..alles gute


when something impossible happens, there are only two possibilities.
either your assumptions are wrong,
or you have gone crazy.

Ich möcht dich einfach nur hassen, für all deine lügen. Dir noch ein letztes mal ins Gesicht sagen, wie enttäuscht ich von dir bin. All die Wut rausschrein.

Happy Birthday, @climbyii! 

When I think about Kaka Saku, I think of your creations. Your vids, among Kleena and Foxy, had been so inspiring and beautiful and had accompanied me during a very hard time in my life. 

Shattered was my favorite song back then: and seeing that song coupled with that amazing vid was a real shock for me. I started following you on Youtube, watching your vids over and over. 

You’re one of those gracious people who makes me really happy to be in this fandom. I’m glad I had the chance to talk to you. And you’re just as kind and elegant as I imagined you watching your amvs. 

I wish you the best.

Alles gute!  


to @eisschirmchen ♥♥♥

Alles gute zum geburtstag, Happy birthday, Feliz cumpleaños :3!!~

(sorry for late xD)

I was looking your waldgeist art when I found these adorable headcanons about your AU and when I read the last one I imagined a scene like this and I said “omg, this is too cute, I have to draw it”, just that day I found out that your birthday would be pretty soon so I said to myself “ok, let’s do it for Eis-senpai!!” (?)

(I don’t know if Maka can talk with butterflies, but the flowers were in trouble and they needed a messenger!!… and I laughed so much when I drew her ignoring Soul xD)

I hope you like it!! because I admire you so much and your drawings always make me smile. You’re a wonderful artist and an amazing person and you deserve all the good things of this world ♥ (and beyond~)

and now we know that the answer of all our questions is “because…something


Have a nice day!!