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[SPOILERS] Fairy Tail Chapter 534 Reactions


Ugh. Before I get to that part, let us all enjoy some Jellal screen time.

Ugh he’s so fab. He truly is my fav character, even tho some people still hate him for what he did back in the Tower of Heaven arc. That’s so old. People can change!!

Damn, Acnologia though. Dragons are already scary, but because it’s him, it’s just wow. I’m frightened for their lives tbh. I love character death though (just reminding everyone who is reading this. I will probably cry, but I will accept their deaths if it ever comes to that)

Next scene then!

I love the irony that everything will begin and end in Fairy Tail. Sad, but I love the idea! Hey I actually hope it happens and not just another dupe. 

But we all know Mashima, because in the end, Lucy DID rewrite Natsu’s missing letters or whatever and so he had the power to stand again! I was kind of annoyed at that part since idk it’s just ugh he seems kind of invincible, isn’t he? More so than Zeref sometimes, tbh.

There are moments when I remember that Zeref is actually doing this for a good purpose tho. Like this one.

But let’s face it, it would be ridiculously unfair on everyone’s part that Zeref has the chance to undo his mistakes. More than undo, it’s erase. Like paint the whole canvas white and then start another “masterpiece”. It’s ridiculous, but it is part of being a villain, I guess… I do kind of pity him though. 

But if he restarts this world, he’ll never meet Mavis in that lifetime! T.T

And now we have reached the part where I can say that if MASHIMA PULLS THIS SHIT ON US AGAIN, THEN HE IS A SADIST AT HEART!

MYGAHD. Sieghart already broke my heart from his sacrifice in Rave Master, so I was very pleased to find out that Mashima “revived” him in FT because so many people were upset that he died. AND THEN THIS HAPPENS! 

WHY? WHY JELLAL? I swear I hope he doesn’t do this and kill only Jellal again. ANYONE would be fine, trust me. Just not him. The man deserves to be happy, damn it! I’m getting so worked up over a fictional character–this is so sad.

Aaaaand we have finally reached the last picture, and I think this one is really beautiful.

Ugh what a cliffhanger! But Lucy looks really pretty with those marks. Is it just me? I kind of like it when she’s in danger and Gray is right next to her hehehe. I just like her being in danger tbh. idk why. maybe im a sadist too.

I wonder what happened though. I guess this is because she’s tampering with the book. Will she die because of that? Or something else? Is she turning into a demon too???? Ugh, so many questions, and another week of waiting.

That’s it for this chapter’s reactions! It makes me kind of happy that you guys even read this. I mean, it’s just me ranting how I reacted. And it’s just rambles and some even don’t make sense and I don’t even have theories or whatsoever and my thoughts are all over the place and–

Well, you get the idea. Hehe, hope you enjoyed though!

Best Mistake - Part 1 - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,347
AN: IDK I WANTED TO WRITE THIS DON’T JUDGE ME. There’s some Polish in here, I used Google translate so it may not be correct. I left the word meanings at the end. Thanks to @writing-obrien and @celestial-writing for being my pals. Also his hand looks so yummy in this gif. okay bye.

This wasn’t how this was supposed to go. You sat and stared at the little white stick in your hand, the little pink plus sign mocking you. Your eyes swept across the floor to see the other discarded tests around your feet, all with the same result. You were pregnant.

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one of the many things I super love about Deadpool is that they treat negasonic teenage warhead like a teenager, sure she has awesome as fuck superpowers but she doesn’t have any sort of romantic hints, she isn’t irresponsible with her powers, she has a guardian with her when she does her (awesome) dangerous shit, she is most definitly not treated like a child, but she is also not treated like an adult, she has a responsible guardian with her when necessary who even tries to feed her protein bars, I think that hollywood tends to forget that there is an in between stage, that teenagers do exist and need to be represented as something other than unrealistically mature or unrealistically immature 

It must be so … maybe scary, for Link to be regaining his memories, but having almost no context for them.

In the game, when you get the memory of Mipha, the old Zora guy(Muzu??) asks Link why he’s shaking so much, and Sidon expresses his concern as well, so I decided to draw that!

