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What happens when you die? Because right now suicide seems to just be there.

Trust me kid, you wanna stick around. -Dean

Suicide might seem like the easy answer but the world would be a lot dimmer without you in it. -Sam

Keep fighting kiddo. -Dean

So on a serious note if you need to talk I’m here. If you don’t wanna talk to me there are tons of hotlines or website you can go to, IMAlive is very dear to my heart. If you’re thinking about hurting yourself right now dial 911 & they can immediately help you.

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Sam tried so hard to make his sick thoughts go away. How could he want Dean? His own flesh and blood. It was downright sick and disgusting, yet it was the only thing that kept Sam going. Without Dean, Sam was nothing.

When Dean found out Sam’s secret… he was shocked and confused. Did he give Sam any ideas to make him feel the way he did? Dean blamed himself and put some distance between each other. It fucking sucked. Dean couldn’t stay away without missing Sammy too much. Maybe he should give it a try? Sam was someone Dean wouldn’t mind spending the rest of his life with.

What I liked most about this episode is that the writers really did do what they promised to “pull back.” Not necessarily on the story issues themselves, but on the Winchesters. We’ve spent a lot of seasons now with the both of them fighting huge threats in ways that are completely unimaginable. I think because of that, it’s incredibly easy to forget how actually dangerous the Winchester brothers are. But here, they were up against human beings. People they don’t want to kill, and beings that don’t need soul bombs or even grenade launchers to get rid of. Instead, they Home Alone a freaking cabin in the woods and take a handful of highly trained soldiers out without killing anyone.

Sam and Dean Winchester are terrifyingly dangerous to everyone, human or otherwise, but it’s not easy to appreciate that until they have to tone it down.

For that alone, 12x09 was supremely well-written episode.

Preference #8 - After an injury on a hunt


It was odd, when Dean was injured people were rarely allowed near him with anything other than the bare minimum he needed to get back up and fighting, but with you? He always made sure you weren’t glossing over things before you got up and going again. He could be a little heavy handed with stitches at times, but they were neat enough and he at least tried to make sure you were comfortable. Normally Dean mainly focused on keeping you smiling, but as adrenaline was already high, the jokes more often than not left you blushing…


Sam always went about anything quite clinically, it probably came from his childhood, but the first chance he got, he would be there with a mini first aid kit. You supposed he’d probably patched Dean and John up a few times in the past, but he never got impatient with it, he calmly and collectedly cleaned you up. The only thing that didn’t go so well was that one time when you dislocated your shoulder, Sam had tried to be gentle but the pain sent you through the roof. He’d tried to make it up to you with a bar of chocolate but next time you hurt your shoulder, you were going to the hospital first.


To be honest, having an angel with healing powers hovering over your every move was pretty damned handy. Whether it was a paper cut of a broken arm, Cas seemed to care the same amount. He’d sit you down and as gently as possible, help you through it. You appreciated it, you honestly did, but just sometimes, when he felt the need to try and heal a bruise no bigger than the nail of your little finger, you did have to draw the line and get him to let it go.


He could click his fingers and solve a lot of things, but an injury wasn’t one of them. For a man who prided himself on having no empathy, he seemed to be quite concerned for you. A few months ago, you had cut yourself on a jagged piece of glass on a hunt. To you, it was frustrating but to Crowley? He wouldn’t stop pestering and questioning you. Sure, he wouldn’t actually admit that he cared about it, but since when does the king of hell chide a human to make sure their cut isn’t infected…?

i miss young dean. he didn’t squint so much…

honestly, i just think dean needs glasses and refuses to acknowledge it.

the reason i now have glasses is because my husband said i was squinting too much and made me an appointment.

i’m waiting for sam to make an appointment for dean without his permission. and tricking dean into going to that appointment by saying that they need to investigate the optometrist for some reason or another and that dean will have to go to the appointment while sam looks for fuckin’ hex bags in the waiting room or something.

and dean comes out with an eyeglasses prescription and sam’s just sitting there, reading a magazine, not investigating shit.

Every morning before Dean would leave for school Sam would toddle up to his brother demanding “Kisses Dee.” Smiling fondly at his brother Dean would kiss both of Sam’s chubby baby cheeks and wait for Sam to give him a big kiss back. Dean could never start a day of school without his good morning kisses from Sam.

Years later Dean would wink at Sam and pucker up his lips and demand, “Kisses Sammy,” before a hunt. Blushing a deep red Sam would always quickly peck Dean on the lips and was never surprised when Dean pulled him into a longer one. 

Meowy Christmas

Summary: You give Cas a kitten for his anniversary and Christmas present, and he gives you something….very different. (MY SUMMARIES SUCK, IM SORRY)

Pairing: Cas x reader

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: smutty smut, CAS IS SO SILLY AND PRECIOUS, who knew kittens were such cockblocks?

