A lot of violence and a lot of swearing starters

Possibly a lot of trigger warnings. Violence, blood, death, injuries, knives, guns etc.


“How the fuck did you crack their skull?”

“You promised not to fucking do this”

“I would have crushed their brains”

“What the fuck did you do?”

“You kicked their head in because they owed you money?”

“You fucking stabbed the guy”

“You killed someone? I’m so proud of you”

“I hope they spend their last few breaths knowing they never should have tested me”

“There’s still blood in the fucking carpet”

“I told you I did stupid stuff when I got pissed off”

“There’s still blood on the car”

“My knife broke off in his chest somewhere”

“They didn’t deserve that

“You really should see the other guy”

“They know it was your gun”

“They won’t make it”

“Don’t worry I only broke 90% of their bones”

“You should stab them and see how they fucking like it”

“They fucking deserved what they got”

           “ d’ya know, the camera’s bein’ around 24/7 isn’t even the weirdest part of this experience. it’s havin’ to share a room with three other people ! like, lord help those who managed to get stuck with me. i’m messy & have awful sleeping patterns, shit. anywho, hello. i’m louis, for those i don’t know already ! ”

Sailor Moon Musicals Sentance Starters

“You mustn’t lose hope!”
“It’s interesting, don’t you think?”
“As long as we’re together, we’re invincible.”
“Darkness is my coffin and my companion.”
“You just put a curse on yourself.”
“It’s like you don’t even see how useless you are.” 
“The reason to even be a soldier is to fight.”
“Do you give up? Because I give up…”
“You can’t run from the future: it’s already here.”
“No, no!  I don’t want to remember!”
“As long as we’re together, I’d follow you into hell.” 
“Hey, don’t pick on me!”
“Your ambition is a small, petty thing.”
“There are times when love brings you pain.”
“It’s a bloody mystery!”
“Be prepared to taste years of bitterness.”
“I will never lose my pride.”
“Everything that lives must surely die.”
“You don’t have to protect everything on your own.”
“Without you, I wouldn’t be the same.”
“Hey! If you’re not too tired then help me out here!”
“I sense that something awful is going to happen.”
“It’s a little scary, but let’s split up.”
“You’re willing to go, even if it means your death?”
“When we understand each other, peace will smile upon us.”
“I’m never good at saying what I want.”
“When this universe ceases to be, our love will continue on.”
“These lives were long ago devoted to you.”
“My heart feels like it’s going to break.”
“That kindness is also my strength.”
“If they’re our enemy, they must be destroyed.”
“I feel like I’ve forgotten to tell someone something important.”
“Where did you learn such horrible acting?”
”Just believing won’t solve anything.”
“From now on, I’m your friend!”
“As long as I live, I will never forgive you.”
“Destiny is here to meet us.”
“Why do these tears keep coming?”

Since I’ve been sick this week, going through classes has felt like walking through fog. This better wear off before the weekend because I’m not spending it in bed, but a stuffy nose and sore throat aren’t sexy on anyone. Least of all me. 

Though staying in at night means I’m all caught up on school work; even got ahead on some reading. What else have the rest of you been up to?

“The madness of the dating world has evolved since I bailed on it. Yesterday this guy was telling me about an app where you can live stream audio of your date to your friends, who then send you text updates with feedback. I really, really wish I had single friends that would let me critique their dates.”

I’m in the midst of despair. I can’t believe I actually stripped in front of a group of people. you ask why I’d do something so scandalous? alcohol mixed with a little truth and dare - mostly the latter. If you minus the hangover that was endured during morning classes, and various smells making me wanting to puke my guts, I’d day it was somewhat successful, though admittedly when the fun is no longer heightened by alcohol, things done while drunk aren’t as pleasing as one would like to admit.                     

Mum, can you please order already, I’ve not got all night.

Yes you have. No girlfriend. No family that you live with. Just a job and a dog. What can you possibly have to do that is better than having a quick dinner with your mother?

Birthday starters

“Happy birthday!”

“Is there birthday cake?”

“I usually spend my birthdays with pizza”

“Are this many candles a fire hazard?”

“Congratulations on being a year older”

“I think my dog ate your gift”

“Guess what I’ve bought you this year”

“It may be my birthday today”

“I’m now a year closer to death”

“I don’t want to be reminded that I’ve gotten older”

“This has to be the worst gift you’ve received”

“Are there party bags?”

“I don’t have enough candles for your cake anymore”

“I should have bought a ‘Merry Christmas’ card”

“You have to make a wish”

“What are the point of birthdays?”

“Well done on surviving another whole year”

“I hate birthdays”

“Don’t you dare wish me a happy birthday”

“I bought you a children’s cake”

“You’re getting the most expensive birthday gift this year”

“Why do we burn wax on top of a cake to celebrate existing?”

“Where’s my present?”