fic: Smile Even Though You’re Sad

title: smile even though you’re sad

genre: au/romance

word count: 2700

description: dan is the son of a rich man, unwillingly studying business in London who wanders into a gallery looking for some quiet, and instead finds the happy-go-lucky owner with a camera around his neck, the nicest smile he’s ever seen and a knack for knowing exactly what to say.

a/n: thought i’d post a little mid-week fic to perk you up if you need some, erm, perking…?

read on ao3 here if you prefer.

“They gave me the designer clothes, the trust fund and the private education and they told me to be happy.”

“And are you?”

The steel of Dan’s gaze softens. He ruffles his hair a little and a single curl still manages to dangle across his forehead.

“You know, Phil, you’re the first person to ask me that.”

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I’ll Be Your Eyes // A Phan One-Shot

Also slightly based on this tweet:

Genre: floof

Words: 2.6k

Relationship status: together

Warnings: swearing

Summary: Dan and Phil go to a little get-together with some of Phil’s mates from school.

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Heirs (Thor X Pregnant!Wife!Reader)

Characters: Thor X Pregnant!Wife!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers, Thor

Warnings: None

Request: Could you please do a Thor fic where the Asgardianreader, they had an arranged marriage, but after a year of being married, they fell in love. Odin’s in Odinsleep so Thor’s king and Y/N’s queen, and she’s pregnant with their first child? Could it be like her telling him she’s pregnant his reaction, and then skip to the birth, where she has twins, a boy, Aleksandr, and a girl, Ingrid. 

Originally posted by werevampiwolf

Being of royal blood, it was inevitable that you were to marry. You had actually been engaged since you were old enough to read, but you only met your fiancé when you were a while older, old enough to understand that one day, you would be marrying him. When you did meet your fiancé, you came face to face with a dashing young boy with blonde locks and blue eyes- a face you knew as the future king, Thor Odinson.

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Original Request: I’m wondering if you can do an 11th Doctor imagine? You just meet the doctor and hate him because he’s killed your race, his upset because he’s been watching you your whole life, you soon grow feeling for him after him taking you into the TARDIS 
A/N: Sorry, that it got so short!! I hope you like it, though!

Finally you saw yourself confronted with the one man you had searched for your whole life. Right in front of you stood the man that claimed to be The Doctor. There he was, in his silly clothing, looking at you with wide eyes, as if he would know you. As if he could see in your eyes the lifes of all the Dakkeerathi he had left to die.

Your home planet, Dishir Prime, had been destroyed. A victim. Not an intruder. The Doctor had allowed it to die. And with it your race.
You were nothing but a child, as it had happened. You yourself did not remember anything about it and no one knew exactly how you managed to survive the attack.

We were almost certain tou had grown up in Deshir Prime. When you closed your eyes, you still could see the schemes of high buildings, surrounded by hundreds of small huts. You could smell the fragrance of the streets, the fields, the mines. But all of this seemed so faint, so weak, that you asked yourself everytime, if it was nothing but a dream.

You had been a toddler, still barely able to connect thoughts, scared, you had been found on Luminar 5 – or so she’d been told by the habitants of that planet. The Solons’ – they called themselves – were known for their kindness. The Solons assumed, that your parents had sent an emergency ship to save you. At least that was the only logical reason you could have survived. And as time went on you grew up, and you grew nosier. You got into trouble more often than you could actually count with your fingers. It wasn’t that you had a bad childhood in particular. It was just, that you were different.
From what you had learned, the Dakkeerathi had evolved from the original inhabitants of your planet and the race that had once lived on Earth. Somehow their genepool had mixed, and the result had been the Dakkeerathi.
The last human had passed severaly decades ago, their previous home planet dead. Like yours. But you were still there. And you most certainly didn’t plan on dying anytime soon.
Your body resembled that of a human. Two legs, two arms, two feet, two hands, two eyes. Your skin was coloured in a colour that shined brightly, as soon as the light touched it. Normally being a dark emerald green, it would change to a colour no human being had ever invented a word for. Your senses were perfect, your skin soft, though hard to injure. That was who you are.

That was what everyone else used to be. Before The Doctor had blown up your planet.

And finally you had found him. Or rather he had found you. You had strolled along the markets of Hyspero, when, suddenly, you had came across something rather unusal in this part of the galaxis.
It was a big, blue box, standing behind a row of market tents. Since your curiosity hadn’t vanished as you had grown, this weird artefact immediately had awoken your interest.
Slowly you approached it, knocking softly on what seemed to be a door.  
When nothing happened, you tried to open it by the handle, but it was locked. Licking your lips, still eyeing the weird box, a voice suddenly caused you to turn around.
„It’s locked.“
You jumped slightly, staring at the male, who had been smiling at you, almost like a child would when boast with his newest toy to his jealous friends.
You were still thinking, if you should stutter or run, as the man’s eyes suddenly grew wide. He opened his mouth looking as if he wanted to say something, but closed it again immediately after. Confused at this behaviour, you furled your brows.
Hesitating slightly, you stepped closer, eyeing him suspiciously. „Who are you?“, you asked, realising to late, that you were the one lingering around his blue box, not the other way around.
Nonetheless the man didn’t seem offended. Not at all. He just stared at you, before regaining his composure, introducing himself.

„I am The Doctor.“
And with this single sentence, everything inside your mind had snapped.

„Y-You are The Doctor?“, you stuttered disbelieving.
Here you were on a beautiful day, encountering the guy you hated most, while strolling over Hyspero.
The Doctor just nodded. „You know me“, you realised, not being able to do anything else than stare at him. Again he nodded.

„Then you also knew Dishir Prime“, you stated dryly, watching his reaction.
He licked his lips. „Oh yes. I knew. If the Daleks, hadn’t-“
Hearing this lame excuse, something started hammering inside your head, ripping you out of your stiffness.
„Oh, yes. It was the Daleks fault. And who led them there? Who was responsible for them coming directly to Dishir Prime?“
„It was Dishir Prime, or the entire second galaxis.“

Your voice broke and tears of anger started to build in your eyes.
„You could have saved them. You could. But you didn’t.“ The anger welling up further in you, you clenched your fists. „Do you have any idea how it feels like to hear of you?“ A little quieter you added: „Do you have an idea of how it feels like to be the last of your kind?“
To your surprise the look on The Doctor’s face had suddenly changed. Sadly, almost regretting, he looked at you, nodding slowly. „Oh, yes. I do.“ Agast of this sudden change of mood, you didn’t know what to say. You didn’t know how much time had passed, before The Doctor started to speak again.
„I saved you.“

You flexed your hands, confused by this sudden change of topic. „What?“
„I landed. Tried to warn your people. But they thought they could handle the Daleks alone. And then I found you. You were lost. Alone. So I took you, and I brought you to Luminar 5. I checked on you every few years. You were growing, you were healthy.“ A small smile twitched around the corners of his lips. A sad smile, though. „You were alive.“
You took a shaky breath, trying to organise your thoughts.

„Is that supposed to make me feel better?“ The Doctor shook his head. „No.“
Again a small smile darted over his face. „But I know of something that could. Come with me. I can show you so much more. Thousands of planets and galaxies. Even your ancestors.“
Shocked you shook your head. Was this man even real?

„Why should I go with you? Why should I even trust you?“
He hesitated. „Because we have a lot more in common than you think.“ After a short pause he added. „And because I want to make up for what I’ve done.“

It needed a lot more of persuasion, but as soon as he had said that he wanted to make up for what he had done, you saw something in his face. Maybe honesty, maybe just regret. But whatever it was, it had caught your attention.
As you finally entered the TARDIS – though not without a slight hesitation – you could do nothing else other than stand inside with an open mouth, staring at what you saw.
„I know, right?“, The Doctor grinned triumphantly.
Still amazed you started walking through the bright room, letting your hand slide over the panel right in the middle. It was amazing.
Suddenly you thought of something.
„Anywhere in time and space, huh?“, you asked, whereupon the Doctor proudly nodded, obviously more than fond of his ship. You bit your lip. This could be your chance.
„Can we go to Dishir Prime?“ Immediately The Doctor’s expression darkened again. Well, it was worth a try. Even before he answered you sighed, knowing what he would say.
„I’m sorry. But no, we can’t.“ To your surprise his face lit up again. „But I can show you something else.“
Enthusiastically he started pushing and turning the buttons and levers at the control panel, leaving you standing in awe, while you watched him, until you felt the TARDIS blast off.

You’ve seen him struggle. You’ve seen him hurt.
And after all this time you had understood, that The Doctor wasn’t an evil man. He was the opposite of it. A way too good man, stuck in too many decisions. And this time, since it had been either one planet, or thounsands of other races, he had made the right one.
You would have been proud to die for the second galaxis. Yet, you lived. And you were thankful for that.

