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I uh, I’m sorry if this stuff I’m just aimlessly rambling about is annoying. It’s just keeping me distracted and talking about it, even if it’s just ‘into the void’ so to speak, is helping me keep my thoughts organized since they’re still a bit scattered.

Your Parents Visit

requested by anon: Hey I was wondering if you could do an imagine where y/n lives with Nate and Sammy in their apartment and is dating Nate and her parents come out and visit from her hometown and like Sammy, gilinsky, swazz, and Johnson show up and they all just get to know each other? Sorry if it’s a lot! I absolutely love your writing btw ❤

A/N: Here it is and I hope you like it! ❤

Y/L/N: Your Last Name


“Guys, clean your shit!” I yelled out from my boyfriend, Nate, and I’s shared bedroom to him and our best friend, Sammy. “My parents are coming over in an hour!” “Uh yeah hold on babe,” Nate yelled back from the living room where he and Sammy were playing their video games. “Now! Or I’ll cut your dicks off” I yelled sounding serious but kidding. Those boys ran as fast as lightning to the rooms making me laugh really hard. They finished cleaning in half an hour which was pretty impressing. “Wow, you guys can actually clean,” I said admiring both bedrooms. “Ha ha ha, very funny Y/N” Sammy said sarcastically. We were interrupted by the door bell ringing. We invited the rest of the squad over so my parents can meet them because I always talk about hanging out with them. I walked to the door and opened it to see Gilinsky, Johnson, and Swazz. We were all best friends and would do anything for each other. “Come in guys, my parents are almost here.” We just talked and the boys played video games until my parents came. “Hi mom, hi dad” I said greeting my parents. “Hi honey,” my mom replied, “Hi Nate, how are you?” My mom knew Nate because we’ve visited my parents before. “I’m good, Mrs. Y/L/N, how are you guys?” Nate said, hugging my mom and shaking my dad’s hand. I started giggling because of how polite Nate was being. He turned around to face me and his back facing my parents and whispered, “shut up Y/N,” making me laugh harder. I cooked some pasta salad while the boys and my parents got to know each other. Everyone ate dinner and when it was getting late, my parents went home. “Well that went better than expected,” I said surprised, “Well I’m pretty tired, I’m gonna go to sleep.” “Okay babe,” Nate said turning back to the game. “Good night babe!” Sammy yelled causing me to laugh. 

remember that one time I told you I had Leith AU headcanons? Well, guess what I wrote at one in the morning.

Please enjoy several disjointed scenes and some very shitty Latin.


“I thought strangers didn’t come here.”

Irpa glanced over her shoulder in the direction Astrid was staring. “Oh, that’s not a stranger,” she said, turning back to the herbs spread in front of her.

“But I’ve never seen her before,” Astrid objected. “We’ve been here two months now, I’m pretty sure we’ve met everybody. Right?”

Hiccup jerked out of his reverie as she nudged him in the ribs. “Uh, yeah,” he said. He screwed up his face. The stranger was at the stall three down from theirs, draped in a hood and cloak that covered their face. “Not familiar.”

“She doesn’t live here, that’s why,” Irpa said. “She’s a hermit. Comes in to barter her needlework for supplies every few months. Now, are you done prying in other people’s affairs? Help me like you promised.“

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Otakuthon 2015 - Persona Panels + Artist Alley (I’m Alive! ALIVE!)

Yes, the last few months I have (blessed you with my) been relatively silent, but this is due to my work taking over my life. 

However, the once a year gathering of Montreal nerds has been my call since its opening and therefore I follow it’s siren call of last minute artwork (still no con table for me either sob so I can’t tell you where to fine me), but we will be hosting not ONE but TWO persona panels! 

Panel 1: Persona World will be all about the games themselves with some history behind them, (and hopefully some videos and music if I can get them working and ready in time I mean uh YEAH). The panel will be on Saturday from 8:00pm-9:30pm

Panel 2: I AM THOU will be a more in-depth look at the characters because last year we ran out of time when talking about them. Did you know Kanji loves Hawaiian quilts? Naoto builds her own computers? Junpei has a piece of clothing that says F*ck New York (he tried to be cool)? That Jun crossdresses and is prettier than most girls (well that one is not much of a stretch ANYWAY) All this and more! Saturday 10:00PM +11:30pm

As with the previous years, it will come with an intro video so GET HYPE!

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Wait I used the right box...? Yeah. So uh, hey! I'm quite new here and you, sir, are awesome!! Make sure to keep kicking bad guy butts! I did ask in the right box... Right? Yeah I guess...

Yeah you asked in the right box and welcome to Tumblr!

Also, thanks!




