...why do i keep using this filter

Cycle Your Tank!

For real though, this is the biggest thing that can make or break the hobby for anyone.

It doesn’t matter if you want a betta, a goldfish, a few shrimp or even a tank full of nothing but plants. Get a proper filter and cycle your god damn tank. Fishless most preferably…

How and why to do this:

It doesn’t matter what you keep, all living things produce waste. In a lot of cases Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate are in your tap water already. It doesn’t hurt us, but it will kill your fish… and in the case of a fully panted tank… I hope you love algae…cause you’re going to get it. Planted tanks another time though. You don’t want your fish to die, cycle.

So how do you do this? 

Step one: Set up your tank. It needs to be at minimum a 2.5 gallon but I always recommend bigger. If you’re new and planning to keep anything but shrimp or a betta I insist you go bigger anyways because they will thrive. Have this tank filtered with an appropriate filter. I highly recommend a filter that doesn’t use a cartridge, it cycles much easier and you won’t really ever need to replace your media and it keeps the cycle. Best filters for 20 gallons and under are usually sponge filters. But get a filter with removable media or a sponge.

Step 2: Get a liquid test kit. I say liquid because it’s more accurate (light damages the strips and readings), cheaper in the long run, lasts longer, and just overall easier. The test kit needs to check PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate. Once you have this go ahead and test your tap water, write that down. 

If your PH is lower than 6 or really close to you’re going to have to find someway to get it above stably (DO NOT USE PH UP OR DOWN FOR THIS) I have very hard alkaline water so I normally have to bring it down. Crushed coral in the filter can help bring it up though!

If you have ammonia in your water be glad that you’re doing this and not throwing your fish in… cause if you do congrats you just burned their gills. My water has 1ppm ammonia in it already so I don’t have to add as much while cycling.

Nitrite is the same as ammonia in terms of yay that’s one less step! 

Nitrate, it can be frustrating to have. Learn how much you have though and adjust accordingly. You may need a remover, or some plants until the right bacteria form.

Step 3: Declorinate whenever adding new water(I like prime but use what you want). And get things running. Now the fun process of waiting begins. You need 3 things to happen:

Ammonia to form. This is produced by anything living including plants. You want a source though and for it to be between 2-4ppm. Sources can be fish food, a raw piece of shrimp, or carpenters liquid or powder pure ammonia/ammonium. I like using the pure ammonia because it’s less of a mess and easier to control. Remember this is to simulate a fish though and I pray you didn’t put one in yet. Either way dose it up (test your water to know what you’re at) and write it down. You want to keep track of things, temp, ph, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate…

Now you wait, check daily, or every second day. Wait until it hits 0 and dose it again. Basically what’s happening is bacteria is forming in your filter to convert the ammonia (which is deadly) to Nitrite (which is also deadly). Start checking your Nitrites after the first big ammonia drop. You’ll see one of two things, a huge spike possibly off the charts in Nitrite, or never see them but have nitrates in your water that weren’t there before. This can be the longest or shortest point in the cycle.

Wait for your nitrites to drop. If they get too high to read cut back on dosing ammonia or do a large pwc to help bring them down so you can read them. Once Nitrites hit 0 dose again. If within 24 hours or less there are no ammonia readings or nitrite and some nitrates, congrats you are cycled. Do a large partial water change and add a few fish! I recommend no more than 10% of your stock a week.

Things that can speed up this process (Normally can take 2 weeks - 3 months depending on a number of factors)

-Seed your tank. This is the best, if you have a friend with a healthy tank ask to borrow some decorations, gravel, or a chunk of filter media. Note bacteria is not in the water, don’t take that but transfer what you do take in it.

-Turn your temperature way up! Bacteria multiplies better in hot water, so turn the heater up.

-Add oxygen. Bacteria is alive and needs to breath.

-Plants they help buffer the water and if from a cycled tank can bring some bacteria with them.

-Bacteria in a bottle. Now be very careful with this… most don’t work and are a waste of your money and actually harm your cycle. Ones that have proven to be effective though. Dr. Tims one and only, safe start, bio-sphere, stability seachem. All others are the wrong type of bacteria and will die in your tank and starve the right type of bacteria.

I know this probably wasn’t super comprehensive, but if you have questions ask. I’m happy to help!

