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hello there pals! My name is Serena but people usually call me Gee (i’m obsessed with mcr lmao) and i’m a 15 years old girl from Italy 🍕🍕
I love drawing, videogames (i play mostly overwatch and animal crossing, since i’m a basic tumblr girl :^)), music (My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Gorillaz, Bring Me The Horizon, Gerard Way, Frank Iero And The Patience, Madh, LEATHERMØUTH, Green Day, Arctic Monkeys and a lot more), my favourite series are Mr Robot and Rick&Morty, I’m bisexual aaaaaand idk what to say
I love Dan and Phil, I’m Phil trash #1
I might just text you at 1am because i’m sad and i don’t have anyone to talk to :^)
I’m looking for a friend who i can talk about everything with, we can Skype (if you want to obv), play videogames together or idk
I don’t care about your gender or sexuality, if possibile only people around my age (12-18)
You can find me on tumblr; serecchan / Instagram; serenaisfullof5hit
i also have a YouTube channel that I want to use just for random ass videos lol, its called S3renv
aaaand yea, see ya🌸🌸🌸

Reasons to watch Steven Universe
  • Cute character designs
  • Strong Female characters
  • PoC cast
  • Excellent character and script writting
  • Hell even the supporting cast have their momments in the spotlight
  • A fuckton of anime/videogame references
  • Magical Girls
  • From space
  • who are actually non-binary
  • *+*+*MAGIC*+*+
  • Possibly a canon bisexual character too????
  • First CN Cartoon created by a woman but Im sure you already knew that

Like I could go literally forever on this list but why would you waste your time reading this shit when you could be watching the show right now???

Can we just take a minute to appreaciate female character design in Overwatch?

Like seriously, we have these playable characters:

- A girl who is the world’s top 1 e-sports player - I can’t even begin to describe how awesome this is, considering that in real life, women are almost always considered to be worse players than men and there has literally never been a mixed-gender team in any e-sport I’ve seen so far. Women even have their own separate tournaments. I haven’t seen a girl compete at a truly professional level in any game, let alone be #1 in it.

- The world’s strongest woman, who on top of that sacrificed her athletic success to fight for her family and home. Also, she’s Russian. Don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tired of “Russians are the villains” trope, in both videogames and movies. Zarya is a nice change.

- A woman who is presented as sexy, and it is basically justified in the lore why she is this way, unlike most games who don’t even attempt to. Even StarCraft’s Kerrigan had some questionable design decisions, as much as I loved her in both lore and design perspectives (high heels on a zerg tho? are you for real?)

- TWO women who are considered to be some of the world’s best scientists in their fields. One of them made a medical breakthrough which helped with treatment of many critical injuries and illnesses; the other made breakthroughs in climate manipulation and continues working on preserving the planet’s ecosystem when nobody else does.

- A woman who was one of the most loved leaders in the Egyptian army and who is most altruistic in her desire to serve the greater good and make the world a better place.

- A woman who is assumed to be autistic, yet she was one of the best students in her field and had a very unique approach to how she worked, which is why it was her who was chosen to work on special assignments (for a lawful-evil corporation, but regardless) due to her potential.

- A woman who, before the game takes place, was one of Overwatch’s best pilots to the extent that she was hand-picked to fly an experimental prototype fighter from Overwatch. Despite the traumatising event she suffered, she remains an “irrepressible force for good” and always keeps a positive approach. Also, she’s the poster girl. Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a girl represent an AAA videogame, aside from Tomb Raider, maybe.

In addition, all of these women have diverse races, nationalities, body shapes and personalities.

And finally, NONE of these women have to be in a relationship with one of the game’s males to be an interesting and appreciated character.

Thank you for this one, Blizzard.

she was like the cool feminist aunt who took no shit from anyone

she was an inspiration to all young girls who loved scifi, videogames and nerdy stuff

she was there to show us that being a princess doesn’t mean you have to be demure and soft, you can be brave and fight for the freedom of your people, for you family and loved ones

she was there to show younger actresses it’s ok to get older, it’s ok to demand equality in your work space

I don’t even actually like Star Wars that much, but to any girl and woman who loves pop culture, fantasy and scifi, she was someone to look up to

RIP our badass space princess. Long may you reign. 

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Someone who calls out the bullshit of feminism = irrelevant. It's 21st century feminism in action, really goes to show who and what really is relevant these days.

Women’s rights are under attack, POC rights are under attack, trans people hardly have any rights TO attack, meanwhile a bunch of cismen are busy mounting a campaign to try to keep girls away from their precious, precious videogames. So if we’re talking about what’s relevant these days, hint: it’s not you. 


Theresa Duncan CD-ROMs: Visionary Videogames for Girls

Digital preservation Kickstarter campaign from rhizomedotorg to make available unique 90’s computer games for girls to all online - the campaign has three days left to reach it’s goal:

Confronting a videogame culture lacking diversity of digital experience (shoot-em-ups and fantasy adventures for boys, prom role-play and dress-up for girls), Theresa Duncan’s CD-ROM work was something markedly different: uniquely personal, passionately invested in the creative possibilities of her medium, and daring (in the words of critic Jenn Frank) to “represent the criminally underrepresented: that is, the wild imagination of some girl aged 7 to 12.”

This project, by the NYC-based digital art nonprofit Rhizome, will fund the process of putting three games directed by Duncan—Chop Suey (1995, co-created with Monica Gesue), Smarty (1996), and Zero Zero (1997)—online, for the first time ever. With your help, they will be playable in any modern browser via emulation and available for free, for a minimum of one year.

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