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I suppose one would want context for this.

There were was this post going around about how John Stewart became a Star Sapphire but his costume was basically the same as his Green Lantern Uniform

“Why would that cause hubub?” one may ask. After all, when characters go through changes it tends to be that elements of their original look remains the same.

Well, it’s becuase it seemed a little suspicious becuase the Star Sapphires seem to be traditionally an all-female lantern corps whose primary emotional core is love (Of course, because love is such an exclusively female thing, amirite? Ahhh, the sexist old days.).

And becuase these are superhero comics the Star Sapphires tend to be, well….



Less Modest.

Could be chalked up to just John Stewart already having a uniform so the Star Sapphire outfit was just using that as a base… I mean, it happened to Guy Gardner

Surely it has to do with having a previously established costume, righ-?


I mean, in comparison it is barely any worse than her traditional outfit but it is more overtly sexual in its design and Guy and John didn’t go through such radical thematic changes. I call foul. Also, great job, DC on being thoroughly incapable of distinguishing “Love” from “Lust”. I mean why else would they make the all female lantern corps focused on “Love” all scantily-clad?

And look, 

Abraham Pointe, A dude who is exclusively Star Sapphire and he’s as fully clothed as any other superhero dude. Welcome to the pattern

DC dun effed up, yo.

If they were going to go with this whole “Skimpy Star Sapphire” thing then it should be a rule across the board, should it not? Why should guys be the exception? 

I mean besides the obvious reasons of pandering to straight dudes’ sexual appetites rather than do something that’s right or makes sense.

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My disadvantage is I have only a limited amount of words to tell you what I mean but you can answer with a whole novel if you want...But I would kindly ask you all to just stop a minute and start thinking about the fact HOW LONG A YEAR IS?A whole year is enough to fall into a deep deep depression! If you think it's enough to "just make up in his own way by bringing the guild back", then NO JUST NO. I never wanted them to train together first of all but I have a huge problem with the way he left!

Ahh I think this latest chapter shows that it wasn’t just natsu leaving that hurt Lucy. It was the disbanding of Fairy Tail and EVERYONE going their separate ways.

So uh. Yeah. Not all Natsu’s fault tbh.

I’ll just leave you with that because I’m really sick and tired of defending natsu when people just won’t listen to it.

All Yours (Nate Maloley imagine)

| Requested by anon: Can u do an imagine where Nates little brother, Stew, has a crush on y/n & Nate hates it but y/n thinks it’s cute

(Nate’s POV)

“Is (Y/N) coming over today?” Stew asked me. I furrowed my brows out of confusion

“Uh yeah, why?”

“I haven’t seen her in a while.” He smiled slightly. Stew always had an eye on (Y/N) even though she’s a couple of years older and my girlfriend.

What the hell does my little brother want to do with my girlfriend anyways? “Why are you smiling like that?” I smirked.

“I’m not.”

I shook my head and brushed my teeth. I was excited for today. We were going to Venice and have a little day for ourselves.

I was getting dressed until I heard voices from downstairs. “You look great! How are you?” I heard Stew say.

“Thank you. I’m good! What about you?” (Y/N).

“I’m great. Thanks for asking.” I heard the little shit smiling in his voice.

“Where’s your brother?” She asked him.

“Upstairs. Might take a while, you know how he is. Sit. Do you want something to drink?” He asked her.

“Uh, no thanks. Thanks for asking, though!”

“Oh, c'mon.” He insisted.

She chuckled and gave in. “Alrighty, just a coke.”

I hurried with gathering my stuff and getting dressed and got downstairs as fast I could.

I walked downstairs and saw my beautiful girl sitting on my couch. “Hey babe.” I kissed her cheek what made her blush.

“Hi.” She said while putting her phone away.

“How long have you been waiting?” I asked while throwing an arm around her.

“Not too long. 5 minutes?” I nodded and watched Stew walk in the room. “Aw, thanks, Stew.” She smiled at him. He returned a smile and sat on the other couch.

“Has this little shit been bothering you while I was upstairs?” I asked while glaring at my little brother.

“No, not at all. Just being a gentleman.”

I looked over at Stew who had the most stupid smirk on his face. “Unlike you, brother. Letting this beautiful girl wait.”

I raised my brows and heard (Y/N) laugh. “Alright, let’s go babe.” I stood up, slightly pulling her with me.

“See ya, Stew.” She said while patting his shoulder.

I walked over to my car as (Y/N) followed me. Once we were in the car I heard her laughing. “What’s so funny?” I asked her.

“You being jealous at your little brother.” She smirked.

“He’s a fucking kid. How can I be jealous at him?” I asked while driving out of my street.

“Or at least a little pissed?” I looked over at her and she still has her little smirk on her face.

“Oh, c'mon. He’s my little brother, he has no right to be crushing on my girlfriend.”

“I think it’s adorable.” She giggled.

“And I think it’s fucking annoying.”

“Don’t be such a pessimist.”

“I’m not. He needs to find his own love life.” I sighed.

“I’m all yours, Nathan.” She placed her hand on mine. “All yours.” A smirk grew on my face.