How Discrimination Works (Copied From Chat)

I mean, I think racial discrimination and profiling as they now exist are mostly a side effect of living in a huge, atomised population where you can’t keep track of everyone you’re going to meet individually.

So, different groups of people are going to differ on averages for how they act - whether because of culture or incentives or w/e - but this doesn’t affect how you behave toward them under a certain number of people.

You don’t care about averages when you know every life detail of individuals.

Like, imagine you’re hosting a dinner party and you have 15 friends. Based on your years of interaction with them, you know Dave and Maria are going to start fights with the other participants, so you don’t invite them.

It doesn’t matter that Dave is a white guy or Maria is a Hispanic woman. You know them personally and, from knowing them, can predict what they, specifically, will do.

At this level, the demographic characteristics of people don’t matter /at all/. You’re using actual, individual knowledge to discriminate on who’s allowed at your event.

This is also the situation with the least false positives and negatives. Discriminating against groups will always leave you with a lot of false results because, while the groups may differ on averages, there’ll always be people in the tails you wanted to keep or exclude who you couldn’t.

So, why would anyone use a courser, looser, stupider proxy for figuring out if someone is actually an asshole? Well, costs.

I am told that people who aren’t me often have a hard time cultivating deep friendships with a hundred people which allow them to judge the character of every soul. IDK /why/ you guys aren’t on my level and think you should git gud, but I am accepting of your frailty.

But, anyway, that means the costs of personally tracking that many people are too high for you to discriminate on character. Instead, you want to discriminate on something that /correlates strongly/ with character.

It’s only a proxy, but it’ll still let you keep out a lot of the bad folks and keep in a lot of the good folks. Hopefully.

So, say you run a pub. You have a few regulars that you know things about and who’s character you can vouch for. Sometimes one of them has a bad day and yells at someone, but you know that this is a rare occurrence, so you just give them a stern talking to and leave them be.

The next day, a rando comes in. He’s had a bad day and he yells at someone. You ban him from the pub.

Why? Because /most/ people who randomly start yelling at other patrons are assholes. In the case of your regulars, you know them well enough to be aware that they aren’t personality-level assholes, even if they act like assholes once in a while.

Meanwhile, you have no way of knowing that this rando off the street is a firefighter with three cats and a heart of gold who just learned that his mother died.

You just don’t have that background because you can’t pay that much attention to that many people. Kicking anyone who becomes verbally abusive is a rule that /usually/ works, so it’s worth the costs when it fails. The rules are the rules (if you have nothing better than rules to work with).

This also means that a group having explicit rules is a sign that its members don’t know each other well enough or can’t agree well enough that they don’t need coarse-grained methods like these. Friend groups rarely have written rules; corporations usually do.

As you ascend the ladder of number-of-people-to-deal-with, you notice that the main constraint is how much time and attention you can spend on each person.

The dinner party host could spend hundreds of hours on each guest over the course of their friendships. The pub owner may have been able to watch the rando customer for half an hour before he started making a ruckus. What happens if you have five seconds?

Imagine you’re a bouncer for a club and have to decide who to let in and who to keep out. You’re the most important gatekeeper, so it’s on you to keep out as many assholes as possible - but you have to wave people in or tell them to fuck off /quickly/.

So, with just a few seconds to make your decision, you have to default to an even more visible proxy than the pub owner did.

Unfortunately, as proxies become more visible, they also tend to work less well, so you’ll be even more imperfect than before.

As you’re only human and have to work fast, you look people up and down and judge their hair and face and clothes. You form an intuitive impression of whether this person looks like The Right Sort.

Of course, this is going to be somewhat divergent from who is and isn’t an asshole and /notably/ correlated with social class. Whoops. But, well, you had five seconds, dude. What did you expect?

However, it’d be even /worse/ if you had effectively no seconds. When you get big enough for a bureaucracy with forms to fill out, you can’t even /look/ at people. You can only discriminate based on features someone can write down on a form.

So you exclude all the black men on the assumption that they’ll start fights. This is /ridiculously/ lossy. This is a false positive extravaganza. But, above a certain size, this is all you’re gonna get.

So, the obvious response to arriving at level 3 or 4 and realising that this profiling thing is out of control is to ban discrimination. However, I think that misses important facts about the situation illustrated above.

