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list of new hockey rules i'd put in place if i ran the nhl

•everyone who goes to the penalty box has to wear a dunce cap for the duration of the penalty

•if the goalie gets the puck in his glove, he should be allowed to try to carry it down to the other end of the rink and throw it into the other goal

•if you pull the goalie your 6th man has to be the mascot

•if 2 players hold hands while one commits a penalty, the other is allowed to go to the box (and wear the dunce cap) for him

•instead of shootouts, there’s a sudden death figure skating competition between the two teams’ captains. if the captain is injured or sick, then this task may be delegated to one of his As

•consistent goalie interference rules lol

•if wayne gretzky attends a game, he is allowed to dress in a plain black jersey and come on the ice. he’s not playing for either team, he’s just there to shake things up

•intermissions will be filled by a pet show of the players’ dogs

Quick note about sending me asks about how cats aren’t unflattering


I literally only publish around 1% of these type of asks. I include in the “Ask me anything” link to not send me these asks. I receive over 100 submissions a day, work a full time job, and have a million things going on in my personal life. This is one of the things that I did not miss about coming back to Tumblr. 

While you may think that sending asks like this or sending me shitty messages is funny or a great use of your time, have some respect and find something better to do. These messages are not funny or original. Going forward, I will consider blocking future users that send me these asks whether it’s a joke or not because I’m tired of dealing with them. 

the angstiest thing i’ve ever written and i can’t think of a title for it

Request: ANGSTY IDEA what if Y/N tries to surprise Shawn and gets Andrew and Brian and Geoff to distract Shawn while she sets up an anniversary dinner in his hotel room, except when he gets back he brought a girl with him (she’s actually like a ring designer or something cuz Shawn wants to propose so hes gonna talk about what he wants while she sketches & helps him) and Y/N gets all pissed and Shawn tries to explain but cant explain without giving up the secret so he says nothing

a/n: holy fucking shit i actually love this so much. also i don’t know how to end things properly so it is what it is (also this is 1684 words can you believe) (angstiest is a word shut up)

You waited until Shawn went out for his morning jog with Geoff to confront Brian and Andrew about your plans. “Do you think you could keep Shawn out of the hotel room until dinner?” You asked, following the two men as they walked down to the pool.

“Sure, why?” Andrew asked, glancing at you over his glasses.

“Tomorrow is our anniversary, but he has a concert. So I want to make tonight special. I want to have a nice dinner set up when he gets back.” You gave a pointed look to Brian when you saw him wiggle his eyebrows.

Andrew cooed at your plans. “For sure, we can keep him out. Just let us know when he’s allowed into the room.”

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anonymous asked:

Jin was in Jeju with them also! :D I wonder if was a mini trip for them while the Rap Line (and Jimin?) stayed home?

Yes, Jin was at Jeju island because a dol hareubang (large rock statue found on Jeju Island) can be seen in the background of the photos he posted.  Jin went there with his manager for a personal schedule.

As for Taekook it’s not sure. But judging from the fact that they were trying to get a rental car (As stated HERE) and Jungkook going for a casual attire, they might just went there to enjoy some free time (also Jungkook may have wore simple clothes to not make people recognize them, but I am sure Tae was like “Beach I ain’t giving up on Gucci” and went full glam). 

They also both have their driving licenses and Jungkook is very good at driving (The only two who don’t have one yet are Jimin and Rapmon as stated in Run 18 HERE 3:16) so let’s just pray they stay safe ^^

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On Gender and Sexuality

Anonymous asked: “Is there a way I can imply a character’s gender identity or sexuality in my story without offending reader who may identify as such gender/sexuality.”

I feel like lately I’ve seen a lot of books that have steered away from labeling their characters’ sexualities. Gender identity is a little more complicated but already this summer I’ve read two different books that handled it similarly. 

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Berena Appreciation Week Free Day: Simsrena

So as today is the final day of the wonderful Berena Appreciation Week, I thought that I would write a fluffy/smutty Reunion fic but so many people have already done that and they’ve all been amazing. So I thought about what else I could do as I sat here in my flat, eating leftover pizza and watching Doctor Who while scrolling through twitter for all the Who gossip I could get from SDCC… and it just came to me…

Originally posted by swearwho

Oh yes. It’s Simsrena time! And this is the day Berena and the sproglets went to Comic Con! 

I may have been a bit too excited by this because I basically did this for a while.

Originally posted by kate-murphy-284

So here they are, our little family and you may notice, just a little bit, that they’re dressed a bit different. 

