #aquestionidiotereponseidiote

29:Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?

Je crois pas non. Déjà faut être jolie pour faire ce genre de choses. 

39:What is your Chinese astrological sign?

Chien ! Comme je disais à @thib-ia l’autre jour, je pense avoir été un labrador dans une ancienne vie.

49:Do you dance in the car?

Si la chanson me fait bouger, carrément. Je remue dans tous les sens (tout en restant prudente si c’est moi au volant, prudence avant tout les enfants). Mais généralement je chante plus dans ces cas-là.

59:Take a vitamin daily?

J’me fais une cure de smoothies fruités en ce moment, ça compte?

69:Ever take dance lessons?

Jamais, mais ça aurait pu être cool (à l’exception de la danse classique).

79:What was the last concert you saw?

Un concert de jazz, en plein air en centre-ville, mais je me souviens plus le nom de l’artiste, c’était un américain..

89:Which are better black or green olives?

Argh, les deux sont trop bonnes ! Mais je vais dire olives vertes, parce que j’peux m’en enfiler un bocal sans y faire gaffe.

99:Do you miss anyone right now?

Mon chat. Et une piscine.

(attributed to) Lucian Freud (UK 1922-2011)
Man in a black cravat (1939)

Freud denied he painted this, but Fake Or Fortune, a BBC television show BBC, has attributed the painting (pictured) to the acclaimed portrait artist. Perhaps he didn’t paint the whole canvas.


So I’m curled up in bed this morning thinking about the cake I made yesterday and contemplating having some for breakfast and I suddenly think…What Would Tom Hiddleston’s Characters Do?  What would they say?

William Buxton: “Did you earn the money to make that cake or did it come from your privileged and anti-progress father?” *adjusts cravat*

Dr.Laing: *paints the cake grey and then smashes it all over himself*

Freddie Page: “I say, old thing, this reminds me of a cake I once disposed of back in ‘41…”

Adam: “Zombies.  Zombies are crazy about cake.” *despondently strums guitar*

Bill Hazeldine: “Cake is so beautiful, isn’t it?” *takes drag* “You have flour and eggs and sugar and mix it all together and boom…cake.  Cake is always right, that’s why it’s…cake.” 

Sir Thomas Sharpe: *whispers* “We can only eat the cake if Lucille isn’t watching.”

Edward: “But…but…shouldn’t we find out if the cake actually wants to be eaten? What if it’s the wrong decision?!”

Captain Nicholls: “This is the last piece of cake I shall eat for my country.” *wipes away lone tear and offers a nibble to Joey*


The Great Escapo: *hides behind cake and tries to flee the room*

Estate Agent: “Wouldn’t you rather sell the cake instead?”

Magnus Martinsson: “Save me a piece, have to answer the phone.”

Jonathan Pine: *strides purposefully into room in order to liberate the cake*

Captain James Conrad: “Cake is for weenies.  Wanna see my gun?”

Hank Williams: “Ya got any ketchup to go with it, darlin’?”

Prince Hal: “CAKE AND WINE AND REVELS FOR EVERYONE!” *laughs lustily*

F. Scott Fitzgerald: *begins writing Coming of Age tale about the futility of trying to bake cakes*

Loki: “If Thor wants that cake, I’m going to make him think that I ate the whole thing, but I’ll actually save it and keep it in my room for when I need to feel loved.”


Henry V: “Thou canst only embark on this action if the Archbishop of Canterbury informs thee that the eating of the cake is thy right of birth and sanctioned by our Lord.” *crosses self*

And the man himself:

I love eating cake.  I have no problem with eating cake.  Here’s the thing is, I think eating cake is a genuine pleasure and so I don’t feel guilty about it.  Very happy to eat as much cake as I choose.  And I think people should eat more cake if they want.  Don’t if you don’t.  I try not to feel guilty about pleasures.  I think if it’s a pleasure that’s not hurting anyone else, I think you should indulge it and not feel guilty about it.”

So, WWTHCD? Employ this method when you are faced with a decision.  It won’t help you decide, but it will entertain you!


Hey yo what time is it


One late July afternoon, I was sitting in my room, listening to Hamilton when an idea popped in my head.

This is the end result

I want to thank @scopesandskullties for help with the ruffled front (jabot/cravat) and the ruffled sleeves, @linmanuel for being an inspiration, and @genderanditsfluids for being a good friend and supporting me :)

Headcanons #6

Survey Corps Got Talent

The 104th squad form a dance crew for some weird military talent show that offers funding for the winning branch, and they tear it up.

Eren and Levi learning to dance because there`s this big event and they need to make a good impression, so they learn to tango.

Eren sings his mother`s Turkish lullabies and everyone falls asleep listening to him.

Levi plays piano, and Eren loves it, he always lies across the top listening to his captain belt out notes.

Levi`s cravat sings opera.


The Fort Laurens museum had a dress-up section, so naturally I dressed up as a Revolutionary War soldier.  The breeches and waistcoat were way too big, and they didn’t have any cravats or neckstocks, so I had to fashion a makeshift one out of a handkerchief.  But I still had fun with it.

Happy Cravat Friday gentlemen! Looking forward to the weekend?

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"Trucy, that is a good trick, and I appreciate your efforts to impress me, but could you please 'poof' my cravat back into existence?" [Have a cravat-less dadworth]

“Ehehehe….okie dokie, then!”

And so, she pulled out her magic panties again. “1…2…3…” And reaching into them, she pulled out side cravats. “There you go! Ah, but wait!” And pulled out several more. “There’s more~!”

Reactions to AA Prosecutors
  • Me @ Payne:note to self: bring earplugs to court cause this guy's objection is cringe worthy
  • Me @ Edgeworth:lol who is this guy kidding with this cravat sit down son
  • Me @ Franziska:heyyyy nice blue hair...and whip? is that legal?
  • Me @ Godot:another prosecutor with nice hair...and 17 cups of coffee? dude are you ok
  • Me @ Manfred:take your self conceited personality and stick it where the sun doesn't shine
  • Me @ Simon:haha his last name is blackquill...no way...he has a hawk in court? how is this legal???

Grover “Mr. New York” Whalen was one #sharpdressedman! 

On the occasion of WNYC’s 92nd Birthday on Friday, read all about how he fought for and founded the station!

Indeed, at various times he was the city’s official and unofficial greeter of royalty, celebrity and the political elite. He was a businessman and a public relations guru, and is perhaps best known as President of the 1939-1940 World’s Fair. He even had an unpopular stint as Police Commissioner during Prohibition. But without him, there would have been no WNYC Radio.