The first is that the discrimination is serving a purpose. Sometimes that’s avoiding fight-starters, but it could really be anything. It doesn’t matter much /why/ people value it, just that they do so strongly enough that they clearly put a lot of effort into it.

But something that falls out of that is that /people don’t stop/. As the proxies for discrimination become more stupid and useless, people /keep using them/. 

They seem to be pretty desperate to find some way to filter who they let into their homes and pubs and clubs, so you should expect them to be willing to swallow a lot of costs to keep doing so.

So, when you start banning discrimination, what actually happens? What do people do?

Well, they seem to find the one method of discrimination that hasn’t been banned and can’t be banned: Price.

Most notably, in urban housing markets, zoning laws that make construction difficult and drive up prices until the poors move out. They aren’t a bug; they’re a feature.

“Has enough money to buy a house in San Francisco” is a very lossy proxy for someone’s propensity to start fights, get drunk, break windows, or otherwise be a bad neighbour. But there are too many people to filter to use a proxy that /isn’t/ super lossy.

Of course, this is a filter that’s way more costly than the others, because it comes with a massive deadweight loss - you’re paying a $300k premium to not live around poor people, with “poor people” being itself a proxy for the actual set of people you want to avoid. It’s not enough to /say/ you have this much money - you have to /actually pay it down/.

And that’s why I basically don’t think the Bay Area’s housing crisis is going away, unless there’s another white flight and suburbanisation becomes a thing again, which would /also/ be shit.

Like, there are people who want to go back to a time when houses weren’t ridiculously expensive, so they want zoning to go away. Meanwhile, there are people who want to go back to a time when cities didn’t have no-go areas, so they want to Zone All The Things.

I think that, as long as price discrimination is the order of the day, this tug of war isn’t going away.

No, I don’t have suggestions. I’m just the person who waves at problems suggestively and hopes someone else will solve them.

I can say that allowing people to discriminate on wealth-in-the-bank as its own metric would lead to basically the same distribution of “rich people /here/; poor people /there/” that we currently have without the massive deadweight losses.

But that’s still “making the current situation suck a little less”. We still have the problem of how all discrimination got super coarse-grained. If we could get as fine grained as the dinner party host, then we could bring salvation to the realm.

But, until then, we’re still haggling over ways to become marginally less fucked.


solarpunk and green roofs

grass roofs have been employed for centuries in northern europe, not only for their beauty but also their practicality. there are a lot of reasons why a solarpunk society would embrace this idea, and here’s just a few:

1. natural insulation

grass and plants can act as natural insulation at a fraction of the cost of artifical alternatives. not only do they maintain heat in cold climates and regulate cool in warmer ones, they also efficiently absorb and filter rainwater.

2. sound barrier

a great example of this is the chicago city hall which uses a grass roof to keep city noise from permeating the building. likewise, this is a desirable feature in both commercial and domestic settings.

3. pollution

grass roofs can act as air purifiers, enhancing air quality. i think this explains itself.

4. biodiversity

garden roofs can not only foster biodiversity in plants, but also create havens for animals and insects. with bee populations dwindling, roofs could act as the perfect stomping ground for these important organisms, among others.

5. aesthetics

grass roofs look incredible, and other planted roofs (e.g. with succulents and flowers) even more so. they also help buildings to blend into the natural environment, enhancing the surrounds and preventing the visible signs of urbanisation.

6. agricultural potential

garden roofs could easily be used to plant crops, encouraging local living and minimising food miles as well as posing an educational opportunity for children to see their food go from field roof to plate. this would also mean that less land would have to be sacrificed to agriculture and thus could be preserved in its natural, wild state.

feel free to add your thoughts!

candelish  asked:

I don't see what everyone keeps complaining about, it's more than obvious that it's a filter/overlay that you're using. If you were deliberately white-washing then I could see why people would say something about it. Either way, I think your art is amazing and that you should do it however you want. It's only art after all.