Thinking about all of this, you looked up from the TARDIS screen, turning your gaze to him.
„Hey, Doctor“, you said, a small smile playing around the corners of your lips.
„Maybe you’re not so bad after all.“

requested by anon

You’re Not Him

Prompt: Your eyes heavy, nightmares robbing you of sleep.

Tagging: @wonderofthemind - For you.

Ship: Lams (OTP: Cold in my professions, warm in my friendships)

Word Count: 628

Summary: Alexander was dead. John longs for him.

Warnings: Hallucinations/Ghosts.

A/N: Basically, an AU where Alexander dies and John outlives him.

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Fierce Like Hope

Spiritassassin Week 2017, Prompt 2: Alternative universe/timeline

(Not happy with this fic so much, but I’ve had this idea about Saw taking Jyn to Jedha because the Guardians would raise her better than he would and this happened and eh. Don’t hold it against me.)

As much as he wanted to, Saw Gerrera quickly discovered that he was not going to be able to keep his promise to the Ersos. The life that he led, the rebellion that he was building, brick by brick, slowly but with force and power, was not a life that meshed well with raising a child. Suddenly he understood Galen’s hesitancy, and the fact that Lyra–Lyra who he had always known to have a frown on her face, a shrewd look in her eye and at least three weapons on her person at all times–had exchanged her daggers for braids, had given up shooting for baking. There was something about a child, about their round doe eyes and their trust, that made the world softer somehow, made one want to put their head in the sand and stop looking at everything that was ugly because it was better to pretend, even in the middle of war.

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anonymous asked:

hello can i request an angsty jay drabble/scenario? maybe like he'd been working too much and neglecting you? and like sometimes he says harsh stuff to you and you get really insecure? thank you so much!! you're an amazing writer. jjinja!! :)

Originally posted by chwejinri

I was really getting into the mood while writing this and got carried away so it turned into a scenario hehehe I can never imagine Jay raising his voice like that though ): …and now I’m lazy to proof read this so forgive any grammar mistakes and such and I really hope you like this!! Thanks so much for supporting hehe :-)

It’s been more than a month since Jay had been so caught up in the studio working on his album, hardly even coming back home to your shared apartment to sleep. Most of the time you’d end up delivering food and clothes to his office, merely dropping them off with one of the boys who were around before leaving not wanting to disturb him.

At times the boys would sympathise with you, gently pushing you towards the direction of the studio so that you two could have some alone time. After all, they’ve witnessed for themselves how he could keep himself cooped in there forever and if he wasn’t going to come out, they were just going to bring you in.

He’d briefly glance at you and mumble a simple “hey” before turning his attention back to his work and paying you no further attention. You’d then try to start a conversation, one turning out to be one you wish you didn’t even had with him:

“Have you eaten?” You asked.

“No. I’ll eat later.” He said, his back still facing you.

“Will you be coming home tonight?”

“No. Maybe. Man I don’t know, we’ll see.”

“…but I miss you…”

“Mm…wait babe could you call Gray in for me please?”

I mean, yeah, you understood how important the album was for him with all the attention it’s been garnering even before it’s official release and being the perfectionist he is when it comes to work, you knew you being anywhere near a priority was not going to be an option…not until he released the album. But you weren’t expecting him to be this indifferent towards you.

It was like he didn’t even care that you were actually right there, in front of him, after not seeing you for so long. He no longer gave you anything more than a peck on your cheek (if you got lucky that particular day, that is), hugs, nor looked at you in a way in which his eyes actually sparkled like it used to. Half the time you’d convince yourself that he was just tired, but other times you couldn’t help but feel insecure if it was because he was slowly losing his feelings for you.

But then again there were also times where you wouldn’t even budge from the studio despite the guys telling him you had come, yet didn’t hesitate to entertain his female stylists and coordi noonas when they dropped by.

It was like he had gotten way too comfortable around you, the sight of you no longer creating butterflies in his stomach like it used to…

Today was different though – it was the day of the both of your two year anniversary, and you were more than determined to get him out of that studio.

“Oh hey!” Loco greeted as soon as you walked in, flashing his usual grin at you. “Aw you look great today, what’s the occasion?”

“Well there is an occasion…” You smiled at his comment. “So I kinda wanted to get him out for dinner.”

“Ah…” Was all Loco could manage as he bit his lip nervously. “It might be a little difficult tho-”

“I’m sure he will,” You cut him off.

He will. He’ll remember.

Taking a deep breath, you stepped into the studio, hands on his shoulders to give him a massage seeing how he didn’t respond.

“Hey baby!”

He shot you a rather uninterested look in contrast to your enthusiasm, “Don’t you have more important things to attend to? You don’t have to come by so often…plus it gets kinda distracting sometimes so…”

“W-what…? You don’t even know what I’m here for…”

Distracting? He actually felt that you bringing him food and clothes was distracting?

So much for starting off on a good note. Things weren’t going on as planned. The smile on your face was slowly fading, an incredulous expression forming on your face. You guys didn’t even manage anything close to a legit conversation and he was already beginning to test your patience.

“You’re just here to ask me if I’m going home tonight isn’t it? Well I’m not cos I’ve been stuck on this since the morning…and I don’t think I’ll be getting it fixed anytime soon…” He trailed off, eyes fixated on the computer screen.

You sighed, “Can’t we go for dinner together and come back after?”

“God I already told you, I’m working, now would you please just…leave me alone or something,” He said, raising his tone a little at you.

“I just need one hour of your time!” You finally exploded.

“Well it’s a waste of my time right now!”

As much as you had been trying to hold your anger in, he too, had been trying to do the same, not wanting to vent it out on you. Nothing had been going his way since the morning, his lyrics weren’t flowing right and neither were the melodies that he was trying to come up with and the fact that you came in and pestered him over something he thought was so minor compared to what he was working on was starting to annoy him.

“Waste…of your time?” You asked, refusing to believe what he said. “I’ve been religiously making additional trips here after getting home from work just to make sure you’re eating well, heck sometimes I just want to see you and know that you’re alive somewhere in this world since you’re never home…and you say I’m a waste of your time…?”

“I have to get 2 tracks done in the next 3 days and how you’re not even understanding me yet how you’re raising your voice at me just to get me out for something so unimportant as dinner is fucking with my nerves right now, okay?!” He shouted back at you, finally getting up from his seat.

“Do you even…k-know what-” You stuttered, a little shocked at his volume.

“No I don’t and I honestly don’t really care so are you gonna leave and let me get back to work or what?” He said in a tone so cold you’ve never imagine he was possible of talking in and worse of all, use it on you.

This was the last straw before you felt your eyes stinging with tears. You stood rooted from the ground, shocked at the way he was talking to you. Sure you’d been a victim of his curt replies during the small arguments you guys have had before but him actually shouting at you? This was a first and it hurt. It hurt so bad.

You opened your mouth to reply him but nothing came out; your body wasn’t even functioning the way you wanted it to, your lips quivering and your voice stuck at the back of your throat.

It was in that moment of silence when he noticed how your body was shaking in fear and immediately, he realised. He fucked up.

He sighed, taking a step towards you to reach for your hand, “I-I’m sorry…I-”

You flinched from his touch and it was just then when Simon D barged in, a worried look plastered on his face as he looked at the both of you.

“I heard shouting,” He explained and his eyes widened as he saw tears running down your face. “What happened?”

You looked down immediately, embarrassed that someone had walked in on an argument between the both of you and hurriedly wiped your tears.

“It’s nothing…” You croaked, picking up your handbag from the chair.

Jay’s head shot up, “Where are you going? Look let me explain I…I know I fucked up alright, I’m sorry…and-”

“It’s fine…work’s more important, right?” You said, then looked at him with a sad smile. “…happy anniversary, though.”

Then you left, walking past the very confused and curious looks the rest of the guys in the office were giving you. It was then when it hit him, and it almost felt as if he was given a slap across his face. How could he have forgotten?

Simon D was in the same state of shock as he watched what was going on. He didn’t want to say much since it was only obvious that Jay was the one at fault. It’s not like he wanted to rub it in either, so he simply sighed, placing his hands on Jay’s shoulder, “If you apologise I’m sure she’ll forgive you. Take her out for a proper dinner this time, delaying the album by a few days wouldn’t matter.”

He came home that night to an awfully quiet house instead of the usual bear hugs and kisses that you’d shower him with and he nervously made his way to the bedroom knowing you had a habit of curling up in bed whenever you were upset.

“Hey…” He said, breaking the silence but you didn’t respond as you sat on the edge of your bed, applying some moisturiser while your back faced him.

“I know you’re upset…and it’s totally my fault, I admit it. I was being such a jerk and I just want to let you know that I’m really sorry…” He said, his voice getting smaller with each word as he saw how you didn’t even acknowledge his presence. “I forgot and that’s really screwed up of me…”

The sound of his voice was enough for the waterworks to come back, you desperately holding back your tears despite how a part of you just wanted to bury your face in his chest and cry like the little baby you have always been to him, telling him how mean he was but no. He messed up and you weren’t letting him take the easy way out this time, not when he not only forgotten about your anniversary, but also made you look so miserable in front of his label mates.

