In the K-Pop World, we don’t say “Oppa would make a great couple with me or some other girl idol” instead we say “Oppa would make a great couple with another Oppa” and I think that’s beautiful

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My party has a tendency to kill everyone except for one person and then usually that person surrenders and our paladin recruits them to live on our airship. My character is not down with this, as we are getting so many people it becomes really hard to keep track of.

Me (Cleric): “You can’t just keep recruiting random hobos you find [paladin]! They aren’t baseball cards; you don’t collect them all!”

Halfling Paladin: “Wh- yeah I just collect them and send them out like: go dragonborn sailor-”

Dragonborn Fighter: “Yeaaaaah, I’d say I’m at least a double foil”

Me: “I swear to the Raven Queen, I will drain every ounce of fluid from your body if you say another word”

Angelica Schuyler


“I’ve been reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine,
So men say that I’m intense or I’m insane.
You want a revolution?
I want a revelation!
So listen to my Declaration!

‘We hold these truths to be self evident,
That all men are created equal!’
And when I meet Thomas Jefferson,
Imma compel him to include women in the sequal!


Fullmetal Pigeon, with baguettes !

I just tried to draw as much characters as I could, Imagine the serie with … these … lol !

By the way I can learn you some french for the Homonculus !

Lust : la lascivité

Gluttony : la voracité

Wrath : la colère 

Pride : l’arrogance

Envy : la jalousie

Greed : la cupidité 

Sloth : la paresse

And pain in french means bread … yeaaaaah ! 


Whole pack turns when she saw, Derek and you, hands in hands

Stiles : “Yeaaaaah we did it, we knew that the big bad wolf and the little princess are in love”

Derek : “Shut up !”

  • Courfeyrac: party all night!!! yeaaaaah!!
  • Combeferre: go home courf
  • Enjolras: ferre is right, better not break courf-u 😎
  • Combeferre:
  • Courfeyrac:
  • Courfeyrac: you just killed the party

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Joseph, what's your favorite music Genre? I know you have a walkman but what do you listen to on it? Jazz? Folk music? Sweet Synth Beats? ENKA?


Another one for my lovelies🌸
I know this looks almost the same as my previous two pieces, but oh well😑
I just felt like I wanted to draw Carol’s ‘real expression’ after all the shit that she’s put up with through seasons 4-6(I think?). I feel that she’s such a complex and tough character and that there’s waaay more for her to come(hopefully not with Daryl dying somewhere dramatically along the way😁), and I totally meant it when saying she needs to show up more often!!

AAAALSO PERSONAL CONGRATS TO ALL YOU RICHONNERS OUT THERE!!! I can’t even imagine your happiness right now and I’m all in this emotional mess together with you guys!!
Hugs and kisses all the way ☺️❤️❤️

Hey Lover - The Book

Hey my dudes! I hope that you had a nice Friday the 13th and that nothing bad happened because I’m back with some good news!

The books have just arrived and I am so glad that they actually turned out pretty good. I was so worried that something went wrong with the cover… But NO here they are. Looking all fine and dandy~

Okay! Let’s look inside the book:

When I made these books there was this small option where you could attach a small bookmark to them and I just loved the idea that I had to do it.

Like I said in my other post, every chapter starts on a new page. So that’s that.

These long ass text messages.

Yeaaaaah~~~ That’s it. That’s the book. I am so glad that it is finally done. I am also going to give it a special place on my bookshelf. Next to my other favourite books.

Don’t forget that there’s still a Hey Lover - Book Giveaway going on. You can win a copy of the hardcover version. There are three books in this give away. So participate if you are interested.