- You’re getting good at this allura… 

 - …and i really enjoy doing it if i say so myself  

- So is this official now?

 - Only if you promise you’ll do my hair as an exchange…

 Deal then.  

Allura learning how to do the eyeliner thing to shiro as my entrance for shallura week! this was suppose to be for ‘tradition’ (?) but i’m not even paying attention to the prompts at this point…

  • McCree:*does a stupid thing*
  • Reaper:*smacks him upside the head* Pendejo. Don't do that again.
  • McCree:*does the same stupid thing accidentally-on-purpose like an hour later*
  • Someone in who is Not Reaper:*smacks McCree upside the head*
  • Reaper:*practically foaming at the mouth* DONT FUCKING TOUCH MY SON-

… right under mY EYEBROWS

Someone stop m e

anonymous asked:

So I'm rewatching su and it's that episode where Jamie thinks he's in love with garnet and I'm just imagine some alien thinking they're in love with klarnet after being saved by them and klarnet being like "boooiii"

OOOH I hate that I don’t have time to draw this rn that would be so hilarious!!!!!!! 

“never seen it”

“only a select amount of people”

lol ok its not like over 100000 people reblogged this post suggesting that ace people are Pure Uwu and cant get stds unlike us filthy allos who have sex so much that we die out because of it. :)