“Babe…” He tried again and you notice how dejected he sounded this time, taking a seat beside you to look at you. “Please talk to me, hm?”

“Leave me alone…” You finally spoke, your voice cracking towards the end and god, you really hated yourself for being so soft on him all the time.

Yet you didn’t budge, remaining seated beside him as you stared into space and he knew you didn’t mean what you said…which only made him feel worse in addition to seeing your bloodshot and swollen eyes from hours of crying.

“I’m sorry for being such an ass and saying all those mean things to you when I was the one who had forgotten,” He admitted, reaching for your hand and giving it a little squeeze.

You buried your face in your hands, hiding your face from him as a sob escaped from your lips, “…I don’t even know where to start…”

Then, without a word, he pulled you into his arms and hugged you tight which was when you couldn’t help but burst out in tears without a care in the world if you sounded really awful.

“It’s not just the fact that you forgot…it’s how you just completely didn’t care about me until I had to shove it up in your face only to have you think I’m being clingy,” You sobbed, cries muffled in his chest. “It just felt like…like you were getting too comfortable around me, as if you don’t feel the same about us anymore…”

“Of course not!” He replied, peeling you off his body to cup your face in his hands and wipe away your tears. “It’s just this one time that it slipped my mind, I swear it wouldn’t happen again…”

It was only now that took a clear look at his face to see guilt written all over it and you knew from the way he looked at you with such earnest eyes that he meant what he said. In response, you merely pressed your lips into a tight line, wordlessly interlocking your fingers with his as you hugged his arm and rested your head on his shoulders.

He turned to look at you, giving you gentle kisses on your forehead before he carefully spoke again, “Forgive me? Please…?”

You kept quiet for a while only making him more nervous by the second, “Only if you take me out for dinner…and give me more attention than your coordi noonas.”

“I will, promise,” He let out a small chuckle out of relief, pulling you into his arms again and showered your face with kisses, “I’m so sorry to have hurt you this bad I can never imagine making you cry like that again. Ever.”



I lay in bed, cluelessly staring at the faux stars plastered on my wall, wondering when was the exact time I told myself that I love you. Then it occurred to me, that maybe it was when I first saw your eyes and how they seem sad even though you’re smiling. Maybe it started when I heard music when you laugh and I saw poetry when you talk. Or maybe it was in the little things you do, or the constant throbbing of my heart whenever I will hear you call my name. Maybe the moment I told myself I won’t fall in love with you, is the day I came to realize that I already did.
A Love Across Time Part 7/14

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/L/N - Your Last Name, Y/B/Y - Your Birth Year

Anonymous Request: Idk if you’re taking in request but i have one of you could possibly do a reader X Bucky ? She has cosmic powers and can show a universe in her hands and one day he was testing her limits and she went back in time to the 40s ?

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10 II Part 11 II Part 12 II Part 13 II Part 14

Bucky looked at the weird item in his hands. It had a bright screen and on the screen was a picture of Y/N and him. But he looked so different.

“I don’t understand. What is this?” He pushed it back across the table as if he was scared of it. Y/N sighed, picked it up and then pulled her chair so she was sitting next to him. She held it up again for him to see and she swiped through the various pictures she had of the two of them together. She stopped at one where her head is thrown back laughing and he was sticking his tongue out.

“It’s you and me Buck. Not now but…… God I know this is going to sound completely insane, but it is you and me together in the future.”

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Reader X Taehyung X Jimin X Jungkook [SMUT]

  You swear you almost slapped him silly just by the smile he had on his face. But you choose to huff and turn back towards the movie, bringing up your knees and staring blankly at the screen as your clit continued to throb.


   When the movie finished, you steered clear of Jungkook, walking next to Jimin as all of you headed back to the hotel. You all were quiet, lost in your own thoughts as the bright lights, sounds, and people passed by. When you all make it back, Jimin takes your hand and drags you to his room. 

   “Are you okay?”  he asks the moment the door is closed.

   You cringe, the smell of popcorn coming to your nose. You didn’t want to tell him what Jungkook had done, because you knew that he would be pissed. Still, he could tell from your face expression that you were thinking about something. He walks up to you, hands on your hips as he slowly leans forward and gives a small kiss to your nose. Your chest swells, heart beating faster as his lips move to your cheek. And then his lips are on yours, and in that moment it felt like the sun shone behind your eyes, and you couldn’t help but pull him closer as you tried to soak in his sunshine. 

   Unfortunately he pulled away, giving you one last peck before turning and heading to his closet. 

   “I forgot to tell you, but tomorrow we all have to go to this photoshoot. We will be gone for most of the day.” 

   He turns back around, eyes studying yours as you nod your head.

   “Okay,” is all you say. 

   You felt kind of sad, because literally most of your days on vacation was spent with Tae, Jimin, and Jungkook. You don’t show him your sadness though, you smile really fast and make up an excuse to go to your room. 

   Once you’re there, you close your door behind you, walking slowly towards the bed and laying down on it. If you felt sad now, while he was just going to be away for the photoshoot, imagine how you’d feel when you left in three days. Well almost two days now. Just the thought alone made you groan, face curling up in the sheets as your heart sunk to your stomach.

   Maybe you should cancel the last two days of the hotel and go to a different one, just so you could gather your head for when you went back home? No. That was a dumb idea. You would be waisting the money you spent on this hotel, because it had cost a lot, and they didn’t do refunds. 

   With another groan, you stretch out, taking deep breaths to calm down and before you know it you’re asleep. 


Day 5

Auth’s POV

   Jimin woke up, got dressed, and left at the crack of dawn with the other members. He hadn’t wanted to leave. He really wanted to sneak in your room and wake you up with kisses and possibly some wonderful morning sex. But of course duty calls. 

   He kept glancing at the clock all day, noticing how the time dragged and dragged and dragged. It didn’t go by any faster. Eventually the photographer started chewing him out for being so unfocused, and he apologized about a million times before he started taking good pictures. Finally, finally when they were done, he begged their manager to drive faster so he could just get to the hotel to be with you. 

   When they finally got there, he burst through the doors, tapping his foot as he waited for the elevator, and then finally he was there. He opened your door, not even thinking twice to knock. 

   First of all, Jimin’s plans had been to kiss you when he got there. Then he had wanted to get you dressed so you both could go eat because he was starving, but when he found you sitting on the bed, phone held in your hand, wearing nothing but sinful shorts and a tank top with no bra, well lets just say the plans had definitely changed. 

   He glanced to the small couch, seeing the robe laid on it and he had a sudden idea. He walked up to it, grabbing the cloth rope that tied it together, and he slowly walked up to you. You still hadn’t realized he was there, too busy focusing on a game you were playing, but the moment his lips touched your neck, you jumped with a yelp. 

   “Ahh, Jimin, you scared me!” you say. 

   “Get up,” he growls. 

   You look at him, eyebrows scrunching up in confusion, but you do as he says.  

   “Jimin, are you okay?” 

   He comes around the bed, standing next to you and you feel his breath on your neck. He was wearing what he had put on this morning, jeans with a plain shirt and a leather jacket. You had to admit, even though he dressed simple, he looked super fucking hot. 

   “Do you have any idea how much i’ve been wanting you today?” he whispers.

   His breath on your ear sends shivers down your spine, and you can feel your heart beat increase as your face becomes flushed with want. He then takes your hand and leads you to the end of the bed. He sits down, making you stand in front of him. 

   “Take your clothes off,” he orders. 

   Feeling a little embarrassed, you glance away and start lowering your shorts, taking your time as you let them slide down and then you throw them to the side. Your heart beat was going at an alarming rate. You didn’t know what his plan was, but it was turning you the hell on. Seeing your legs exposed, he sighs a loud sigh, mouth twitching as his eyes take in your exposed flesh. 

   “You’re not even wearing underwear. You knew this would happen, didn’t you?” he says. 

   He stands, slowly walking towards you, fingers immediately going to your now wet clit. You stiffen when his fingers make contact, back slightly arching into his touch. He gently rubs with the tip of his fingers causing you to give a soft moan and your eyes close from the pleasure. 

   “Open them,” he says firmly. “I want you to look at me Y/N.”

   You slowly open your eyes, your head clouding as you try to take him in. He massages your clit for a minute straight, dick hard as he listens to your soft moans. His hand finally pulls away, moving to your tank top and lifting that off of you. You watch as he throws it to the side, biting your lip when his tongue snakes out of his mouth to lick his lips. He drinks you in, bare chest, naked body, turning flush from his stare.  

   “Now, unzip my pants,” he says thickly, eyelids becoming heavy from need.

   You take a deep breath, slowly moving to unzip his pants. So slowly in fact, that he thought his balls would go blue before you even finished. 