A/N: Honestly had so much fun writing this haha. I hope y'all enjoy it!!

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This Christmas was going to be a special one.

Not only was it going to be yours and Cas’ first-year anniversary, but you also had one hell of a Christmas present up your sleeve for your sweet angel boyfriend: you got him a kitten.

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“all i’m getting from you is…colors.”

or the one in which cas is basically a walking and talking color wheel

Thanks For Telling Me

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1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “She has porn on there. Lots and lots of porn.”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @letsgetyourdeanon

Dude!“ Dean shouts speed walking into the library.

“Yeah?” Sam answers without looking up from his book.

Dean plops down next to him and moves in close causing Sam to move back.

“What the hell?” Sam frowns.

“I just used Y/N’s computer.” Dean says with a huge smile.

“Dean. I don’t have the energy to deal with your stupid shit today.”

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12x03 Coda: Jet Lag

After Mary leaves, Sam calls up Cas. Sastiel friendship, Destiel

Sam didn’t really expect a heartfelt, grownup conversation about this—having Mom back has made kids out of both of them—but he’d also hoped that Dean would at least say something.  No such luck.  As soon as the door clangs shut behind Mom, Dean darts for his room without a word.

Great.  Sam sinks into the nearest chair, massaging his temples.  Too good to be true has always been too good for the Winchesters.

As much as it hurts, though, he gets it.  Why Mom had to go.  He understands the itch to escape, the conviction that there is something better out there somewhere.  Mom is chasing a pipe dream, a mirage.  He’s going to let her, because he chased the same one a long time ago.

She deserves that, at least.

He knows Dean is going to take this hard, though.  His brother has a way of taking each and every blow and stacking them on his shoulders, refusing to let anyone else take the weight even though everyone can see how his frame is shaking.  By the time he reaches his room, Sam knows, he’ll have constructed a million different reasons why this is his fault.

He did the same thing when Sam left for school, but there’s someone who wasn’t around when that happened.

He picks up on the third ring. “Sam.  Is everything all right?”

Sam could have prayed, but frankly, he’s done with his prayers being intercepted.  The last thing he needs right now is for Lucifer to find out that his vulnerable, totally possess-able mother is alive and kicking.

“Yeah, we—we’re fine.  No missing limbs or anything.”

Cas’s sigh of relief is audible through the phone. “Then what is it?”

“Mom.  She, uh.  She left.  I’m okay, I think, but Dean…Dean’s taking it a little hard.”

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Brother, Oh Brother

Title: Brother, Oh Brother

Imagine: Sneaking off to see Sam while he’s at Stanford.

Request: (Anonymous) Hi! Can I request one where sister!reader sneaks off from dean to visit Sam at Stanford, and Dean isn’t very happy when he finds out?

Pairing: Sam x sister!reader. Dean x sister!reader.

Warnings: Angry!Dean. Gets sad towards the end.

Note: Loved this idea!

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Hope you enjoy it!

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It had been long since Sam left. You kept in contact with him through texts and Skype, without Dad and Dean’s acknowledgement of course. Dean was beyond mad when Sam left. You were heartbroken. But the texts and computer screens could only hold you over for so long.

It was time to see Sam in person.

You had been planning to meet up for a while, you just needed the right time. You were still with Dean and Dad. He had found a hunt not too far north in California. When he mentioned it, you could tell it angered Dean. Being in the same state angered Dean.

You knew Dad put this hunt off for as long as he could, because it angered him too, but it must be getting pretty bad if you were all finally going.

You had it all planned out. As soon as Dad dropped you and Dean off at some crappy motel, he would be gone for at least a week. Dean would make some food and then he would head out to who knows where and wouldn’t be back until morning.

You had contacted Sam and agreed to meet at a diner a little ways down the road. As long as Dean stayed out as long as he normally did, everything would fine.

You didn’t question where Dean went, he always came back. No matter how he looked, bruised or bloody, he always came back. You had asked before, and you always go there same answer. You just left it alone. Just like when he left tonight.

You slipped out the window, leaving it cracked slightly so you could get back in. Finally hauling a cab down, you headed towards the diner.

You stood outside, waiting on Sam. He would come, wouldn’t he? It had been so long… You took a deep breath.

“(Y/N)?” A voice spoke. A voice you would recognize anywhere. You turned around.

“Sam!” You smiled. A hug was exchanged between the two of you. “You came!”

“Of course I came!” Sam smiled down at you. “Why wouldn’t I?” He turned his head.

“I had my doubts.” You looked down.

