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The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.


FFXV Cosplay - Noctis and Ardyn

FINISHED! We are finished!!! Mentally and cosplay-wise! I cant believe the costumes are finished to wear. And I cant wait to wear them actually! HAH!

Thank you very much for following our progress, for sending motivation and encouragement! For tipps and likes. <3 You are truly the best!

So next will be REAL photos with this two trash-cans. :D Please look forward to it!

The last pictures are Make-up tests only, because we had to train a bit more. And some Ardynoct shenanigans issued… >.>” (do you want to see that?)

Happy Halloween/ Samhain!!

Ok, so I really wanted to get SOMETHING up for this Halloween, however I kind of ran out of time. SO this is a rough WIP… very rough…

The Griffin has this amazing new ability to DIVE and I’ve wanted this from a video game flying mount since I started playing games as a kid. I want this animation/mechanic to apply to all flyers in ark now, especially the wyvern.

Because honestly? It’s beautiful.

Thanks to @sourbluefreezy and @joasakura, I’m working on more catdads.  Have an excerpt.

They showed him the documentation before he took the job, and it’s pretty clear he’s after a real pair of desperadoes.  These two have left a trail of bodies, theft, and occasional devastation in their wake from one hemisphere to the other, and he reckons it’s about time someone put a stop to it.

When they catch him in an ambush, he realizes that someone isn’t going to be him.

One of the bastards catches him from behind—he’s so damn strong, it’s like being wrestled by a bear—and the other one lands from what must be a three story drop, uncoils like he’s made of shock absorbers, then heads straight for him at an unhurried walk.  “Jesse McCree,” he says in a low growl of a voice.  That’s just grand, they know him. “Look what the cat dragged in.”

The man behind him laughs.  It sounds beyond rough, almost inhuman…and familiar.  “You smell godawful, kid.  Like cigars soaked in stale tequila and piss.”

“Also, you look like a werewolf.”  Jesse opens his mouth to protest; trying to kill him his one thing, but the insults are just uncalled for.  But then the man in front of him pushes back his hood to reveal his grinning, scarred, cat-eared face.

“Well, damn,” Jesse says faintly, as he’s spun around and enveloped in the arms of his two favorite dead men.

“Surprise,” Gabriel says against his ear, and then nuzzles Jesse hard enough to give him beard burn.


The Night’s Watch Otayuri AU no one asked for or someone already did sorry not sorry yay

Yuri actually went to the Night’s Watch because his family didn’t think he was fit to inherit their legacy, due to rumors on his sexual preferences (kinda like Loras Tyrell but Yuri’s family sucks and didn’t cover up for him), so he just shot a great fuck you and left the family, saying that he could better anywhere other than with them. He’s really skiled with the sword and really smart so he gets a post within the Rangers on his second week there.

Otabek chose to go too. He stole some food from a rich family who had lots of stocked for a specially tough winter. He knew he would be punished, so he volunteered to go to the Watch when they were on his city recruiting. He always practiced sword fighting with his father and younger sister, so he became the Master At Arms, training the new recruits that got there


this is still very much a wip, but here u go either way!! idk when i’ll be able to finish this but stay tuned i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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