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How about a college au of Hart with Reira and Key shipping too? I have to admit I love along with Sharkbaitshipping BTW I love your art. Stay amazing friend *high fives you*

Thank you very much!

Hmm College AU of Haruto and Reira would be fun 8D

tho i still can’t get over the fact that reira is a girl //sobs


Im glad you like all them ships!!!! XDDD

This is my piece for @lily-liegh for the ygoexchange! It was based off of her fic, “I’d Document Every Day I Spent with You” (which is super adorable and precious and I highly recommend it!).

I was debating on a few different scenes, but something about the scene involving the first photo really stuck with me. I hope you like it! (And I may draw a few more scenes from it later, but I wanted to make sure to get this to you before the deadline!)