my favourite thing about hunk is that one second he’s feeling bad about kicking pidge across the room because they’re friends and hugging lance tightly when he’s out of the healing pod with a big smile on his face & then the next hunk spends almost an entire episode barely concealing how much he does not care about rolo’s ship and for like a solid minute afterwards just mutters he was right while pidge, keith, and shiro can hear every word so basically i love hunk because he’s the embodiment of do no harm but take no shit 

Opossums help protect us from Lyme disease. While a number of woodland creatures are running around infested with ticks, opossums obsessively eat, scratch, lick, and chew at the ticks that live in their fur. A single opossum can eliminate an estimated 4,000 ticks  a week, which helps prevent the spread of tick-borne diseases. Source

Team Leaders and their Blood Types
  • Blanche: O negative. (donates to blood banks once a month)
  • Candela: AB negative. (has donated maybe twice)
  • Spark: ...
  • Blanche: don't do it
  • Spark: my blood type reflects my approach to life
  • Blanche: no