...wait whut

What really goes down in Wanna One’s dorm

Jihoon reading Guanlin bed time stories every night

N00ds… wait whut

Woojin becoming a bed for all his members

Jinhwi being the young couple they are 

Sungwoon’s and Jisung’s midnight jams.. bcuz YMC doesn’t allow them to go clubbing..HA

Jihoon practicing his winks and kisses ft. Side chick Jaehwan 

2park gang fights 

Jaehwan and Daniel being shookt by new generation technology

This is meant to be a joke… so please don’t take this seriously😂😂😂 Also I literally can’t wait for their reality show.. I’m hella excited~


JUNGKOOK : *whispers* Hyung do you think they know about us ?

JIMIN : *whispers back* Hell NO ! we are VERY low key !

JIN : *wiping the dishes* Why do they whisper that loud everytime ? Even Hyenas in  Africa can hear them ?!

RAPMON : How can we tell them ? We tried every subtle way …

JHOPE : *screams from the other room* GAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY !!!! 

V : *passing by jikook eating an apple* So *bites* who is the GIRL in the relationship ? 

JIKOOK ( ) ( ⊙ Д ⊙ ) !!!!!!!!!!

BONUS : Hyenas in Africa  !!

Hyena 1 : WAIT WAIT ! He did whut ? 

Hyena 2 : He slapped the jibooty Gurl. They are official !


have some more “YAT” images from muh DA

and yeah, Molly’s adopted :>

exo boyfriend!chanyeol

•"hey. I’m tall, handsome, cute, and I have biceps. Date me.“

•"dude whut”

•many cuddles

•buying cute little Rilakkumas and then accidentally filling your entire apartment with them

•you wanting to take a bath and he wants to join but he’s too tall for both of you to fit in it together

•so you guys just take a shower instead

•having dancing competitions

•you winning because look at him

•always having a giant staring at you and smiling 24/7

•having nerf war fights

•you winning because he can’t bare to see you upset

•being teased due to the height difference

•"babe come here, I want a kiss!“


•"chanyeol. bend down a little"

•*purposely looks around to make it seem as if he can’t see you* “huh, where is she?”

•having to stand on his feet just so you can reach his lips

•taking stupid pictures

•playing with his ears and he doesn’t mind it because it’s you

•cooking together

•of course it turns out “amazing”

•going soooo far with him

•like all the way to freaking China with him, that’s how far you will go

 •pulling pranks on him

•he then has a sulk on for the rest of the day

•you obviously try and make him stop ignoring you but then you give up and walk away.

•he of course stops you and apologise for being childish and silly 

•drawing on each other’s face.

•wait whut, I don’t even know how I thought of that

•taking care of your best friends little siblings with him and because you guys are both really good with children, you guys end up creating a daycare!

•hehehe, just kidding

•you being the big spoon and he’s the small spoon

•but then spooning turns into being suffocated by a huge chanyeol

•you attempting one of his raps and ends up being better at it than he is

•he gets teased for that by the members

•"ahahaha! Chanyeol, your girlfriend is better at your raps than you are!“

 •"shut up Chen!”

•cute nicknames for each other like ‘giant baby’ ‘green giant’ ‘midget’ ‘dwarf. hehe 

•I know this isn’t really long but it doesn’t matter, you can get the jist of what dating chan would be like; if you don’t then let me summarise. So dating him would be like dating a giant baby that likes to tease you all the time and buy you teddy bears. Of course there’s his problematic side but you deal with it because you know he doesn’t mean what he says, or his mouth just can’t process what he is thinking properly so it blabbers… Hehe, anyways, like I said. Dating chanyeol is like dating a giant baby.

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Just Another Murder Mystery: Part 13

Alternate Ending:

Laina: But… I’m not a detective. 

Meg: *long suffering sigh* I was being facetious. 

Meg: Who could resist?

Laina: …. Wait whut?

Meg: *continues rambling* I was kind of surprised actually…

Meg: All that preparation for nothing!

*proceeds to villain monologue*


*and ever* 

*and ever* 


Meg: *flails* ……. And that’s how it happened.

Meg: Easily. 

Meg: *reaches for something* 

Laina: *tenses* 

Because every great villain needs a good mustache.


Meg: *drops to the floor* *is dead-ed* 

Laina: *smirks* 

Laina: *stares down at Meg’s lifeless body* 

Laina: Thanks for doing all the dirty work for me darlin’. 

*door bursts open*



I just finished reading “The Ancient Magus Bride” all the way to the current chapter IN TWO FREAKING DAYS AND IT’S JUST——


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Did you see the back and forth with C and Dua? C is just surrounding herself with hot girls!

Wait whut? I checked. Dua hasn’t responded yet. Wachuu talkin’ bout?? Well that is what Lauren gets as a punishment for hanging with Ty. Hmp. Funny how juz a few weeks ago, we were busy pairing Camila with juz about anyone because I felt so bad for her when I have seen tyren videos and shit, and looks like Camila has heard our request, the girl is workin’ on her ladies game, uh huh, you doin’ good sweetie. 👌🏻