...they're not even that good tbh

✨ HAPPY NEW YEAR~!! (belated, sorry)

Even if 2016 was quite crappy, i want to tHANK YOU ALL♡ bc you made my days happier and brighter  (人 ▽ 〃 ). REALLY, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT♡. Hope this year will be wonderful for you all✨, full of beautiful memories and good things ~ and all your otps become canon this year. LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! HAPPY 2017, EVERYBODY!!  ♡  ♡  ♡

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I am wondering, why do you support Levi x Eren? Isn't Eren 15 and Levi in his 30's?

Well he’s older now, but I still enjoyed ereri even when he was canonically 15. I love their dynamic. Their personalities really compliment the others with just the right amount of similarities and differences. Plus they look good together and tbh, I never really focused on their ages because it’s fiction anyway 


Tbh i just really love bruce and clarks friendship

Superman is pretty cool with everyone but Like I’m %99 sure batman is his only REAL friend cuz even though he’s a cool guy he’s still the annoyingly preppy Honor Roll kid everyone is lowkey jealous of and talks shit about.

And to batman, Supes is the only person in his life who isn’t just a crime fighting partner or family or a villian/romantic interest. on top of that, superman is really the only person trustworthy AND indestructible enough to be told all his secrets without worrying about too many consequences.


i do not deserve to draw luna tbh.. @frogopera @supernova-remnants


2am, time to disappoint my parents

I love how Zoro is always the voice of reason tbh. He says what is needed to be said even though it might sound as crude. It’s good to know there’s someone like this in the crew otherwise the crew would be too fragile. Even though he’s painted as kinda dumb, he really is one of the most strictly rational Strawhats and he’s OK with carrying the burden of saying what people don’t want to listen. Regardless, the right way is always in between Zoro’s rationality and Luffy’s impulsivity, and whether one agrees with him or not, it’s not right to say he doesn’t have a point.

I know the fans are gushing over how gay Hit the Diamond was, but I can’t help but find it a bit distressing. Ruby and Sapphire seem so starved for each other and single-minded that they can’t even function as individuals. If the Rubies weren’t so stupid, their behavior could have posed a serious threat. It brings some unfortunate implications about whether or not it’s really good for them to stay fused all the time. — Anonymous