Holy hell though I really don’t ship Sidon and Link. XD but I still love Sidon :D He’s my favourite side character

So, Yusuke can replicate skill cards by painting blank ones - the last time we saw something similar was with the Demon Painter in P2, who disappears from the series after that point. Going off the dates, P2 is set firmly in 1999, while P5 was supposed to be 2016 before they changed it thanks to the delays.

Yusuke is around 16 or 17 years old. Yusuke, who fate kind of brings into contact with the Velvet Room; Yusuke, who can inexplicably do something only Velvet Room residents can do, if you include Marie being able to register cards.

I’m not saying that Yusuke got part of the Demon Painter’s essence stuck in him when Philemon disappeared, or is the Demon Painter reborn, or even his son, somehow (though he does conspicuously mention he never really knew anything about his father.)

Still, though.


“The boy, the bullied boy, was not a character in the original script. He was actually a thought that I had about wanting to see me as a seven-year-old in the movie. I mentioned it to Marc and the writers. I suggested that we see the exact thing that I needed when I was a seven-year-old, to have it happen to a seven-year-old: Spider-Man showing up to give him the strength to find his own inner-strength, even though he’s this incredibly skinny seven-year-old. I’m really proud of that.” - Andrew Garfield

anonymous asked:

In response to your last anon ask about the mixtape: I think saying "oh, it could just be an old mixtape he made for himself" or "oh, it's just a thing that totally platonic bros do all the time" ignores the extremely long history of mixtapes being used as a romantic trope? Whether or not people do this IRL, I can't recall ONE moment in fiction where one character gave another a mixtape and it wasn't a romantic pairing.

Psst @ last anon ^

This is a really, really good point. We’re watching fiction. I have never, never seen a mixtape used in fiction as ANYTHING but romantic. (I will gladly accept examples, though.) Unless the show explicitly states that it was Dean’s old tape, we’re kind of supposed to assume that it was made specifically FOR Cas.

I mean…


I wonder if Feyre will have some sort of connection to the ancient creatures of Prythian in ACOWAR. Perhaps they will be there to aid her court in the battle against Hybern? Or perhaps she has some power that has nothing to do with the seven lords, rather it’s something she was born with (insert Feyre’s missing mother theories) and has yet to know about. 

  • For starters, she’s able to capture the Suriel on multiple occasions and has a quite easy time doing so. Shockingly easy, to be precise, because two High Lords couldn’t even fathom it. 
  • Not only that, but she was kind to the water wraiths and although they’ve supposedly “paid their debt” I doubt they will forget the compassion she showed them, not when everyone else is seemingly the same towards their kind. 
  • Then there’s the Bone Carver and how he granted Feyre answers without asking for more information in return. Of course, she gave him secrets to pay for his riddles, but the Carver took a liking to her that (at least I believe) stretches beyond mere appreciation. He knows something about her heritage or powers or future that she has yet to uncover, and he wants to be on her side when those powers are unfurled in full. 
  • Not to mention Amren is another ancient creature who adores Feyre, although it hasn’t blatantly been stated but the evidence is clearly there. Her actions towards the Inner Circle would make it seem as though she’s familiar with them but remains distant. But with Feyre… Amren immediately took note that she didn’t return with the others and demanded to know where her Lady was. 
  • Oh! And I’d almost forgotten. Feyre literally set the Weaver’s house on fire?? High Lords are terrified of that old blind woman, but Feyre emerged victorious with more than what she’d gone in for. 

All this being said, there is definitely some underlying parallel between Feyre and the ancient beings, and I’m really curious as to what Maas has planned. 

apprendere  asked:

Hey, you may have talked about this before, (if so, then oops, sorry for repeating questions) but, what's your writing process like? Especially regarding planning or outlining stories

You’re so adorable, thinking I do real planning and outlining. :D Mostly when I’m doing my own writing, I just start at the beginning and go. (…Usually. Sometimes not. For instance, Stark Naked Science had a structure that suggested itself fairly early on, so I adapted the plot to fit that structure. Branches of Pine also sort of forcibly organized itself, because it was structured around various winter holidays.)

