...yeah i'm gonna

tomorrow’s my last day of high school and I’m gonna wear my alien onesie nO ONE CAN STOP ME AAAHAHAHHAA

If I’ve been writing people of colour badly (especially their dialogue) in my fics and I’ve upset or offended anyone I just wanna say that I’m sorry and I’m gonna be trying to write these people more accurately

@thatsthat24 So I’ve been meaning to make this drawing for a while and I’ve also been meaning to test out a new art program for a while and I’m happy with both of them!

I need more Baze and Chirrut origin stories asap please and thank you


“You lead me to strange places, Hawke.”
“I’ll take you to stranger places than this, just watch!”

I don't get people who complain that tracer being gay but not showing it in gameplay is cheap?

She’s the COVER of the game.

Having a lesbian be, like, the first character associated with the game is great.

Plus it’s a game where you supposed to shoot and kill the other team.

Where the hell was tracer supposed to be gay?

Like did you want her to hit on female characters in the game?? She’s dating someone, why would she do that?

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Is there a bag of mix gummy fazbears? Because I think all the Bear Animatronics are all true gummy bears in the world! :D


When Adam kissed him, it was every mile per hour Ronan had ever gone over the speed limit. It was every window-down, goose-bumps-on-skin, teeth-chattering-cold night drive. It was Adam’s ribs under Ronan’s hands and Adam’s mouth on his mouth, again and again and again. It was stubble on his lips and Ronan having to stop, to get his breath, to restart his heart. They were both hungry animals, but Adam had been starving for longer.

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❄️ Lance cus not even the blue lion can handle absolute zero

I got two of these for Voltron so I combined them. Hope you don’t mind! Lance is in worse shape but Shiro’s not doing to good either……….hopefully help will arrive soon O.o


Leo: Ji…?

Guang Hong: Huh?–oh right! Skating career first…and all that…yeah…

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I just really want to hug Jennifer Morrison. I want to respectfully if it’s not overstepping the bounds of fan and actor hug the bajeezus out of Jennifer Morrison because she has brought me my favourite character with such care, and devotion, and with as much love as I have felt – as we have felt – just watching her. This must be as heartbreaking for Jen as it is for all of us and –

I have loved Emma Swan so much. I will always love Emma Swan.