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Why do you think Sangwoo made Bum go to the bar with him?

Suicide watch, yo! 

Sangwoo would be absolutely unwilling to let Bum out of his sight if he can help it lest he risk losing him again. And especially since Bum doesn’t seem to be very communicative with Sangwoo at the moment…. No telling what Bum would do if left alone.


Harry: Isn’t there a spell to do this?
Ginny: Yes, but magic shouldn’t replace the hands of a father. My mum always said so.
Harry: Really?
Ginny: No. I just like to see you try, it’s funny.

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- ̗̀ may ; 22nd - 28th  ̖́-

psa: primary colours look sO GOOD TOGETHER 👌❤️🗣

this is definitely my most favourite spread of may- what a nice way to end the month :)

🎧 shut up and groove; heize ft. dean