But I actually don’t write that many long and complicated fics on my own. Most of my longer fics have been written with @tisfan. And that’s more of a process.

Most of the time, it starts in chat:

tisfan: So I had an idea.
me: Oh no.
tisfan: What if [literally anything here]?
me: Oh, that would cause so much trouble. [Character] would be like [reaction].
tisfan: omg yes. And then [another character] would [different reaction].
[This continues for anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours.]
me: …Okay I’m making a doc.

And then I make a googledoc and invite Tis to join it as a co-author (or she makes the doc and invites me) and at that point, depending on the specific idea in question and its complexity and whether it’s an established ‘verse or a new one and, idk, the alignment of the planets or something, we have a couple of different processes.

(Putting the rest of this under a cut, because it got long and also because there might be spoilers for readers who aren’t caught up on all the fic yet. The stuff that is spoiler-y for things that haven’t been POSTED yet have been redacted.)

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Rebels "Zero Hour" Reactions/Thoughts

I finally watched the Rebels finale and stick a fork in me I am DONE. I literally trembled like a leaf the entire time and wasn’t sure my poor heart was going to survive it. 

(Image courtesy of @sarasvato)

Assorted thoughts below the cut (major spoilers abound):

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(spoilers for pinestar’s choice ahead)

okay but if you’ve ever had a pet who has died, you can’t tell me that you didn’t get at least a bit emotional at the end of pinestar’s choice when he goes to live with shanty’s old housefolk

and when he walks in, the entire house still smells like shanty and there are still the toys that she played with and he goes and lays down in shanty’s bed, which is still covered in her scent

and her housefolk are so so so happy that another cat is there and the hole in their heart is just a tiny bit smaller. they can’t stop petting him. they feed him because they still have shanty’s cat food.

it was legitimately one of the most emotional moments in the entire warriors series for me, as somebody who has had pets pass away before, and now has an older dog and a cat that is approaching old age. i was actually sobbing. not just crying, but loud, ugly sobbing. i couldn’t stop thinking about how it felt to be shanty’s housefolk in that moment.

it was a theme that the warriors series has never touched upon before (how real the bond can be between an owner and their pet, and how the twolegs feel emotion just like the cats do) and even though i’m sad, i’m really glad it happened

DSOD Review Art (2) : Korean-Dubbed Kaiba Gets 20% More ROMANTIC

※ Removed actual spoilers! :-)

I’m really satisfied by, even so proud of, the Korean dub of Yugioh 《The Dark Side of Dimensions》! The translation is 99.7% accurate compared to the Japanese original version. (The mistrans of ‘Planners’ into ‘Plana’ accounts for the remaining 0.3%, though) And all the voice acting veterans do sincerely a stellar job, making me feel as though the movie was filmed right here in South Korea! Kim Hyun-Wook voicing Aigami is especially noteworthy; he’s only 24 years old but in DSOD, he sounds like he’s been in this business for 30 years 8-D

They should release the DVD and Blu-ray so that Yugioh fans outside South Korea can get access to this wonderful dub :-)

But that’s not all,

It’s predictable that both the way they translate the original script and the way the voice actors do their characters reflect what they think of the characters, and….

….. it seems 200000% obvious the Korean dub team for DSOD actually meant it : making Seto Kaiba look like he’s stuck in legit 20% PURER & MORE ROMANTIC ORPHEAN LOVE with Yami Yugi…..

In the dubbed movie, one of Seto’s lines reminiscing Yami Yugi is like, in Korean : 

“그래, 덱의 구성, 작전 구성, 그리고 은근슬쩍 사람의 신경을 긁는 얄미운 태도까지…..”

In that text, the Korean adjective “얄밉다” is EXTREMELY important;

It basically means ‘annoying’, which is what his Japanese original quote intended to, but the Korean word “얄밉다” also means “annoying, but in an acceptable, CUTE, ADORABLE way”….

…..which leads to the impression that Yami Yugi was “ADORABLE” for Kaiba.

