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I used to want to save the world. To end war and bring peace to mankind. But then, I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light. And I learned that inside every one of them, there will always be both. A choice each must make for themselves. Something no hero will ever defeat. And now I know, that only love can truly save the world. So I stay, I fight, and I give, for the world I know can be. This is my mission now. Forever.

Halla! It’s been a short, but amazing time, but Skam is now over. So I decided to start a Skam appreciation week to spread some positivity and love. It will start on Monday 03.07.2017 and will end on Sunday 09.07.2017. Each day has a different topic. You can make edits, gifs, graphics, videos, playlists… whatever you want to. 

  • Day en - Favorite season
  • Day to - Favorite character
  • Day tre - Favorite relationship
  • Day fire - Favorite squad
  • Day fem - Favorite quote(s)
  • Day seks - Favorite parallel(s)
  • Day syv - Free choice

Don’t forget to tag your stuff with #dailyskams and #skamweek.

When it’s just me it’s easier to pretend.

Inspired by the work of @superphazed (NSFW) and @davidsherenow so if you haven’t seen their stuff you should. Sorry for potato quality, I can only make gifs in Flash.

aah I have to learn to draw on a tablet one day so I can animate better but this was really relaxing to make!– but truly, I know there’s some negativity going around lately and I just want to say please don’t let it get you down, I’ve met so many amazing people through here and I hope you all keep doing what you do!!

You can’t tell me that Pre-Kerberos Shiro and Keith didn’t do sappy dumb embarrassing stuff when they go on dates. LOOK. AT. THEM. Friggin matching shirts. How gross can you guys get? Even Zarkon can see that blush of yours Shiro. Keep it together. They’re so cute I can’t stop drawing them. OTL

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Hey guys!! 

I know it hasn’t really been a minute since I’ve been posting like left and right this last month or so, but I’ve been getting a lot of notes and emails and all sorts of stuff so I figured I’d just throw down some quick updoots to get you all in the know (or at least my version of the know, we’ll figure that part out later)

FIRST OFF I want to thank every one of you out there who’s supported my art either through your likes, reblogs/retweets, and even Patreon support (which has gotten up to $200 a month wow!!) It’s only been like what, a year since I started posting art to the furry fandom and it’s been just a heck of a ride the entire way. Like I nearly went from 400 followers about a year ago to literally almost 7 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS???

If you had asked me if any of this was possible on my end about a year ago, frankly I’d tell you it was just a far off fantasy. BUT JOKES ON PAST ME BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE MAKING ME CRY IRL EVERY DAY. SO JUST THANKS. WOW. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!! 

(and if you’ve been one of those people behind the scenes pushing my butt in the right direction, I love you just that much more. you all know who you are uwu)

SO AS YOU’VE PROBABLY NOTICED I’ve been doing a butt ton of art (specifically commissions!) very recently, and it’s been a heck of a refreshing change for me to just do some quick lil animated bits and layout stuff ! But the real world is scary and wants money so i’m also on the hunt for a more permanent job situation while I manage some of these upcoming projects and commissions. I will say definitively I’ll be closing off commissions for the upcoming month (but I’ll get to that in a sec)

The big one being my Chuck and Deen reboot, which is now officially going under the name HOW I LEFT TOWN (AND GOT LOST FOREVER)

The comics going under a serious overhaul in terms of tone, style and writing, but you’ll be seeing a return of all your fav characters in something I’m hoping will reflect a lot of the themes my artworks been giving off this last year. It’ll be dramatic, it’ll be super gay, and it’ll have lots of spooks! So here’s hoping I can deliver something special when I find the time to get posting.

The elephant in the room for me atm is my unfinished senior film that’s been sitting in limbo since I graduated from SVA. It’s literally just waiting to be finished (after some technical issues regarding time and coordination) and tbh it’s just a load of demo reel/portfolio material waiting to be unbenched, so I’ve decided to make that my first priority before my next big contract this coming month. I’m hoping I’ll have a good film to show for and finally a finished project under my belt by the beginning of July, so cheer along and look forward to some dumb teen comedy about vampires and terrible pizza!!