   Bringing you back to the bed, he takes the cloth rope of the robe and ties it around your wrists. You can’t help but let your eyes go wide as you watched him finish the knot on the rope. When he’s done, he moves his hands to your breasts, working them and his eyes narrow when he hears your breath rush out as your nipples further stiffen in the palms of his hands. 

   “Get on your knees,” he says hoarsely, as he reaches to pull his pants off. 


   He flicks your nipple with his index finger, stopping you in your questioning and you groan. 

   Some inexplicable part of him needed this control right now. This power. The primitive part of him needed to feel as if him and his dick were being worshipped and longed for, as though both of them were as addicting as drugs. 

   His eyes narrowed in arousal as he watched you take to your knees, kneeling before him. Jimin finishes pulling off his boxers and steps towards you.

   “Put him in your mouth,” he says thickly. “Suck him.”

   You hesitate, eyes looking up to his and you saw in them the command. When your full lips close over the head of his cock, when your eyes close as you slowly take him all the way in your throat, his teeth gritted. He’d never been harder in his life than he was in this moment, watching you kneel submissively before him and taking his member into your mouth. You were naked, with wrists bound together, and the sight was so very nice to him. 

   “C’mon Y/N,” he said on a groan. “I’ve been waiting all day for this.”

   You hesitated again, for the briefest moment before deciding that you wanted to give him what he wanted. You took him all the way in your mouth until the tip of him reached the back of your throat, then out again. You did it over and over, faster and faster, again and again, deeper and-

   Your eyes close on a groan as you suck him off, seductive moaning sounds erupting from the back of your throat. You loved the taste of him, it was a slightly bitter taste with a hint of manhood, and you wanted nothing more that to pleasure him.

   “Oh shit,” he mutters as he grabs the back of your head. His nostrils flared when he grabs onto your ponytail, the sight of it waving back and forth as you sucked him aroused him further. “Faster,” he grits out. “Make me cum.”

   You suck on him faster, concentrating on going up and down the middle of his shaft to the ruby red tip with your lips. Jimin could hear the slurping sounds you were making, the arousing way you kept moaning as you sucked him off. He watched the long, thick length of himself disappear into the warmth of your mouth, over and over, again and again.


   He closes his eyes on the growl, head tossed back and teeth gritting as he comes inside your mouth. His breathing hitches as he feels you take every last bit of him. 

   “Shit,” he mutters as your head finally bobs back up and into his line of vision. He reaches for your hair, pulling the scrunchy and throwing it over his shoulder. 

   He cups your chin with his hand. “Stand up,” he growls, his dick already becoming hard again. He’d never gotten hard this quickly two minutes after emptying himself, but the sight of you was really making him break inside.

   “This time when i fuck you,” he murmurs, eyes becoming heavy lidded as you slowly rise to your feet, “I’m going to take you from the front so i can watch your beautiful face when i sink into you.”

   He saw you shiver, but you say nothing. 

   “And then I’m going to fuck you from behind again, until i cum.” His index finger flicks your nipple and your mouth opens slightly at that. “Then I’m going to feed you, and let you get some sleep, before i fuck you again.”


Reader’s POV

   You knew with certainty that you wanted to be with Jimin. In this moment. Here. But you knew that he could break your heart if you let him, so you didn’t want to have feelings for him. But you could no sooner stop the way you felt than you could stop the sun from rising in the east or setting in the west. 

   Emotions were a horrid thing. Especially when you weren’t certain of the other’s feelings. 

   You sigh, taking in Jimin’s body as you would a sunset or sunrise. His body was so toned, pale skin so smooth and you just wanted to touch him all over. But with your hands tied, and his dominating you at the moment, you couldn’t reach out to do just that.  

   He grabs your breast again, flicking your nipple and your body shakes from the small torture. 

   “Jimin,” you whisper.

   He stilled, enjoying the sound of his name on your lips. “I like you like this. Tied up and waiting for me to fuck you.”

   He brought you to the bed with him, laying down and placing his body between your splayed thighs. He moves his hands, touching all over your body, never leaving a crevice untouched. By the time he had his filling of touching you, you were so turned on that you thought you’d die if he didn’t start fucking you. Your breathing was shallowed, words sounding desperate as they left your mouth. 

   “Please,” you moan, arching your hips up. 

   You groan when he slowly starts massaging your clit with his thumb.

   “Jimin, please.”

   His nostrils flare as he watches your body writhe above him. 

   “Hmmm, i like it when you beg. Tell me what you want.”

   “I-I,” you start, but his thumb presses harder onto your clit, making your mind go blank from the pleasure.

   “C’mon Y/N. Use your words.”

   “I w-want you to fuck me,” you gasp out.

   He doesn’t let up though, making his rubs faster and your thighs clench at the feeling. Your whole body is flushed, and he can’t help but gaze up and admire the sight. Taking you in as he tortures you. Your chest heaves, making your breasts rise and fall and his eyes narrow at the sight. 

   “Who do you want to fuck you?” he asks.

   Your body tenses, his words starting to get to you as you feel the pressure build in your lower stomach.

   “You,” you moan out.

   He shakes his head, slowing down on his rubs and you can’t help but whine, the pressure in your lower stomach going away slightly. You try to force yourself down on his fingers, but he just moves them further away.

   “Who?” he asks.

   “Jimin,” you gasp out. “Please, just please fuck me Jimin.” 

   “Anyone else?” he says.

   He takes his finger and dips it into you, curling it just the right way to make you shudder from pleasure. He quickly adds a second finger, speeding up his thrust inside you.

    “No! No one else,” you promise. “Jimin, please.”

   He moves his thumb to rub your clit fast and furiously, increasing his fingers thrusts inside of you, making your legs quiver as you feel yourself nearing the end. 

   “Come on. Come for me,” he grits out. 

   Your eyes fly open, his words turning you on so much. You spread your legs farther, giving him better access to him undoing you. 

   “Oh god!” you yell. 

   Lights go off behind your eyelids, blood rushing to your face as your body convulses on his fingers. Your legs stiffen, as he continues to ride out your orgasm. When you’re done, he slowly withdraws his fingers, licking them and you watch in fascination, face turning pink.

   “Don’t look at me like that Y/N. I’m only getting started.”

   He lifts you up, placing you below him and he lifts your tied wrists up above your head, leaving you open to him. Slowly, he sticks himself inside you, letting himself fill you up and you can’t help but grip the bed sheets. When he’s all the way in, your head falls back on the bed and your eyes close. He leans forward, taking on nipple in his mouth and twirls it around his tongue. Your mouth opens, a soft moan slipping out and he pulls himself out of you, slamming back in and making you yell out. 

   He increases his pace inside you, watching as a sigh comes out when he starts ramming himself inside of you. He spreads your thighs further apart, causing his dick to hit your spot and you start to cry out at every thrust. 

   “Look at me,” he growls out. 

   Your eyes pop open to look at him. His face was slightly tinged with pink, teeth biting his lower lip as he continued thrusting himself in you. Sweat started to form on his forehead, and his eyebrows were scrunched together. His eyes met yours, shining with lust as he met your gaze, unwavering. 

   “Good girl,” he murmurs. 

   His jaw was tight, making the vein on his neck stick out. Your legs wrap around his hips, feeling half crazed as you tried to pull at the knot on your wrist. 

   “Jimin. Please. Harder,” you gasp out at every thrust.

   He wanted to slow down, show who was in charge here, but in the moment all he could think of was getting deeper and deeper inside of you. Jimin groans, eyelids heavy as he sank into you. His teeth gritting as he listens to the slapping of your flesh. You couldn’t handle it, his tempo was so fast and deep inside of you that you could feel yourself being pushed over to oblivion. Glancing to the side of his head, you notice the view in the mirror across from the bed. The sight of his muscles clenching as he pushed himself into you, his toned body covering yours while your legs are wrapped around his hips. He twists his hips, slamming deeper into you that causes your back to arch and a scream to come out. 

   “O-oh. I’m g-gonna-,” you start. 

   He doesn’t even give you a chance to finish, twisting his hips again, and you watch in the mirror as his muscles clench again, vein popped out of his neck, breath rough as he grunts while he fucks you. 

   “Jimin!” you yell in desperation. 

   You body begins to tremble underneath him, and he adjusts his footing, somehow slamming himself faster and harder into you. Your walls clench, staying clenched as he doesn’t let up in his thrusts. Your back arches, nipples rubbing against his chest as your bodies moved. 

   “Come on. Come on. Fucking come!” he yells out. 

   “Yes!” you scream out. 

   A broken moan slips from your lips as your legs shake and you convulse under him, orgasm ripping through you. You push yourself down in time with his thrusts, wanting him to keep going, harder and harder. 

   “Y/N,” he groans out brokenly. 