Therefore, it sounded like :



I like how we could imagine about what happy things could’ve happened to the characters after the story

I’d love to see more stories and fanarts about it..!

Rogue One Spoilers here:

So I really really enjoyed this movie, more than I thought, and while I had some nitpicky stuff as a whole I thought it was a solid addition to the SW universe and I’m glad they decided to give us more information about the rebels who stole the death star plans

there’s one huge problem though, now I’m going to need an additional movie or two giving me backstories on everyone else

Tell me about Cassian and what happened to make him join the rebellion at 6 years old, what is his story since then. Did he reprogram K2? Talk to me about early days of their partnership

Tell me about Bodhi, where did he grow up, how did he enlist as an Imperial freighter pilot. When did he meet Galen and how did Galen make that much of an impression on him to become a deserter and go look for an extremist rebel leader.

Give me Lyra Erso’s story. Her partner was a collaborator, at one point Galen was ok with making a death star, did she change his mind? Was she a rebel spy sent to make contact with him, to get close to him and learn of the plans but got too close and fell in love with him and he with her.

Who were Chirrut and Baze? Chirrut must be at least a force sensitive, but I don’t think he is a Jedi, how long have they known each other? I got the impression in the OT that Jedi were regarded as urban legend, that happened in less than 20 years, so does Baze believe the Jedi are real or is he merely humoring Chirrut?

I even want more of Mon Mothma and Bail Organa, talk to me about how they got caught up in this fight and what they’ve been doing for 20 years. Does Mon Mothma know of Leia’s heritage? Does Bail Organa know about Luke? Talk to me about he and his wife raising Padme’s daughter as their own and the fear they feel when she comes into contact with Lord Vader.

Power Rangers Review

Annd here we go with spoilers, rambles, and not really a dedicated fan who never watched every power ranger show there ever was. #sorrynotsorry the only power ranger show I ever watched and actually enjoyed was (2008) Dino thunder it was the best even though it had only thirty-eight episodes :( anyway I’m not going to talk about the past unlike most reviews I’ve been reading which is horse shit because who actually wants to hear how the new is stupid the old is better, like let the new generation like this movie!

-the entire movie was funny, realistic in a teenage life, feels were felt, I felt connected to all five of them which was amazing
-why have five? It’s such a odd number, I dislike odd numbers makes me very ocd about it.
-Elizabeth banks was fantastic playing the villain I love all of her movies she’s in and this movie made me love her even more.
-Billy is officially the fandom child and nobody can change that fact, it was amazing to finally have a hero with real life disabilities that don’t magically go away. (I’m black, no your not) 😂😂
-there were so many references for nerdy stuff and little stuff that made me laugh the bumble bee comment was fantastic, I squealed like a fangirl I am.
-there morphing wasn’t right away which created a better slow building movie, I really appreciated that the group had to open up to ones another before morphing.
-the costumes are WAY BETTER THEN THE ORIGINAL yes I will always recognize the 1990’s morphing costumes, but these are designed and equipped better, more up to date. I swooned for Red Ranger and Pink ranger the colors are oh so pretty.
-I just realized this movie was two hours long, it felt like thirty minutes, it didn’t drag, didn’t move slow, just right. Idk why it felt that way.
-incorporating the originals go, go power rangers song was epic, I laughed, cheered, and sang along like there’s my childhood.
-I thought for a moment that zordon would turn evil which was very scary to think about
-crisply donuts nuff said
-the pit LOL anything to do with the pit was mentioned I was laughing
-Jason slapping the emo kid in the beginning was hilarious but him slapping rita’s ass into space in the end I was crying from the laughter.
-ooooohhhh after morphing and using their dino things (I forgot what they’re called) and then morphing them together and trying to walk only to land flat on their faces was priceless.
-overall I enjoyed the movie, I think that the new generation will like and maybe get people to watch the old tv shows and appreciate them more.
-question; what would you rate the movie (bff asking) 5.5 stars…..out of ten I think? Maybe. Or is a six? Idk man don’t ask me to do this…it was good but beauty and the beast has stolen my heart for this years movie so far, I’m still on batb cloud nine lol