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Hi, could you explain why exactly Rapunzel isn't ENFJ and why she is ENFP, please? I can't find clarity about that and I think you might be able to explain this to me :)

Rapunzel: ENFP [Disney’s Tangled]

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As someone who once typed her as an ENFJ I get the confusion. Even though functions of an ENFP and ENFJ once broken down are quite different their combinations can make them easy to confuse as their outward behavior can look identical at times.

Dominant Extraverted Intuition, Ne: Rapunzel first looks outward towards the world seeing constant possibilities. Her tower is covered in her moving from hobby to hobby. This may seem like what we would all do trapped in a tower, but indeed it isn’t. Notice she doesn’t perfect anything but moves from thing to thing. But more importantly the world is full of meaning and potential.

Secondary Introverted Feeling, Fi: This is the crucial function to differentiate ENFJ and ENFP for Rapunzel. Fe and Fi are both people focused, but Fe deals in societal terms and human behaviors. Fi, what Rapunzel has, is more individually focused. Her Ne sees potential and her Fi directs her to see potential in people. This is why she helps people with their dreams. But on a more personal level, especially with Eugene. 

Now, ENFJs also help people. But their focus is different as they try to help people on their journey’s in society. Of discovering their roles. Meanwhile, an ENFP is trying to help people fulfill their possibilities. 

Tertiary Extraverted Thinking, Te: Rapunzel has quite a healthy tertiary function. It helps her prioritize her life and others. She knows what the important things are in life and makes sure they take priority. 

Inferior Introverted Sensation, Si: For Rapunzel in Tangled her inferior function takes the form as a goal setter. She is looking for that thing that created concrete meaning in her life. She thinks it is the lanterns but it turns out to be finding a home in Eugene and her parents. In all her Ne possibilities her Si balances in trying to find that steady thing in her life.

Hi. This is 6102347, I got the blog back as soon as I got to school* Dia is still around but he doesn’t really use tumblr, so he decided to not mod the blog with me. I also saw he calls me Neloy…. please don’t follow his example. He’s more the reddit guy.

I’m going to explain what happened, since the matter has been solved, luckily. Basically someone tried to doxx me but went beyond the usual country, state city thing. This person sent me my specific new home address (which NO ONE should have as I just moved and I have no access to internet at home), turns out they did shit to my facebook reason for which I changed my settings.

Now, I’m back. I’m seeing a ton of messages wishing my wellbeing and some just saying hi to Dia, I’m thankful for that too. I still have no internet but I’m about to get it back soon enough, just be patient, I am trying to get back.

**(I wanna go home so bad)

can someone please explain to me why pj liguori doesnt have at least a million subs yet?? he’s been on youtube 8 years, all 8 of those years were spent making creative, original and funny content including some of the coolest characters, skits and stories ive ever seen??? everyone subscribe to kickthepj rn??

Reunited AUs

”I still have you in my phone under ‘don’t call’ even though it’s been years and I just accidentally sent you a rickroll oops” au

“this is so unfair there’s this song getting popular and the singer sounds like you and all these lyrics almost sound like they could be about me but you’re singing about lost love and you weren’t in love with me wait I’m watching the music video and crying and hey that’s definitely you wtf” au

“oh my god i just hit someone with my car and it’s you hey i’m sorry are you okay please don’t sue?” au

“we’re romantic leads in a play and hey what ruined our friendship again OH YEAH THIS INSANE CHEMISTRY this isn’t awkward at all” au

“you’re famous and just got asked if you were ever in love this should be good– WAIT WHAT” au

“so i know we just reunited but mind explaining how your whole life went to hell?” au

“you just liked a three year old photo of me on instagram i didn’t even know you had an account” au

“something came up and now i’m really scared you’ll spill this old secret of mine please don’t do that” au

“i’m a nurse and oh my god what happened why are you here i can’t lose you a second time” au 

“did you know when you meet your soulmate ‘x’ happens? the government’s kept it under wraps but i just found out and i think we should try again cause i always assumed it was coincidence but that thing happened when we met” au

“i’m moving and i know this is a long-shot but want my dog?? you’re the only other person it ever liked and i hate you but i love it” au

“i thought you hated me but i just accidentally sent you a booty text and you accepted and i am seriously considering it” au

“so i didn’t know why you dropped contact with me and i just found out and here’s how i totally did not do that” au

“we’re texting for the first time in forever and i told you about some stupid thing i did and sent a sarcastic ‘you must really miss me, huh’ and you just replied ‘yes’ and i think my heart just broke” au

“our best friends are dating you’re still the spawn of satan though” au

“i just found out through social media/mutual friends that you’re gay/bi/pan/etc. do you know how many times i did not make a move” au

“we’ve been chatting online and we get on really well and oh that explains it” au (bonus: i totally told you about my crappy ex oops it you)

Burr: How does a ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower somehow defeat a global superpower?