From there, I can definitely see myself dedicating my free time to making progress on my new comic and just tons more of the same kind of stuff you’ve been seeing me post recently. Here’s hoping I can pay back all the kindness and love I’ve received this last year uwu


Need to finish my student film before I get rolling on the new Chuck and Deen to get them sick career opportunities. Commissions are kind of closed. I love all of you. Deuces. 

Victor painting Yuri’s lips so he can kiss that gold

more cute boys in makeup 2k17 @therealpigfarts23

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hi everyone! can you guys believe it’s been 3 whole years since i started this blog? 3 years and 2 weeks now, actually - i meant to do something for my blog’s birthday but there were some issues and stuff, so it had to wait until now ✿ and well, i really wanted to do a follow forever because i haven’t done one in a (long) while ★

so here’s a huge thank you to all of you, for being awesome and making my dash a really cool place (*⌒∇⌒*) ily~

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This blog just reached 8.888 followers - thank you all for following me!

I love reading all the tags or comments you leave on posts - thank you for the support and for reblogging even the dumbest of Hannibal crack I make :)

Gif requests are open so ask away! 

I can gif you some Hannibal, Star Wars, Dr. Strange or Interview stuff from the cast! And of course all kinds of crack :)   

So the blogs hit 26k which is something I never imagined happening ever! It’s amazing to have such support behind my writing, but also to see you guys caring so much about each other and me! You’re a wonderful follower community and you’re always so lovely and supportive!

So in honour of the 26k I decided to do a fan stuff contest.

The basic premise of the fan-art and fan-fiction or better yet fan-creation contest is that you guys make anything that relates to me or something i’ve written. It could be a drawing of me, a piece about the Angela and Charlotte Hogwarts AU, a drawing for a series i’ve written etc. As long as relates to me or something i’ve written or the blog then it counts! 

It can be written, drawn, hand made, an edit, etc. if you make it whether it’s a gif set or a drawing then it counts. Winners will not be chosen on skill so much as concept, you don’t have to be an amazing artist with 50 years under your belt, as long as the concepts something I like, something that makes me smile then you have a chance of winning. 


  • Must be following the blog, I will check
  • Must have your ask box open so I can contact you if you win
  • What you enter must be your own work 
  • You’ll be entered once no matter how many things you put in, but obviously more things might mean I choose your stuff simply because I see more of your stuff.
  • Winners will be chosen on what makes me smile, what I like, but all entries winners or not will be beautiful and just because you don’t win doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy what you did!
  • Please naturally be respectful with what you choose to do, if you’re not sure if something will upset me then ask before you do it

How to enter?

To enter either place the item in my submit box telling me it’s for the contest, send it to the email with your tumblr url (imaginesofeveryfandom@gmail.com) telling me it’s for the contest, or tag the blog and tag the post with #ioeffancreationcontest letting me know it’s for the contest! 


  1. 2 first place winners will receive fully drawn bust drawings by me of either themselves, a character, a friend etc. and a short drabble writing of their choice, it could be readerxcharacter, characterxcharacter, etc. 
  2. 4 second place winners will receive coloured bust sketches by me of either themselves, a character, a friend, etc. 
  3. 6 third place winners will receive a colourless sketch bust of a character, themselves, a friend, etc.

Everyone who enters will see their pieces reblogged, added, submited on the blog and put into the 26kfollowerscontest tag and will get to see my prise + comments and seeing your lovely creations. 

End date: 

The contest will end and winners will be chosen May 8th 2017 to give you all enough time to do things, decide if you want to enter, but also as i’m back home over Easter for a month this means you’re not waiting for me do prizes until I come back.

I can’t wait to see all the awesome things you guys make and thank you all for the support! 26,000 followers is amazing and I love you and am proud of you all!!

