...you! (literally)

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hey buddy when a gay person tells you things about the community and how you as a straight person should treat us then try not to joke about it.......

Oops, sorry, I forgot that I need to value the opinions of anonymous strangers on the internet who seem to spend every waking moment finding reasons to question everything I’ve ever done more than I value the opinions of my Actual Gay Friends Who Brought Me Here.

I also forgot that my own sexuality should be public knowledge and that all you chucklefucks are entitled to every goddamn detail of my personal life.

Suck my butt.

Bossuet: Awe! You’re so sweet, oh my goodness!

Joly: Oh, sweet heart… of course.

Joly: What ever you’re going through right now, you’ve got it. Every tunnel has light at the end of it!

Bossuet: And if you ever need specific assistance, the members of Les Amis de l’ABC will always be here to offer their help. All you have to do is contact us, and I think this blog is a good way to do so!

Joly: Yes. Bossuet is right, and I truly hope whatever you’re going through clears up soon, anon. We love you!


After a lot of blood, sweat, caffeine, and tears, my senior art show piece is complete (FINALLY). I had a critique last night with my school’s art faculty and I was overwhelmed by the positive responses they gave. They even asked for me to put all six of these pieces in a gallery invitational and I died ;A;

Here’s a preview shot of some of the bun pieces–I’ll post the final product when my show takes place!!


Is this really my gf, because holy fuck. HOLY JESUS. Look at how cute they are..I can’t. Also read the tags..OMG. They are so amazing..I can’t believe they’re with me like how am I so lucky??! I love them so much and just ahhhhh. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU LITTLE CUTIE YOU. 💖😍😙😙😙 @maidtea

omg so this happened

Me: *tries for months to queer code myself in real life and gets frustrated when people still think I’m straight as a ruler*

My mom: What’s been going on with you lately? Is this something to do with boys?

Me: lmao no

Mom: ……… girls??

Me: ‼️🚑🚨❗️What??? Me?? 🚨 Pshhhh nooooo lololol

Mom: ……… you sure?

Me: *coughs* *shifts eyes* *awkwardly looks around* *mumbles* yeah…

Me @ myself: you piece of shit you literally asked for this 

i literally hate this culture that says saying “i hate you” to your parents is just “how teenagers are”, which just encourages abuse as parents dismiss the feelings and thoughts of their children, instead of critically examining their own behavior to see what could have prompted such a reaction

a moment of silence for my anxious ass that ended up working today.