   He squeezes your body tighter to him, reaching up and ripping off the rope as he continues pummeling into you. Your hands go to the back of his head, gripping his hair tight as you push yourself closer to him, feeling as if you both would become one at this rate. He surges in you faster and faster, sinking deeper and harder into you, his eyes shutting in a state of near delirium as he was almost to the edge. 

   “All mine,” he chokes out.

   He follows your orgasm, bursting on a curse, teeth gritting as he let himself go inside you. He slowed down, until completely stopping as his member still twitched from the after shock. He stayed inside you, his body becoming heavy on yours as his strength left him. 

   “Y/N. I don’t know what you’re doing to me, but it’s scaring the shit out of me.” 

   You don’t say anything, slowly stroking his back and he relaxes above you, his breathing becoming heavier as he slowly drifts off. You follow him soon after, wondering what the hell you were going to do about this. 

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“Why don’t you just go talk to him?” Louis asks drowsily from his place under the tree. 

Harry snaps out of his daydream, head lolling to look over at his friend. “What’re you talking about?” 

Louis rolls his eyes and sits up, groaning like the small action genuinely pained him. “You’ve been staring at the little loner for like hours,” The blue-eyed brunette overstates, “so maybe you should just go talk to him.” 

A few of the other people that tend to hang around them snicker at Louis’ words but the green-eyed boy decides to ignore them as he usually does.

Harry eyes narrow at Louis’ nickname for the kid before he looks back over to the little blonde. Harry’s never seen him before, but that doesn’t mean anything because Harry rarely ever pays attention to anything over than art class and his joint. With Louis’ advice ringing in his head Harry shrugs and gets up, saluting his friend with a light giggle before confidently walking over to the blonde whose sitting comfortably on the bench of a picnic table, all by himself. 

The boy is reading, quite intently, some book with print smaller than Harry’s ever seen with more pages than Harry even wants to think about. Even after clearing his thought twice, the blonde doesn’t seem to notice Harry until he sits on the table top directly in front of the smaller boy. In turn, he jumps a little bit, squinting up at the older boy before giving him a soft, somewhat anxious smile. “Um, hello.” He says gently and Harry’s heart melts at the octave, the tone of his voice– something really deep that he could only think up when he’s high. 

“Hey.” Harry says shortly, genuine smiles gracing his face before he leans closer to the blonde, who in turn leans back a bit, nose crinkling. “Can I have that?” He asks bluntly, pointing at the sandwich that’s laid across a paper bag across from the boy. 

Niall’s stature deflates slightly and if Harry wasn’t completely blazed than maybe he’d feel bad but really, all he wanted right now was a good sandwich. “Yeah, go for it.” He answers, shoving it towards the brunette lightly. 

Harry thanks him quickly and literally moans when he finally bites into the PB&J. “Shit.” He says and cracks an eye open as he hears one of the cutest giggles he’s ever heard. After he finishes the sandwich and momentarily quells his munchies, Harry takes a moment to really look at this kid. He’s young, that’s for sure, but definitely cute with bright blonde hair and blue eyes that were still all squinty as they looked towards the sun. 

“What’s your name and why have I never seen you before?” Harry asks now that he’s closer, now that he can see the blue of the opposing boy’s eyes, with the orange and gold flecks that seem to reflect the sun itself. Niall’s glancing anywhere but Harry, obviously not used to having so much attention paid to himself. 

“I’m Niall and well, uh, I’m a freshman so… maybe that’s why.” He finishes awkwardly, still smiling at Harry and the brunette decides instantly that he likes Niall. 

“I’m Harry.” He responds and his grin only grows at Niall’s response. 

“I know.” The blush that cover’s Niall’s face after those words is priceless and Harry brings his fingers up and makes a clicking noise.

There’s a moment of silence between the two before Niall breaks out into a fit of laughter, head thrown back and Harry just watches as the boy in front of him actually personifies sunlight. Once again Harry pulls up his fingers and makes another clicking noise, which just sets Niall off all over again. The boys laughter puts a smile on Harry’s face and soon enough they’re both giggling, looking stupid as all hell, without a single care in the world. 

When he finally calms down, Niall wheezes, “Why do you keep doing that?” He asks, “The hands-clicky thing.” He adds, clarifying when Harry gives him a confused look. 

“I’m taking a mental picture, y’know, cause you’re so beautiful.” He answers, shrugging and Niall gives him a disbelieving look as his face reddens. 

Harry keeps on grinning, looking at Niall like he hung the moon as the blonde shakes his head, looking down uncomfortably, “You… you don’t mean that. You don’t even know me.” 

The brunette’s eyebrows furrow, “I don’t have to know you to understand that you’re absolutely adorable and that you’ve got the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard and also you make great PB&J’s.” Harry finishes, not even sure if the sentence made complete sense. All he knew is that the blonde was cute, and he really, really liked 

“How high are you?” Niall asks with a sigh, but instead of sounding disappointed or upset like Harry’s mom when she asks that same question, Niall just sounds fond. 

Harry simply giggles and scoots closer to Niall so that their thighs are touching. He leans closer and kisses the blonde’s cheek. “You should make PB&J more often.” 

* * * *

Niall does. 

From that day on, Harry sits with Niall at lunch everyday and the blonde always makes him an extra sandwich. They get progressively closer, both emotionally and physically as the days go by. Harry make sure everyday to thank Niall, whether it be with another kiss to the cheek or a cheeky hug and Niall would just shrug it off. 

“You know I love you, right?” Harry asks in a low groan as he takes another bit of his sandwich. His head is in Niall’s lap as the blonde reads, a subconscious hand scratching through the brunette’s hair. 

Niall hums in the positive, not really paying attention to the boy sprawled across his lap. “Niall,” Harry moans, wanting the boy to at least recognize him. “Pay attention to me.”

The blonde rolls his eyes, attempting to hide the smile that’s creeping onto his face. He places his book down in the grass and shakes his head, pulling Harry’s hair away from his face, “What do you need, ya big baby?” He asks playfully and Harry gasps in mock offense. 

“I’ll have you know, freshman, that I’m two years your senior and therefore demand respect.” Harry says and Niall laughs, hard. “That’s right,” He continues, unable to get over having someone who actually finds him funny, “I’m the one who should be calling you baby.” 

Niall shrugs, responding, “I wouldn’t mind.” 

It takes a minute for both of them to realize just what he said before the blonde jumps to defend himself. “Wait I didn’t-” 

Harry sits up, smiling lazily, “If you wanted to go on a date, all you had to do was ask, baby.” 

And despite the blonde’s terrified, squeaky voice and tomato-red face, he still nods. 

* * * * 

After that they’re kind of dating. 

The “kind of” accounts for the fact that no one really knows about it. They aren’t exactly hiding it but they don’t go around making out against walls or anything. Not only would that make Niall extremely squirmy and uncomfortable, but it would also probably get the both of them into a ton of trouble with the school. Still, the two boys continue to act as they did before, cuddling all across campus and sitting together every chance they got. Niall still brings Harry lunch and they have a good thing going. 

People still whisper things about the loner and the stoner and how they’re probably fucking, but the two barely notice enough to care. Even if they did, “the loner and the stoner” has a nice ring to it anyway, so it wouldn’t really matter to them anyway. 

Then one day, Niall stops Harry in the hall. 

“Hey, Harry wait.” He says, gripping Harry’s arm and making the taller boy stop. A smile fights its way onto his face as he’s finally graced with Niall’s presence. He hadn’t gotten to see him this morning as he was late so the blonde’s surprise visit to the Junior hall was nice.

“Hey, baby.” He responds lowly and grins as Niall blushes like always. 

“Look, I won’t be here today at lunch so I wanted to give you this now.” 

Harry nods, gripping the sandwich bag in his hands before he realizes what the blonde said, “Wait, what? Where will you be?” he asks, somewhat frantically. They hadn’t spent a lunch without the other since the first day they met and it was a relatively weird thing for Niall to skip school.

Niall pouts a bit and gives Harry an apologetic look, “I have to tutor some kid today in maths, apparently he’s failing and he really needs help… the teacher asked me to so I kinda have to.” He looks genuinely upset with the fact that he’s missing one of their lunches and Harry feels better that at least he’s not the only one so sad. 

Harry smiles though, because he doesn’t want Niall to feel bad. “No worries, baby, I’ll just hang with Lou again, heaven knows how much that crowd’s missed me.” He jokes and Niall smiles, looking happy that Harry wasn’t angry with him. 

“See you after school?” Niall asks and Harry nods. 

With that Niall grins and lifts himself onto his tip-toes, something he always does when he wants to kiss his boyfriend. Harry grins right back and leans in closely, kissing his boyfriend in the middle of the now nearly empty halls. It’s short and sweet, because Niall’s not yet at the point where he’s comfortable with full on French kissing, especially not in public. So Harry stays chaste and kisses his boyfriend innocently before pulling back. “You should get to class, ya know, perfect attendance and all.” 

