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Imagine Bucky fighting with two katanas. Full on badass twirling around slicing through anyone in his way. ANY finds it amazingly sexy.

“I’m going…$10 on handguns, but only if he uses them both at the same time.” 

“No way,” Clint argues. “He’s a long range guy, right? The rifle, or nothing.”

Tony shrugs. “ It’s your money to lose. The course isn’t that big.”

“You’re both wrong,” says Natasha, dropping down onto the bench next to Clint. “He’s incredible at close range. I vote knives and throwing stars.” She leans over the railing a little bit, head tilted toward the dark spot that’s Bucky’s back, moving purposefully across the gym floor toward the weapons rack.

“I can’t believe you’re betting on this,” Steve sighs. He’s standing next the railing, attempting casual while white-knuckling the metal bar running the length of the observation box.

“You’re kidding right?” Tony snaps closed his phone and stretches, hands toward the ceiling. “We’ve been waiting for this all week. All month. The whole last year.”

“If he breaks Thor’s record, we’re going to throw a pizza party.” The look Steve gives Clint is withering.

“You ready, Buck? Simulation’s set to start in ten seconds,” Steve calls, and on the floor, Bucky finishes twisting his hair out of his face and gives the thumbs up.

A red light flashes from all corners, counting down, and Bucky turns back to the weapons rack. “Moment of truth, kids,” Tony says. The light flips to green, and the sound of drones fills the room.


The last ‘enemy’ drops to the ground, a buzzer blares, and in its echo the gym descends into a ringing silence.

In the center of the floor, Bucky’s chest is heaving, hair ripped loose of its bun and covering his bent face; from his hands, two long blades are tipped gently toward his feet, gleaming under the high overhead lights.

The ground is littered with the smoking debris of fried electronics, wire strewn in a predictable circle with Bucky at the center, a hurricane at rest.

Up in the box, Tony, Clint, and Natasha are carefully not looking at each other. Steve has squeezed a perfect impression of his hands into the railing.

“Um,” Tony starts. “Did he?”


“Has anyone else ever?”


“With katanas?”


Wow,” Clint breathes. There is a collective nodding among the group.

Below them, Bucky lifts his head in their direction, shakes the hair out of his face, and grins.


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Punks Standing in the Blush of Dawn

In an impromptu dress-up session I figured I would simply put on a pink wig and call it done, but when I added a hood and earrings, I realized it looked too familiar. “Look, I’m Punk Yona!” I declared. 

We joked that if Yona tried to bleach her hair as part of being rebellious, it would simply turn pink. Later on, however, my sisters showed me they had yet another wig. “Why didn’t you tell me you had a darker one? That dress-up would have looked more like Yona!” I said, until I put it on and felt it reminded me more of someone else. 

Well, not really the Punk Yoon we were going for, just Yoon in More Black. I hesitate to call it cosplay given the liberties taken, but more photos beneath the cut. They were fun. 

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Hey sorry to bug you but I was just wondering where you're reading the letters? Like in a book or somewhere online or something? Sorry they just sound super interesting and I'd like to read them sometime if they're like easily accessible!

Actually, all of John and Abigail’s letters are online courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society, along with Adams’ diary and his (admittedly not terribly interesting) autobiography.

Go nuts, they’re adorable.

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How do you add the texture onto the thing in fire alpaca?

you put the texture on the layer above your coloring, the click clipping

 (in this box)

and it should only show where theres stuff on the layer underneath, then i usually do overlay or add or something and mess with the opacity