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Celebrity Crush

I was tagged by the wonderful @twelvedacrewoods to list five celebrity crushes of mine, here we go, in no particular order;

Dacre Montgomery - yall know why

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson - because look at him

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Drake - champagnepappiiiii

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Michael B. Jordan - He’s so cute and I’m very excited for Black Panther

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Milo Ventimiglia - tbh only bc of his role as Jack Pearson in This Is Us

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Yeah, um thats it - Do I have a type? You tell me. But I do have major daddy issues and these guys help out a lot

I tag : @lovelydacre @dacrestories @princess-chocolate-drop @powerstrangerdacre @daddy-montgomery plus everybody else who wants to do this obvi



I was going to wait and share my etsy shop once I had more items listed but idk i’m sick of waiting so here it is!

Check it out at emcolbsdesign and favorite it so you can see when I do add more stuff to it! 

Right now I have my little raspberry charms up! they’re only $5 and they’ll keep you company on ur phone or keys forever!


Mr. and Mrs. Perlman