Niall nods, still sporting pink cheeks and waves before jogging down the hall. 

* * * *

Harry tries not to be upset during lunch but going from the beautiful, serene lunches he spent with Niall, cuddled up in the grass or listening to the blonde read on the picnic benches, to the loud and obnoxious group that he used to spend all his time with was rough. From their old perch on the top of a hill, Harry could see everything, including his own boyfriend. 

Niall’s sitting on a picnic bench (not their picnic bench, thankfully) with some boy with dark hair. Harry recognizes him as Zayn, a boy in the brunette’s grade who occasionally smoked with the group he was currently sitting with.

He’s sitting next to Niall and their both looking at a textbook, with a couple of sheets spread out between them. Despite the fact that he knows that they’re just tutoring, Harry can’t help but feel the burn of jealously creep up. His eyes narrow as Zayn says something that makes Niall laugh. 

“Bro, oh my god, you need to chill.” Louis says, laughing pretty hard as he does so. “Have you even smoked today?”

Harry had, earlier in the bathroom, just after Niall had broken the news to him. Still, the high had settled at this time and instead of feeling the need to smoke up yet again, Harry just wanted to get close to Niall. 

And he was tired of the weird looks he was getting. He hated hearing people around him whispering asking if “the loner and stoner had broken up,” or if there was something else entirely going on. 

In an instant, Harry gets up, much like he had that day weeks earlier when Louis told him to go talk to the loner, and starts moving towards the picnic table. 

Harry makes it to the table before he even decides what he’s going to say and there’s an awkward moment where the two boys realize Harry’s presence. “Um, hey Harry?” Niall says hesitantly. “Do you need something?” He asks.

Harry’s about to say something stupid. Something like, “I need this freak to stop flirting with my boyfriend,” or something else even more ridiculous, but luckily, the bell rings. 

Zayn takes a hint and packs up his things quite quickly, thanking Niall and leaving the table as quickly as he can. 

“Is something wrong?”Niall asks, standing up and giving Harry a concerned look. 

Harry shook his head before grabbing Niall’s face in his hands and pressed their lips together harshly. Niall makes a surprised noise but allows Harry to take control, simply placing his arms around the taller boy’s neck. Harry takes the opportunity to move his hands down and grip Niall’s waist, kissing the boy harder and longer than ever before. 

They only pull away when they hear wolf whistles and Harry promptly flips off Louis as his friend hoots and hollers in the background. 

“Just… don’t miss lunch anymore, okay?” 

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Regrets Part Two- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “omg regrets slayed me. Please do a part 2 !!!!”

Word count:
 2010 (2010 was a pretty good year if you ask me *cough* walking dead *cough*)

Warnings: swearing (barely any)

 lol I wanted to write Daryl as an awkward little bean thats also fierce af and I think I did..? idk, you tell me ;)

read part one first


Sitting on the swing, you felt the fresh air run through your hair. It blew the mess of soft curls around your face, brushing against our shoulder or cheek every so often. You felt the familiar tingle of goosebumps run along your skin, raising at the contact.

Sighing contently, you pushed yourself back and forth with your feet, keeping the tips of your toes on the white wooden planks. It was often that Alexandra would be this calm, normal even. It was about the most normal thing you’d faced in years.

Not being able to decipher the good from the bad was a curse in this world, but any idiot could tell Alexandra was almost pure good. The sanctuary was a ray of light in the dark tunnel of life you and the group had grown so accustomed too. It made you feel weird, odd and overall confused. You didn’t think anything could’ve turned out like this.

Daryl had told you it was “too good to be true”, and at first you believed him, thinking the citizen’s here might turn on you at any moment. But days past, weeks even and here you were– still unharmed.

Your feelings for the redneck man had definitely gotten in the way of your judgement. You knew he was simply human, and not always right– but you constantly trusted him with your entire being. Which wasn’t a bad thing considering how he was probably the most experienced survivor in Alexandra, but it masked how you saw him.

Because he could be a real asshole. As could you, of course, but man did Daryl know how to bring someone down. He could draw out your weaknesses within an instant, make you into nothing short of a coward.

He had hurt you, not physically, but emotionally. But you didn’t know which one was worse because the physical pain would leave eventually– would this ever, though?

It’d been days since Daryl last spoke to you– you knew the man had better things to do than run after you all day and vice versa, but it hurt to think that the bond you shared was put to waste. All those last nights of keeping watch, a comfortable silence that you usually broke, the confidence surges he got when he decided to break it instead. You missed it all deeply– and you didn’t know if it’d ever be like that again.

All because of stupid sex. Suddenly you despised it, and would do anything to take back that stupid mistake. What was always perceived as a fun and exciting thing– which it was– had been pronounced as the murderer of your friendship.

Could you even call it a friendship? The two of you were close, yes, but it never seemed like some kind of a bond you could share with just anybody. You knew you loved him, whether he reciprocated those feelings, that special but bloody mess of an emotion, you didn’t know.

You felt as if you’d never really know. Daryl wasn’t a man of many words, and he didn’t talk about his feelings when he did speak. Especially love. The way his brother influenced him probably set the youngest Dixon off of that for life. You doubted he’d ever grow out of his awkward ‘I may or may not be a virgin’ faze.

“(Y/N)?” Rick’s of voice asked from the open window, you turned around, facing him now. You rubbed your tired eyes, seeing him was around the wall and to the door. He pushed it open quietly, slipping outside of the warm home.

“Hey, Rick.” You mumbled, pulling your knees up to reach your chest as you hugged yourself. He gave you a soft smile, taking a seat beside you.

“Can’t sleep?”

“Nah, never could.” You sighed in response, knowing that your anxiety would eat at you till the day you die. Walkers or not.

“What’s on your mind?” It was obvious Rick knew what was bothering you, Daryl had been acting the same way ever since that day– of course more hostile than you, but overall similar.

You spared him a simple shrug, knowing he would continuing pestering you, but a small part of you had hope that he might not.

Of course, that small part of you was wrong.

“(Y/N),” He exhaled, scratching at his beard as he looked to you. Your eye made contact, and as intimidating as Rick was, you felt more safe than anything else. “I know what happened– between you two.”

“It’s nothing, Rick–”

“Don’t seem like nothing.” Rick paused, looking down to his hands quickly before glancing out into the streets of Alexandra. “You haven’t talked to him in days.”

You followed his line of sight seeing the softly lit roads. No one strolled the town at night– not unless they were switching guards or at least armed. And it seemed that it was only your group that was armed, with the exception of the existing Monroe family and a few others.

No one liked the dark– especially now.

“He doesn’t want to talk to me, Rick.”

“Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Its Daryl, (Y/N). He wouldn’t have ever spoken a word to us if he didn’t have to.” Rick scoffed, laughing slightly at his friend. You gave him a sad smile, knowing though his words were slightly exaggerated, they held a certain truth to them. “He stepped up. I like to think you lead him to that.”

You laughed now, thinking Rick was crazy. You couldn’t have done that.

“I’m serious, (Y/N). You helped him open up.” He whispered sweetly before patting your back lovingly. He stood slowly, the swing rocking with his movements. You felt that same wind brush through your tangled hair again.

And just like that, Rick was gone, his words truly setting a reaction off inside you. Like a domino, he pushed the first one, and slowly but surely the others fell too, drawing you to the conclusion that maybe there was another chance for you and Daryl.

Still, you needed a surge of confidence, and that was taking its sweet time. Not until a day and a half later did you even decide on what you’d say first. But here you were, walking down the street almost a week after Rick’s conversation with you. Finally, on your way to confronting Daryl.

He was fine-tuning his bike, you remembered he’d told you it’d been giving him some problems out on the road and you offered to help. You didn’t know much, but you could hand him tools and stuff– ideally it was just an excuse to spend time with him. You liked to think he knew that.

He was facing away from you, weight on one hip and wiping his oil and grease ridden hands on his red rag. You approached him quietly, letting your presence be known with a simple question.

“Need any help?”

His head snapped back, toward you at the sudden noise. He quickly gave you a scowl, not even bothering to answer as he continued working alone. You sighed, taking the silence as a definite no. Leaning against the garage door frame you watched him in peace, but your lingering eyes burned through his clothing and thick skin, making him feel uneasy.

“What you want, woman?” He grunted, not even bothering to look you in the eye, nevertheless face you again. The wind brushed at his hair now, and you couldn’t help but take a moment to admire it from behind.

“Talk to me?”

“Nah. ’M good.” He snapped back, causing an exhalation to leave your lips– one that was louder than intended.

“You really want to do that?” You scoffed, annoyed by his actions and words. “You really want to throw everything away– everything we’ve been through because of–”

“Because of what, huh? Because you fucked–” He interrupted you, but you quickly called him out with wide eyes and a loud yell of his name.