Baron Von Steuben: I’ll tell you how

Burr: how do we emerge victorious from the quagmire, leave the battlefield waving Betsy Ross’ flag higher?

Baron Von Steuben: it’s me

Burr: yo, turns out we had a secret weapon, an immigrant you know and love who’s unafraid to step in

Baron Von Steuben: yes my time to shine

Burr: he’s constantly confusing, confounding the British henchmen

Baron Von Steuben: yes

Burr: everybody give it up for America’s favorite fighting Frenchman


Baron Von Steuben: fuck my life


Okay can like someone please explain that one part in the court scene?

Literally Levi was shown behind the railing just a second or two ago before Eren started yelling

but in the five seconds he had before he planted his boot in Eren’s face, how did he get over there?? And so fast??

Levi never seizes to amaze me.

can someone please explain to me why when I look at a store’s website all the clothes look nice but then when I actually go to the store half the shit I saw isn’t even there or it’s ugly as fuck

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Please educate me cause why is demisexual even considered a sexuality.. Like you only want a relationship/sex if you feel a real connection with someone.. Like any other normal human being?

I see how the description can come off as insulting to a non ace person, sorry. It’s not meant to make everyone else sound like they sleep around easy. It just means it takes, at least in my case, uncomfortable amounts of bonding with a person before I even consider dating them.

Lemmy try to explain. When you’re a kid full of hormones you/ your friends usually have celeb crushes or school crushes, maybe you fantasize about what it’s like to kiss them or imagine marrying  them despite not actually knowing them. Someone demi or ace would grow up not having crushes like that, sure they’d agree the person is aesthetically pleasing or that they admire their acting/music skills, but they would never feel any kind of physical yearning for a person they don’t know/doesn’t know them. And i’m not saying you’re gross or bad if you’ve felt that way, it’s normal. Ace/demi people do have a sex drive, they just don’t link those thoughts to people, it’s more a sensation not aimed at a particular person. (so like the other anon said, I could be “horny 24/7″ and still be demi but that question was pretty funny to answer with nuns instead)

It’s common to date people you kind of know in order to get to know them and eventually maybe be in a relationship with them. In my case it doesn’t feel right to date someone I don’t have a deep emotional connection to. And I don’t mean like we’ve had a few nice conversations and I think the person is worth getting to know. I can only date people I already feel fondly for and know the feeling is mutual. We have to be best friends, know each others lives/secrets, don’t mind being gross in front of each other etc before I ever consider them in a sexual way at all (and even then I don’t feel this way for every friend).

If you’re demi, most dates with people you don’t know well feel like you’re hanging out with a sibling. They’re your buddy, you’re having fun with them, think they’re nice/sweet/pretty but you feel nothing sexual towards them and would be really disturbed if they made a move on you or you on them.  I use to misinterpret dates as people just wanting to hang out/be my friend because I don’t get dating feelings for anyone I haven’t known for years. I’ve also dated multiple sexes so it’s hard to tell if someone wants to be bros or something more.

So yeah, it’s a sexuality, it’s got sexuality right in the name and it’s a branch off of the A in lgbtqa.~

I’d never thought id say this and it absolutely breaks my heart to type this. It seems that someone has managed to hack my YouTube account and change my password. I cannot explain how devastated I am right now. I’ve already contacted YouTube and they’re working on it right now with all their effort. Even though I’m freaking out, I don’t want anyone to panic. I have faith in humanity. If you see any activity on my channel please tell me ASAP! It’s linked to my Twitter so it should be easy to keep an eye out. I will not sleep until I sort this. Ughhhh. Whoever has my channel please do not toy with my hard work. Please! I’m sorry if there’s no super Thursday video…. 😢

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To those that prefer the they/them pronouns

I wish to understand, which is why I am writing this post.

When I was in english glass, i was taught that he/she and him/her were pronouns for singular people, individual pronouns.

I was also taught that they/them were pronouns for many, plural pronouns.

This is why I get confused when people ask me to refer to them with they/them, my mindset tells me that they/them is plural, that’s what I was taught in ever english class I ever had.

