...speaking of otps!

Okay but like sometimes I just remember that when Keith officially met Lance for the first time, he had barely learned his name when Lance began teasing him and making fun of him and stuff.

Based on this, I like to headcanon that Keith secretly crushes on Lance but doesn’t do anything about it because he thinks Lance doesn’t like him.


Just imagine Keith sitting next to Lance, super exhausted after a mission. He momentarily forgets their rivalry and lets his head fall on Lance’s shoulder. Lance flinches and when Keith looks up, about to apologize, he sees Lance blushing.


“Lance? You alright?” Keith is smirking because Lance is definitely #NotAlright.

“Perfectly okay! Why would I not be okay??” Oh no Lance is flustered.

And then Keith using his newfound knowledge to tease Lance even more, but not with words, with little affectionate actions just to get him blushing and flustered.


Why do people feel the need to write dub con/ non con or unhealthy relationship fanfiction? Like? It doesn’t make people happy? Its not Good? Why not write about them cuddling? Or fighting crime? Or literally anything else.

bellarke is the embodiment of the phrase ‘if you can’t tell a love story without a kiss, you’re not telling a good love story’
we don’t need a kiss to know there’s love there

OTP Prompt

That moment when Person A is an Amazon warehouse worker and gets a good laugh out of this huge order of sex toys, bondage items, ect. Like a full suitcase worth. But they never see the name it’s being shipped too.

A few days later Person A gets a familiarly large box on their doorstep addressed to their current partner and roommate, Person B.

Things that are really nice

-When their knees bump against yours
-When you put your head on their shoulder
-Sharing music and ear buds
-Being able to fall asleep in front of them
-Hand holds
-Aimlessly drawing patterns on their hand, knee, or any other casual body part
-When they use you as a human pillow
-When you’re half awake and they let you use their lap as a pillow
-Playing Uno by their rules
-Playing with their hair
-Being close
-Comfortable silence
-Lazy Mornings where you talk about your dreams
-When they come back to bed to cuddle
-Talking until you both fall asleep

man i wonder what aarons gonna do for roberts birthday.

can you imagine him coming out of prison and seeing robert still so withdrawn and sad after he got drunk and trashed the mill and cried on vic’s shoulder. aaron decides he’s gonna make roberts birthday the best it can be. he takes his husband out for a picnic even though it’s not his thing because robert once told him his mum used to take him on picnics.

he’ll buy robert something small but meaningful; something robert will keep locked away in a drawer, safe and sound, taking it out to look at it occasionally and aaron’ll find him doing it on twenty, thirty years from now and neither of them will believe they’ve come so far, but they’re both certain they love each other as much now as they did then.

aaron’ll take robert out for a drink somewhere in hotten, will make jokes about robert eyeing up the ladies but he better not be wanting to go home with them if he knows what’s good for him. robert looking pleased and so so proud and just kissing him senseless right there and then.

with his husband fed and watered and gifted out, aaron will drag him back to the mill in the bedroom roberts fixed back up and he’ll fuck him right there and then, making the room their own.

robert will make as much noise as he wants, no worries about any comments being thrown their way the next morning. he’ll hold onto aaron for dear life and this will be the first birthday in forever where he’s felt safe and loved and truly, truly happy.

when it’s over, robert’ll kiss aarons shoulder and burrow in to the cuddle, aarons arms around him, and he’ll say thanks and that he loves him and that aarons the best thing that ever happened to him.

aaron’ll tell him he loves him back, that robert deserves that and more, and from now on it’s about them and only them.

and liv, robert’ll add because they’re a unit, these three.

good birthday? aaron’ll ask

best birthday, robert’ll reply and mean it with every fibre of his being