I do understand why the people have the issue but I’m genuinely not sure whether it really counts or not. I think I actually will start drawing dark people darker so it balances out post-filter because I don’t really like when this whole “discourse” kind of thing happens. But I still don’t know if the thing I’m doing right now is wrong or not. The people sending me asks about it have mixed opinions on it too, as you can see
Also, this: 

montgomerysupercut  asked:

Can I have a ship plz? I have brown hair and brown eyes, I'm Latina. I'm funny and sarcastic. I have a hard time keeping a filter but I'm really nice just loud. I love literally everyone and I'm friends with everyone. I sing but I used to play soccer, softball, and basketball. I still hit the gym a lot tho. I love random adventures and just doing stupid shit. Oh I've always been a straight A student too. Thanks babe ❤❤

okay so i ship you sososOSO MUCh with my lil baby jeffery atkins because just legit everything about you clicks with him. it’s very rare that i will happily ship someone with jeff because i love him so much but i’m going to marry you two off. :)

anyways, i feel like you two would meet at some sort of pro baseball game at like the concessions stand before the game starts and you would be like “aye lady give me some cheese fries and can i get some hot sauce on those” and jeff would show up from behind you out of nowhere and be like “ooh spiceeeyyy” and like wink at you and you would just be like wth is this cute little man doing. and you would reply with something like “oh you have no idea.” and like a sassy head bobble and he would just giggle. and then you would be going to the stands before you miss the start of the game and notice him trailing behind you and you’re just like someone needs to get their son off me but like in the back of your heart and mind you’re loving it sm because he’s just sO UGH. you would eventually turn around and be like “hey why are you following me” and he would say something like “i’m trying to go to my seat not everything’s about you sweetheart” and you would just smile and be like hmmm. this boy’s different in a good way. you would talk all throughout the game and he would ask for your number and y'all would be all flirty and cute and people would think you are already a couple. you would most likely cheer for other teams and be really competitive and the competitiveness would carry on through your relationship like y'all would see who would boil their ramen quicker (like what??? how is that even a competition??) but you would end up being so close and so cute and everyone would be like wow i wish we had what they had because you’re spending you’re life with your best friend and having a good time with everything you do :)))

1. Breathe in. It’s just a question. You can do this.

“Yeah, I do.”

Perfect. They’re smiling now.

Something small inside of you feels guilty about lying by omission, so you keep going.
Here comes the hard part.

“I do believe in God, it’s just that - I don’t really go to church anymore.”

Their smile dims, just a little.
But why?! They cry out.
You used to go to church every Sunday when you were little! Someone else intercedes. 

Your nails are digging into your palm. Breathe in again, just this once.

“I know, but like, I didn’t really feel it after a while? I prefer to pray on my own.”

2. Things you remember from church:

i. The smell of incense that clung to your hair, even hours after mass.

ii. The sunlight, filtering in through the colored glass.

iii. HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN, I CAN’T BELIEVE GOD WOULD LET THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE GO UNPUNISHED, THEY DESERVE TO BURN IN HELL, whispered by a priest to your grandma. Your eyes water and you don’t know why.

iv. You can still recite some of the psalms by heart. 

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the defense of my life; whom shall I dread?

v. Your aunt presses a rosary into your palm, one year before you swear to yourself you will never set foot in a church again. You don’t have the heart to tell her that it feels like she’s handing you a chain made of iron and lead and the weight of your guilt.

vi. Confession is always awkward and forced and you feel like your sins should be yours to deal with and yours alone, but they told you without it you’d be dirty and you believed them. You think about this when you kneel down in front of the crucifix. Jesus Christ’s eyes are closed. The small, ugly thing in your stomach is glad He is not looking at you.

3. There are roughly 52 Sundays in a year. You went to church every Sunday since you were a baby until you were 16. That makes it about 800 masses. 

You do the math in your head and it doesn’t feel like 800 hours, it feels like eternities of you standing in your best clothes, forced to listen to stories of fire and brimstone and God’s righteous anger against sinners.

Very rarely they talk about how God is also love and forgiveness. Those times, it feels like you walked into another service for a different religion.

4. You realize you’re “different” around the same time they make you realize they’ll never accept you for who you are.

It hurts more than you thought it would.

5. Your faith is a fragile, small, sleeping thing nested in your ribcage.

You poke and prod and worry at it, hoping you’ll get an answer to a question you’re too afraid to ask.

