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Pic by Bryan Chang

RapMonster x Wale CHANGE  Lyrics :


Oh, tell me that dark could never win the light
Oh, tell me that wrong could never win the right
Baby, tell me that we gon’ someday stop the fight
And tell me that every, everything gon’ be alright
Oh tell me who’s stupid, baby, is it me or them?
Just tell me who’s insane, baby, is it me or them?
In this crazy world after patience, could we get the pearl?
But this world, which teaches me, preaches me how to curl
Oh, fxxk the school
All we got is mad teachers and some visible classes
Divided spaces, and forever-lastin’ stresses
Everybody’s mad
Kill people with fingers on Twitter
More than a gun, more than a knife
The tip of your tongue just glitter
Would the pain always win you gain? (Nah)
How could you bet? It’s damn checkin’ game (Yeah)
We’re losin’ again, homie, we losin’ too many things
What should we tell our sons?
You know that they will be the men
Like you and me  

If hope is a taste, what’s yours?
What you eat all day? 
(What you eat all day?)
And if your love is a game
Are we losin’, losin’? Oh 

World is gonna change (ooh ooh ooh)  x 4

Ya. Yeah, tell me what is really real?
I’m tryna buy a new Ferrari for my newest deal 
Baby girl say, the world really hate us, huh?
Pray a lot maybe God give you St Laurent 
Wish that I could change the world but they hold back 
When it’s time to go, the people just be mad again 
And what if I could change the world with a pen and pad?  
When it’s time to vote, the people turn to mannequins 
Challenge that. Namjoon, I’m the man too 
I’m out in Chevy Chase the teachers used to lampoon   
I sing songs, haikus, over rap tunes. 
High IQ lookin’ for a Song Hye Kyo, 
Hey cuuutie girl, yeah 
I’m tryna keep it a hunnet 
Got no faith in the government that’s why we need eachother. 
Hey. Laughin to keep from cryin’ 
Folarin’s a rap monster. BTS is the army 
Now it’s on me 
I'mma keep the piece until I see some more peace 
I'mma keep it G, forever keep it lowkey 
Take a trip to south korea with some DCOGs 
Chiefin’ OG
I’m chief in OG 
Hated by alt-rights and racist police   
Say woohoo 
Man, 12 coming 
They make them kids really freeze when they say ‘Freeze!’ Freeze! 

x4 (World is gonna change ,ooh ooh ooh)
x4 (World is gonna change
The world is gonna change
The world is gonna change)

Moonz (Wale’s fans)
Praying for better days for you and I 
I see progress via my daughters eyes 
I think, I think too much now and drink too much now 
And numb it ‘cause I don’t wanna cry 
Praying for a better place for you and I 
I see some grass growin’ the winter’s eyes 
I think, I think too much now And drink too much now 
To numb it ‘cause I don’t wanna die 
I believe that real friends love you to no limit (yeah)
I believe that real change lies in the mirror (yeah)
Since I was a lil one was supposed to get much status 
Now they got their hands up for me like a stick up  
Say, Hands up, hands up like a stick up
Hands up hands up like a stick up 
Since I was a little one Was supposed to get much status 
Got their hands up for me like a stick up 
Take it day by day. night by night 
Its on you and me 
If I’m gon shine,   not stoppin’
Day by day, night by night 
It is on you an I
Moonz and the Army right (my hands up) 

Credit to k-armys / youtube comments / my ears lol
By @mimibtsghost Love U Army!


October 11th 1297 a letter from Wallace and Moray to the mayors of Lübeck and Hamburg was drawn up, saying that “The Kingdom of Scotland has, by God’s Grace, recovered by battle from the power of the English”.

This is a remarkable piece of history, and I am honoured to have seen it in person when it was on loan to Scotland a few years ago.

The Lübeck letter was first discovered preserved in the Lübeck archives in the 1820s. It was often mentioned in books thereafter. In 1942, Lübeck, on the Baltic coast of Germany, was attacked by Allied aircraft. As a result, the town’s archives, including the letter, were moved to a saltmine for safety. At the end of the war, the Soviet army took the papers east. The archives were later handed over to the archive administration of East Germany, but the medieval documents were not among the records. It was assumed that they had been lost.

In the 1970s Lübeck documents were found in the archives of the USSR. In 1990, after some negotiation, the town’s medieval records, including Wallace and Murray’s letter, were returned to Lübeck where they remain today.

There have been calls for the letter to be returned to Scotland, whereas it would be nice to have it to display in one of our museums I think it is as a piece of Lübeck’s history as ours, and also as recipients of the letter it is rightfully there property.

Originally, there were two letters; one to Lübeck and one to Hamburg. The contents were identical and the letters were scribed within a month of the Scots’ success at Stirling Bridge.

The translated letter reads……

Andrew de Murray and William Wallace, leaders of the army of the kingdom of Scotland, and the community of the same kingdom, to their worthy, discreet and beloved friends the mayors and communes of Lübeck and Hamburg, greeting, and increase always of sincere friendship.

