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I made a post about him a while back, but I wanted to make another with more pictures. But anyway, I remember back when the Naruto manga had just ended, I immediately made a pink haired Uchiha boy named Sakurai. I had a lot of fun making fake anime screenshots lol.


The Final Day of the Grand Tournament of the Fury featured the Tournament of the Lance: jousting! Our champion was Olivie Heuloix of Limsa, and the runner up was the now-proclaimed fish knight, Alabaster Requiem of Limsa Lominsa. We also had an outstanding performance by Perne Archevauliere just before the finale!

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give us the ravenpaw --> scourge deets omg....

OKAY so scourge does’t like… feature in this at all i guess?? but like

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A first peek at my redesign for Ash during the No More Rocket verse.

Quickly growing dreary after Team Rocket gave him his first unsettling warning to steer clear, Ash commits to maintaining a positive outlook for himself, his pokemon, and all pokemon around the world! A bit of cleaning up never hurt the message, either.

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Chance I just read your supercorp tattoo post and burst out laughing, I reblogged that post about getting a 1000 notes with tags along the lines of "I was gonna make this post but mine was if they become canon I'll get a tattoo or shave my head or something" while it was just some random post! Now I'm learning that post was you AND you got the tattoo! Which I must say, looks amazing!

Hahaha yeah. I was really surprised that post got 1,000 notes within 24 hours. I honestly made it to prove to my friend that I could maybe get that many notes. 😂

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