6. Your family loves you and your friends love you but if there’s really a higher being

7. who created the Universe as we know it

8. and loves us all, for we are His children


10. God punishes sinners but he also forgives them.

It took you some time to realize there was nothing to forgive, nothing to end up in Hell for, except the usual stuff, ordinary sins like white lies and feeling envious of someone else’s possessions and other human things.

The first time you walk into a church after a while you do it with a weight on your shoulders you need to get rid of.

The pews are empty and the light hits the altar just right.

You breathe in. Close your eyes. 

I BELIEVE IN A GOD WHO LOVES ME, you scream in your head, and it’s loud enough to rattle Heaven.

The silence around you is calm and peaceful.

It’s exactly the answer you were looking for.

I just discovered that snapchat has a bat filter right now. As in it gives you bat ears and a nose with little fangs plus makes your eyes big. I’m totally betting that Cass and Steph found this out too and use it for every snap.

Jason: “Why is Stephanie snapchatting me?” *opens snap* *immediately spits out drink from laughing/shock* “Huh. Well that’s a new one.”

Dick: “Have you been getting a bunch of snapchats from Cass?”
Babs: “Of her as a bat? Yes. Stephanie too. They keep insisting I should do it too so we can ‘all be Batgirls!’ I’m considering it just for the sake of freaking out Bruce…”
Dick: “… Babs, you just gave me the best idea…”

Dick then proceeds to get the whole family plus to send Bruce a snapchat.

Bruce: *walks out of board meeting and checks phone* “What? Why do I have so many snapchats? What?! Not just the kids?” *notifications say there’s one from each child, Clark, Diana, Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen, Dinah Lance, Wally West, Roy Harper, Conner Kent, Kara Danvers and more who he didn’t even think he had on snapchat* *begins going through them* *EACH AND EVERY ONE is that person with the bat filter and no caption* “STEPHANIE BROWN!!!”

Steph got the blame but Tim ratted Dick out when Bruce asked how his snapchat got hacked and so many people added. Both Dick and Steph had to polish the giant penny for a week because he blames her as the originator. He realizes by this point it was Cass and she is the only one who still sends him then because she’s the only one he thinks actually looks cute in it. 

- Little Red

Throwing a Stone in a River Part 1

Summary: When Sakura graduates from the academy, she suddenly finds her head invaded by the ghost of Uchiha Shisui. Her inner is gone, but not forgotten, and she struggles with impulse control more than ever before. But also, Shisui gives a lot of unsolicited advice - useful and otherwise - and does not shut the fuck up. He’s not thrilled about current events.

Rating: T

Author’s Notes: First of all, I’d like to thank @tozettewrites for allowing me use of her prompt and for coming up with the idea. The story would not exist without her. This story would also not exist without @jaycrowind, who cheered me on and nagged me as needed in order to get the writing done, only to immediately beta it for me so it looked presentable. Thank you so, so much. Finally, thanks to @surfacage, who was probably very surprised when a random stranger popped up in their messages asking about Shisui, but very graciously answered my questions. Thanks for helping me out, and thanks for all the artwork you do for the Naruto fandom.

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hamster-hosh  asked:

can you talk about the reasons you love / why i should love block b? i want to stan but i dont know where to start...

you’re not ready for this it’s going to be LONG! If there any misspelling I’m sorry I will fix it later

OT7 Block B: They are mean to each other all. the. time! 

Ukwon had to get bowls broken over this head and as the other members were taking care of him clearly Kyung was laughing so hard he fell over.

Taeil didn’t want to talk to him and was ignoring him so Jaehyo said this

The members starting on Kyung’ and his height

They are over dramatic 

Weird….oh they are so weird I love it!

Why are you touching your booty Zico? It didn’t get any bigger. He sat there too for like 5-7 seconds holding his booty.

What sexy poses from BASTARZ?