Examples of my art:

we started this blog on july 17th, 2016 and today marks nakamotens’ one year anniversary!! time flies and we feel like we’ve both come so far ;; honestly, when we both started this blog we didn’t think we’d stan nct this much!! the only reason we made a blog together was because we didn’t think we’d be able to commit to running a blog on our own… and look where we are one year later :^)

so we just wanted to thank you guys!! to our mutuals, our followers and people who reblog our stuff, we’re just really grateful for everything ;; within just one year we’ve gained 16.7k and while we don’t want to focus on numbers too much, we want to thank each and every one of you for welcoming us into the fandom and for making our experience a fun and memorable one!

we did want to do something special for you guys but couldn’t really think of anything rip… but our requests are always open!! and under the cut we’ve included messages to some of our friends + blogs that we really admire ; _ ;

again, thank you guys so much!! we’ve had an incredible year and maybe we’ll even last for another one~ we hope you’re all doing well too, remember to drink lots of water and get lots of rest!!! we love you guys ♡

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Imagine : Sam comforts you after a bad breakup

Sam Winchester X Reader

Having him and then loosing him hurt worse than never having him at all. You were in love and he just didn’t care, simple as that. He hurt you, cheated on you. He was the very scum of the earth for all that he did, yet you were the one in tears, wishing things would have gone differently. A part of you wished he wouldn’t have left, but you knew it was for the best. It would just take time for your heart to catch up with your head.

“(Y/n)?” Sam was at your bedroom door. He’d been checking in on you every so often, worried sick. It drove him crazy to see you like this. You were so strong, so brave, and an incompetent pig was able to bring you to your knees. “Can I come in?” Hopefully, his hand fell on the doorknob. You wiped the sleep from your eyes before making an ‘mhm’ sound, and then Sam was there. You noticed Dean right behind him and you nodded a bit, letting him know it was okay to join.

“So do you want anything to eat? I can go grab some burgers? Hell, I’ll run to the store and get all of the stuff I need to make your favorite meal, how does that sound?” Dean sat beside you, leaning back against the headboard. You didn’t feel like eating, but you knew you had to at some point. Sleeping all day and all night wasn’t going to help you.

“That sounds good.” You tried to smile at him. Dean wrapped an arm around your shoulders, giving you a quick hug before heading out the door. You looked up at Sam as he fiddled with his thumbed, thinking of what to say to you. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a mess, I just-”

“Don’t apologize. (Y/n), I have something to say and if I don’t say it now, I don’t think I ever will.” Sam seemed almost conflicted. That worried you, but you nodded for him to continue. “You’re amazing. You’re everything beautiful the world has to offer in one body. You’re the sunset and the stars, the thunder and the ocean. You can be soft and compassionate or a storm no one would dare waver into. You can make me laugh until I can’t breathe. You bring out new sides to people. (Y/n), you’re the best thing to ever happen to Dean and I. We love you, and when I say that, I don’t just mean we care for you, I mean we would do anything for you. We would set the world on fire for you. You’re everything to us.” Sam was spilling his heart out and you could see all of the emotions on his face. He really meant every single word and that had you in tears. “He couldn’t see those things in you. He had a chance at heaven on earth and he took advantage of your heart. I know it hurts. I know you don’t feel like it now, but someone like you deserves someone so, so special.” You were in his arms before he could even finish, holding onto him tightly.

“I love you, Sam.” You mumbled into his shirt, tears streaming down your cheeks. He’d just told you everything you needed to hear and you were so grateful.

“I love you too, (Y/n).”

I am really happy with the turnout of my little Dragonite gif. Gosh, I find this so adorable, and am amazed that I managed to make something so cute. I am so proud of all the progress I have made on my art. I am finally making things that I think “I would buy stuff with this on it”. Anyhow, I hope that you enjoy this cute little Dragonite! c:

Please do not repost (reblog instead!), edit, etc~

Gif requests can be made on this post (link here; gif requests in my inbox will be deleted!).

Shawn mendes imagine

Hey love! I was wondering if you could do 37, 38, 66, 74 and 158 From the prompt list? With shawn 💞
37. “Dont dare touch me.”
38. “Could you kindly get the fuck away from me for a moment?”
66. “Pack your shit and go. get out of my sight.”
74. “I can’t believe you’d do this to me.”
158. “You take one more step towards me and i will knock you on your ass.”
You and shawn had been together for about 3 years now and 1 year ago you asked him to move in with you and your husky (husky’s name).

