Tension (M)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin / Jungkook

Rating: 18+ (Explicit sex, threesome, cum play, dirty talk)

Word Count: 6,285

Summary:  Jimin and you are always flirty. When his childhood friend, Jungkook, visits, they show they’ve always been competitive. What happens, then, when both of them set their sights on you?

Contributors: @baebae-goodnight​ , for this stupid hot moodboard which wrecked my soul.

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thanks at everyone who rq’d royalty connor and evan and letting me share this concept from discord

au where evan and connor are… princes… and they meet at an orchard in between the kingdoms both disguised because they both want to escape from princely duties ™ because hteyre mentally ill and its hard and 

also just they meet when theyre like TWELVE or thirteen and its just like 

connor: this tree is MY chill spot who are you…. why are you HERE 

evan: well… uh.. i… this tree… i always come here when im , im feeling bad, or uhh wanna get.. away… so…. 

connor: (same feeling) HHHH. WELL (SITS down next to him) I GUESS we can share then!!!!!!!!!!! (and then they both run to chill at this spot together for years, not knowing the other is the prince of the other kingdom)