Pyo…BBomb…this reminds me of something

Are over sized children that you actually have to chase around 

And through this all (sadly I don’t have a screencap) through them being all pains to each other and being weird they all actively support each other and whatever they do. There was never a chance I felt like Block B was upset with each other over one going solo and other being in a drama ect. They even have said it on broadcast that they all visit or try to show support for each other’s solo events. I think aside from them always making me laugh every time I see them from making jokes or P.o touching Taeil chest I know that they do get along with each other. What I also like is that since I’ve been a fan of theirs slightly before Seven Season fully came to be is the honesty they do try to give us. Them being open about them liking porn. Jiho being open and honest that yes he likes his members. That yes they get along and he always knows what they are doing because he cares about them. BASTARZ MV shoot he was right there staring that the monitor watching them. That in Jackpot dvd he walked in on BBomb’s interview and when BBomb asked him about AEOM his dance crew that has nothing to do with Block B Jiho sat there and told the camera what the crew was about without BBomb having to open his mouth at all. But the point is he does make it clear that they are not outside of work friends. That he has time and time again show he cares about them and he their leader but that they were all thrown in together. He has his own friends that he has picked himself that like the same things as him. That I love that they do try to be honest with us. With this group especially with Zico you’re going to know when he mad, when he doesn’t like something, when the members are getting on his nerves because they are not listening, and all around more about how he feels. Some don’t like it some misunderstand it because they are not use to people being more blunt especially idols that should be always smiling and loving. I’m going to stop here about the group because I’m really just talking a lot about Zico now.

Jaehyo: Is a actual real life prince. Met him twice and nothing but the sweetest down the earth person. Have you ever met someone and they just give you the feeling that they are a good person? Yes that’s him. I actually get emotional talking about him because he really is a good person. Like those I’m so pretty I’m so much better is SUCH a lie. I told that boy he was pretty and he stopped for a second like no one told him this before and the smile that spread across his face was genuine. That he is a awkward member 

He the person that you can call at 4 am and say you need him and he will be there with no complaints. For 3 years he been regularly volunteering at a shelter for dogs. He loves babies too and fishing. You should watch his 2 6 hour long V app broadcasts they are worth it!

Taeil: He comes off as a hardcore kid but he one big softy. He finally becoming comfortable in his body! He loved by all the members but is a trouble maker that likes being mean to his members. Is tatted up which I personally love and has the singing voice of an angel. Has a huge Jeep and a motorcycle. Loves his fish and just like Jaehyo is a huge animal person. Actively take part in things that are against animal abuse. Met all the members and he the one that will greet you like you’re already friends. I’m shorter then him and got all excited and side low highed me. His energy is that you are already friends. Also walks around the dorm naked after his baths. Come on you have to love him!

BBomb: ALL THE DAD JOKES. He also a awkward member. Is one of the naturally funny members when he not trying to be really funny. Love him but when he actually trying to make jokes they fall flat and he the only one laughing. Beautiful skin ohhhh love his coffee milk colored skin! 

Dimples. Him in BASTARZ. Him in Jumping Girl.

Is my favorite dork in Block B 

I love him so much my secret lover that I have a backdoor relationship with. Zikyung comes by and like Why did you have Cherry Blossoms Ending just on? …and why did I just hear the back gate close?

Me: What? What you talking about? I’m sorry I’m eating right now!

P.o: Honestly he my second top bias and I don’t know how he ended up there! I think it’s just how happy he is all the time. 

Jihoon is simple and is just out to have fun and be happy. It makes it really easy to like him. He also changes from baby boy to bae in seconds. 

He been working on music too. Honestly he not at all complex like the other members.

Ukwon: Was my actual first Block B bias and the reason I started to watch Match Up. He really good looking but he more then that but like BBomb and Jaehyo you have to actually be active with him to understand. All the members are like that but trying to get more out of Ukwon you have to be looking. He got second in being the most understanding out of the members that think about other’s feelings over his. Is actually part of the life of the party! He either dancing, singing, or being funny. 

Did I say he really handsome and can be a visual without trying?

Is a actual tease. He doesn’t really play I Have a Girlfriend anymore but he now will tease you. He will act like he going to hold your hand and then make you chase after his hands before spinning around smiling and walking/dancing away from you! He will keep doing this too getting closer and closer allowing you to almost have him. TEASE! 

Kyung: the light of my life and my favorite nerd

Mention his name and I will automatically start to smile. I actually have a crush on him and been for 3 years now. I have no reason to pretend I don’t to seem cool.

Zico: I mentioned him earlier but he is also really nice and sweet. Is straight forward but has learned to use a filter lately. He really likes music and I really like music and why I biased him. Has a crush on him too but nothing like Kyung. But I like them both in their own ways. Anyways I’m done since I talked about him up there too!