The kids are various aliens, Cam wanted to be a Raxacoricofallapatorian but a big green bear is that best you’re going to get mate, soz! And Ellie and Jason are… well… first of all they’re wearing pajamas because apparently Sims 4 doesn’t provide costumes for toddlers even though they built in a Comic Con festival. I’m very disappointed in you Sims 4. 

And Bernie and Serena? Well… I’m totally living out a fantasy here - special thanks to the girlfriend for the reminder that Sims 4 had a Comic Con and suggesting that they go in cosplay. 

Because this happened…

Bernie and Serena - aka Kate and the Doctor.


Originally posted by kate-murphy-284

And of course, I literally stared at Bernie/Kate and Serena/Doctor kissing and cuddling for way more time than I would ever admit (don’t judge me you know you’ve been back and looked at them kissing!)

And it actually took me even longer to remember we’d brought the kids with us… FUCK!!!!

Originally posted by allaboutfilmandtvseries

Thankfully, Cam was entertaining the tiny aliens. Which let’s be honest, thank fuck for Cam! I’d make a really terrible parent lads. God knows what hell would be raging on in my house while I got lost in some loop of fandom gold bullshit. 

The tiny aliens got grumpy because they were hungry so unfortunately, Kate and The Doctor had to stop sucking face for a while and negotiate with the aliens. And, just for the record, I totally ignored Doctor Who Kate and went with UNIT Kate and had her be the one to mediate the tantrums going on. Worked out pretty well, maybe they should do this in the TV show? Just sayin’… The shade of it all!

All in all, Comic Con in Sims world was pretty fun! 

Except we did almost lose Serena/The Doctor when she got in a spaceship to explore the universe and stopped to help another ship when it let off a distress signal. Turned out they were space pirates and they wanted her ship and she had to hide in the cargo until she could take control of her ship and get back to earth. There was full blown panic on my side, just so you know. And I may or may not have screamed “It’s fucking cosplay Serena, you’re not actually the Doctor! GET BACK TO EARTH!” And there may have been a tiny bit of this….

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But of course, I’ll never ever admit how much of that panicking was true… all of it… and I’ll forever be miffed that you don’t travel with your sim into space that’s why there’s no pictures. I mean, come on Sims! Sort it out man!

Anyhow. It’s been a while since we’ve had a Berena selfie so here are Simsrena taking up the lead once again.

My hearts…

Isn’t it just fucking glorious?!

Originally posted by tkgfanart

I feel like maybe I’ve overindulged on Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez with an obvious overdose on Berena today. Do you think I need help? Lol. I always need fucking help!

bottledash  asked:

Imagine Thor meeting Peter for the first time! He would totally try to take him around Queens and introduce him to May. Peter would also show Ned and he would nerd out.

it would be like that episode of spongebob squarepants where spongebob is like “i’m gonna show my best friend squidward to everyone in town!!” and he just walks around going up to strangers like “hi!!! this is my best friend squidward” while squidward looks tired and annoyed

that would be peter with thor. that would be peter with every single one of the avengers if he could.


Tuck did beautifully at the vet today. He said that her health is “fantastic” and “perfect”. Given everything that has happened with Mr.kitten, I wanted to double check that nothing was happening with her as part of moving forward. She is going to get medication for coccidia, which she hasn’t tested positive for but he did, so she would potentially have been exposed even though she has no symptoms. While we may never have answers about what happened, the vet sees nothing at all concerning about her health and sees no reason that we would be unable to adopt a kitty when the time is right.

Flying High

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#123 - “If you die, I’m going to kill you”
#149 - “Do you think I’m scared of a woman?”


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I drew a promo/cover for my comic, so far it doesn’t have a name but “The return of Black Diamond” sounds pretty clear and hints what’s going to happen :’)

Please help me grow the audience of my comics by liking, reblogging, commenting or sharing a link to it to people that may be interested, thank you!!

Info about reading under readmore!

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things that help me be happy

just a few things that i’ve learned that really help me stay positive
keep in mind that these are very tailored towards me as an individual, and what works for me may not work for you
but maybe some will!! theres no harm in trying stuff out ouo

- first things first, get in the habit of thinking positively! about to take a test and you have no idea what the material is?? you’ll do your best anyway. un-enthused about a trip that you really don’t want to go on? try and enjoy it anyway, you’ll see new things and explore new places
if you do this for at least like.. an hour a day then it’ll just come to you naturally after a while

- buy animal crossing. for any console that you have
like it sounds dumb but animal crossing is just so peaceful and relaxing and you can make your room really pretty and isabelle is adorable and you get the feeling of social interaction which really helps me at least

