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I was asked several times to do the “Meet the Artist” thing and ya– Here you go lol It’s like 6am 8)))

em-niwa is a nice person that keeps making b-day gifts for everybody so i decided to make a gift for them cause its a great opportunity to draw BEST SAURON

so here’s the hot peacock mairon doodlr (amazinggg design, i mean, much more amazing than this there^ of course by em-niwa). I tried!

happy b-day man! 

in which Lotor does something right, then fucks up

Lotor: Once more I have come with gifts for my paladins of voltron! I heard the crazy man with a broom is not home and decided to take the oppertunity

Lotor: I have bought this”hand held” human game device for the green paladin, its suppose to be powered by the light of stars

Pidge:(sNATCH) (flees to horder hole)

Lotor: I have gotten the yellow paladin a stuffed sack of hair meant to illastrate a earth animal (hands hunk the cutest damn teddy bear you ever seen)

Hunk:dawww (hugs it)

Lotor:(after rightfully taking a picture of the purest thing to happen in the universe) For the blue paladin I have collected the abandoned homes of equatic life for you to enjoy looking at (hands sea shells)

Lance: thanks! (looks at shells with whistfull expression)

Lotor:(nods) For princess Allura I have aquired the nearly exstinct plant known as the junarberry to present to you

Allura: (doesnt want to accept gift, really wants gift, begrungingly takes plant) I accept this as a offering of good will, not as a courting gift

Lotor: I will accept the current terms of accepting the plant (turns to keith) and finnally for the black paladin and fellow half garla I have brought the traditional courting gift (brings out a space prisoner) a gladiator of true merrit that rivaled the champion in prowess, at your command as a guard for your body


Keith:you have a minute and a half to get off this ship before I start removing teeth from your mouth and shoving them into your eyes

Lotor:(running for life like a smart boy) that went excellent! most of the paladins did not threaten nor maim me and the black paladin acknowledged my presence!

Ok guys like srsly, can we have a Most Wanted Appreciation Day? Like we talk about Most Wanted the whole day because I love and miss the series so much and desperately needing Book Two and I really need to know what happens next. Post screencaps, make fan arts, write fanfictions, edits, or whatsover everything about Most Wanted. 

okay, I never watched the original Voltron series but from what I’ve gathered: Prince Lotor is an asshole that flirted with Allura. And I’ve been seeing this thing going on saying, “what if instead of Lotor flirting with Allura and getting in a fist fight with Lance, it’s Lotor flirting with Lance and getting into a fist fight with Allura”, and well, I’m here to propose you:

Lotor flirting with Lance, Keith getting into a fist fight with Lotor.

“EXCUSE ME WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING, PRINCE???” Keith exclaims as he lunges at Lotor, immediately starting a fist fight with him. Everybody can tell Keith is gay and in love with Lance.