PLEASE BIAS BLOCK B BECAUSE THEY ARE SUPER FUN AND THEY WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY AND LAUGH….as long as you’re okay with fake bullying and them saying each member’s secrets!

I really want an AU where Eren is a genderfluid florist who wears pretty lacy sun dresses and is the light of every one of his customer’s lives. I want him to appear like this extremely angelic, smiley, sunshine of a person, but when someone makes him angry or annoyed he starts cursing worse than a sailor. He glowers and glares and throws around his middle finger like he was born to do it. I want him to be completely approachable yet I want him to also be this brash person with absolutely no filter when it comes to assholes.  

Then I want Levi, who is this extremely frightening office manager in a big company, but the moment he meets Eren he’s all heart eyes and love-sick sighs because he’s not used to romance. His subordinates are really confused as to why Levi’s been acting so nice lately until they find out why and they sort of use Eren (asking him to deliver flowers to the office every now and then) to keep Levi from being so mean to them. Eren is a new powerful weapon for them now. 

Okay this is really bugging me so I’m going to say it. Most of you won’t read it or read two lines and scroll but i don’t care. Why the hell am I only hearing about Paris?? Of course it’s insanely tragic and sad. Just hours after it happened the news had been spread and yes I obviously felt bad. BUT why isn’t Iraq, Nigeria, Syria, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico mentioned? The ONGOING Palestine/Israel crisis, the bombing in Peshawar that killed over a 100 KIDS? Isn’t what happened to them sad? Or the 67+ in the Philippines, the 105+ in Pakistan, 91+ in Cameroon, 137+ in Yemen, 147+ in Yemen, 404+ in Iraq, 70+ in Somalia, 50+ in Afghanistan, 43+ in Lebanon, 102+ in Turkey and freaking 2,700+ in Nigeria. Why the hell don’t we hear about this or talk about this??? These are all numbers of people who have died this year in 2015. And the 2,700 people that died in Nigeria were over the span of eleven different attacks. ELEVEN. I didn’t see any posts about any of these issues. I go on Facebook and Instagram and Tumblr and I see non-stop posts about Paris instantly, just hours after it happened, Facebook gave us the option for the filter to show our support and I used it because I wanted to show my support but I took it down because I thought it was so unfair to every other country that has tragedy happening everyday but no one makes posts or filters about them.
And people say it isn’t about race.
Yeah ignorance is a choice but honestly, I didn’t even know about half of these things happened. It’s because the damn media filters and censors everything so that the only things we see are the tragedies that happen to the privileged and the Muslims who cause it.
Yeah ISIS does a lot of these terrible things but guess what? Those people aren’t real Muslims. Islam literally means peace. Just because people claim to be Muslim, doesn’t mean they are. Why do Muslims have to keep justifying and defending their religion? I don’t understand why the blame automatically goes to every Muslim or the religion. I could use so many stereotypes to make a point but I don’t want to offend anyone and that’s the reason I don’t make posts like this but it was bugging me too much so I’m saying it; stop being ignorant, stop blaming a single religion, pay attention to everything, open your eyes and hearts to the rest of the world. There are people living there too.

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Hey! I saw you reblogging some of your older stuff, and can you tell me how you did the coloring for that one with the lyrics for I May Fall? It's gorgeous!

hmmm it don’t have the actual coloring but i can probably guess how i did it? i’ll use blake since that has the most editing but i probably used the same thing, just tweaked it a bit to get the desired colors

so, here’s the base gif + sharpen

very simple, and it still looks nice. now, let’s change it up a bit!

let’s add some curves, which is a very simple way to change how your gif looks!

and this is what it looks like

see? now the colors are more intense, which is how i personally like coloring my gifs! and it looks nice!!

alright so, blake’s secondary color is purple, right? so why not switch up the coloring a bit? now, we’re going to change forever fall into a purple forest to match blake’s color scheme, while still keeping her yellow!

to do this, i use selective color. these are my settings for red. these setting makes red turn purple.

and these are my settings for yellow, which make them brighter

and THIS is what you end up with!

so, that’s a VERY simple coloring. sometimes i have ten different layers in my coloring folder.

if you wanna try them out, filters and overlays can change your gif a lot! here’s the same gif with some overlays you can find just by searching google! there are A LOT of ways you can color a gif, and they can all look good!!

and here are just some different ways you can change the red in selective color to get cool results!!

if you want to practice coloring, i HIGHLY suggest working with blake’s trailer since it’s so colorful (also there’s nothing quite like pink!adam lul) with yang’s trailer being a close second!

