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If the Normandy crew had snapchat filters!!/ or just shepard 
I’d like to think that with Liara both she and shep would have fun goofing around and taking silly pictures together every once in a while :)
Ash and shep would probably not take it so seriously…they’d be the ones sending ugly snaps to everyone and flood their snapstories loll
And I think shep tortures Kaidan the most by always catching him off guard/unprepared and its the funniest fukcing thing for her+rest of the crew like a running gag

No one knew, really, what Shepard had to do to make N7. They talked, they guessed, in the end they just made shit up – but no one knew

In which Yvaine Ryder meets Eliza Shepard. 

Someone who didn’t know better would think Alec Ryder had never been discharged at all, the way he glad-handed across the reception hall, slapping shoulders and shaking hands like he still belonged here, with all the other Alliance types. Yvaine watched him, laughing over champagne like nothing had changed, and shoved her own glass aside before she could do something stupid or embarrassing, like shatter it with a badly-timed corona flare.

The Ryder family name could stand up to a lot, judging by how no one openly rejected her dad, but public displays of idiocy would definitely cross the line.

“I need some air,” she yelled in Scott’s ear. If he heard her over the music, he didn’t act like it. Just kept bobbing his head and making eyes at one of asari across the way.

Good luck with that, Yvaine thought, her throat hot, and headed for the door to the balcony. That’s one of Matriarch Odrade’s acolytes. You’ll have better luck getting inside that volus’ suit than her panties. Or whatever she’s wearing under that dress.

She made it outside just before the headache hit and left her reeling and dizzy and more than a little sick to her stomach. Shit. Not another migraine, not tonight.

Weakness was the one unforgivable sin in this family, she reminded herself, and forced herself to keep walking, even though the lights made her temples pound and her mouth had gone all dry and sour. Sure, she could get her amp replaced, again, but that meant surgery, and recovery time, and she still wasn’t guaranteed a fix.

Dad would tell her to work through the pain, that she could always find a way to succeed, no matter the odds, but then he didn’t have a fucked-up nervous system, did he? And even if he did, with Dad’s luck, he’d just sail through without a headache or any of the other hundred bullshit ways biotics messed with your life.

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The OTP prompt for Kaidan x Shepard, number 28? :3

Hooray, finally got this written! It was super cute! Also based it on some of my experiences of waiting for my baby to be born. She wasn’t in any hurry, put it that way :D but there was a lovely moment at the crack of dawn where it was just me and my husband before the doctors came back, both of us exhausted but both so excited to finally meet her. 

It was so sweet to imagine what Kaidan and Shepard would do in a similar situation. Thank you so much for the ask, exactly what I needed at the moment

Prompt: Panicking, our child about to be delivered

Pairing: Kaidan Alenko x Female Shepard
Words: 1,401
Rating: SFW


He stirs immediately at Shepard’s tired voice, exhausted from a labour which has drained them both. With a groan he sits upright, the massive armchair that served as a spot to rest his head in no way any compensation for a comfortable bed. It’s been two years since Shepard defeated the Reapers, and while they both still serve in the Alliance, a chushy desk job back on Earth has clearly left him soft. 

Any aches and pains are, however, forgotten as he stands next to Shepard, holding her hand tightly. The nurses turned down the incessant drone of the monitors, their various beeps and bings and the combination of Shepard’s and the baby’s heartbeat driving her to distraction. The flicker of pulses and brain activity is visible though, Shepard’s head determinedly turned away from the welter of technology. She doesn’t want to second-guess, safe in the knowledge that the medical team will be in the delivery room in a trice if something untoward happens to the baby. 

It’s her way of controlling the paralysing fear, a paranoia that’s dogged Shepard from the moment she came out of the bathroom white as a sheet, wordlessly passing Kaidan a positive pregnancy test. He’d been ecstatic – still is. She, to this very second, is terrified. Kaidan wishes there’s more he could do, understanding now the age-old conundrum partners face when their other halves go into labour. If he could carry the burden for her he would, but he’s reduced to holding her hand and whispering quiet words of comfort and reassurance.

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You say no Dean, but i saw you looking at that puppy.

anonymous asked:

What are some crime documentaries/shows you would recommend??

netflix true crime docs:
- dear zachary
- matt shepard is my friend
- who took johnny
- audrie & daisy
- the hunting ground
- witness
- amanda knox
- into the abyss
- tower
- aileen
- hannah’s killer
- cropsey
hbo true crime docs:
- beware the slenderman
- mommy dead & dearest
- there’s something wrong with aunt diane
- 3 ½ minutes, ten bullets
- the cheshire murders
- the trials of pamela smart
- 4 little girls
- the iceman (3 part)
- paradise lost (3 part)
- valentine road
- the cannibal cop
youtube true crime docs:
- murder on a sunday morning
- the case of jonbenét ramsy (2 part)
- capturing the friedmans
- the cannibal that walked free
- fritzl by fred dinenage
true crime doc series:
- the staircase (sundance, youtube)
- the keepers (netflix)
- jinx (hbo)
- making a murderer (netflix)
- the killing season (a&e)
- disappearance of natalee holloway (oxygen)
- killing fields (discovery channel)
- time, the kalief browder story (netflix)
- confession tapes (netflix)
drama series:
- the fall (netflix)
- the sinner (usa)
- the night of (hbo)
- true detectives (S1, hbo)
- how to get away with murder (abc)
- mindhunter (netflix)
- law & order true crime (nbc)