“What? Got nothing to be ashamed of, right?” You felt small tears pricking at your eyes as he turned to face you– anger expelling from his body. He walked up to you, still leaving a good four feet between you both. “Oh, so now you care. That’s rich I’ll tell you.”

“I’ve always cared, I always will.” You retorted, growing angrier that he didn’t know. He didn’t know how he made you feel– not just now– but always.

“Then what was he? Huh? What–”

A distraction! He was just a distraction…” You yelled, stopping his beginning rant that was sure to leave you in tears. You couldn’t handle the secrecy anymore, it was eating you up. “From you.”

“Wha’?” He whispered, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I– I don’t know, okay–”

“Don’t bullshit me, (Y/N).” Daryl’s patience was already as thin as ice, but you seemed to just be stomping on it every chance you got.

“Daryl I–” You began, but the deep blue his eyes held was so intimidating. You didn’t know if you could say it just out right, but you wanted to. So you tried, and surprisingly the words flew out your mouth– hitting him in the face. “I have feelings for you.”

He took a soft step back before taking another three steps forward. “What kind of ‘feelings’?” He moved in closer, anticipating your answer.

“Like I– I love you.” You blinked rapidly, hoping to clear the gloss from your (Y/E/C) eyes.

“I said don’t bullshit me.” Daryl snapped, walking back to his bike. You saw the sudden change, realising he must have been pushed too far. Daryl wasn’t used to this– in fact it’d never happened to him before.

With eagerness and motivation you followed him, raising your voice. “I’m not, Jesus! Is it that hard to believe someone actually cares for you? That I want to be with you?”

“You,” He paused, not really sure if he actually heard you saying that. Was this just a dream? Had he finally hit the brink of insanity? “Wanna be with me? Like–”

“Together; romantically? Yeah.” You confessed, suddenly finding your boots to be more intriguing than the Dixon’s eyes.

“Oh,” He sniffled, emotions getting the better of him. He couldn’t handle it– the overflowing ram that had been doing so well holding everything back– before you came along. “That’s uh, I mean I should really get to work on my bike–”

“Say something. Tell me you don’t want to be with if you don’t or tell me–” You pleaded, looking up at him with sad eyes. You figured this was the end of whatever the two of you shared.

“I want too.” He nodded, surprising you. You face went slack, jaw loose and eyes widening. He licked his lips nervously, waiting for a response.

“Oh, well–” You breathed out, but he quickly cut you off.

“I don’t know how.”

“That’s fine. There’s not much to it. We can start slow if you’d like.”

Daryl nodded softly, awkwardly looking to your lips. He leant in slowly, but almost like a robot. His body trembled forward for less than a second, making his way to you. You smiled softly at his attempt, knowing it must be hard. As you met him half way you felt the chapped and inexperienced lips against yours, smiling against him as his hands moved to your body, yours to his hair.

You grabbed it, slightly curling your finger around the loose ends as you rested your forehead against his, pulling away.

At first, his eyes stayed closed, lips twitching forward to get just another kiss– but you simply pecked his lips instead, laughing softly, “How was that for a start?”

G dragon Scenario #46 “If she’s happy then it's fine”

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

The concert was about to start, and Daesung just go back to the waiting room because he forgot something. 

Everyone was outside, getting ready for start so he got really surprised when he saw Ji yong there, lying on the chairs. 

“Is everything alright?” Daesung said, slowly approaching to him. "Uh-huh" 

He could tell that Ji yong was kinda sad even though he smiled at him when he asked that.

“Are you sure? Cause that was a terrible attempt of a smile” Daesung insisted. Ji yong just sighed deeply and he placed one of his hands over his forehead.

“What happened yesterday with Y/N? You left the restaurant really happy and now…”

“It’s over” Ji yong talked before Daesung could even finish.

After that an uncomfortable silence filled the room. Daesung knows how much Ji yong likes you and for how long he have been wanting to confess his feelings to you, so he felt bad for his friend. 

“It’s ok…” Ji yong tried to break the awkwardness, but he looked sad, it was way too obvious to Daesung that he was just trying to be strong. 

“Did you tell her how you feel for her?”

Ji yong smiles, and then he stares at the ceiling “No”

“Then it’s not over yet” he was acting like the supportive friend he is. Always positive, always trying his best to see the good thing in every situation.

Jiyong and everyone in the group appreciate that, they know that whenever they need to feel better, a supportive but realistic shoulder and mainly a great advice they can always count with Daesung. 

Unfortunately not even him can make Ji yong feel better now.

“Believe me… it is… it’s over…” he let out a sad laugh, before he continues

“… yesterday, as you could tell, I got a text from her…”

“… basically saying that she needed to see me, that she needed to talk so I went with her. We were at the cafeteria near her house, the one she really likes, remember?”

Daesung nods smiling “How can I not remember? She practically lives there”

“Well, I was really excited. I thought…” he stops himself “… never mind… when I got there, and as soon as I saw her, I realized what was going on… she was crying, not in the moment but I could tell she was…”


“Y/N” Ji yong said as he sat in front of you. 

You looked terrible, your eyes were so red and swallowed, like if you had been crying for hours.

“Sorry to bother you” you said with a lump in your throat.

“Y/N you could never be a bother, what’s wrong?” he was really concerned. It was the first time he saw you like this. 

Normally you’re always happy. And that’s one of the many reason he started to like you. You’ve always been there for him, with a smile. You’ve always been that little safe place to him, the person he wants to see when he is sad, angry, even happy or excited. The person he wishes to be with, and make happy.

“I just needed to talk with someone… I’m sorry I now you are busy I shouldn’t…”

“Don’t be silly, you can call me whenever you want… tell me what happened” he crossed his arms over the table.

After a few seconds, and after you could control yourself enough to say the words without breaking into tears, you finally spoke “My boyfriend and I just broke, well, he broke up with me to be exact”

“What?!” he said shocked, in a mix of anger and sorrow. Ji yong couldn’t believe how stupid that guy was. “Yeah…” you kept your eyes glued to the table.

“Well… things happen for a reason, maybe this was the best…” Ji yong was trying to comfort you as much as he could. 

“I don’t want to lose him… I love him” you interrupted him.

“Ohhh” hearing you say that, broke his heart. He wishes to be that guy. He wishes you love him as much as he loves you. But sadly he just realized that was never and will never be the case.

“I just… I don’t know… I’m so stupid, it was my fault”

“You are not stupid Y/N” he shook his head. 

“Yes I am” you said in a whisper.

“Stop saying that, you are not! You are an amazing woman, anyone would be happy to be with someone like you. Fights are normal, let him calm down, I’m sure everything it’s gonna be ok…” he stops his speech suddenly as the waitress approached to your table.

“Can I take your order?” her eyes went from you to him in just a half a second. It looks like she recognize him, her stupid shy smile shows that. 

“Just coffee… iced coffee for you, right?” he says, surprising you. 

“Yes” you smiled, shocked by the fact that he knew your favorite drink.

“I’ll be right back” the waitress said smiling, of course only at him, ignoring you completely and walking away.

Ji yong looked at her and then at you, but he wasn’t ready to see that. You were crying. The girl of his dreams was crying in front of him without him being able to do something about it

“Y/N…” he said in a whisper. Ji yong was so used to your smile that it was really hard for him to see you like this, so sad and fragile.

“I really don’t want to lose him” you said, and your voice cracked.

“You do love him” he nods sadly.

“Huh?” you didn’t hear him. He just shook his head, he didn’t mean to say that out loud “If you really love him you should fight for him” he smiled at you with the most genuinely smile he could give, even though he felt like shit  inside.


“Call him” he suggested. He can’t believe he said that. “I can’t” you wiped your tears. wishing it could be that easy. Like if just a call and a few apologies could fixed that.

“Why not?“ he asked.

“He doesn’t want to talk to me" you remembered all his hurtful words from the night before. You two never fought like this before.

"I don’t think that’s true Y/N”

You took out your phone and quickly searched for his texts. “Here…” you put your phone on the table and you pushed it with the tip of your fingers towards him. When it was close enough he took it and read the message in silence. 
The words “I never want to see you or talk to you again” makes him lose his mind. If only you knew how happy you would make him if you could love him back, like you love that guy, who clearly doesn’t know how lucky he is.

“He…” (he is an asshole who doesn’t know what he has!) that’s all he wanted to say but he didn’t, instead he just said “He was mad, that’s all… I’m sure he didn’t mean it…” again he stopped as he saw the waitress coming.

“Here, is your order ” the waitress said, putting the drinks on the table. “Thank you” you said, but when she moved her arm she accidentally hit the glass with her wrist pouring the iced coffee all over your side of the table and over your lap. “OMG! I’m so sorry…” she picked up the glass, and she tries to help you. “It’s ok, don’t worry”

“I’m so sorry, I dont know whats wrong with me” obviously having G Dragon there was messing up with her brain. “It’s fine, it was an accident please don’t worry” you said with a smile on your face. 