“You get away from Dean?” Sam asked. You nodded.

“He left.” You spoke, Sam understood what you meant. Normally it was just you and him. “I really missed you.” You looked at him.

“I missed you too, (Y/N/N). Dad being good to you?” Sam already knew the answer, but he liked to make sure you were okay.

“Yeah. I mean, same as always.” You said. Not like anything else would happen.

You talked so long that you lost track of the time.

“Crap! I gotta go, Sammy!” You gave him one last hug before running toward the road to catch a cab.

No lights were on, good. Maybe Dean wasn’t back yet. You slid back in through the window, quietly landing on your feet, you shut and locked it. You let out a sigh.

You felt safe, until you heard the click of a lamp.

“(Y/N) Mary Winchester.” Dean’s angered voice made its way to your ears. You let out a shaky breath and turned around. Dean stood in front of the table with his arms crossed. “You have about five seconds to explain yourself.”

“I… I was out!” You wouldn’t tell him the truth, he would most likely get even angrier.

“Out where?” He growled.

“O-Out.” You tried to sound confident.

“You do not leave this room without me.” Dean’s eyes were locked on to yours.

“You leave all the time!” You yelled at him.

“I can take care of myself! Now, I won’t ask again, where were you?” He yelled back at you. When you didn’t answer, he took a step forward.

“Okay! Okay! I was, uh, seeing someone.” You were trying so hard to keep your mouth shut.

“Who?” Dean’s voice almost rendered you speechless. You hadn’t been this scared in a long time.

“S-Sam…” You voice, barely a whisper, made its way to Dean’s ears.

You watched as he turned around and walked out. Slamming the door so hard, you could feel the vibration from the other side of the room. You slid down the wall, tears threatening to fall, you grabbed your phone.

(1) Missed Call: Sam

I actually really think Sam and Dean should be switched. Because Dean sold his soul for Sammy, and he died because he loves his little brother so much, he didn’t want to live in a world without him. And Yes, Sam loves Dean so much! But Sam also is the one who said “So?” When he was told that if he finished the trials, he would die. Sam is the one who never thinks he is good enough. Sam is the one who was told that his dad wanted Dean to kill him if he went dark. Sam is the one who thinks himself dirty, and unclean. Sam is the one who has so much faith in the world, and everyone in it…but none in himself. Sam is the one who didn’t want anyone to make a deal for him, when he was dying in the hospital. He told Death that he wanted it to be permanent, and for no one to get hurt by making a deal. And it just breaks my heart so much, that Sam Winchester does not see how incredible, brave, and strong he is! Sam Winchester deserves better.

(Not my picture edit, credit goes to whoever made it!)

Without You

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader (friendship)

Summary: Dean is in hell, and you promised him you’d move on. When you try, everything seems to remind you of him and the friendship you’d cherished so much.

Word Count: 2,750

Warnings: Canon divergence, depression, lightly implied smut, overall sadness, some fluff, mention of vomiting (non-graphic). If I missed anything, just let me know.

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Two months ago, Dean Winchester was torn to shreds by hellhounds. He knew it was coming. Two days before his untimely death, Dean made you and Sam both promise not to look for him, not to make any deals, to just go on with your lives, to be happy together. You swore you would, and so did Sam, but it was hard for him to keep his promise. Just over a week after losing Dean, Sam was screaming into the night as he summoned crossroads demon after crossroads demon in a feeble attempt to bring Dean back.

You just laid in bed. You didn’t want to move, eat, sleep, none of it. Dean was your absolute best friend, the older brother you’d never had. When he died, so did a piece of you. Sam did what he could to pull you out of your dark place, but he was in one himself, so it wasn’t always the easiest task. More often than not, you both ended up in bed, crying on each other until you both fell asleep.

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Mommy Winchester – FLASHBACK! Dean meets his niece ( gifs are not mine)

Well, since a few people liked the other part I’m posting this one. I’m seriously thinking about turning this into a fanfic, what you guys think? Hope you like this xx    Ps: This part is A LOT bigger than the other one

That was a hell of a year.

After losing Dean and Cass, Y\N and Sam where alone without a clue of what they should do next. Well, until a few things started to happen to her.

-Sure you are fine? – Her husband asked after what felt the millionth time she went to the bathroom  

-Yeah, yeah – She knew something wasn’t right, but in that moment they had much bigger issues – It must be just flu or something  

After a few days, that “flu” wasn’t passed. If it was possible it was worse.  The possibility had passed thru her head, but it wasn’t a real option until she had the positive test in front of her. Sam had a lead of Kevin and the woman was alone in the motel room. Well, not totally alone, she thought passing her hand to her stomach.

