...what is it with me and new man crushes all of a sudden

So i was clicking trough the first episode of Yoi again (because i was looking for the ring on Victor’s left hand,which is btw really there AND THAT MEANS THAT HE’S EITHER DIVORCED OR WIDOWED PLS READ THE DESCRIPTION BY helly-watermelonsmellinfellon) and then i noticed a tiny detail which could have been a hint from the beginning

So after Hisashi talks to Yuuri about his future ,he just looks outside the window where…


Uh,more couples …

…couples and oh and look ! A couple with a poodle !

Yes,the poodle is clearly here because of Vicchan (the irony with the name lol) but what about the couples? Oh man,this boy is obviously also searching for Love,as if this show isn’t already about all kinds of it…

We also saw that Yuuri is interested in romantic love (Yuuri definetely had a crush on Yuko) but since Victor showed up every single emotion seems to be focused on him.And if there won’t show up any girl all of a sudden and becomes a new love interest then either :

1. Yuuri becomes like “Ah yeah,a lover is not that important to me anymore :)”
2. Victuuri

Or they just talk about it and he will find someone else in the future

But seriously tho?? Love is a big deal in Yuri on ice so they have to talk about at least…

P.s : Sorry when i’m just talking shit but i wanted to write this down