Because this boy met you,
He learned what it means to live.
It’s not a lie; it’s the truth
And so, he’ll become a knight who will protect you
Someday, definitely,
Onto his left hand, her right
Will hold tightly and never let go.

A Zero and Yuuki playlist for imaginarylights X333. (Here is your long awaited valentines gift ;_; OTL I’m so sorry. I hope you like it :-D.) Playlist will be frequently updated from time to time. 

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You always put your best face on for the world. Faking smiles and pretend you’re alright. But you’re just putting off the pain.
Nothing’s ever really gonna change in faking and pretending. So let it hurt, let it bleed. Let it take you right down to your knees. Let it burn to the worst degree. May not be what you want, but it’s what you need

REALLY got spoiled by J today!!! Took me out to dinner and got me a bottle of Moët last night. Today we went on a shopping spree!! I went to Guess, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Sephora, and Macy’s! Got a spring wardrobe of 4 shorts, 1 pair of jeans, 6 tank tops, 2 t-shirts, 2 dresses, and MK sandles!! Then I got my nails done all cutesy. Thanks for a great day, J!!!

Loosen Up || Dalton & Dolph

Dalton reads over the hotel room number Dolph had texted him shortly after he’d asked for it, scanning the building in front of him to make sure he has the right place. It isn’t where he’d expected to be today, having agreed to meet up with Adrian for Raw and SmackDown (and he can’t exactly do anything about honoring Tuesday now), but… It’s a welcome distraction. Once he heads back down to Florida, things might change and so it’s best to go out with a bang, as they say.

He double checks his reflection in the rearview mirror before slipping out of his car and heading into the hotel, staying as nonchalant as he can as he boards the elevator and rides it up to Dolph’s floor. He’s not nervous, not so much, but his hands still shake just slightly and he presses his lips together in a slight smile when the doors slide open. It’s not hard to find the door that belongs to Dolph and, without hesitation, he knocks on the pale wood of the door and waits for an answer.

Minsan naiisip ko, sino pa bang tao ang kakayanin na mahalin ako? Meron pa ba? Meron pa kayang tatanggap sa akin? Meron pa kayang handang mahalin ako ng buo tulad ng ako sa kanya? Siguro wala na. Siguro din, napagod na ang Dyos sa kakahanap ng maaring makasama ko habang-buhay.

Pero nagulat na lang ako isang araw kase may dumating, dumating ka sa buhay ko. Akala ko ikaw na kase, alam kong para sa akin ay ‘ikaw lang talaga’. Pero sino bang niloloko ko? Hahaha alam kong isang katangahan ang isipin na mahal mo din ako. Pero gusto talaga kita. Ngunit habang itinutuloy ko ito, padagdag ng padagdag yung mga dahilan kung bakit hindi mo ako kayang mahalin. Minsan naisip ko na ding sumuko, pero alam ko sa sarili ko na ayaw ko. Kase gusto ko akin ka. Gusto kong angkinin mo din ako. Gusto ko na gustohin mo din ako. Pero hindi naman lahat ng gusto ko ay pwedeng makuha ko. At isa ka sa mga bagay na hindi, kahit kailan na mapapasaakin. Siguro, hanggang dito na nga lang. Alam kong masakit pero balang araw alam kong mawawala din ito.

[15 Rajab]
Marked as Martyrdom of Zaynab al-Aqeelah [sa]

May Allah curse the enemies of the AhlulBayt till the Day of Qiyamah

After Karbala

Ibn Ziyad asked,
“How did you find the way Allah (swt) treated your brother and your family?”

Sayyeda Zaynab (sa), with a tone full of pride and power, indicating her faith and submission towards Allah (swt), answered:

“I saw nothing but beauty.. They rushed towards their graves (with honor). But know that Allah (swt) will judge between you and them, and He will call you to account; so be worried about the winner at that day (either it will be you or them). O son of Marjanah! May your mother be mournful for you.”