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Why do you keep telling people to not eat oil but you're eating white sugar that may not be vegan? (in Sriracha,for example) Oil is vegan but sugar may not be vegan (bone char) so what's the point?

Oil had nothing to do with being vegan!!! I don’t eat oil for health and overall FEEL GOOD reasons 😂

Sugar is vegan, however in the U.S they use bone char to filter the sugar to make it white! You are right. The end product doesn’t actually contain any animal products but it technically isn’t vegan.

Why do they use the bone char? Well it’s a bi product of the meat Industry… They look for ways to use all parts of the animal to avoid extra cost. As long meat is eaten in the U.S they will continue to do so.

Although I do see where you are coming from… It’s really not something I think people should be freaking out over… What will end this method is not eating cows in the first place… not to avoid sugar in America completely!

Telling everyone in America that if they go vegan they can’t eat anything that contains sugars, would make this lifestyle seem extremely difficult!!

Bite size vegan says it better the I ever could in this video :)




Sanders frowned. He hated it when he words actually made sense. She was as much  smart as she was sick and wretched, rather dangerous combination.

“Trust me, I won’t give you the satisfaction of watching me lose my head.” - He spat angrily.

“Your head is no use to me, when it isn’t attached to your shoulders… A king without a head can’t wear a crown.”

“Do you ever think about anything other than greed?”

“No, and neither do you. That’s why we’re here. To fulfill our selfish greedy needs.”

That was so much like her, spitting out truth with no filter or courtesy. He knew she could be proper when it suited her interests, but here, behind closed doors she never cared to keep her mouth shut. Sometimes she meant it, sometimes she was simply trying to get his reaction, which pisses him off the most. The woman knew no restraint and his attempts to kick some ideas of modesty into her head seemed to only aggravate it more. It took him awhile to realize that she was actually enjoying it, not the hits and punches, but total immunity of her own self esteem.

“I want you to look into it.”

“Excuse me? Did you just you want me to look into your precious matters?” - She almost snorted with amusement - “Now, that’s new… What’s the catch?”

“Your senses. You can see people through. So I want you to attend the meeting at the Magistrate with me and point on the person behind it.”

“This is not how it works… It’s no magical power, just a simple perception.”

“I don’t care how it works.” - Sanders barked - “You want to be of use, then here is your chance, take it and don’t even think about fucking it up!”

“Or what?”

He knew what she was getting at, teasing him with her immortality and the fact that he couldn’t get rid of her even if he tried.

“There’re things worse than death, you know that.”

Colette didn’t respond, just let out another chuckle as she got up and left the room. Sanders shook his head. Just what the hell was wrong with this woman?





OK SO first I took the filter media from the goldfish filters and put them in the holding tank. Then I took out the goldies and put them in there too.

So I emptied the 20gal and put the silk plants in the 50. Then I filled the pond up, added the old filter media in with the new (so the pond is seeded) and realized that the filter box floated a little. I didn’t want them getting under it so I used an old piece of granite from the turtle tank I used years ago and viola! Now it’s not all floaty.

Keeping an eye on the heater to see if it’s enough to heat the whole thing. So far keeping it at 70F so I hope it stays that way.

And just so anyone who reads this is not mislead, do not ever set up a tank/pond and add the fish same day unless you use old filter media that has beneficial bacteria. Otherwise you will face terrible ammonia spikes and loose your fish! I suspect the pond will have a few waste spikes, which is why I’m going to test it daily (when possible) and do water changes as needed to keep it under control.

Oh! And the filter came with two other heads that did different things. One was a “bell” and I tried that for .01 seconds before unplugging it because the radius of the “bell” was REALLY BIG AND GOT WATER EVERYWHERE and then I went to the reeeeally pretty sprinkly fountain head thing but that splashed too much water outside of the pond so I had to use the crappy looking one you see here. Functional but doesn’t give as mush aeration as the other two heads. Oh well!