- open up ur dang curtains and let some air in
it gives you exposure to the outside world and gets some light in and makes you feel less disconnected from the world

- find a hobby that you really enjoy!!
personally i love to draw, sew, make cosplay and make videos
its all really relaxing and it gives me something to do so that im not sad and bored all the time sekrngse

- speaking of, have something to do!!! most of the time i find myself depressed and anxious and bored when im not doing anything at all
this is why i say find a hobby

- whenever you feel depressed or anxious see if you’re talking to anyone
again, whenever i feel anxious or depressed i often find that its because i have hardly spoken to anyone the entire day
just go start up a conversation with a few friends and see if it helps

- if theres no one to talk with, listen to podcasts!! i usually listen to the jenna & julien podcast, the pizza party podcast, sometimes the nicktoons podcast, sabersparks podcast, and the new G club podcast game grumps is doing (same with game grumps comps)

- do some self care. shower, comb your hair, brush your teeth, shave, etc
it doesn’t have to be a lot but i always feel better after a little bit of self care and makes me want to do more

- what if you just cant get yourself out of bed to do anything??
start playing a game. anything from overwatch to heckin’ murder mystery 2 on roblox
it distracts me from being upset and helps to kinda clear my mind a little and give me a break from stuff

- feeling unmotivated?
usually what i do is watch videos based around what i need motivation for
for example, if im feeling unmotivated to draw
i’ll watch speedpaints and videos by juicy ink on youtube and any art related videos that i can find and it usually snaps me back into motivation real quickly

- GO TO CONS!! oh my god cons are so fun
it doesn’t have to be some huge con like anime expo or SDCC, it can be a small local one that doesn’t cost your entire savings account to go to
you’ll meet people irl that share the same interests as you and often times smaller cons are a lot more chill to go to
like it isnt super crowded and you can actually walk around and talk to people

- productivity is the best feeling. try and get something done today!! it doesn’t have to be some big huge project, it can be something small like answering a few notifications in your inbox

- go through your follow list and unfollow people that you just don’t like on your dash or that you’re uninterested in. even if its a mutual
your dash should be a place that makes you happy, not anxious
plus it feels really nice to clean through who you follow every once and a while, it also makes you feel a little productive 

- clean your room!! if you’re anything like me your room will stay really messy and cluttered and you’ll never do anything about it
cleaning occasionally helps everyone, and it may give you a little bit of exercise as well 
it helps to clear my mind and relax me even more and motivates me to keep doing more stuff

will add on later if i think of anything else!!

anonymous asked:

What are all those glances Sansa was giving Littlefinger in the court scene? I don't like it!! Something dark is going on?

Nope. Nope and nope. 

Let me repeat something I’ve already written: 

Sansa may not be by name, but she is his queen. I don’t even mean that romantically. Jon sees her as his equal partner with equal right to the kingdom (so to speak) as he does. She is his most trusted confidante. This is such an incredibly significant moment in their relationship. While Sansa’s learned to trust him fully, Jon struggled with reconciling the woman she has become and the girl he once knew, but this feels like a momentous step forward as it clearly shows he’s accepted the woman she is now and that person is someone he trusts.

I also think Sansa’s immediate glance to Littlefinger is also important. She knows it as well. She is exactly where Littlefinger wants her, as the ruler of the North, as a queen, and we all know he wants to be her king. Sansa’s concern is therefore rightly placed. She may know what he’s up to, but he is still Littlefinger and as cunning as he is creepy. The question is, will she be able to outplay him? He is her proverbial beast to slay.

For further context, you can find my review here.

She’s worried. It’s clear in her face. And the look of humility and surprise when Jon names her as his ruler in his stead displays just how ridiculous it’d be for Sansa to betray Jon.

StarkBowl is a myth. Told by Anti-Sansa’s to their minions of sheeple.

anonymous asked:

About the Maggie thing, she won't leave. Justaboutwrite tweeted that but it's misphrased bs. Queller is a dumbass, but she just said that flo isn't there fulltime and she's always welcome when she wants/can. Flo never said/hinted that she wants to/does leave but hinted that there is far more to story than what those dumbasses say. Plus while the trash cast drama was going on, she came online tweeting and liking pro LBGTQ tweets. Giving hope and making sure fans were heard, loved and validated.

god, flo may be messy but she sure owns my whole ass

thanks for the message, i actually needed that.<3

anonymous asked:

Can you physically see spirit companions in the physical world or only in the astral?

