Key-and-Cravat used to be owned by wonderful translators that got approval from artists to post their ereri/riren/rivaere donjishi. It was a nice haven for shippers to indulge in Levi and Eren being together in a multitude of ways. Now someone has taken the URL and uses it as a shit posting blog against ereri/riren/rivaere. Never, not once, did the original owner(s) oppress other ships while they were running this blog. So if there was such thing as scum, it would be this person. It’s not even about the ship anymore, this is about their malicious intentions, the principle of the matter. People who get pleasure off of other peoples suffering, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional pain, don’t get a privilege to basic human rights and freedoms. This person is attacking a group of people, no matter how little or unconventional this issue may be, and it’s important to see the signs of someone’s personality being so horribly corrupt to the point were they don’t have any respect or self-control. This is the kind of people you stay away from.

Humanity could continue without them.

This may not be such a big deal to you, because this started off from pairing two fictional characters together, but a bully is a bully, no matter what the victim(s) enjoy.

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What video games do you like playing?

Marian is deep in games, so a lot of what I play these days is her old stuff. Like Tetris or old Mario games (Mario 2 is my favorite & Yoshi’s Island) Crash Bandacoot, Castlevania symphony of the night, was really fun. Where you play a sassy half-vampire in a cravat who can turn into a dog. Such a cool dude. 

I like DOOM and I remember really liking Abe’s Oddworld,  with it’s fart button

When I was a kid I had a Sega master system and was really into Phantasy star (just the 1st one) Quartet aannnd Zillion 2 the triformation. Lots of playing Salt N Pepa while playing Zillion. 

Mr. Darcy's wang

tonimclellan replied to your post: Reading smut fanfic in public.Not em…

How big is Darcy’s wang? Can you post one-liners here from when they do it?

Darcy to Elizabeth: “‘Ah! A delight I had not anticipated… the cool air raising tiny bumps over your succulent flesh and your nipples hardening like pebbles. Wonderful!’”

"The loosened, dangling cravat was pulled away, Darcy already removing his jacket. He encircled her again, grasping her bottom and pressing into his pelvis as she attacked the buttons of his waistcoat."

"It was a prolonged, varied engagement of indescribable lovemaking culminating in due course with stunning rapture, their cries of sublime joy uninhibited and explosive."

"Darcy shoved massively and in seconds they were replete, gasping and panting in each other’s arms."

They never mention Darcy’s wang, unfortunately, but in the first book (this is #3 in a series of, like, eight I think) they mention the dark thatch of hair between his legs. There are also several mentions of his virility. Alas, we are left to draw our own conclusions.

At this point they’ve been married about a year. Book 1, when they were newlyweds, was more fun, but I’m not going to lie, this one is kind of fun, too.


Welcome to a new series on the Film Noir Foundation Tumblr dedicated to Film Noir history! We are going to focus on what happened “today” in the world of film noir! That could be something trivia-esque or simply a release. Join us! It’ll be fun!

Today’s film: SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT (Joseph L. Mankewicz, 1946)

Today’s Date: March 3, 1947

Writer Richard Harland Smith synopsizes this film best (and the link to his fantastic article on the film is here- highly recommended!) :

John Hodiak stars in SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT as an American GI shipped stateside after a grenade blast has altered his face and shattered his memory. He only knows his name is George Taylor because that’s what the Army doctors call him, and there it is embossed in his leather wallet. Returning to Los Angeles with only a couple of bucks and a letter from a seeming friend named Larry Cravat, who has deposited a tidy sum of money for him in an LA bank, Taylor plays detective, checking up on “George Taylor” as if he is a missing person and attempting to collect that tidy sum of money. When the teller at the bank shows alarm at this account record and summons the branch manager, Taylor takes it on his arches, still not knowing who he is but not wanting to find out from the cops. 

The film has a brilliant cast. Jeff Corey, Richard Conte, Nancy Guild, John Hodiak. If you get the DVD, it even has a commentary track by the Film Noir Foundation’s very own Eddie Muller!
So what does this have to do with Today In Film Noir History?

Somewhere in the Night had its Los Angeles premiere on June 1, 1946 to mixed reviews. Bosley Crowther of the New York Times was not a fan, reporting, “The further this un-remembering gentleman pursues his mysterious past and confronts odd and brutal characters, the more he—and you—become confused. Apparently he and his associates fit the pieces together in the end, but this writer is still completely baffled. Who was who, and who got shot?” 

However, this film which may seem to many to be a lesser or possibly forgettable work was good enough for that other wonderful medium- RADIO! On March 3, 1947, a radio version of Somewhere in the Night starring Lynn Bari (Final picture) in the Nancy Guild role was broadcast on Lux Radio Theater and that can be found by clicking right HERE!

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