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you mentioned in the fic that dipper actually managed to spot octobill first once? how did bill react to that? if you dont mind that is

While I’m tempted to write out the whole thing, the short of it is: 

The first time Bill breaks out, all Dipper knows is that something’s escaped, so when he spots motion out of the corner of his eye - he’s just good enough to see that it’s probably a tentacle. Octopi are escape artists, after all, so he goes after it going ‘I see you there, c’mere little guy-’ And pats it, but he doesn’t see the rest of the octopus…

Bill is a guy, but he’s not little. He’s also very surprised anyone spotted him in the first place. He was caught off guard. He had been ambushed

Suffice to say that is how Dip became Bill’s ‘handler’, and - when Dipper notices what he’s actually caught - also the closest Dipper’s ever come to having a heart attack.


“Give me one good reason to not push you off the side.”

“I’d drag you down with me. It’s a long way down.”

Taking a break from a commission to do something for my mom’s birthday. She asked for a scene from the book I’m reading, and since my head’s still stuck in the Foxhole hell, here we are.

I also used this as a chance to try out some new brushes and now I am never using anything else to do skies.

Open in a new tab for better-ish quality.

Update: Bella’s measurements on her show package differ than those of IMG from her 2015 measurements.

Height: 5′8.5 to 5′9
Bust: 33.5 to 32
Waist: 24 (stayed the same)
Hips: 32 to 35
Shoe: 8.5 (stayed the same)

My guess is these measurements are more truthful than the ones IMG has, not only are they more recent but they go along with the discussions we’ve had about her on here. She’s lost weight so the bust going down makes sense and we’ve talked on here before about how her hip measurements seemed way too small and IMG must be lying so 35″ makes more sense, as well, I said a few weeks ago she looked about 34/5. If they were also lying about her waist then she’s now where they wanted her to be in that regard. Her height was originally listed as 5′9 when she signed to IMG and I think she’s somewhere between 5′8.5 and 5′9 so it just depends on how they round.

  • Jack:WAKE ME UP
  • Maurice:Wake me up inside!
  • Jack:I CAN'T WAKE UP
  • Maurice:Wake me up inside!
  • Roger:*sigh* Save me...

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do you ever get really emotional thinking about jewish people and jewish history? because i don't know why but i was just sitting and thinking and looking at my magen david and i just cried for my family and friends and g-d. sorry i'm just sorta emotional

all the time love it’s really difficult


You know why these gems are excited?
Rebecca Sugar interview (starts at 40 minutes and 25 seconds)

Some highlights:
-Musical episode coming soon to include 7(!) new songs including tap dancing.
-Shelby Rabara (Peridot) originally auditioned for Garnet and Jennifer Paz (Lapis) for Amethyst
-The tap dancing sound used in the musical episode is a recording of Shelby Rabara actually tap dancing
-Upcoming song (implied to be part of the musical episode) by Jeff Liu and Ben Levin, which apparently had a Pearl verse added that wasn’t there before. So it might be a duet or an even bigger ensemble.
-Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship is based around Rebecca and Ians relationship.
-She went suspiciously silent when the prospect of a YD song was mentioned. (this is purely speculating though).
-Rose and Peals relationship confirmed for requited love.
-New character to appear with voice work Rebecca is excited about and that character will appear in the fall.
-Live stage musical of Steven universe would be something Rebecca would love.
-Apparently Sapphire is associated with “sight and seeing” and Ruby with “touch and feeling”.
-She hopes to have a Sardonyx song one day.

This hiatus will brutally kill us all more than ever now

Existential Crisis

I am reaching that point of my life when I relate very closely to @danisnotonfire‘s old videos…

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“Fenris! We’re finally reunited!”

“It would have happened sooner if someone gave clear directions to this place.”

“Eh? But I wrote it out in my last letter: Let’s meet at A Non-Descript Tavern on the road to Ostwick!


;’) A very sketchy sequel to this.


Which cast member have you enjoyed working with the most and who do you feel has brought the best out of you as an actress? I’m extremely fortunate in that all the actors that I work with or have worked with, I’ve loved working with every single one of them. I love them as people and as their characters. I think it would be unfair of me to specify one in particular but possibly Richard, who plays Robb, because we have so much to do together and I love those scenes. - Michelle Fairley