Depends on your skill level!
I was born with the ability to see spirits in the physical as though they were a cat or dog. I quickly lost that talent, but I believe it’s possible for anyone to gain the skill. While it may take years to be able to sense spirits in the physical, (not see per se, just kinda….know where they are and what they look like) it may take decades or longer to be able to fully see spirits in the physical. Sometimes I get glimpses, and I know spirit workers who have been doing it for decades sometimes see glimpses.

So, yes you can. You can build up to that skill. It’s just going to take many many years of practice and sense building.

Little Life Update

Hey everyone!

As some of you may know, I had a really Rough time these past 3 weeks. My mental health was out of whack and it put me out of commission for a while ;;; I’m finally getting back on track, but there’s still a lot going on so I thought I’d fill y'all in to sort of explain why updates might still not be as frequent as they were last month.

- I’m still in school; I’m in an accelerated program at Full Sail University, which means I take an entire course of work in a single month. I graduate in December, but life is pretty busy as a result.

- I also work full time. Four 10 hr work days a week, after which I’m pretty exhausted ;;;

- I’m organizing the Nekoma Zine ( @nekoma-zine ) with the lovely Katrin ( @aurigaearts )

- I’m writing a doujinshi with the amazing Beryl ( @blueberylpie )

- I have 2 commissions, plus 3 on the queue

- Like a crazy person I’m now participating in the Haikyuu!! Big Bang

So, needless to say I have a lot going on on top of updating Run to Me and Tides Turning. That said, chapter 1 of Tides Turning is halfway done, and I’ve already outlined chapter 7 of Run to Me. (Mama Kuroo is gonna make an appearance!)

Thank you so much for your patience with me and for your continued support. I very much appreciate it!

(In related news, I set up a Patreon recently (the link is in my blog description), so if you’re looking for a way to support me financially and get cool rewards, there’s that! You can pledge as little as $1 a month, and honestly if every single one of my subscribers pledged only a dollar, I’d be set to cut my hours at work and spend more time creating stuff for y'all ;;; so don’t underestimate the power of a single dollar!

If that’s not something you can commit to, that’s okay! I also have a Ko-Fi (link also in my blog description) where you can make one time donations.)

Love you all! 😚💕



3 isn’t a favourite episode, I must admit.  It’s a boring episode with a dreadful script and ridiculous dialogue.  Mulder’s depressed, which is understandable but hardly inspiring, and I just can’t get into it. But unfortunately I’m sticking mainly to the plot because I had to watch it to get screen caps.


It’s been a while since Skinner reopened the X Files but theyobviously haven’t been open, and according to the girlie calendar in the plastic draped office, Scully missed Mulder’s birthday which is probably why he’s so sad.  Wearing his UFO Circles tie, you can tell he’s very depressed as he changes the calendar from May to November as he’s still unshaven.  He files Scully’s X File and her badge and glasses in a filing cabinet before he gets a call to go out to LA.

There’s a crime scene at a mansion, and one of the guys is wearing a tie that looks a lot like the one Krycek was last seen in.  Mulder spies a hot tub and starts to strip off, but unfortunately he’s only collecting evidence.  Resistant local cop is less resistant after a Mulder monolgue but then burns Mulder with a comment about his not having a partner.

Marty Mulder makes some calls to blood banks where he finds where his suspect works, and heads out to get him. He only has his small flashlight since Scully’s not with him.  He brings him in and thoughtfully sets up a red light because the fluoro burns.  He happens to have a mirror on him to check just how hot he looks under a red light.

Light streams in the next morning, and an almost fresh Mulder (still with face fuzz) is standing there wearing the No-ho in the Rojo tie.  The name of the tie is a message to Mulder for later in the episode.

Mulder offers to cover the windows if the vampire man wants to talk, but the vampire man chooses to burn.  The Coroner with the cool tie that I couldn’t get a good shot of examines the dead guy with Mulder.  After discovering a stamp from a club, Mulder checks out Club Tepes, which appears to be rather pretentious club where nobody dances.  This is where the script starts sounding stilted and awkward or it could just be Mulder.  Mulder finds a vampire chick to make clumsy small talk with.  He’s really not very good at picking up women and relies on women to make the first move (according to my long-standing headcanon).  This woman doesn’t have a lot going for her but she fits Mulder’s criteria by making a move on him, and she also possibly needing saving.  The fact that she admits to killing people is probably a bonus for Mulder who’s not in a good place and death by vampire sounds less embarrassing than autoerotic asphyxiation.

He turns into a peeping tom at a restaurant he follows vampire chick (aka Kristin) to, where he’s beaten up and thrown down some stairs for his voyeurism tendencies.  Vampire chick’s playmate gets killed, and after checking out the crime scene with his now larger flashlight, he has to find out where she lives.  They search her house.  He’s a bit peckish so he looks for something to eat but all he can find is a blood loaf. Nice.  He hides this from the LAPD because he obviously doesn’t want to share.

