do you ever get them moments when you’re just going along with your day and all of a sudden you get attacked with this overwhelming love for exo and you dont even know where it come from like you could be washing the dishes and just think ‘i wonder how the exo members are feeling, are they eating and sleeping well’ then you start to subconsciously smile while thinking of them because they mean so much to you while in the meantime you’ve dropped and smashed like four plates because you’ve got distracted by the wonders that are kim junmyeon zhang yixing byun baekhyun park chanyeol oh sehun kim minseok do kyungsoo kim jongdae and kim jongin 


Yeah, what did Cisco just vibe? :3

This is what happens when I don’t draw for 2 weeks lol It’s hella cheesy, this is why I’m not a writer! Although it’s messy, I really didn’t expect the drawings to come out quite well, so I’m pleased :3 

This is possibly my last entry for this month’s Harriscofest, so please check out @heckyeahharrisco​  ‘s blog to see more Harriscofest entries made by other shippers! 


So just recently, I came across this novelization of Cursed Child by BoleynC ( @claudiaboleyn ) and I was completely floored. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I legit cried at the latest update, which was the famous dementor scene you see here - and of course I had to draw my take on it! 

I took a bit of liberty in the composition by drawing Albus like a Patronus; the memories Scorpius has of him was what kept him from succumbing to despair, kinda like how a Patronus would protect you//

(If you haven’t read the novelization yet, you def should - you won’t regret it ;D )

When it comes to film adaptations of very famous works of literature, there’s always a lot of pressure on the artist to produce something worth its background. In this case, Welles created a technically grandiose movie loyal to Kafka’s story, but enhanced by the infusion of Welles’ own vision. The Trial stands as one of the most accomplished book-to-film adaptations, and in Welles’ rich career, it’s a film that ranks among the very best.

‘The Trial’: Orson Welles’ Exhibition of Paranoia, Illogicality and Personal Responsibility in His Take on Kafka’s Classic


Jensen singing at SNS thanks to  Sherry Schuderer