-You could not wait for a better time hun?- She chuckled and hid the plastic in her bag. Sam would be back soon and she had to think a way of telling him that a baby was coming.

She woke up and found Sam sitting in a chair in front of the bed staring at her. She smiled, with their lives was always good to see him alive and well. But he was distant. Y\N frowned and sat on the bed. That was when she noticed. He had the test in his hands.


-Sam, I can explain..- She got up cautiously heading to his direction

-You’re pregnant. – He looked up at her. She could not distinguish which was the strongest, but her husband was a mix of happiness and worriedness.

-I’m sorry – She had her head  down and soon she felt him get off the chair.

-Why the hell are you are sorry? God, there’s so much we have to do.. Look for a doctor is step one. We have to get a safe place for us - He was smiling like a fool and she could not help but smile too. She was so scared that he might be angry, disappointed or something on that line. But there he was, being the most excited man in the world.

-Sam, we can’t. Kevin is missing, we have no idea what happened to Dean and Cass..-

- I know all that – He sighed – But we have something bigger to worry about now – His hand posed on her stomach  and he got on his knees – HI there little fella, I’m your dad

-I’m pretty sure she can’t hear you yet – He looked up to his wife in shock  

-It’s a girl? – His  eyes fell on her belly again

-Well, I don’t know. But in my mind I kinda think she is – Sam got up and spun her around

-So, you two love birds could not stop for answer the phone hun?- Dean opened the fridge and got himself a beer

-Yeah, we actually didn’t get your messages – Sam said looking to his brother. Y\N couldn’t take her eyes of the ground

 -How come? – He asked focusing his eyes in the woman playing with her hands

-We stopped using them Dean – She said in a low voice

-Because? – The blond man starred the couple curiously

-Something happened this year, Dean..- Sam said holding her hand – We don’t hunt anymore

-Yeah right, and Sasha Grey is gone legit - Dean said sarcastically

-Actually,..- Y\N started raising her eyebrow reciving a bad look from her husband. The woman flew her hands in the air in defeat

-What ? – Dean asked confused

- She made a Soderbergh  movie – Sam answered shaking his head


-She made a S.. – Y\N tried to say but Dean interrupted her

- NO, guys. You two. You quite?

-Yeah.. Yeah We.. You were gone Dean.. Cas was gone, bobby was dead – Sam the front telling his brother the news – I mean Crowley even took Kevin and Meg    

-So you just turned down the family business? – His eyes were focused on his brother. Y\N could feel the tears felling her eyes

-Nothing says family quite like the whole family being dead-

-I wasn’t dead. In fact, I was knee-deep in God’s armpit, killing monsters. Which, I thought, is what we actually do.

- Yes, Dean, and as far as I knew, what we do is the thing that got every single member of my family killed. We had only each other.. So yeah, I fixed the Impala and we drove away –

-After you looked for me. Did you look for me? – Y\N was sobbing when she passed the back of her hand thru her eyes and took a deep breath  

- ENOUGH ! – The two man turned their attention to her – Yeah Dean, we gave up. And you wanna know why? Because I was fuckin’ pregnant – Dean widened his eyes and looked between the two in front of him

-Its true Dean – Sam said hugging his wife by her side

- We did look for you, cas and kevin.. But after we found out about the baby we.. We agreed that she deserved better than our life..  

-The doctor said something about being a dangerous pregnancy, we were worried.. We kept trying in the following months but..- Sam continued but his wife parted him

- But I was too pregnant to do anything – The woman took a step front and was face to face with her old friend – So if you want to hate someone, hate me. Not Sam, or the baby Mary. Me –  Dean downed his head and chucked.

-Her name is Mary?


-Hey Amelia – the brunette opened the door – Did my sweetheart give you too much problem?

-No, She just woke up actually. The girl is a sleeper like her mother – Y\N rolled her eyes playfully

-Dean, this is Amelia an old friend from college. Amelia this is Sam’s brother, Dean –  He smiled weakly and gave her his hand

-Wasn’t he dead?- Amelia whispered to her friend . Y\N smiled and shook her head

-C’mon Dean  there’s another girl you need to meet –

When they entered the room Sam was on the floor with a little baby in his lap.

-Dean, I’d like to introduce you to your niece. – Sam got up with his little daughter in his arms   - This is Mary Jo Winchester

-Ca- Can I? – The eldest asked and the other just nodded handing him the baby – Hey, baby girl, I’m your uncle Dean.. – The room was filled with emotion. Sam and Y\N backed up standing at the door. Dean kept bouncing his baby girl – We’re are gonna eat a lot of pie together you know?! – The three of them laughed

-Our family is finally complete – Y\N whispered to her husband while he kissed the top of her head

-Speak for yourself, I want another one..-