He waits there for Kristin to return and he must have gotten the “No-ho in the Rojo tie” message because he’s taken the fucking tie off. That’s not what I meant, Mulder, FFS.  He flashes his badge and wants to take her into protective custody (that’s hardly original  but I’d play along) then they both mumble a lot.  I hope these two had better chemistry IRL. And I hope you appreciate that I’m sitting through this awkward discourse to take screen caps and it’s dragging on and on.  Vampire Chick notices Scully’s cross and tragically it doesn’t make her burn.  She even touches it.   But Mulder’s so empty.  He thinks he’s lost her for good and if he can’t feel alive he wants to feel dead.  

He volunteers to stay because she won’t go into protective custody, but she insists that he be clean. (Now it’s sounding like a bad porno). Vampire Chick must have an aversion to pash rash and helps him shave. I like to think that Mulder hasn’t shaved since Scully was taken and he just has stubble that won’t grow past 4mm, so I’m quite disappointed that he’s shaving, essentially giving up on her. But since he’s half naked I’m willing to look past it.

As she helps him finish shaving and nicks him (mmm blood), they pash for a bit, then he gets dressed and falls asleep in a chair in her bedroom.  That’s all I saw so I can’t assume anything else happened.  All I know is that after Vampire Chick’s  boyfriend came back from the dead, she raced in to Mulder who was fully dressed, asleep in a chair, and despite this being the first sleep he’s had in ages, she rudely woke him up.  I saw no fucking or evidence thereof, ergo it didn’t happen.  It’s getting easier for me to disregard canon the more I do it.   Actually, I really don’t care what they got up to as long as it made him stop hurting for a bit, I’m just being pedantic.  And maybe he does put out that easy with anyone but Krycek.

Mulder and Kristin go racing around the house a bit, Mulder pulls off some awesome wrestling moves, then he runs around trying to do his “I didn’t save Samantha but I’ll save you” thing.  Then a really strong chick comes from nowhere and after pulling him through the sunroof on the BMW, vants to suck his blood. Vampire Chick saves him, then gets him out of the house by making him go running down the road (bless her) while she sets the place on fire.  That’s a really irresponsible thing to do during a total fire ban.  

Afterwards, Mulder sits on a hill lamenting having failed to save yet another person and holds Scully’s cross.  I think he’s feeling even worse than he did at the start of the episode, but it’s hard to tell because he shaved.  I’m looking forward to Scully’s return and Mopey Mulder’s disappearance.


While this doesn’t mean that she’s going to be actually turning a year older on the blog because I like where she’s at age-wise, its still her birthday, and she is still beyond ready to have fun with everybody and tear up the town with whoever wants to join! 

So feel free to send in asks about anything (seriously, anything, whether its birthday related to questions you’ve always been wondering)!!!! Through the day I may be sending a whole bunch of people various asks, might tag random people in starts if the inspiration strikes… either way, Emma is definitely in the mood to celebrate ~<3

p.s. consider this my official switch over to active status on this blog. All Emma needed was the weekend to take a break, apparently

Nephew texted me that he needed a “huge favor” and asked if I could drive him to Walmart so he could get something.

Mmmhmmm, I have hunches of what my 18 year old football player nephew may need.

Especially since when we got there he peeled off to do his thing while I grabbed some stuff for Mom.

He did tell me when we got in the car. Helping out a friend, picking something up for the younger kid who was too embarrassed about it. Nephew was apparently like “bro I got you it’s not big deal” but he borrowed a bag of mine to hide it in and also gave a vague evasive answer when my mom asked him what he needed there.

And like, I am just proud that he’s responsible enough to know how and where to get the things needed and comfortable/mature enough to do so. And also again feeling pretty happy that he trusts me enough to call me for rides when he needs them and to tell me honest answers about this kind of stuff. Nephew trusts me and I value that aspect of our relationship.

anonymous asked:

Since you live in Korea — have you ever been to a fan meeting before?? I heard they're hard as fuck to get into though. ^^;

I’ve never been to one, no. They’re very hard to get in to. Plus, lol, I’m a teacher with a fuck ton of student loan debt. I do not have the time or resources to be going off and buying 80+ albums with the hope that maybe, just maybe, I’ll get picked. Fuck that. I’m fine with seeing them in concert and randomly bumping into them while at the mall. 

I may try to get into a recording for one of the music shows during Chuseok if they have them though. >)