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another reason why I’ll be distracted for a very long time, my doujinshis arrived  (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) (゚∀゚) I didn’t take pic of everything.. I got R-18 kotohono and nozonico doujins too lmfao

Also, Mushiyaki is youchika goddess *confirmed*

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Tell us about someone good in your life? Tell us what makes them great?

((OOC: I’m going to say my mum. Her name is Cathy, and she is where I got about 80% of my cuteness from. She is an absolute sweetheart, and she has devoted so much of her life to making sure her family is safe and supported. When my sister and I were very wee, my dad decided that he wanted to get his BA in Music, which meant moving across the country, taking acting jobs to pay for school, but otherwise being unable to provide much financially. My mother took on a job in the school dad went to, in the HR department. And she has worked university jobs ever since, doing the full 9-5 work week, so that my dad could have the freedom to pursue his dream. Now they both work in different schools, and mum writes novels on the side. She’s an absolute wonder, and I love her to bits.

Also, she makes incredible dumplings, and she has a wicked laugh, and she will occasionally now send me pictures of hunky actors with their shirts off. She’s given me permission to marry Daniel Radcliffe if I want to, because she thinks he’d be a laugh at family get-togethers. She is the best mum.))

When my sisters were in air cadets, one of them asked me to buy a ticket and come to this cadet fundraising dance.  It was in the middle of nowhere and I was working the night shift at the time but I bought one and said I would come even though it was really inconvenient for me.  I asked her not to ditch me when I got there because I didn’t know anyone there.

Both my sisters ignored me the entire night. 

I invited my other sister to the staff Christmas party at work a couple times before I knew quite when it was and she said yes both times.  When I was able to give her the date I asked again if she was coming and she ignored all my texts. 

Sometimes your family will ask you to do something for you, and you’ll do it, but when you ask them for something all you’ll get is nothing.  Don’t feel obligated to keep giving to them because they are never going to give back.  They are just going to keep asking and they are going to conveniently forget all the times you did as they asked while they ignored you.

Sometimes I think about how Flynn loved Tron so much he named a freaking digital city after him and a) get really emotional and b) laugh a LOT

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Did you get an editor? People in the comments are freaking out cuz they think u got one...

Yes I did. I still edit some stuff myself but he’s been helping a lot to free up time so I can do other things comfortably. I’ll be talking about it fully in a vlog soon I think. There’s a lot of stuff I wanna talk about

You wanted a healthy vegetarian sandwich? You’re getting a healthy vegetarian sandwich. But you’re getting it my way.

Have you tried falafel? You should try it. It’s a vegetarian dish from the Middle East, and before you roll your eyes Mr. “vegetables are lame”, you should know that I actually believed falafel was fried chicken for the first few years I ate it.

  1. Yes, I’m an idiot.
  2. Yes, it’s that good.

I went and got myself a pita at one of the most reliable falafel joints in New York, Maoz Vegetarian. It’s not the best, but it’s better than the average falafel in my experience, that’s for sure. And for a relatively cheap, fast food-style experience, it’s hard to get much cleaner/cheaper. And tastier.

The staff was polite, the shop was clean, and the food was great. I’ll say this: the place is so popular that I couldn’t get an unobstructed view of the toppings bar (where the true magic of a pita happens). There was always someone new in the way! I guess when you run a for-profit falafel dispensary, “having too many customers for nosy sandwich bloggers to take pictures” is a problem you want to have.

The toppings bar was well-stocked and well-attended. It had everything from avocado to beets to corn, and as I said, the toppings bar is where the magic happens on a pita. I got falafel, avocado, and hummus in a pita, then added chick peas, corn, cilantro, and greens and drizzled it with sriracha and garlic sauce. Got a side of cole slaw (Side note: Good slaw is hard to come by and Maoz has it and THEN SOME. WOW.) and a bottle of Stewart’s Root Beer.

Give falafel a shot, be it at Maoz, Mahmoun’s, or your corner street cart. This stuff is AMAZING.

Do You Wanna Choose a Starter?

“Do you wanna choose a starter?
Come on let’s go and train! 
I rarely see you anymore
Come out the door
Stop being so afraid!
We all used to be best buddies
And now we’re not
I wish you’d at least come out!
Do you wanna choose a starter?
Come on and choose a starter!

[Go away Y.]

Okay fine.

Do you wanna choose a starter?
Or ride our bikes all around town?
I think some company is overdue
It’s almost like talking to a painting in the hall.
[Come on X!]
It must be pretty lonely
In that empty room
Just watching the time tick by.

Come on, we can’t stay here.
Our town is gone, we gotta go.
I know it’s killing you, it’s killing me too
Setting out to leave our home
We have each other, don’t you fear
You aren’t alone anymore…
Come on, let’s choose a starter…" 

~ Arianne’s Mun~

(Yes I edited this version myself. XD Got bored one day and remembered what I read about the new Dex Holders.)

I ship X & Y by the way. XD