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It’s somehow strange… part 1.
Goth (& fell)- @nekophy
Fell!Palette- @angexci
HOHO!!! It’s been long, hasn’t it? HEHE, thank you for…well some of you being patient, I guess I was disappearing so much I guess I spirit in a roam of unknown garden. HAHA, well in this story…well actually “stories”… these stories will twist & turn… this time it’s different… well, guest, that is all to say. I’ll see you next door.

I’m telling you if Connor was Rich only God knows what he would spend it on


Sonic Forces Gameplay with no commentary, from IGN!

anonymous asked:

Namjoonnie why do you keep listening to depressing songs ??

Well it’s actually quite interesting, you see.

Over the past few years, research has been made into why people listen to sad songs when they themselves are in a bad mood, place or situation and what it basically comes down to is that there’s two ways of looking at it, the psychological or the chemical.

The psychological version also splits into two options;
(1) is the notion in which one person’s mood lifts up simply from the knowledge that there are other(s) that have it worst than him.
(2) is the way sad music makes you feel validated, like you’re not wrong for feeling like you do.

The chemical and neuroscience way of looking at it is also a bit split to different opinions; 
It’s a known fact that music activates our dopamine, which is essentially the same neurotransmitter we release during sex, when we eat or when using drugs, so basically what gives you pleasure. 

So then maybe it’s a combination of dopamine and the psychological way our mid works.

It’s also been proven by science and research that most if not all creative individuals suffer from some level of depression and that that in itself fuels the  individual in creating even more. t’s like a sad balance where the negativity helps you reach new potentials.