A minute of euphoria


I recorded Keijijou Ryuusei on VHS. xD

anonymous asked:

Nice recolor. Do people on this site not care about quality anymore?

Shh, nonnie. There’s no need for that. I understand that Sardonyx may appear like a recolored Amy with longer quills (or some shadamy child) to you, but she’s not. If you’ve read my about page on her, notice that I am not timid in explaining that she’s literally a clone of Shadow, so her looking like ‘unique’ or ‘top-quality’ would naturally be a bit of a stretch, wouldn’t you agree?

I’m not going to insult you nonnie, because I personally feel like I’ve done a pretty good job running this oc, role playing blog so far, and that’s what really matters. Besides I think we can both agree that there are a lot of WORSE blogs besides mine out there. With that said I hope you have a good day nonnie, and just so you know I’ll be praying for you. <3 

tick, tick, tick -

insert tocks
if & where you deem appropriate.

me - in the stillness of the day -

i hear ticking,
no tocks;
may hear tocks
in their internal clocks.

at any rate, there is a counting
a parsing - time is passing

by tick or by tock
to a countdown or a ramp up
to what - to wit: which means ‘as follows’…

only we don’t know what follows,
whether or not we can stop it,
or will like it,
or even want it,
or care one way or the other about it.

it’s definitely coming
in ticks, or with tocks

loudly, in jackboots
or stealthly in fleece socks;

but it’s coming -
tick, tick, tick…

or, if you prefer,
8/16 - lebuc - it’s coming