..and his friends

i dont even know anything about jacksepticeye, i’ve never watched any of his videos before, but damn if im not surprised HE’S the one to have an unbiased opinion and say “antisemitism isn’t funny, and felix could have handled things better” out of everyone in this fucking drama


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Where are you from? Is your name common their?

hey dude ive said this like 5 times now but im from Puerto Rico!! and yes its a pretty common name there!!! lmao in my highschool class we had 3 Alejandra’s in our grade (& we were a small grade) and we had like ways of identifying each other one was Alejandra #1, I was Alejandra #2 and then the other one was #3!!! it was a messsss!!!

whosoever finds this letter, i beg you to forward this to my kingdom of mewni, and to my first born and only daughter wilhelmina moon butterfly. the dead pleads for your kindness, dear sender. please have mercy.

to my darling child, i fear that general philipp and i will not make the journey back home and i ask that you send message of his passing to our friends in the forest. tell the monsters of how brave their leader fought for their cause until his last breath, and tell them that the king asks for their forgiveness for not being able to protect his friend.

as for my promise to you, i am sorry my child. i can only hope that the rose you asked for has made it safely to you and if it hasn’t, perhaps one day you will be able to the travel to the meadows of seraphim and see its beauty for yourself. i know that things will become much more difficult without my guidance. your mother is greatly ill with delusions of grandeur, and i ask you take care of her and keep her grounded. and i know i ask for too much. i am sorry for the burden that i leave on your shoulders my darling moon, but have courage and kindness. there is far too much evil in the world. please forgive me.

your father,
william εïз ( ♫♪ )

i stg i thought sana was gonna give isak a condom at the christmas party like look at this shit

what was i supposed to think

also isak you’re a teenage boy why didn’t you say anything

// lmfao fuk the not today video just gives me more fuel for more BEGIN!AU angst LMFAO bighitpls


[…] I was under particular obligations to him for particular acts of kindness, and of late also much more in habits of confidence with him than with any other man in New York.

This is a part of the letter that Pendleton wrote after Hamilton’s death.

Why were all Hamilton’s friends gay for him? Damn

@eldritchsmuttybarmpot replied to your chat “someone: imagine if dragon age was really a d&d game! someone else,…”

how do u think he’d play then?? idk how dnd works exactly but i bet he’d be a charisma/dexterity guy w some perception & luck thrown in for good measure. do u think he’d play up this trope he’s been branded w?? bc ofc he knows. he knows & he uses it at the most inopportune times bc fuck u guys honestly. the only time its legit is when he’s wooing the dm while keeping it sneakily behind the 4th wall somehow bc he would.

also he’d never. fucking pick locks. ONE TIME he rolled a nat 1 in an important moment & no one will let him forget it so now he’s just like oh a lock?? huh i’d better KICK THE FUCKIGN DOOR IN DON’T YOU THINK

okay so i know this whole au thing is a joke but i take characters in aus very seriously so if we’re saying the whole of origins is a dnd game then. zevran is 100% playing a rogue w the assassin specialisation, with high points in dexterity and charisma but also high points in wisdom. so he’s very light & quick on his feet, quick to act, good at charming ppl to get what he wants, & hes v practically smart, like his instincts are v v good. he’s probably proficient in perception, acrobatics, persuasion, stealth, & insight. (which, incidentally, doesn’t really leave any space to be proficient in lockpicks.)

i absolutely think he’d play up his high charisma, & he’d flirt with ppl to get what he wants. but. theres a big difference between being sneaky & flirting for a reason & just being like ‘lol flirt with everything!! haha roll to seduce! im gonna fuck a dragon’ u know? like. zevran is a charmer, absolutely, but he’s not a charmer for no reason. when he first has any meaningful interaction with the warden, when he’s on the ground begging for his life, he offers two things: his skills as a fighter, and his skills as a lover. he never flirts because ‘lol’, he flirts as a survival mechanism and/or a way to get what he wants

so im not saying a dnd zevran wouldnt flirt with people, because he absolutely would. but his player would flirt in order to achieve some kind of goal, rather than just ‘haha flirting’ u know? which is why it bothers me that ppl say hes the ‘roll to seduce’ guy bc thats not really something zevran ever really does. ‘roll to seduce’ is what the joker in the party does; ‘roll to seduce’ is purple hawke more than it is zevran

& @ the lockpicking thing, tbh zevran in origins & therefore in dnd is specced out as an assassin. like, in dnd the rogue class has two subclasses: thief, and assassin. so zevran as an assassin isn’t a thief, he’s not as good with thieves tools and abilities as a thief would be u kno? so just like how in origins if you actually put points into zevran’s lockpicking skill he is just as good as any other character, if zevran’s dnd player levelled up lockpicking he’d be fine with it. all the lockpicking jokes come from the fandom, rather than the other characters in the game, so i dont think it’d be a joke in the dnd game u know?

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oh boy is this stressful :))

  1. Jam Jam - Seventeen 
  2. High Technology - Epik High 
  3. 4 Walls - f(x) 
  4. Emotions - Mariah Carey 
  5. Without You (korean ver) - NCT U 
  6. Hug Me - Lovelyz 
  7. Gwola - Honey Cocaine (ft Sori) 
  8. Beenzino - Blacknut 
  9. Platonic Love - Snuper 
  10. Stand Up - J-min 

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“sorry i’m thinking about cats again”

(based on something that happened between a friend and myself, except that i was watching dog videos)

(also im sry i changed my url haha sweats)