So how many people you got in there? Is there a party going on over there? Can I come over and join the fun? Do I owe anybody in there money?

…this is my confusion. Can someone please explain why they/them is the chosen pronoun?

Thank you in advance.

What are Intrusive Thoughts?

I wanted to make this post because, I’ve seen some good hearted people who misunderstand what either of these terms means, so I thought I’d spread some information.  Please feel free to reblog this post, since it’s for educating people with and people without OCD.

Intrusive Thoughts are unwanted thoughts that come into your mind without you willing it.  Some people explain this as “you have a sudden thought that you want to do something violent to someone you love”, and while that is true, that example leaves a lot out and oversimplifies it.

These thoughts can come in different forms, they can be images in your head or thoughts in the form of an inner monologue.  When I walk down the sidewalk and imagine a car hitting me, that is an intrusive thought.  They usually cause anxiety, and in extreme cases, panic attacks, etc. There is no limit to their form or content.

They are irrational, and not things that you actually want to happen.  They are often also not things that are likely to happen.

Please also read the information under the cut if you want to learn more details.

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So can someone explain to me what this is based off of? Because honestly, this is not only a load of horse shit, but it’s offensive as hell too.

Zodiac/horoscope have NOTHING to do with your appearance. At all. And ‘typical’ when it comes to things like this is a fucking sham.

Does Taurus have a thick neck and thick hair because they’re associated with bulls? And why is Virgo fair skinned AND delicate features? That’s disgusting if you ask me. This whole thing is a big mess. You just picked some features for each sign and called it good, looking for some notes. Fuck you.

Pisces with a potential to become obese? What the hell is this founded on? ANY of the signs have potential to become obese. Scorpio with a permanent scowl? Have you ever MET a Scorpio?

Cat eyes for Leo, haha, you’re a goddamn riot.

I’m a Cancer and your 'usually brunettes, short, small eyes, full lips, and petite nose’? I’ve got ash blonde hair, I’m average height, those big sparkly eyes Gemini’s are meant to have, and my nose is a big one! Like, really out there and round. I might have full lips, but 1/5 isn’t very good.

The Gemini I know personally, has short arms and is an all around short, beautifully fat dear.

I don’t know what statistics you’re basing this on, but it’s kind of ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS? dark-astrology, can you please explain where you got any of this information from? And why Virgo gets to be fair skinned and Pisces is obese when anybody can be 'common’ or 'typical’ for any of these features? Especially things like race and weight???

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Which 1D songs do you think are from Harry or Louis to each other? :)

All of them.

Nahh jk but:

Little Things 

I think they personalized their verses to apply to each other.

They Don’t Know About Us 

Fun fact: Harry and Louis wrote on this just the two of them, also it’s about a secret relationship


not to each other but this song is 110 percent about being gay and Louis was the only 1D member to write on it


”I don’t care what people say when we’re together” Harry was the only one to write on this

Something Great 

please spare me the pain of having to explain why (hint: it has to do with the whole song being about wanting someone really badly and wanting it to work out and Louis’ voice never being heard until the very end when he replies to the singer with “you’re all I want, so much it’s hurting.”


“I’m sorry if I say I need you, but I don’t care I’m not scared of love. But when I’m not with you I’m weaker, is that so wrong? Is it so wrong? That you make strong?” Tries not to cry, cries anyway.


“I think I’m gonna win this time/it’s been so long, it’s been so long, we must be fireproof.”

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

From Harry to Louis during Haylor era. Where are you Louis, tell me how to fix this. Made even more painful by the inclusion of Louis solos at the end “tell me ‘cause I’m ten feet down.” Get it? Because Louis is the broken heart, and he’s ten feet down.

No Control

This is a song about morning erections and still being able to taste your partner’s come in your mouth from the night before. Louis wrote it. It is definitely about Harry.

Stockholme Syndrom

This is a song about a crazy sex addict that the singer begins to desire and be captivated by. Also has references to bondage. Also also randomly switches POVs when Louis sings and talks about the person being tied up being male. Written by Harry.

Ready To Run

You won’t convince me this is not about coming out.

One of the saddest moments in Sherlock that no one ever talks about is when Mary shows up at 221B with the skip code message. Sherlock is eating his fish and chips. He’s alone. He’s standing. He hasn’t even taken off his coat. How SAD is that?! Just the image makes my heart break. Poor Sherlock snarfing down his greasy extra portions and missing John and not making the effort to sit or even remove his coat. Why does that hurt so much??? Someone explain it to me please.