You had been happily together for that amount of time that it suprised you considering you never had good luck with guys before

Your were now 27 and he was 28, he was still doing his singing carrer on the down low while you were a well, high-paid photographer

You had been offered your job about 5 years ago when they saw your instagram account and how you handled it

You soon became one of the top gret photographer’s in the world and you had worked with a lot of celebrities

You job was how you met shawn.

It was also how you met your best friend josie.

You three were inseparable, you all did everything together.

“Bye louise!” You yelled to your manager as she closed up the studio

“Bye y/n! Say hi to shawn for me” she yelled back

“Will do!” I said as i opened the car to my jeep

I was originally ment to fishish at 7:00pm but we got let out and hour early wich i was releaved for

“Hey y/n!” I heard a voice yell as i began looking for my phone

“Oh hey harry!” I said to the one and only harry styles as he cane up to me and handed me my phone

Harry and i were teamed to be together for this magazine shoot

We have been working together for about 3 weeks and he was a really funny guy and we were immediately best friend’s

“Oh thanks! I was just looking for this!” I said as i smiled at him

“Yeah louise found it and said i had to rush it to you” he said

Him and louise had been together on the down low for a few month’s wich was funny to watch them try and makeout without anyone knowing

“Ah! Well thanks harry, ive gotta get back home to shawn and im sure louise is wanting you around” you said with a wink

He grinned and nodded saying his goodbye and running to his girlfriend’s arm’s

Shaking you head you got in your car and began your journey home
“Babe im ho-” you stopped yourself half way as you saw there were clothes scattered along the floor

Closing the door you placed your bag on the rack and made your way to the sofa and picked up a bra

Looking at the black and purple lacy details you immediately knew it wasn’t your’s

Walking to the stairs you stopped on the third step as you heard sound’s

Not sounds, moans

‘He’s cheeting on me’ you thought as you continue up the stairs

Standing outside your shared bedroom door you stood hearing the sound before having enough and slamming it open

This caused shawn to fall off and the gurl to sit and wrap herself up

What supprised you was who the girls was

Your best friend.

You best friend was in the same bed as your boyfriend.

Staring shocked at you she immediately got up and began making her way to you

“You take one more step towards me and I will knock you on your ass.” I said causing her to stop

She began asking for my fogivness as i stared at shawn with angry eye’s

“Could you kindly get the fuck away from me for a moment?” I said to her causing her to shut up

“Or better yet here’s your shit. Get out of my house and my life.” I said passing her, her clothes and glaring at her

She began starting with the 'please forgive me’ shit

“It was his fault y/n” i heard her say as she pulled her last piece of clothing on

“Are you really Going to ruin our friendship because of his fault?” She asked

I looked at her like she was dumb

“It takes two to tangle. You know that. I dont see any alcohol around so this means your sober.” I said to her

She stood there opening and closing her mouth

“I repeat. Get the fuck out and dont come back.” My tone was deadly wich caused her to back away and walk out

Hearing the door slam i Turned to shawn who was now stood in a thin sheet wrapped around him

“Pack your shit and go. Get out of my sight.” I said turning away from him and making my way into the kitchen

I heard his footsteps after me and as i turned to walk into the kitchen he grabbed my arm

Yanking my arm away i turned to him

“Don’t dare touch me.” I said with a calm but deadly tone

He looked at me with pleading eye’s

“Please listen to m-”

“I can’t believe you’d do this to me.” I said cutting him off

“It was a mistake, i swear she came on to me!” He began yelling

“Yes but it takes two to tangle” i said grabbing food out to make myself pizza



I was done. I now ahd no best frined or a boyfriend

“Get changed and get out. I wont be here tomorrow so you can come and pack your stuff then. Untill then i dont want to hear or see you again. Got it!” I said making my way to the front door and opening it only to find harry and louise at the steps about to knock

They looked at me and then shawn who was just slipping on his last piece of clothing

“Get out.” I said with no emotion left in my voice

I turned to harry and louise as they walked in and sat on the couch

“Please….don’t do this….i love you” shawn said as he was on the front step

“You love me? Ha if you loved me you wouldn’t have fucked my best friend. Im sorry shawn that you were so fucking dumb to do something like that but i can gurentee that i will never forgive you. But im sure she’ll be waiting for you. Goodbye shawn.” I said and slammed the door as he was about to say something