Ji yong just stares. His heart was fluttering really fast because of your kind reaction to that girl. He wasn’t surprised though. 

You stood up “I need to clean this” you told him and Ji yong nodded. “Let me help you” the girl said embarrassed. And then the two of you went directly to the bathroom. 

Ji yong took a few napkins, starting to clean the mess. But as he did that he realised that he still had your phone.

He thinks about what he was about to do for a few seconds, he can’t believe he was about to do that… but then he remembered the look in your face, that sad look, and without hesitations he looked for his phone on his pocked. 

Ji yong saves the guy’s phone number and then he send him a message with his phone.


“What did you texted him?!” Daesung got really curious, he couldn’t hide his curiosity.

“I just wrote that if he still loved her he should came to that address and I sent him the address, that was it” Ji yong answered.

“Wow… that must had been hard for you” Daesung was so touched. But mostly sad.

“After that, we kept talking for a little while… and then I saw him… outside the cafeteria” Ji yong stopped, he was reliving the moment.

“And…?!” Daesung asked impatiently.

“Our eyes met… and then I told her that I had to make a call, I stood up and I left her there and then I went outside”


“I’m glad you came” Ji yong said, but his words does not match with his expression. He couldn’t help but to shows on his face how much he hates that guy.

“Is she…” he was about to asked something but Ji yong interrupted him. 

“Stop wasting time with me, I don’t give a fuck about anything you want to say, go inside and apologize”

He just smiled angrily for how rude Ji yong was “So then, why did you help me?" 

"Help you?! No… it wasn’t for you… I did it for her” he turned his head to the cafeteria, looking at you, through the window. 

“I see” the guy said, he got it right away. It was too obvious what was going on.

“You have no idea how lucky you are for having her love…”Ji yong got closer to him “… if you ever hurt her again I swear it’ll be the last thing you do”


“And then I left”

Daesung was speechless.

“She just texted me a few minutes ago thanking me and saying that they are back together” Ji yong said that with a smile.

“I’m sorry man” Daesung said to Ji yong.

“It’s ok… if she’s happy then it’s fine…” he stood up still looking sad “… let’s go, we are late”

Tired eyes [Remus Lupin x reader.]

A/N: So the very lovely @ofheartsandbreaks requested a Remus fic that just involved him being himself. This is a little short, but it takes place after a difficult werewolf night for him. I just thought I’d write something a little calm and sweet so here you go! I hope you like it! x

There was a special kind of beauty to Hogwarts at night. A special kind of quiet. One that offered little explanation and which hung, like gossamer, in its delicate, careful existence. When most students were asleep and dreams were being spun and portraits were sleeping and Peeves was playing jokes. A quiet solitude. Y/N had always been a fan of that. Sometimes, Hogwarts became this wonderful, though troublesome, cacophony of noise and wonder. Of magic and beauty and loudness. But peering further into all of that revealed a skeletal stillness. One which calmed the storms stirring in hearts and minds.

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3.2k deancas + kids fluff. dean tells the girls a bedtime story. there’s a bed and breakfast. more background on (ao3).

“Story time! Story time! Story time!”

Dean’s used to the chanting now. Every night around bed time he’s got two little girls (and apparently Cas now) who will drag him upstairs to their bedroom and push him onto the floor in between their beds.

He lets it all happen, though.

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I’m trying not to cry here because I’m touching misha’s and jensen’s hair and it’s also my first time seeing jensen up close and he is so beautiful. Oh, I would also like to report that Misha’s hair is nice and soft while Jensen’s hair is all stiff and spiky because of gel.

btw i deliberately wore a top with a giant heart on it and made them kneel so it’d be close to their heads…just sad that they’re aren’t smiling though

Being Liam Dunbar’s twin sister would include:

 - Liam doesn’t show it often but he cares for you very much

 - he often lashes out at you and that’s the reason how you find out about his werewolf secret

 - you soon join the pack and be the only human along with Stiles

 - “What? Another Dunbar?”

 - being his only anchor for the full moons

 - your friends constantly try to hit on your brother

 - which you strongly disagree

 - he’s your personal bodyguard everytime a new villain shows up at Beacon Hills

 - giving him love advices for Hayden

 - “I’m a girl. Hayden’s a girl. I know best.”

 - your parents wondering how you’ve gone from bickering every two seconds to always going to school, leaving for Scott’s house, studying etc, together

 - he knows whenever you’re sad even though you’re smiling

 - cheering for him during lacrosse matches

 - you playing pranks on him which he hates, probably not the best idea to get on Liam’s nerves

 - though you find it’s a great way to help him control his temper

 - he’s very protective of any guy who has intentions with you, including the guys in the pack

 - Mason being your best friend as well

 - giving him love advices as well

 - “I’m a girl. I like boys too. I know best.”


You’re Wendy Darling’s older sister and you go to Neverland to free her and take her place as Peter’s prisoner. 

You raise your sword, though you know it’s useless. He’s like a God, the God of Neverland perhaps, and you know that it would be a waste of energy to attempt to hurt him anyway. You keep it steady in the air, despite your knowledge, and the fear inside you dulls slightly at the familiar feel of the hilt.

“Let her go Pan,” you order, thankful that your voice doesn’t tremble. Wendy shakes her head, eyes bright with fear as she squirms uselessly in her cage. It sickens you greatly and with difficulty, you tear your eyes away to Peter’s cold ones. A smirk dances across his lips and you can’t help but look, dammit, before forcing yourself to keep your eyes on his.

“Pretty, pretty words. I won’t just let her go. Don’t you know, (Y/N), that no one can get off the island without my permission. But I’ll tell you what. Let’s play a game; if you could offer me something even more valuable, I’ll set her free.” He leaned back and you could feel the familiar rush of hesitation run through your body before you straighten.

The forest is begging you to turn back but you know there’s no escaping him now. Not when his eyes are dancing with malicious taunt and his lips are curving into an all-too familiar smirk that makes your skin crawl. So you jut out your chin and look him dead in the eye. “Take me then. Wendy’s useless; she can barely act something out for you, much less fight. You can starve me, lock me in, whatever the hell your twisted mind comes up with. But you need to send her home.”

There was a pungent pause, Wendy’s eyes widening almost comically, and if you weren’t in such a dire situation, you would laugh. Even Peter looks slightly shocked for a split second before the look is smothered with another smug grin. “I accept your terms.”

“No!” Wendy manages to yell between the gag in her mouth and the cage rattles as she attempts to lunge. You shake your head, offering her a sad smile, though you can’t help feeling a little bitter.

“It’s okay Wendy,” you say, a lump forming in your throat, but you’re always good at swallowing it down, “mother and father love you better, even now. And I can handle demons. So Pan, do we have a deal?

He only hesitates for a second before nodding, a dark gleam in his eye as you repress the urge to shudder.

"Promise you’ll send her back home. No loopholes. She’ll be completely free of you.” You give one last look to Wendy, who’s screaming through her eyes, but your choice is made up. You offer her one last smile as Peter nods, still smug, and Wendy disappears in a puff of dust.

“I promise then. And Peter Pan never goes back on his word.”

not my gifs l Peter Pan OUAT Imagine l request please!!
I might continue this particular story if you guys like it because this is actually the story of how my OC (original character) met Peter Pan cx (yes I daydream. Don’t judge me.)

Do not imagine Remus laying in Sirius arms in the Potter’s sofa with their hands intertwined at Christmas Day 1978 when James propose’s to Lily. 

Do not imagine Sirius holding his hand a little bit harder as she says “Yes”.

Do not imagine the whole scene making them really sad even though they smile and congratulate Lily and James, because they know this could never happen to them because gay marriage was illegal in Great Britain until 2014. 

princess-of-lucis  asked:

Can you please add Lon'qu and Gaius to the F!Mu rejecting the male shepherds?

my boys

Lon’qu: Today’s the first time you’ve seen Lon’qu wear such an expression. Flustered, as usual when it comes to you, but happy, hopeful too. A smile plays at his lips when he’s finally gotten his feelings out. Yet you…you can’t return them. You feel empty, hollow. Emotions that you don’t remember feeling until right now.

“I’m so—“

“It’s fine,” he cuts you off before you can answer. He’s not visibly upset, but his face is returning to its typical deadpan state. His eyes are no longer soft, only hurt. You reach out to touch his face, but he stops you. His fingers close around your wrist, and he shakes his head no. He’s right. He doesn’t deserve this. You won’t give him false hope, not when he’s finally opened his heart and you’ve broken it instead of filling it with love. “I understand. There’s no use in forcing the matter, is there?” He lets your wrist drop back to your side and wordlessly takes his exit. 

You’re his first love and you…you couldn’t even give him a chance. He’s rough around the edges, but you like him a lot. Just not in the way you wish to. You hope that one day you’ll find room to love him…that is, if he’ll even take you then.

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