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hi, i love your blog!! what are your favourite blogs?

aw thank u :’) i have.. A Lot

uh first my gf @violethowell shes on hiatus but shes a good

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so uh yeah rad blogs if i forgot u pls deck me 

i get major second-hand embarrassment when i watch my favorite tv shows/movies with family, my parents, or at school. and there are certain scenes where I even have to point out, (uh, y-yeah this part is..) you know, whenever they play that one movie at your school and you j us STgtsgfh. or just watching tv shows with family in general.

lmao why do p33ps f33l the n33d to argue with me when I tell them no?
Claws at work, we can not give change (I.e mew can’t hand me a five and I’ll give mew four dollars and four quarters - it’s a safety precaution)
but someone came through, and started screaming at me claws I wouldn’t do it.
Like!! Calm down. No shout, shoosh pupperino. *shoosh pap*

She’d b33n told befure by my manager, nope, can’t do it, so of course, I told her the same thing.
Instead of just going p much anywhere else to exchange, they came inside and started screaming at us.
Like…. buy a muffin.  or an orange. they’re like 50 cents. BOOM done ya got ur change.

Don’t yell plz ://
But yeah the manager on staff ended up having to threaten to call the police on them claws they wouldn’t leave.

But on the other hand I got to s33 work friends one AND two fur the first time in a few days so that was nice!!

  • Osoro: One day, I will be strong and punch the sun.

  • Budo: Uh, yeah, pretty sure that’s not possible so…uh…

  • Osoro: I will punch it.
Budo: Look, buddy. If you try and punch the sun, your hand’s just gonna get burned up. Not really sure what you’re expecting here.
Osoro: I’m gonna punch It real hard.
Chapter Five – Part Six

Peter: Did you have fun? You seemed maybe a little stressed on the subway.

Simon: I did! For both. I’m not used to being so… condensed… but it was a good experience. I don’t know that I could do it every day myself, but it’s good to experience what other people do.

Peter: Yeah! I like it; I just talk to other people or listen to music. I know they don’t mean to elbow me in the spleen. Usually. I’m sure some do.

Simon laughed: Your poor spleen. I’d love to talk to people, but I’m too shy. Hilary’s just a little better than I am… Maybe? She might be worse, just louder about it. Forrest is like… I don’t know how he does it! He’s awkward but he just talks anyway. Even after he’s clearly embarrassed himself.

Peter: Forrest?

Simon laughed: Uh, yeah. I didn’t name him, though it sounds like I did. Our mom liked it. Dad did too obviously.

Peter: Oh, no I… He giggled: It does sound like you’d name him that! No, I meant… Colin… He’s.. Well, they’re not like boyfriends but… He’s seeing a guy named Forrest? Couple of dates. Really big guy. Like really tall, taller than you, and muscular.

Simon: What? Blonde? Long hair?

Peter: Yeah! Oh my god, is Colin dating your brother? That’s amazing! I’ll have to tell him! But later… right now… well, and all this week… I keep thinking about last weekend.

Simon: Me too. I wouldn’t mind doing that again.


“God,” Claire shook her head, picking at her noodles. “I wish I could live by that. I try, I really do. I do a lot of yoga, and that’s a meditation I am working on.”

“I like yoga,” Dan leaned back in his chair. 

“Really?” Claire questioned. “You don’t really…”

“What?” Dan grinned. “The tattooed, pierced mechanic can’t like yoga and art and gardening?”

Claire opened her mouth to say something and shook her head, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

“You’re gorgeous,” he studied her face. Claire blushed, shaking her head again. “The sun setting behind you…kinda looks like a halo or something.”

“Thank you,” she bit her lower lip. “You’re uh…yeah. You’re hot. But God, I have to ask. How old are you?”


Claire’s mouth fell open, “oh shit.”

Dan laughed riotously, “you should see your face. No, I’m twenty-four. I’ll be twenty-five next month.”

“Jesus,” she muttered. “That makes me a cougar I think - I’m thirty-one.”

Dan grinned again, “oh whatever. That doesn’t really matter to me. Whattya say we get some desert and maybe go walk around a bit?”

Claire nodded and smiled, “yeah, I’d like that.”

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Xun: The tall and lanky Cofagrigus stared at the surrounding area, a bit of there being so much water before turning his sights to Joachim. Putting on an anxious face, Xun kneeled down to get a better look at the Mr. Mime. "I couldn't help overhear how you and your partners like to sing and perform. To what reason do you engage in such practices, if you don't mind me asking? Music took a backseat in our clan. Never heard much of it outside of battles and ceremonies."

Upon the colossal ghost approaching him, Joachim took a couple steps back. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t at least a little thrown off by how tall this one was. 

“Uh, yeah,” the much shorter fairy seemed to stumble over his words, “You heard right. We’re in a band. Mostly just local for now, but, I’d like to think we’re getting better known.” he shrugged.

What was that, though? This Pokemon came from a society where songs were rarely utilized? How sad. Joachim felt the need to enlighten him, and so gave the ghost type a smile. Maybe that would help in convincing him otherwise…

“Well! Think about it! I’m sure you’ve had days where there’s just nothing to do! But lying in silence can be kinda boring, if you ask me. There’s that! And … it’s nice to listen to stuff when you work, I think. Helps pass the time. We’re a band because we want to give to other Pokemon, you see! It’s enjoyable.” he winked.

Under his breath, however, he muttered, “The attention and praise certainly don’t hurt either. I’m a slut for compliments.”

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Doesn't russ meeting mean that there will be only people from the busses- girl squad and pepsi max? So no Isak or Magnus or Even?

uh yeah?? and the party at the start of s3 was supposed to only have people the girl squad knew and no first years. but that plan failed and Evas house got trashed. Plans dont always work out


“I think I’m just gonna head home… obviously I’m not wanted here.”

“C’mon Sage stop being so dramatic I was just messing around.”

“Whatever. See you at school Monday.”

“Hey Eli can you pick me up please…?”

“Uh yeah, where are you?”

“Leah’s house…”

“Why are you there, doesn’t she hate you?”

“She is having a party tonight and Ramona, Violet, and Iris convinced me to come… Can you please just pick me up, I really don’t want to be here right now.”

“Of course, I’m walking out of the house right now.”

“Thank you Eli…”