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So here I am, thinking to myself gosh, pokemon go has actually gotten me back into the pokemon game. so what if i played one of the pokemon games. what if i actually played one that came after gen 1? because i mean, i really only played blue and yellow, and i tried silver but maybe i was too young because i got really frustrated with how it was more complicated/time became an aspect of it/etc, and never really got any of the rest of the main games afterwards. but now i’m an adult who could definitely understand and handle it so maybe i should look into one of the later gens–

>pokemon yellow and blue are available for download through the ds store for like $10

oh no

what if i replayed one of them for literally probably the millionth time in my life????

CS AU Week: Teen Wolf Crossover (minus the teens)

Dream me oh dreamer
down to the floor
open my hands and let them
weave onto yours

Reminder that @evil–isnt–born wrote a perfect companion piece to this with me and you should read it immediately. It’s here.

They streak through the night, twin blurs flying over hills and slipping between trees so fluidly the branches barely quake. Most of the time it’s tough to say which one of them is faster — that depends on the phase of the moon, on who’s angrier, on whether the thing chasing them is a monster or a memory.

Tonight it’s unequivocally Emma. The muscles of her shoulders flex and retract at a blinding pace, enough to hurt if it weren’t for the adrenaline the moon brings. A dim part of her is aware she’ll feel it later, when she’s not walking around on all fours, but right now she’s chasing a stronger instinct than the one that recognizes pain. The urge to run has never quite left her system, but then isn’t that why she’s here?

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don’t tell @mayorcardenial that i’m still awake okay y'all

things will Go Badly for me so shhhhhh

i’m supposed to be going to sleep now


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are you still gonna ship shlance or shklance now that it's basically been confirmed that shiro is like 25?

I mean I heard that the rest of the paladins besides Pidge were in their late teens (so like 17-18), so in my head they’re adults and it’s ok

I dates someone who was 23/34 when i was 18, and like idk, I was the one leading in that relationship and even ended it myself as well, plus, I also feel like Shiro would never do anything to another paladin unless it was 100000% consensual. So like if they were underage I don’t think Shiro would be cool with it, like I think Shiro would probably hate himself so much if he ever did anything with a minor/without consent so like when i ship shlance/shklance I see them as being older bc otherwise Shiro wouldn’t even be there or feel comfortable with it at all y’know?? hopefully I explained that correctly

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Im so sorry for all the hate you got. TBB and KN made me feel so uncomfortable. Like i just accepted myself as a bisexual. And they make me feel like im a horrible person bc i dont believe what they believe. Like i shouldn't be apart of the LBGTQ

since they’re all tearing each other apart, it’s only a matter of time before the tinhat conspiracy fandom is put to rest and we can all breathe for once without being attacked publicly for our own thoughts and beliefs and morals. i’m so sorry they made you feel that way. imagine how they must make taylor and karlie feel?

Looks like Hitoshi was in an argument with another student from their school.

“I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. Your father’s a scoundrel, and so it seems, are you.” The student said causing others students to go “Oooooh…”

“It’s like that?” Hitoshi asked.

“Yeah, I don’t fool around.”

“Well see you on the dueling ground! That is, if you wanna step outside and go now!”

“I know where to find you, piss off!”

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I think after my immortals contest ends I’m going to delete this tumblr blog. 

I just can’t stand this site right now. 

I may remake another later on in the year; but I think this is for the best for me mentally. 

When and if I do make another blog I will be very selective of what I say and post. No more opinions or personal texts. It will all be of my artwork and writing. That’s it. 

I’m also not going to be putting up with being sweet and nice to everyone anymore. At least not to people who don’t treat me like a human being.    

AU idea: Haruka is not in fact a famous race car driver, but she looks kiiiiind of like one of the best and most handsome racers, and since she does drive well she is sometimes mistaken for him and has to field fangirls

Alright, to anyone who still insists on those age confirmation for the paladins based on a single tweet from a random person:

Five unsuspecting teenagers. Brought to you by the official Voltron: LD comic.

How are people more inclined to believe a random fan to the actual official synopsis that you find in the comic. That is canon.

I fail to see how this is hard to understand.

//Sorry of the lack of activity

  Just trying to casually shove Ionia into minecraft

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I love how between a Hakuryuu who is mindrapist, mass murderer , was ready to kill her, ran away from his kingdom ,rejected three times and alibaba who is basically a cinnamon roll , responsible, always been a stand up guy and is loved by Mor someone could possibly choose Hakuryuu and act as if they want the best for Morgiana

say what you want about Hakuryuu but at least he didn’t love Morgiana just because she was pretty. Besides I care more about alikou rather than who Morgiana ends up with.