It has been intimated to us by trustworthy merchants of the said kingdom of Scotland that you by your own goodwill are giving counsel, help and favour in all causes and business concerning us and our merchants, although our merits had not deserved this, and therefore all the more are we bound to you to give you thanks and a worthy recompense, to do which we are willing to be obliged to you; and we ask you that you will make it be proclaimed amongst your merchants that they can have secure access to all ports of the kingdom of Scotland with their merchandise since the kingdom of Scotland, thanks be to God, has by arms been recovered from the power of the English. Farewell.

Given at Haddington in Scotland on the 11th day of October in the year of grace one thousand two hundred and ninety seven.

We request moreover that you will see fit to forward the business of John Burnet and John Frere, our merchants, just as you wish us to forward the business of your merchants. Farewell. Given as before.”

Significantly, the letter carries the only known impression of William Wallace’s personal seal, which shows the Scottish Lion Rampant on the front and on the reverse, a strung bow with a protruding arrow. The inscription appears to read ‘William, son of Alan Wallace’, which is interesting in relation to determining just who Wallace was exactly. An Aleyn Waleys – described as ‘tenant le Roi du counte de Are’ – signed the 1296 ‘Ragman Roll’ and he is quite possibly William Wallace’s father.

Another thing about the letter is the fact that Moray is involved with it, Andrew de Moray was, in the North of Scotland every bit as important as Wallace, history tells us that he was wounded at Stirling Bridge and died of his wounds in November so how involved in this was he?, if I had a time machine I would use it to learn more about Wallace and Moray.

who needs disney when there’s early 2000s bollywood ?? 

a mix for all the brown kids out there who grew up wanting to find the shah rukh kahn to their kajol (or vice versa)!


Aal Izz Well / 3 Idiots // Zoobie Doobie / 3 Idiots // Give Me Some Sunshine / 3 Idiots // Kajrare Kajrare / Bunty Aur Babli // Dhadak / Bunty Aur Babli // Nach Baliye / Bunty Aur Babli // Chak De India / Chak De India // Dola Re Dola / Devdas // Sheesha Se Sheesha / Devdas // Dhoom Machale / Dhoom // Dilbaara / Dhoom // Crazy Kiya Re / Dhoom 2 // Ab Aja Mere Piya / Devdas // Dhoom Again / Dhoom 2 // Dil Bole Hadippa / Dil Bole Hadippa // Discowale Khisko / Dil Bole Hadippa // Ghar Aja Perdesi / Dil Wale Dulkanian Le Jayeinge // Mehendi Laga Ke Rakna / Dil Waley Dulhanian Le Jayeinge // Tujhay Dekha To Jana Sanam / Dil Waley Dulhanian Le Jayeinge // Desi Girl / Dostana // Shut Up and Bounce / Dostana // Nagada Nagada / Jab We Met // Mauja Hi Mauja / Jab We Met // Koi Mil Gaya / Kuch Kuch Hota Hai // Kuch Kuch Hota Hai / Kuch Kuch Hota Hai // Ladki Badi / Kuch Kuch Hota Kai // Kalay Megha / Laagan // Humko Humi Se Churalo / Mohabbtein // O Mitwaa Sun / Lagaan // Ajab Si / Om Shanti Om // Soni Soni Aakhiyon Wali / Mohabbtein // Dard-E-Disco / Om Shanti Om // Aankhein Khuli Hon Ya / Mohabbtein // Do U Wanna Partner / Partner // Deewangi Deewangi / Om Shanti Om // Soni De Nakhre / Partner // You’re My Love / Partner // Dhoom Taana / Om Shanti Om // Singh Is Kinng / Singh Is Kinng // Jee Karda / Singh Is Kinng // Bhootni Ke / Singh Is Kinng // Bum Bum Bole / Taare Zameen Par // Jame Raho / Taare Zameen Par // Teri Ore / Singh Is Kinng // Bunti Aur Babli / Bunti Aur Babli // It’s The Time To Disco / Kal Ho Na Ho // Kuch To Hua Hai / Kal Ho Na Ho // Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai / Saajan // Mere Khawabon Mein Jo / Dil Waley Dulhanian Le Jayeinge // Rang De Basanti / Rang De Basanti // Pretty Woman / Kal Ho Na Ho // Yeh Ladka Hai Deewana / Kuch Kuch Kota Hai // Mahi Ve / Kal Ho Na Ho

sobrang-ganda-ko  asked:

Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send this to the last 10 people in your activity feed. 💕

1. Yung amoy ng toasted bread na may butter. Yung tipong kakalabas lang sa oven toaster.
2. Yung overwhelming feeling kapag kakapasok mo lang sa isang bookstore or library tapos ang dami daming libro, hindi mo alam kung ano ang uunahin mong hawakan at basahin.
3. Yung maaga kang nagising, mga alas singko, pero okay lang yung pakiramdam mo tapos mapapanood mo na lang yung sunrise at masaya kang nagising ka ng ganung oras.
4. Yung may napatawa kang tao kahit akala mong waley yung joke mo o kaya di ka naman nagjoke pero napangiti mo parin sila at alam mong hindi fake yung tawa o ngiti nila.
5. Yung realization na all this time kahit lumayo ka na at lahat o kaya naging failure yung plano mo at ang down na ng feeling mo, nandyan parin si God para sa'yo at alam mong di naman nagbago ang pagmamahal niya sayo kahit kailan.

“A writer is a world trapped inside a person.” - Victor Hugo