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Takahiro wakes up to the sound of that annoying ringtone Tooru picked out for himself, specially, when he calls.

It’s dark. The sun isn’t up yet and peeking through his curtains, so he contemplates ignoring the call. What if he just rolled over and accidentally called him like he did last week?

He lets the call go, groaning and rolling over. He doesn’t open his eyes and the phone stops, so he tries to relax, to go back to sleep. Fucking Tooru and his inability to properly lock his phone at night-

The phone starts ringing again, and Takahiro feels a hard, heavy lump form in his throat. The dread gets him up and checking his phone.

It’s Tooru.

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Was asked if I could make a how-to for Mark and Kylo, so here they are!  

I’m not an art expert™ but these are just some tips I use when drawing people.
Try to take note of distinct features of the face so you can draw them in different styles and retain resemblance. Also the more you draw someone the better you’ll have their features ‘on lock’! 

Hope it helps ^^  

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Do you think Jesse and Hanzo ride together?

anon im afraid i dont understand the question could you perhaps,,, explain

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Hi there! Rememeber Ishida drew an illustration of Kaneki in the concert? The one he's speculately being stabbed by a kagune or anything else? Don't you think it's related to the art he drew for his birthday? I'm really worried about this case! What if this means Kaneki's death in the end cause in both of them he's wearing his battle king suit! Plus Touka was standing in a gave yard so what if they're all referring to sth bad? Sorry for the long ask. I'm very concerned!

I mean it’s very possible that these three images could be foreshadowing towards the end of tg being that Kaneki dies. I mean in Kaneki’s birthday art it even looks like the darkness is catching up to Kaneki, and he is obviosuly being stabbed by something in the concert art. It could also be very symbolic in that Kaneki the king will have to die for his ideals to be made. But, we don’t know until tg ends, but obviously I’m just hoping these are just stylish pieces of art because I don’t want him to die either.

You might hate me from this point...

Imagine that Jack the Ripper is actually Roth and he wants to surprise his darling in three steps.

1. Kill those women

2. Begin to chase him

and 3. Surprise him in his house by taking the mask off and saying ‘It is a-me, Roth‘ where Jacob would react by screaming loudly ‘OMG it’s a ghost!’

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