Yeah. Uh. I’m Phoebe, and as you can see, I love billdip. and I’ve hit rock bottom.
I love writing and reading fics. So write not make a blog that does both, for my favorite pair of boys? I asked myself.

So now here we are.

I review fics/write drabbles and prompts at least once a week. (LOOK I KNOW IT SAYS DAILY BILLDIP BUT THE URL WASNT TAKEN AND I WAS LIKE?? WHY NOT IM SO R RY)
You can send me fics you want me to review or prompts you want me to write! c:
Also just drawings of billdip in general will be floating around
Please read the rules before submitting, tho.
I hope you enjoy getting to read fics and reading reviews about your favorite fics here, as well as seeing ur babies.

Ben’s Birthday Spectacular

Ben’s Birthday while he and Leslie are secretly dating.


“Oh my god,” Ben exclaimed and then rolled up his blinds and slid the window pane up.

“Hey,” Leslie whispered through the screen.

“What are you doing?” Ben said pleasantly surprised to see his secret girlfriend at his window.  

“I couldn’t not celebrate your birthday on a day other than your actual birthday,” Leslie explained.

“I parked three blocks away in a visitor’s spot at that apartment complex on Maple and I brought birthday supplies,’ Leslie explained holding a bag up to the window.

“Open the window.”

“Yeah, uh……..how do I open the window?”

“Um, I don’t know. People on tv are always crawling through people’s windows.  It can’t be too hard, lets just uh……………….I have no idea.  I didn’t think this through enough.  I think I just heard a raccoon.”

“Um, oh.  Should I pull these silver things?  Will it break the window?

“I don’t know but I just heard another raccoon.  They’re communicating with each other.”

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anonymous asked:

It's honestly pathetic how democrats love to freely bash and insult republican candidates, but the moment you say anything negative about a democratic candidate, they freak and start whining at us to stop. They need to grow up and grow a backbone.

Yeah uh… yeah… ok

bloodformusic asked:

That's your whole agenda, dude. "weve got problems too! Wont somebody pay attention to us!" Some of your points are valid, sure, but jumping on bystanders making passive comments and telling them to delete content to escape your commentary is fucked.

Hello yes I am female.

The very vast majority of domestic violence funding is directed towards females.

I get bonus points on college applications because I am female.

There are hundreds of female specific scholarships.

I have all my rights. Men don’t. So yeah, they do need to be paid attention to because it’s long overdue.

God fuckin forbid they speak out against the injustices they face though right? God forbid they get irritated that feminist theory blames all mens’ problems on men when the reality is enforcing gender roles is what’s harmful, not masculinity or femininity.

“Um yeah like uh [men] have problems and all but can you like not talk about them or anything because they’re really not important and not worthy of addressing” is essentially what you’re saying.

But yeah men are totally the ones whining about anything and everything so people pay attention to them lol

Remember when they made an entire movement around the way people sit on public transport instead of learning how to be a fucking adult and saying “hello person can you please only take up the single seat you paid for because the train/bus is crowded”?

Oh wait that was feminists.

Remember when they tried to ban the WORD “bossy” because it just hurt their egos so much?

Oh wait that was feminists.

Remember when they manipulated studies/statistics to make rape out to be hundreds of times more prevalent than it actually is and make pay discrimination based on sex look like something that is still practiced and hasn’t been illegal for half a fuckin century?

Oh wait that was feminist too. Damn.

Bruh it’s a public blogging website and she was OP? Not an “innocent bystander” lol. If you don’t want to back your shit up and debate then don’t post controversial shit. Or block anyone that disagrees with you, I don’t care.

Or set your blog to private. Or post shit privately. Or join a social media site where only people that you allow to follow you can see your shit.


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Hey Dawn, I noticed that whenever fenniken evolve into braixen, that stick they carry around becomes more important. Why is that?

“Uh, my dad explained it to me once. Let me see if I can remember right….”

“Yeah, uh, evolution’s a pretty big change, especially for a Fennekin ‘cause suddenly you find yourself walkin’ on two legs instead of four. Some Braixen can walk better than others on the get-go. I wasn’t one of ‘em, but that’s not why the stick is so important.

Our powers kinda grow with that too and they start getting harder to control. Dad said it was something about getting ready to gain a second type. Yeah, ‘cause the psychic type is pretty wierd and strong so we need to force ourselves into training our focus. That’s when the stick comes in handy! Or wand, or staff. Whatever you like callin’ it. It helps us focus our energy into a thing so our attacks don’t get out of control. I guess in a way it’s training our minds to be ready for that second type after our last evolution.

Without our stick it’s pretty hard to fight. If you train enough you might eventually be able to work without it, but I’d preffer sticking to my staff for now.”