Doctress Whooves The Match Maker by JoeyWaggoner

I have drawn R63 versions of Doctor Whooves, Derpy and Tick Tock for my “Time Out with Doctor Whooves” blog, but this is the first time the three have been drawn together.

Why the watermark you may ask, because this among other drawings of mine will be available as prints at Bronycon. I won’t be there myself, but my pal Jitterbug Jive (AKA Balddumborat) will be selling this as well as stuff from several other artists at Table E. So if you’re there please stop on by.

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It finally arrived. Presently, the Russian EMS service works pretty well until your parcel gets to the couriers. -_- I was waiting for the box to appear at my doorway since Sunday.

Umm.. I’m.. pretty sure.. an episode of Teen Titans Go.. is about Bronies.. and calling them out for creating clop, violent fanfic and gory art of ponies, etc. … like, it’s VERY VERY clear that that’s what it is about… O.O

Ironically, the episode is called The Return of Slade.

(Spoilers: Slade was defeated 30 seconds into the episode and the whole thing was about a party and a clown and Bronies. Excuse me while I go vomit.)

STAN: Well, I heard he’s got ticklish ribs.
CRAIG: What. No.
CRAIG: I don’t.
STAN: Are you sure?
STAN: I think we should test this.
CRAIG: You’re playing a dangerous game Marsh.
CRAIG: Stay the hell away from me.

STAN: Test number one!
CRAIG: Oh my God, stop.
CRAIG: Stop it. Ha, stop it!
CRAIG: I will kick your ass!

STAN: Test number two!
CRAIG: Knock it off!
CRAIG: You are dead, Marsh, you-
CRAIG: Aha! Stop!
CRAIG: Stan!!
STAN: Oh my God, you’re so cute.

STAN: Alright, I’ll stop, though.
STAN: I think that was pretty conclusive.
CRAIG: You. Just.
CRAIG: You shut your filthy mouth.


Dan Polydoris of Chicago Toy Collector recreated a variety of horror movie posters using action figures and other toys.

When my wife asks me what I’m working on, and it’s a project like this, I tend to just say “Oh, nothing.” It’s better than saying, “I’m setting toys up in front of backdrops so I can recreate horror movie posters with action figures. You know, like a 34 year old man is supposed to do.”

They’re all great, and some even manage to still be impressively creepy, but our favorite has to be the poster for Silence of the Lambs for which Polydoris replaced the Death’s-head Hawkmoth with Arthur, The Tick’s sidekick, dressed in his white moth costume.

Head over to Chicago Toy Collector for a couple more transformed posters and peek at how Polydoris staged this geektastic project.

[via Chicago Toy Collector]