Are you a...

Astral or Yuma person?
Keyshipper or Sharkbaitshipper or Foilshipper?
Kaito/Kite or Shark/Ryouga person?
Galaxymastershipper or Mentorshipper?
III/Trey or IV/Quattro or V/Quinton kind of person?
Vector or Nasch person?
Rio or Kotori/Tori person?
Xyz user or Fusion user?
Galaxy-eyes or Hope/Utopia?

leave your answers in the tags! I’m curious to know!

ZeXal Month: Week 5: Day 3 (August 31st) last day

Final Thoughts Day: my feelings and thoughts on Zexal after I finished watching it is everyone was trying to take over the world with a Yuma as a cherry on top but failed >8D

If you tend to transform into a a total mess of feelings because of your OTPs clap your hands 👏🏻


ZeXal Month: Week 3: Day 4 (August 18th)

Everything’s the same except everyone’s parents came back to life AU’s (plus a little Sharkbaitship fanservice ;D)