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some mp100 phone wallpapers i made when i was bored (540x960 px)


Fire walk with me

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Headcanon that Fidds Sits like Me™

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In response to that one anon: Sam is like half the reason I love destiel and destiel fics so much? It's so different if you factor out Sam.

Sam is wonderful in his own right for so many reasons (and I am a firm believer in the Sam was not a cinnamon roll in s1-4 and that is the point of his story, that he had to find self forgiveness and redemption and now is SUCH A GREAT PERSON I LOVE HIM).

Alongside Destiel he is a super cute shipping goober who makes faces and teases his brother about being strictly into dick, not being able to let his boyfriend go into a diner to see his old platoon alone and not being able to ignore each other forever and giving each other the silent treatment.


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rkm0855 instagram update
우연히 만난 태현이형ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 오늘도 화이팅파이팅
Met Taehyunie hyung by chanceㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ fighting fighting for today too

trans cr. kencalls (twt)


I put sha/ad/ns don’t interact on my art because I don’t want sha/ad/ns interacting with my art. At. All.

There are plenty of other artists just as gross as you I don’t why you gotta rb or even acknowledge my art’s existence so yeah stop that please and thanks

And no I don’t care if you want to support me, I don’t need support from ya’ll, I’m perfectly fine with how my art is circulated. I’m one of the few artist’s that don’t care if my art gets attention, yeah it’s nice but I do this shit for fun so don’t try and use that excuse please. There are no excuses strong enough for your gross asses.

You rb my art you will be blocked, I ain’t got time for nasties.


Two years ago was literally one of the best day of my life. These pics are not even close perfect, but they’re mine, like that day.

He was right there in front of me and sevenhundrendthirtyone days later I still can’t believe that I really saw that smile.

I miss him like crazy. And I really really hope that one day I can meet him again.

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No writing happened. Busy day of mostly driving. Tired. I wanted to write. This is me right now. Urgh.