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Selfie challenge~ I want to see your beautiful faces by candlelight! I have provided a helpful example. So, like, set something on fire and take a selfie pretty please? (If you want to! No pressure of course.) And then tag some more people to follow suit!

I’m tagging my immediate Ghost Fam: @spice-ghoul, @cannibalteeth, @percivilgraves, @ithinkhisnameisemil, and @c0wbellgh0ul! :3

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So I am a straight(ish) girl who was thinking about writing a story about two women in love in a fantasy setting. Obviously I need to do some research first (for believability and sensitivity, and to make sure it appeals to wlw) but where do I even start? I don't even know what questions to ask even if I find a wlw willing to help other than "What do you want to see more of" and "What should I avoid".

Cont: To clarify on my last question - I mean appeals to wlw as opposed to straight men for example, not “I’m trying to get wlw to give me popularity/money.” I think if you write a marginalized character you should keep that group in mind first and foremost.

Writing any sort of character that differs from you in a significant way requires:

  • Listening to firsthand experiences from that kind of person
  • Listening to more firsthand experiences from that kind of person
  • Even more listening
  • Recognizing that you probably just heard dozens of different experiences, some of them contradictory
  • Now you can ask some questions
  • Even more listening

It’s not about any specific traits to include or not include. I can’t give you a list of this or that and send you on your way. I have one queer outlook on life. Even my own queer stories get ire from queer people sometimes. I do my own homework when depicting a different type of queer person from myself.

Then it requires:

  • Trial and error
  • Screwing up a lot
  • Being open to criticism from the people you’re depicting without taking it personally
  • Recognizing you will never be the best person to tell this story
  • Remembering that your ego is less important than the feelings of the people you’re trying to represent
  • Writing them anyway, even though you won’t be the best at it. Be the best you can be.
  • Being humble.

Ultimately remember that this isn’t about you. You’re writing about this kind of person because these kinds of people exist. Not for personal praise, not for points, not for money. This is a responsibility, this is a privilege to tell someone else’s story. If you can’t be understanding and set your ego aside, then you’re not someone who gets to tell it.

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Re: un-3, I unapologetically do not want another un-set, but I think they should allow you to do one because you love it so much. Have you considered a protest/ strike? "I'm only making Homelands level cards until Un-3 is greenlit"...

I control mechanical themes not power level. “It’s nothing but ‘even mana costs matter’ until Un-3.” : )


2017.01.17 👣 5k Walk

I’ve had an extremely stressful couple of days, but I feel so much better now after getting back here to the beach, to walking along the shore, to sitting down in the sand and watching the sunset.

I feel like I can breathe again.

It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, with just the right amount of clouds for a lovely sunset. 

I also set a goal to walk 600 miles this year. Not terribly hard to do, but hopefully hard enough to keep me consistent with it. So far, so good on it.  25.79 miles done for the year so far.

I haven’t finished the game yet but since Alisha’s a princess, I really wanted to see her dressed as one so tadah!

Also it’s been a while since I designed anything so I really wanted to do something fancy!

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anonymous asked:

i just want you to know i really love your blog (i have a set of like 3 blogs that i check DAILY and yours is like the first) and you're super nice. i really admire you and i hope you see this ask :-))

thank you so much <3 i’m glad you like all my stupid ask answers

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Do LDRs work? I..Want to believe it does because I think I have found the PERFECT girl for me but she's...So...SO FAR away.. How do you make it work or how do to ensure that you don't mess up in the relationship?.. I am SO in love with this woman..

- set boundaries
- try to call or Skype each other once a week or more
- have little dates where you two watch the same movie at the same time
- random compliments bc you can’t always kiss or hold them
- random gifts bc you can’t suprise them
- planning a visit maybe if it’s possible
- t r u s t
- honesty

And yes they work I’m in a successful year and one month relationship

10 Songs

I was tagged by @wanderleave to post ten songs I’ve been listening to recently. Thanks for the tag, lady! So, ya’ll get a peek at my writing playlist for Pure.

1. Kings of Leon - Walls
2. Ella Henderson - Yours
3. Jessie Ware - Say You Love Me
4. Amy Winehouse - Love Is a Losing Game
5. Zella Day - Shadow Preachers
6. Pearl Jam - Sirens
7. Beyonce - Crazy In Love (50 Shades of Grey Remix)
8. 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill
9. 30 Seconds to Mars - Bad Romance (Lady GaGa cover)
10. Sia - Bird Set Free

I’ll tag @loving-mellark, @jennagill, @ohmakemeahercules, @peetaspikelets, and @mega-aulover, should you ladies wish to play. ;-)