Turning my back to the door i slid down it and finnaly let the tears fall

Feeling hands on my shoulders i looked up at harry and louise who were giving small smiles

“He’s not worthe it. Were your best friend’s now.” Louise said as she whiped away my tears

“Come on we brought stuff to make pizza and other munchies and movie’s” harry said like a little girl and walked into the kitchen

“I swear he’s secretly a girl” louise said as she helped me up causing me to laugh

And that night we cooked and ate while crying over sappy movie’s.

Trust me

Word count: 1329

Kai has trust issues and you confront him about it

‘There’s my girl’ Kai said as you ran into his arms and hugged him tightly, his arms wrapping around your body. He cupped your face and kissed you swiftly, his arms still wrapped around you.

'I’ve missed you.’ You said, looking up at him, admiring him.

'I’ve missed you too, but I had to do something important.’ He trailed off as you started walking home, Kai’s arm resting on your waist.

'Can I know what was so important that you had to ditch me for a week?’ You said and hit him playfully, earning a smile from Kai.

'It’s nothing, just some boring stuff. Your beautiful mind doesn’t have to worry about that. You need to worry about how are we gonna spend a week together’ he leaned in so his lips were against your ear. 'All alone, I have to make it up to you for a whole week’ he whispered, sending shivers down your spine.

'We’ll see’ you muttered and Kai immediately saw you weren’t too excited about it. You loved Kai so much, it was almost impossible to explain how much, but you hated when he kept things from you. This wasn’t the first time. He did it a few times before and you accepted it because you didn’t want to fight him. You shook it off and moved on from it, understanding it might me important to Kai and he didn’t want anyone to know about it, but you were his girlfriend and atleast you thought he would share things with you. You told him multiple times he can trust you, but something was obviously stopping him from that.

You walked home, Kai’s arm wrapped around you, your fingers intertwined with his. He kept kissing your cheek and acted all lovey and cute, which he did very much, especially around other people, letting them you’re his only and no one else can have you. You found that very adorable and it made you smile everytime he did it.

'Finally!’ Kai said as he unlocked the doors of his house, letting you in. You walked into the living room and plopped yourself on the couch, Kai following you. He leaned in and placed a kiss on your neck, smiling at the same time. You pulled away and laid down, your head on his lap. He leaned in again and tried to kiss you, which made you turn your head and get a kiss on the cheek.

'Is everything alright?’ He asked, looking at you befuddled.

'Yeah, why.’ You answered as you kept looking at your fingers.

'Well because you’ve been acting strange since I told you it’s nothing important and that you shouldn’t worry about the thing I had to do.’ He stated as you sat up, a few inches from his on the couch, facing him.

'I’ve been acting strange?’

'Yes. Is something wrong? Why don’t you tell me?’ He said and sat closer, his fingers running through your hair.

'Why don’t you tell me what you had to do?’ You asked, your gaze showing more sadness than curiousity.

'We’ve talked about this and it’s nothing.’ He said and stood up, taking a few steps away from you. He sat on the sofa that was a few feet away from the couch.

'Why are you like this all of a sudden? I don’t understand. You have huge trust issues, Kai, and it bothers me. There. I said it. It bothers me that you don’t trust me and that you think I would take advantage of you. You don’t want to tell me anything because you’re still afraid I would give something away to people who hurt you, but I’m your girlfriend. I love you with all my life and I would never, ever do something like that. Even if someone was torturing me, I wouldn’t tell them because I know how much some things mean to you.’ You trailed off with your voice a little bit raised, Kai suddenly unable to look at you in the eyes. He kept looking down at his hands as if he was scared od you. He played with his fingers and then stood up, walking towards you as he stopped in front of the coffee table.

'I trust you. I trust you with my life, it’s just-’ Kai muttered, placing his hands on his neck as he took a deep breath, trying to find the right words, trying to prove he trusts you. He wanted to prove to you that you’re the only person he trusts.

