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ana cristina


1.70 cm

Ultimate Bias:

i don’t have one :c


HMMM i also don’t have any nicknames

Zodiac Sign:


Favorite Fruit:

mango, melon, apples

Favorite Season:

i like them all but i hate it when it’s too hot

Favorite Color:

yellow and blue

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

hot chocolate all the way, i dont drink coffee and only drink tea when i’m sick

Favorite Animals:

dogs, ducks, my bird ted

Last TV Show I Watched:

oh well i can’t remember it’s been a while since i last watched series

Last Movie I Watched:

get out

Dream Trip:

anywhere with snow. i’d love to go to australia or canada or even south korea tbh

Number of Blankets You Sleep With:


Song Stuck in My Head:

attention by wyatt

What Kind of Stuff Do I Post?

aesthetic edits that ppl seem to like oh well

Last Thing I Googled:

“four stages piaget”


ywnjin and somet-hing


906 (i need an unfollow spree i think

Follower Count:


When Did You Make This Blog?

november 2016 i think??? i’m not sure

Do You Get Asks Regularly?

yep yep <3

Why Did You Choose Your URL?

idk i didnt have anything else in mind haha

Average Hours of Sleep:

7 hours?

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When They Have To apologise - Marauders Preference

Requested sooooo long ago by @literallylokiloozers. Sorry it took so so long to do butI was in a real Riverdale mood in so long and now I back into Harry Potter mood so expect quite a few imagines to make up for it! 

Also here is my Masterlist     If you want to be added to a tallest for any or all fandoms, inbox me!

Sirius -

Sirius is infamous for not being able to keep his thoughts to himself, even if they are damaging to your relationship. He would always make the most flirtatious comments to girls as you literally stood right next to him. His biggest problem was the fact that he would just smirk it off if you tried to talk to him about it and it would always end in an argument. You know he never really meant it but you would never back down meaning he was the one who would have to apologize. He would do so multiple times before you finally believed him and let him back in.

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Remus -

Remus wasn’t one to flirt or mess around when it came to you but sometimes he was just a little too over protective and overbearing. He loved you and you loved him but sometimes, a little because of his werewolf side, he would be territorial over you and sometimes you liked it but when he wouldn’t let you near some people for whatever reason you hated it. You would always confront him about it and he would be rather argumentative about it. Eventually he would back off and he would apologize, normally after a full mon when he has fully come to his senses.

James -

James was always too busy with the marauders and Quiditch it seems rather than spend time with you. You get that the sport and his friends were important to him, you were his girlfriend and you should be up there with them too. He could be the most loving boyfriend one minute and then have nothing to do with you the next and it drove you up the wall constantly. You would never bother saying anything about it anymore but would give him the silent treatment. Eventually, he would apologize to you. He would make a few excuses about how Quiditch had been hectic and they needed to help out Remus (which you fully understood) but eventually he would change and give you all the time he had.

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music thingy

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1. The Used - Cut Up Angels
2. My Chemical Romance - Sister To Sleep 
3. My Chemical Romance - Bury Me In Black 
4. Against Me! - Baby, I’m An Anarchist!
5. Frank Iero and the Patience - Veins! Veins!! Veins!!!
6. Pierce The Veil - A Match Into Water 
7. Mindless Self Indulgence - Hey Tomorrow Fuck You And Your Friend Yesterday 
8. Bring Me The Horizon - Antivist
9. All Time Low - The Beach 
10. The Academy Is… - Checkmarks 

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i haven't listened to these songs for ages omg ty

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1. sleeping with sirens -stomach tied in knots
2. band of horses - is there a ghost
3. placebo - running up that hill
4. my chemical romance - boy divison
5. simple plan - gone too soon
6. валентин стрыкало - о брат (this is in russian and its so extra lmao)
7. the brobecks - love at first sight
8. the velvet underground - louise
9. anti-flag - one trillion dollars
10. the neighbourhood - say my name

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R Reflections - MisterWives
E Everything I Own - The Front Bottoms
I i miss the old u - Blackbear
N Northern Downpour - Panic! At The Disco
V Vanilla - The Maine
E Emoticons - The Wombats
N Naive - The Kooks
T There For You - Martin Garrix ft. Troye Sivan
L Lonely No More - Rob Thomas
O Only Angel - Harry Styles
U Unanständig - Philipp Poisel

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name: heather
a four letter word: heat
a boy’s name: henry
an occupation: hair stylist?
something you can wear: hat
a food: hot dog
something you find in a bathroom: hand soap?
a place: hotel
a reason for being late: had to do something, held up in traffic
something you shout: “huh???” 
a movie title: any of the harry potter movies lmao
something you drink: hot chocolate!
an animal: hyena
a type of car: honda
title of a song: heartbreak hotel by tiffany

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Relationship Status: Single!

Favorite Color: any shades of purple and blue

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick, lipstick is messy ah hh

Last Song I Listened To: Lie by BTS

Last Movie I Watched: Wonder Woman

Top Three Fictional Characters: Lance (Voltron) , 707 (Mystic Messenger) , and Christine (Gray’s Anatomy)

Top Three Ships: Klance, (or hance) kagehina, and Boyf riends!

Books I’m Currently Reading: The Lost Hero and Alexander Hamilton!

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