“A writer is a world trapped inside a person.” - Victor Hugo

Pano kaya kung ang mga magulang natin nagkaTumblr din...

*Nag Post*
“Tangina, bat moko iniwan? Mahal na mahal kita. Kulang pa ba?”

Dad liked your post
Dad reblogged your post and said,


Mom reblogged your post and said,

“Magmura ka pa. Maguusap tayo paguwi ko.”

Waley Gao
SISP Thermal Insulation NYCO Canvas Fishtail Parka FW13 | GG 15S-ES-PL01 SPC Pants
ΛCRИM 3A-5TS | ΛCRИM X NikeLab LF1-001


This is what techwear is all about.

A short video about urban exploration featuring the Arc'teryx Veilance Nomin Pack. Shot and edited by Ryan Sheppard and Waley Gao.

thousand-miles-lovestory  asked:

1-100 be. Sige na please :)

Q’s for you to A
1. do you have a favourite sweater? Yes!
2. what’s your middle name? Mendoza
3. do you still talk to the first person you kissed? N/A
4. do you get on with your grandpa`? Nope, di ko na siya naabutan
5. what was your favourite cartoon as a kid? Blues Clues!!!
6. what’s your favourite cartoon now? Waley!
7. do you read the news paper? Yes!
8. who was the last text you sent to ? kay Mama
9. what does the last text you sent say? Ma, bukas nako uuwi, baha dito eh. HAHAHA
10. if you could have any hair colour what would it be? Red!
11. do you like nature documentaries? Yes, super!
12.what is your aesthetic? Idk :(
when did you last pet a dog? Bata pako kaso di nagtagal samin, ayaw ni mama e.
13. whose friend’s parents do you like the most? Di ko din alam.
14. have you ever been on a road trip? Yes naman!
15. tell me about someone you know called emma. Hindi ko alam ‘to.
16. are you reading a book in english class, what is it? Hmmm, I’m not reading tuwimg english class, tamad ako magbasa eh pero nung elementary mga pambatang stories na in english. Like The Little Prince.
17. do you have a favourite aunt? Yes?
baths or showers? Showers! Pero takot ako sa shower.
18. skiing or sun bathing? Skiing!
do you kill spiders? Nooooo, im afraid!
19.phave you ever made an ice pop? Yes?
are you wearing shoes right now? Nope.
tell me about you favourite primary school/elementary school teacher. Nasagot ko na to.
who was the last person you hugged? Si jami ganda
do you wear glasses? Nope. 20/20 pa vision ng mata ko. Lol.
do you have a cat? None pero ako kado yung pusa samin.
do you have a favourite pair of underwear? Yep
what was your last tweet? Nung after ng PUP Rock Out. WOH!
do you still use facebook? Yes.
do you like birds? Hmmm. No?
who was the last person you called cute? Me? Jk! Hahahahaha sino ano. Secret.
who was the last person that called you cute? Malay ko. HAHA hindi din nanay ko eh, hindi rin mga kaibigan ko. In short, wala.
how did you meet your best friend? 1st day ng school ngayong college. Nag click kami kagad.
escalators or elevators? ESCALATORS!
are you named after anyone, who? Sa libro kinuha name ko eh, so wala.
what was your first url? Sweetapplesaegyo
autumn or winter? Autumn!
do you win at scrabble? No, weak ako don eh.
put your ipod on shuffle , who is the first song that comes up by? Today my life begins by Bruno Mars
have you ever drunk from a mason jar? Not yet.
can you draw? Yes.
what was your first profile picture? Si Justin Bieber (Ew. Pero fan niya ko noong 1st year HS ako. Kabisado ko pa mga old songs niya.)
favourite tshirt? Yung Lady bug at marinduque shirt ko.
best tumblr friend? @kinikimkeem
@dead-keed when did you last run? Idk. Hahahaha gumagapang lang ako tas nakababa yung buhok. Char!
do you like to paint your nails? Yes? Noon, nasisira kuko ko kaya ayoko na.
did you ever do something as a kid that got you into loads of trouble? Mabait ako noon
who is your favourite dog that isn’t yours? Shiba Inu sa Fb. SHIBE BEBE!
have you ever been drunk? NOPE.
have you ever done something you regret while drunk? N/A
do you want to kiss anyone right now? NOPE
do/did you like you math teacher? NOOOOOO! A BIG NO.
do you often ride the bus? NO, sometimes lang.
do you have a fireplace in your house? Waley
are you violent when you’re angry? Yes? Pero sa sarili ko. Masokista ko e.
do you cry when you’re angry? Yes, doon ko nailalabas lahat.
favourite Harry potter book? Wala.
can you remember your last dream? Nope. :(
do you go to bed early or late? Late.
do you speak a second language? Yes, korean. Pero keme keme lang.
who was your first ever best friend? Aubrey Sta.Mina
have you ever had an operation? Nope. Muntikan palang.
tell me about your favourite cousin. Hmmm, kasama ko siya lumaki, palagi kaming magkasama non. Magkahawak kamay ganun, body guard ko talaga siya. Bawal lumapit sakin yung mga lalaki kapag kasama ko siya. Pero ngayon, isa na siya sa katulad ko, girlalu na din. :(
do you have a piece of clothing that doesn’t even fit you anymore but you can’t bare to throw away? Yes, oo.
have you ever been in a musical? Nope.
do you have a porch? Nah
how many times have you watched your favourite movie? Hangga’t di ako nagsasawa.
what do you order at mcdonalds? Burger Mcdo kahit ayoko ng mayonnaise.
do you get on with old people? Nope. :(
science fiction or romance? Sci-Fi!
do you take naps? Yes!
how many classes do you/did you take in high-school? 9 ata.
when did it last snow where you live? N/A
does it ever snow where you live? Nope, sana meron sa Pinas.
how many months until your birthday? Basta next year pa. Huhuhu
how much charge does your computer have right now? Hmmm. Ewan.
what is your favourite disney channel movie? Ewan, dami kong gustong movie sa disney e.
the city or the sea side? SEA SIDE!
what is your least favourite colour? Neon Colors.
do you have homework to do? Yes, yes and yes.
are you still friends with your first best friend? Nah uh. Kinalimutan nako.
do you have/are you the gay cousin? Yes? Malapit na.
do you own dungarees? None
do you like to play sport? Medyo.
what was your favourite ever christmas present? Yung anime ko na shirt non.
how old are you? 20 but mukhang 12. Jk!
what is your mum’s name? Edita
do you ever use internet explorer? No!!!!
have you ever had blonde hair? Yes? Highlights.
is their a play park near your house? Medyo medyo.
when did you last see the person you have a crush on? Nung summer pa. TSAMU maybe?
who did you last talk to on the phone? Ate Jonalyn
pants or dresses? PANTS!!!!
do you read fan fiction? NOPE!!!
what is you’re favourite blog? @kinghippolytus @adobongmayfeelings
@thebrypolar do you write poetry? Yes, you can visit my blog!!
drama or comedy? COMEDY!
have you ever had a hickey? nah.
Your own question that you want me to answer- Ano ate? HAHAHAHA

Thanks ate @thousand-miles-lovestory naka mobile lang ako kaya di ko naayos. Mwa labyu ate! @medyo-gaga dito nadin yung iyo baby! Loveyou both! Magadang umaga!

sabi ko pupunta ako bukas sa tsemu pero anuna beh waley, pede nang kulayan hay kasi naman student duties :—( may community extension bukas tapos finals yon hay sayang next time na laang ge

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