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Baby Too Soon | Part 2

I’m sorry it took longer than I hoped to get this out. I’ve been having major writer’s block, but I manage to finally finished this one. I hope you all enjoy it. 


word count: 4,095

I’m standing in front of my body length mirror looking down at my unbuttoned pants; I could have sworn these fit me a few days ago. I groan as I try once more to button them up, but I give up quickly when I realize it’s no use. I hear rustling behind me and turn to see Lucas climbing in through the bay window.

“I think I might need new clothes,” I sigh.

He walks closer to me kissing my forehead softly. “I think it’s time we tell your parents.” I don’t say anything. I walk over to my closet kicking off my jeans. I grab a pair of leggings and quickly slide them up, and pull out my flowy blouse that got caught inside. Lucas takes a few steps towards me, “Riley, I don’t know how much longer you think we can hide this. We were supposed to tell them months ago.”

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anonymous asked:

What do u think happens in japril sequel

An adult conversation about the problems they had in their marriage i.e. lack of trust, lack of communication, without screaming and/or fighting - for a change. Honestly that’s all I want. Whatever happens next should be good if they at least understand what went wrong from each other’s perspective.