'No, it’s fine. Forget about it.’ You showed him a weak smiled and leaned back on the couch, pulling the pillow onto your lap as you kept staring at the one spot in the distance.

'Are you sure?’ He asked as he sat down next to you, his arm wrapping around you.

'Yeah it’s ok. You know what, I’m, I’m gonna go and sleep for a while. I’m tired so, I’ll catch up with you later?’ You asked and stood up, not even waiting for Kai to answer to your question. You took your jacket and walked out of his house, determined to walk home on your own and think about some things. You didn’t want to start a fight and at one point you figured there might be a reason Kai wanted to keep this to himself. You stopped to grab some coffee and then kept walking home through cloudy Mystic Falls. You walked slowly to your house, holding the hot coffee firmly with your hand, feeling the heat from it radiating through your body.

You unlocked the doors and walked inside, placing the keys on the counter that was in the hallway, not far from the front doors. You walked upstairs to your room and threw your jacket on the bed as you found a small beige box on your bed. You frowned for a moment but then you picked it up and opened it, only to find a message and the thing you never thought you’d see again. The ascendant. Kai must’ve brought it here when you were getting coffee, but you still didn’t understand what all of this meant and why he gave it to you. You grabbed the note that was in the box and unfolded it, reading the message written on a small piece of paper.

'You think I don’t trust you, but I do and you deserve only the best things in this world and not just that. You deserve the whole world and to prove that, I’m giving you the ascendant. My world. I hope you’ll keep it safe, just like I’m keeping my world safe, you. - Kai’

You smiled at the note and placed your hand over your mouth, unable to believe that Kai actually gave you the ascendant. The only thing he kept hidden because he was afraid someone would send him back and now you had it.

'I hope it’s ok.’ You heard a familiar male voice behind you that made you turn around and run into his arms, which wrapped tightly around you as his lips pressed gently against your forehead.

'I can’t believe it. Are you sure?’ You asked as you looked up to look him the eyes, his hands cupping your face.

'One hundred percent sure. I trust you more than anyone. Well, I only trust you so, I think it’s only fair for you to keep it safe for me.’ He said gently, a smile appearing on his face.

'I’ll keep it safe. I promise.’

'I know.’ He trailed off as he kissed you and pulled you closer, hugging you tightly. Your head was leaned against his chest, listening to his calm heartbeat as you realized you had nothing to worry about. Kai was just a scared man that only felt safe when you were around and you wanted to prove him that as long as you’re there, he’d never have to be afraid or alone again.

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Special shoutout to

@bayer-mund You were the first person of this fandom who talked to me and you were the one who really got me into it. It’s also partly because of you that I am now a bee so thanks for making me suffer I guess :D

@satanic-horsemen Thanks for always tagging me in relevant ship stuff. You’re my fellow Götzeus shipper No.1 and ofc Erik/literally anyone else!! :D I hope whatever you’re writing rn is coming along beautifully!

@yourfaveanon I love that our conversations are 50% keysmashing, 30% pics/gifs/videos of our favs and 20% screaming in capslock at our dumb team. Thank you for this!

@iwannashelteryou You seem like the sanest person on here lmao. I love how we can talk about literally anything and we always end up agreeing no matter if it’s football or otherwise related.

@dancinglewy Just thank you for existing you beautiful human being from halfway around the world! I mean, you’re literally the enemy by liking Bayern AND Schalke but I’ll make an exception just for you and say I like you just the way you are :D (Also fuck Lena Dunham!!)

“Hey hey hey darling hey-”

“Oh my god Daniel what!” 

“I’m horny,”

“When are you not?”

“We should have sex,”

“Right now?”



“What babe, please?”


“Why not? I’m not ugly! I thought you loved me, Y/N”

“I do love you and you’re gorgeous but I have stuff to do later and i don’t want to shower,” 

“Then we can just fuck in the shower,” 


“Fine you’re just going to make me jerk off like a teenager?”


“Ugh! What did i ever do to you?!” 

“Well right now you’re being annoying, and now I’m thinking about it so I’m horny too so fuck you,”

“Aha! I win!” 

“Daniel shut the fuck up and kiss me,” 

actual conversation between you and daniel bc he’s a horny man child