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So uh, i tried to recreate the iconic full-length body photo for 1,000 followers. I just took some other ones for no reason, but yeah. I look so dead.. Well, I always do.

Kinda failed, but enjoy!

oh jeez what if calvin sees this… eh.


If anyone is like me and desperately trying to figure out how to keep school assignments straight but can’t seem to consistently write in a planner for longer than a week…I’d recommend this lol

It’s called The Homework App! It’s the most streamlined organizational app that I’ve had, and I really like it. (although I believe it’s only on iOS :’( ) It has an option of a paid Pro version, but you can totally get by with what’s free. You’re able to color-code your subjects and set reminders for tasks. You can even set their priority so you make sure the important things get done first! 

The HW App helps me because I check my phone constantly and so when a new assignment comes up it’s easy for me to work it into my schedule. No more physical planners left behind (may they rest in peace).

So this is a random post but I hope it could help some others who are starting off their school years soon! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Post-2001 Hal missing an eye is still my fave thing….Dave is the one who breaks it initially and then Chandra takes the inner workings out because the black hole with a red glow in the middle look is a little unsettling.


Ship: Joshaya

Requested by: @ipikaboo​ Thank you for the prompt!



He was standing in line for tickets when saw them. Maya with some dude who looked straight out of a catalog. He didn’t realize he was staring until his friend, Andrew, waved his hand in front of his face. “Dude, did you just zone out or something?” he asks, following Josh’s gaze over to Maya. “Isn’t that chick the girl who admitted she loved your at that party?”

“Uh yeah, that’s her,” Josh replies, looking away when Maya throws her head back laughing at something her date said. He should be over there making her laugh.

“Wow, do I guess she moved on. That’s good right? That’s what you wanted?” Andrew asks, as they move forward in the line.

Not really. “Yeah,” Josh practically snaps. He shakes his head, he needed to get Maya out of his head. They would have their someday. Their someday just wasn’t today.

After paying for his ticket and some popcorn him and Andrew went into the theater and found some seats. He was munching on his popcorn and watching the previews when he noticed and certain blonde sitting a couple rows in front of them. Great.

He tried to pay attention to the movie, he really did but he just couldn’t when every joke he could hear Mayas laugh. Sometimes during the scary scenes he would see her move closer to her date. Since when was she scared of movies? She must really like this guy.

The next thing Josh knew the movie was over and he had no idea what happened. “That movie was amazing!” Andrew says, as the lights come on.

Not wanting to tell his friend he was staring at his nieces best friend the whole time he just nods in agreement.

“What was your favorite part? Mine was when the clown came out of no where and drove the bus into a house,” Andrew says. “What was yours?”

Josh furrows his brows while Andrew described his favorite part a little confused as to what this movie was actually about. “That was uh mine too,” he replies, since he couldn’t think of any scene.

“Dude I made that up,” Andrew says, catching Josh’s lie. “I saw you staring at her the whole movie. Why don’t you go tell her?”

Josh sighs and thinks for a minute, “Because we’ll have our someday and I am not going to let her sit around and wait for me. I gotta let her live her life until its our time and then I can swoop in.”

                                                    THE END

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     Today, Say’ri no longer felt the static.

    Even after knowing her companionship for years, the bladeswoman still felt a bizarre tingling upon coming into close proximity with the Voice of Naga. Like passing through a thin, aqueous forcefield, simply stepping besides her, as Say’ri did now, felt different from accosting anyone else in conversation, even those of the Ylissean army with fantastic origins like the taguel and the ever-enigmatic tactician.

    She had always chalked it up to a distinct separation in nature between manaketes and man. With the essence of the eldest race, draconic blood, flowing through her veins, as well as possessing the wisdom of several millennia in timeless eyes, it didn’t surprise her that many people, even those from the devout province of Chon’sin, regarded her as a being on another realm. Upon first meeting, Say’ri viewed Tiki as such, despite the Voice’s insistence to not stand on ceremony; one so accustomed to propriety like her still lapsed into formal areas of speech even though Tiki distinctly made an effort to explain to her that she was little different than the other beings who walked upon the land.

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Basorexia :)

Basorexia - An overwhelming desire to kiss

Send me a word and I’ll write a drabble.

Okay, so I still have quite a few of these word prompts to get to, and I will eventually. Thank you for the prompt and so sorry it took me awhile to get to this one, @thegirlfromoverthepond. Uh, yeah. I don’t know how to explain this one except to say it felt right to write it in second person??? I dunno. Forgive me if it’s weird. Book-canon compliant, Peeta POV…sort of. Ugh, just read it and try not to fricassee me over it. <3

A Thousand and One Kisses

I kissed Peeta a thousand times during those Games and after. - Catching Fire, Chapter 24

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How do people not lay blame where it's supposed to go? Us soccer has run the gals to get as much money as possible (hello equal pay issue?) between the number of friendlies (been saying it all year too many), media appearances, then the Olympics didn't go so well? Uh yeah I expect them to be mentally fried. I'm not saying they aren't pros but let's not forget that they DO have a BIGGER work load than others because of the pressure added by USSF for PROFIT that they don't get a part of.

Also, let’s also not forget that I’m sure some of this players do have a small window of opportunity when it comes to making money on tournament years. The amount of appearances and event will die down until the next big event. So they gotta profit while they can because unlike the male players, they won’t be left with much once they retire.

The Opposites : Part 11

PART 1 : PART 2 : PART 3 : PART 4 : PART 5 : PART 6 :PART 7 : PART 8 : PART 9 : PART 10

JB blinked his eyes reading the last bit of his message.

An arranged marriage? That sounds awfully similar to what Gabby went through.

Lost in thought, he started at the rear view mirror, as the reflection of Jackson’s innocent gaze met his. He wasn’t sure if this guy would really be what his sources say he was, but all he could see was the lad’s affection towards his only sister, whom he would only give the best to.

“Hyung! You alright back there? Do I still keep going straight?” Jackson’s perpetually expressive voice cut through his thoughts.

“Uh, yeah.. Just another right turn at the junction and.. ”

As if both Jackson and JB had matched their breaths, they spoke at the same time.

“ It’s that building on the left. ”
“ It’s that building on the left?! ”

You turned to Jackson,“what’s with that building?”

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Just wanted to say that I love your blog and it makes my day. Also what would the clash pick for school supplies for their children

Thank you ahhh!

Joe: “I got you a pen you’re good now”

Mick: everything’s all cool and color coordinated

Paul: just picks up whatever’s colorful

Topper: “yeah uh I got distracted and bought you a guitar instead”

sometimes it ticks me off when people deduce klance as this ‘i fucking hate you but you’re hot so’ trope because!! That’s not what klance is about!! Sure they argued and threw fits a lot in the first episode but besides that they barely fought post ep 5, instead it’s replaced with friendly/teasing banter and. This is the klance I want to see.

Klance where they start from the bottom- from keith barely knowing who lance is, lance being upset, arguing, bonding, playful bickering, having fun, enjoying, crushing, loving. 

Klance where they started from a mere ‘you suck keith’ 'same @ you’ to 'you’re not so bad keith’ 'we’re not so bad after all’ and finally to 'let’s do this together.’ 'don’t leave me.’. Klance where they start off being completely out of sync to being totally in sync, being able to work perfectly without words. Klance where lance is finally able to see Keith as someone on an equal ground as him, being more infatuated with him as they go on more battles together. Keith finding lance annoying at first till he saw more of him- seeing his weaknesses and strengths, his feelings slowly blossoming. 

I need a ‘started from the bottom now we’re here’ klance trope.