All mine.

| Thanks for requesting anon! I enjoyed writing this :)

so thanks to a pal of mine, i managed to get scans of the second Takehito Harada Art Works artbook and all the lovely artwork and better-res design notes therein. though there’s one of said notes in particular i’m really curious on??

this is on Almaz’s page. at the very least i know they pertain to the oaths of a hero said in disgaea3, but otherwise i have no idea what they say.

so uh, yeah. if anyone can translate these, it’d be super appreciated. ;o;

ahahahah im back

more!!! memories!!!!
okay so
since bro was the doting piece of shit he was hed call me like
the russian equivalents of sweetpea amd babydoll and shit like that, one of which being: сладкая [slaht•kah•yah] which is basically [my] sweet
im honestly not sure if this is a thing but i feel more of a connection to bats than i do birds!
and as it turns out i dont have the rose and john from this timeline (i have two overlapping ones) so uh

You’re Mine

Requested: No

Pairing: Kai and ____

Rated: R for Roses :3

Jk but for reals this is NSFW

A/N: You obviously put your name in the blank btw :3

“Get eggs!”

“Okay! I won’t forget this time!” I exclaim back at my roommate. I hang up the phone an continue to push the cart down the dairy aisle. “Where’s the yogurt?” I say to myself. 

“Right here.” Says someone behind me. I jump from surprise. I turn around to see a tall and handsome man with a grey sweatshirt and some jeans. So simple, but he made it look so good. I couldn’t help but stare at his plump lips.

“Uh, ‘re you gonna take it or…” He says, and I turn my attention to the pack of yogurt in his hands. “Uh, yeah.” I say, hesitantly taking the yogurt out of his hands. I mentally face-palm at my extreme dorkiness.

He laughs. “Okay. See ya later.” He says, and I take one more good look at him before he goes. “Bye, thanks.” 

He nods and pushes his cart elsewhere. I bite my lip as dirty thought rush into my mind. I immediately shake the thoughts away. “Eggs.” I say, reminding myself.

I push my cart trying to find the eggs in the dairy aisle, it being bigger than I anticipated. “Oh yeah, I need bread!” i get once again distracted and zoom toward the aisle at the back of the store. As I searched for the brand we usually get, I feel my arm get tugged, and suddenly I am being pulled to a secluded area. I am now face to face with the beautiful man from before.

Before I know it, he crashes his lips into mine, and we are in a heated make-out session. He starts to kiss down my neck, and I break into reality.

“Wait! I don’t even know who you are.” I say.

“I’m Kai. You?”


“Beautiful name.” He stares into my eyes for a good five seconds, and I feel shivers go down my spine as his deep brown eyes stare into me.

“Thanks.” I say, returning my lips to his. He pushes me into the handicapped bathroom. He grabs both my wrists and pins my arms above me as my back is against the wall. “I want you, Jagiya.” he whispers into my ear, followed by him nibbling on my earlobe. His voice gives me chills.

He pulls my shorts off, along with my underwear. I step out of them, and he starts to strip, also. He pulls out a condom from his pocket..

“I guess he was expecting to fuck somebody in the grocery today.” I think to myself.

He slides it on his length. “Turn.” He simply demands. I obey. He places his finger on my clit, lightly rubbing it. “Do you want me, __?” He whispers against my neck.

“Yes, please.” 

“Beg.” He presses harder on my clit, circling roughly, kissing my neck. I inhale sharply. 

“Please Kai! I need you inside me! Please fuck me already!” I whimper. I understand that now I am like putty in his hands. I feel him smile on my neck. He backs away, positions himself, and slowly enters me. We both moan loudly. He leans back in and starts to nibble on my earlobe. He thrusts slowly at first.

He puts his hands underneath my shirt, caressing both my breasts. He starts to thrust faster. He guides my hips as he continues to slam into me. “Fuck, Jagiya you’re so tight.” He uses two fingers to continue rubbing my clit, bringing me close to my high.

“Fuck Kai I’m so close.” I start to pant and he squeezes my hips. “Hold it princess, I’m almost there.” he says into my ear, laying his head in the crook of my neck. 

He did what I thought wasn’t even possible and went faster, the sound of  our skin slapping turned me on even more. “I-I’m gonna cum Kai!” 

“Almost there Jagiya, hold it!” I bite my lip and he rubs my clit harder and faster until I couldn’t contain anymore. 

“Now!” He exclaims, and I breathe out harshly as I reached my high. He breathes a few more ragged breathes before he reaches his also.

He pulls out and throws the condom away. “I’ve got to go grocery shopping more often.” He smirks and I roll my eyes.


I was driving with Paramore turned all the way up, ready to tell me roommate the news, when I realized, I forgot the eggs.





i was tagged by the lovely chaunyeol (thank you so much!!) 

Insecurities: my lack of knowledge on some topics, knowing that someone is going to better at something (that i’m passionate about) than me, social awkwardness and my legs 

Fears: high expectations, failure, loosing someone who is very close to me and deserts

Turn ons: intellect, open mindedness, someone who is comfortable with being who they are

Life goals: doing something that i love for living, being able to travel a lot, never stopping learning new things and moving out of this small ass town to live in a city that i fell in love with

Things I like: good food, snow & generally cold weather, cute things that make you grin uncontrollably, laughing so much that you cry, music, photography, art, spending time on the things i enjoy and having things go according to plan

Weaknesses: being a lazy procrastinator, self doubt, perfectionism and also coughs kim taehyung

Things i love: travelling, my family, freedom, things that make me feel very deeply, accomplishment

uh yeah, i’m pretty bad at these… but i tag kitty-kaiby daixlo taekukies spcaes hoseoqe and ofjimins (don’t feel obliged to do this though!)